Servant of Allah versus Servant of ego



It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are from. The highest title that you are going to reach, you are going to get, is to be servants. All these worldly titles that man has, you are going to leave it in the world. You cannot take it with you to the grave. You can be the kings of the world, ministers of the world. It doesn’t matter. When you enter into the grave the first thing the angels are asking, `Do you have your ID card? Did you get your ID card from Dunya to Akhirat?’

‘Yes, I did.’

‘What it says on it?’

‘The servant of the Lord.’

Hmm. Now you pass.

‘Servant of his ego.’  Now you are in trouble. ‘Slave to Sheytan.’ You are in trouble. ‘He is in love with Dunya.’ You are in trouble. Look at yourself. You must check yourself. Check your heart. Don’t let anybody say anything to you and get fooled by anyone. No. Sit alone in your room for ten minutes, fifteen minutes and say to yourself sincerely, `Look at me! Are you really living for Allah or are you really living for your ego.’ Check yourself and you will find out. You will know by yourself. Your heart will scream to you. The sound that is coming from the heart will take allover. You will hear the voices coming from allover.

But the 21st Century’s ignorant and arrogant people are covering the sound that is coming from their heart, listening to their ego and everyone is thinking, `I reached somewhere.’ Where are you going to reach? What are you aiming for? Servants. You have to reach to servanthood. When you are going to Sejdah you have to know, ‘I am making Sejdah to You, Ya Rabbi.’ You have to know that part and nothing has to enter between you and that one. Then you’ll be alright. You are entering through one door to this dunya, going out from the other side. Little kid, teenager, maturity, I don’t know who to say mature anymore. In the old days they’d say, `Twenty years old, he is mature, he is finished, he is complete.’ Twenty-years-old man has to remove wrong things from the world. Twenty-years-old man is afraid to go to the toilet by himself. They need their mommy. Twenty-years-old girls don’t know how to do anything.

`Eh, what are you doing?’

`I am educating, going to school.’

`What are you learning there?’

`I am dancing. I am learning how to dance.’

MashaAllah. MashaAllah. This is not the reason of creation. Turn the pages of history and look back. Sultan Mehmet Khan and so many like that one. He conquered Istanbul when he was in his twenties. Because of one word of the Holy Prophet (sws) twenty years of his life he concentrated on that word. And he conquered. He has brought end to a wrong lifestyle. He has brought end to wrong laws.

Check the history books saying, `1453′. `Eh, what happened?’ `The end of Roman Law.’ ‘What begins from that time?’  They are scared and ashamed. Europeans and Americans, too proud ones to put it in their books to say, `The ruling of Islam came to teach us how to live like humans.’

Yes. Islam came to Europe to teach man how to wash themselves. Yes. Islam came to bring soap to them to wash themselves. Yes. Everyone is scared to talk this now. ‘I am going to bother my European and American friends.’

You are not reaching anywhere. When the Holy Prophet (sws) was coming they were still in that foolish idea, coming and saying, `Jesus is God.’ The Prophet (sws) didn’t run
around to make Ilimli Islam, Moderate Islam. Moderate Islam means Kafir Islam, Islam in which man thinks and lives something else, and his lifestyle is completely something else. Living just like Europeans. Living just like Americans. No it’s not accepted. If the whole world is against these words then the whole world must go to hell. It’s not accepted. This is coming from our Lord Allah subhana wa ta’ala saying to them, `Now if you want safety you must hold on tightly to this Prophet (sws). This is the last prophet I am sending to you. If you are claiming that you have a little bit intelligence, you must run after this Prophet.’

Those people who ran after found safety. Those people who are claiming and they are running to their own lifestyle again, they have not found safety, they are not going to find safety. Islam is a lifestyle. It teaches man how to live from childhood until the grave. No one can say, `I know how to live’ unless they are holding tightly to the teachings of their prophets. If a man is claiming, `I know how to live’, living according to what now? According to your ego.  Either you are living according to the laws of Allah and His Prophet (sws) or you are living according to your ego. Whatever fits to your ego, whatever fits to the situation you are in, and so many times you are looking, yes, the Muslims, because their faith is very weak and they are finding themselves in the crowd of people who are doing wrong, then they cannot stop themselves from doing wrong also. They fall into those wrong lifestyles.

