There is no terror in Islam and there is no Islamic terrorism. This is a message to you, to me and to the whole world!


Today, we are finding so many terrorist activities, wrong activities happening in the world, and by the way, I must say that they are calling it ‘Islamic terrorism’. They must take it out! There is no terror in Islam and there is no Islamic terrorism. You may say Pakistani terrorist, you may say Turkish terrorist, you may say Arab terrorist but you cannot say Islamic terrorist. This is a message to you, to me and to the whole world.

I have never heard them saying, “Christian terrorists.” There are so many Christian terrorists too but I have never heard them saying `Christian terrorists’. They say what?IRA, Irish Republican Army, or EIA, Spanish terrorists, or whatever. Timothy Mcveigh, do they call him a Christian terrorist? He is a Christian. Timothy Mcveigh, huh? They are not saying that he was a Christian terrorist. They say that he is an American terrorist. But when it comes to Muslims they say Islamic terrorists. It is wrong. We are not accepting that. The whole world must know this. Any kind of terrorist is not accepted anywhere anyway. You don’t even have the right to go and terrorize a man, to put fear in him. Allah is the one who puts fear. If you have not been given permission through the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) then you cannot even go to tell people, “Oh, you are entering into the hellfire.” You cannot. It’s not our duty. It’s the duty of those who have been given permission.

The Prophets came, they gave good news to the people and when people were disobedient to them to the extreme then Allah said to the Prophets, “Say to them this now, if they continue being arrogant and stubborn ones then put fear in them with the news of the fire, with the news of a punishment, that Allah’s punishment is going to come on them.” So we must turn to ourselves, try to correct ourselves and try to become better ones for our own selves, for our own community and for this world. If we do that then we will be a good servant to our Lord. If you don’t do that then no matter what you call yourself (you may call yourself a Christian, Jews, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever you are going to call yourself) it’s not good for anything. First you have to be good for something to yourself, then to the community and everything that is surrounding you.

Muslim country today, they are claiming that they are living according to Islam. According to what Islam? The Islam that you have invented according to what fits to your ego? Or the Islam that the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) came to teach us? That kind of Islam? Or the kind of Islam that you have invented according to your own ego? Yes, they are living the kind of Islam that fits to their ego. That’s why they don’t have the laws of Allah. They removed the laws of Allah and they put the laws of man and they are screaming that there are terrorists everywhere. Of course. It’s not working. Your laws are not working. Put the laws of Allah back on and look how fast it’s going to work. We say to them, you tried everything. For almost a hundred years you tried everything from Communism, to Fascism, to dictator regimes, to everything. Why not take Islam and try Islam again too a little bit to see what’s going to happen.

As soon as you say to them ‘Islam’ they start shivering, saying, “These terrorists are coming.” Terrorists? If it was up to the Muslims they would not even take a gun in their hand. It’s only to protect themselves. Nothing else. And the Sufis never went fighting with any governments too. But when they were under the ruling of the Empire and under the ruling of the Khalifah, they were the first soldiers, always in the front lines. Yes, the Sufis, because they were fighting and defending for the sake of Allah. So they were running in the frontlines. But after the Khilafat came down, nowhere will you find the Sufis
uprising and fighting. No. Until they came and they approached them here and there in different countries, in Afghanistan and in Chechenistan, and some small groups of people are standing up, Alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen. But the majority among them also turned into the wrong areas and they started adopting and taking some teachings of the wahhabis and they started becoming tyrants. And I am surprised to hear today from the Muslims that they are supporting and they are saying, “We must have nuclear bombs. The Muslim governments must have nuclear bombs.” Let me ask you, what are you going to do with that nuclear bomb?

Do you think having nuclear bombs will stop those oppressors on you? It’s their weapon. They are going to find something else on you again. So if you have the nuclear bomb then what are you going to do? Are you going to use it on America? Or are you going to use it on Russia? Or China? Or Israel (as they are running non-stop and declaring)? As soon as America gives ultimatum to one country, right away they say, “We are going to hit Israel.” What’s going to happen when you hit Israel? When you are hitting Israel you are going to hit Lebanon, Jordan and all Muslims countries there too. And half of Israel is Muslims inside. Muslim people are living inside there too. Do you think the atomic bomb is going to separate saying, “This is Muslim and this is not Muslim”? How foolish the Muslims became! And what kind of a war is it then that it is a disgrace to mankind to have such a bad weapon. Even the Generals in America never liked to have that option because they are men with a vision understanding the warfare, and understanding, “This is something very dirty.” They don’t want that. You are burning everything, man, animals and everything in it. What kind of understanding of Islam do these people have?

Islam is saying to you that if you have a ship at the shore and there are a thousand people
there where nine hundred and ninety-nine of them have been found guilty by the court of Islam and they are going to have death penalty, every one of them, they are escaping from that country and nine hundred and ninety-nine people who are in that ship are guilty and they have death penalties on them. There is only one person in that ship who is not guilty but he is just caught up with them there. You cannot sink that ship because there is one innocent sitting among those nine hundred and ninety-nine of them. As man you cannot sink that ship. If Allah wants, He is going to do something. But you cannot sink that ship.
Allah is not giving permission to Muslims then, saying, “Let that ship go. Think of some other ways to stop that ship.” You cannot kill every one of them because there is one innocent, even though nine hundred and ninety-nine of them have death penalties on them. This is the Islam that Holy Prophet (asws) brought to us and if anybody is trying to get something other than that then they are never going to reach anywhere again. They are leaving the way, they are  running away, they are deviating from the ways of the Holy Prophet (asws) and they are screaming saying, “We need help. We need help Ya Rabbi!”

Allah is saying to us, “You need help? Hold on tightly to that Prophet. Then help will reach to you. If you are not holding on tightly to My Prophet then no help is reaching to you.” Wa min Allahu taufiq. InshaAllah ar-Rahman this much is enough for you and for me. Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani Hz
Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim (qs)

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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