Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun


Don’t forget, Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. We came from Allah and we are returning back to Him. No one is going to escape from that. No man that is carrying a soul in their body is going to escape from that. Hazrat Isa (as) has been taken to the paradises with that soul. One of the biggest reasons he’s coming back to the earth is to give that. It is the order from Allah subhana wa ta’ala.

The most beloved one, the Holy Prophet (sws) passed from this world. And we came and we are going to go. And in that twenty-four hours every day through that calendar, not your calendar but the calendar that’s in the Divine Presence, are you checking if your name is written in it?

Are you thinking, are we thinking that maybe our name is on it today?

If you are not thinking on that too then your faith is very shaky. Don’t say that you have strong faith. No. If you are running away from Allah then your faith is very shaky.

At least 150,000 people Azrail is going to visit today. Maybe you are one of them. You must think on this very seriously. If you don’t then definitely then you are going to run after the tricks and the traps of your ego and Sheytan. If you are taking that very seriously then you may be running to do things that you didn’t do before.

What is it that we have to do in this world?

You think we have been sent to this world to build computers?

To build houses and the roads and the cars that the 21st Century’s ignorant man is being proud of?

Do you think that you have been sent to this world to run every day, every year, more than half of your life to the universities to get this diploma, that diploma?

Do you think that is the reason of your creation?


The reason of your creation is to know Allah and to worship Allah. First you have to know Allah to be able to worship Allah. If you are not knowing Allah then you are not worshipping Allah.

You are building some kinds of idols to yourselves and usually that is the man’s ego. It doesn’t matter what kind of performance you do then. The Jewish way, the Christian way, the Muslim way, going up and down, the Buddhist way, it’s the same. Now your action is going up and down but your reality is not there.

So if we are keeping this alive that, yes, we entered through one door and we are going out from the other side. Yes, we have been created and sent to this world but we have not been created to worship this world. We have been created and sent to worship Allah, to prepare ourselves to the hereafter world. This world is temporary. You are here today, you may not be here tomorrow. So many came and so many passed. So many has plans for tomorrow but they will not reach for tomorrow. Everyone has some plans for tomorrow. You may not reach for tomorrow. You have to keep that alive and strong in yourself, in your heart that, `Yes, anytime the call may come to me.’

So we must wake up before Azrail is coming. As soon as Azrail comes, everything you did is finished. You left your book and you go. If you left some pages open, which so many people today are not leaving anything open. They are shutting all the pages of good deeds and they are only leaving bad book open because they are leaving their wealth, their belongings to the wrong people and they are running around doing tyranny, running to destroy the religion of Allah and they will be punished in their graves. So, put that to yourself, to your heart.

If you want safety, safety doesn’t come thinking, `I am safe.’

Who are you to think?

Who are you to think that you are safe?

Are you the judge? No.

Have you passed the test? No.

You are still in the classroom. You didn’t go to pass the test yet. Test, as soon as Azrail is coming, you will see then how he is appearing to you. And if you reach to that station that you have a little bit of hope, the station of `Die before you die’, the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying,  ‘The believer will see where he’s going before he’s passing away from this world.’

Think on that, watch what you are doing, look what you are doing. You entered through one door to this world and you are going out from the other side.

We are building the cemetery. Go and check it. Look how big the room is going to be there for you too. To you, to me and to everyone. No escaping. Whatever you have in this world, you are going to take it out and you are going to leave it here. The things that you are worrying so much, it’s not going to worry you anymore. It’s going to worry you to see,

`What I have sent there? What is waiting for me there?’

That’s what the intelligent man must be busy with. That’s what the man with faith must spend his time thinking with. You must take lessons from the incidents that are happening around us. If you are not taking lessons, if you are not putting yourselves into those people’s places that,

`This incident happened. It could have been me’, if you are not thinking that way then still your faith is very shaky and it’s very dangerous because next it may happen to you and to me.

So in this world we enter through one door and there are another two doors out. One door in, two doors out. You are the one who’s going to choose the door. Whichever door you go out, that’s where you’re staying. Later, `I’m going to change.’ It may be very, very, very too late. If you are falling into the trouble on the other side, by the time you come out of the trouble, oh ho, you suffer a lot.

So we must put ourselves together. The breath of life is given to us. It is with us. We must run to do things that Allah subhana wa ta’ala and His Prophet (sws) has ordered to us. We must run away from the things that Allah and His Prophet (sws) forbid us from. We must leave the desires of the ego and put aside the tricks and the traps that are not Halal. We must leave our proudness aside. We must face what is in front of us. You must take lessons from what is happening surrounding us. We must understand,

`Yes, this incident happened, this incident happened to give me a wake up call. I must wake up. I must check up myself. I must do what I’m doing and why I’m doing. I must correct myself. If I’m in the wrong road then I must turn back to the right road. I must run to do things for the sake of Allah.’

If you are doing that you will become the winner. If you are not doing that then you can claim whatever you want to yourself. People may put you on top of the world, it doesn’t matter. Intelligent man is not going to tell you that.

The man who’s close to Allah is not going to tell you that. The man who’s working for the sake of Allah, for the sake of His Prophet (sws) is not going to praise you in this Dunya. He’s not going to tell you that you’re so good. No. He’s going to push you always to do better because as soon as you go to the other side, that’s what you are going to find, whatever you built to yourself.

Extract from sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi

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