The faith, Shahadat must make you to think properly, Shahadat is enough for you to bring
safety to you in Dunya and Akhirat. If the whole world becomes unbeliever, that Shahadat ‘Ash-hadu an la ilaha illallah was ash-hadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu’ must make you to live a correct lifestyle. Otherwise, that Shahadat is shaky and Shaitan is more clever than any man. That’s his job, to run after, to fool, to pull people to Jahannam. And anyone who is listening to that, they are on that way going to Jahannam.

Don’t think that Allah subhana wa ta’ala is going to lose. Don’t think as so many ignorants and arrogants are saying, `If Paradise is so big then why Allah is going to put us into Jahannam?’  You know how to ask that word?

Become a servant. Your reason of creation is to become a servant, not for Jannat, not for Jahannam. Allah created you to become a servant. If there was no life hereafter, if Allah had created you and said, `You are My servant’, you are going to live on the face of the earth and you are going to become a servant. You have no other choice. We have no other choice. If you think that you have, if we think that we have just the air that we are taking in and out and you say, ‘I have a free will, I do what I want’, the animals do what they want. Not the humans. Humans, those who think and live like humans, thinks before he does something. He thinks, ‘Is this damaging me and others or not? Is this pleasing Allah and His Prophet (sws) or not?’

Man must think before he does something as our Lord Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying, ‘Aren’t you thinking?’ He’s questioning us saying, ‘Why don’t you think?’ in another ayat. Saying, `Don’t you think? Why you don’t think? We are giving you the intelligence. Why you don’t think? Why you don’t check up your intelligence?’

Everyone is running to doctors. Especially, the first world country’s people, everyone has a special doctor, saying, `I must go to doctor today.’


‘I have an appointment for checkup.’

‘You are checking up what?’

‘My body.’

‘Are you okay?’


‘Why are you going over there?’

‘I have to checkup.’

Good. You know how to think that much. Good. Go check up your brain. Go check up your intelligence to see how much it is growing. Is it growing or is it going down? Check up that one first. That’s the most important part. Your intelligence is growing or is it going down? Are you thinking better now? Your vision is changing? When we are saying ‘vision’, right away the foolish ones who are looking for illusion and delusion are thinking, `I see light here, I see this one.’ Leave that kind of ignorance!

Your vision of looking at life is changing or not? Are you thinking the same way that you were thinking when you were twenty years old? Thirty years old? It’s not changing. The aim that you are running after, is it dunya or akhirat? If it’s dunya then it’s not changing, it’s going down because every day you are moving toward your grave. The day is twenty-four hours. In that twenty-four hours Allah subhana wa ta’ala is granting twenty-four thousand life, air, the breath of air coming to you. Every air that is coming is not like the other one. Everything has changed around, surrounding you, inside you and outside of you. Changing, nothing is the same.

But when man is ignorant and arrogant, it’s the same. `Eh, everything’s normal.’ Same, same, same and before you know the angel of death appears in front him saying, `No longer same now. Now, out from this world.’  If you are living that kind, you didn’t take your ID card saying ‘Servant of Allah’ then you are in trouble. You are in trouble in dunya, you are trouble in the grave and you are in trouble in the Judgment Day.

So Allah subhana wa ta’ala is granting this life to us now and He is ordering us to think, to think and to make it better for your own selves. As He is saying, `His Divine Hand is with a group of people, those people whose hearts are together.’

They are together for Allah’s sake, their hearts are together. Even if you are not beloved to Allah maybe in that group of people one is beloved to Allah and because of the blessing of that one, you will be blessed. But today’s people again, everyone is seeing themselves in the great giant mirror, `I am the one’. No you are not. No I am not. Those ones don’t come to tell you, ‘I am that one.’ They are humble servants and it’s not only that they say, ‘I am humble’ but they are because they know that they are not good for anything. They know that if it is not for the blessing coming to them from their Lord, they are not good for anything again.

So we entered through one door and we are going out through the other one. No matter how much you live don’t forget that you are going to die and dying is never too young. The angel of death is never coming to a man to say, `You are still young. You are not going to die.’

Prepare yourself, keep that priority in your life, keep that in front of you and think with that. Then slowly you may change to become a better servant. If you do, it is good for you. If you don’t, it is between you and your Lord.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq 

Bihurmatil Habib Bihurmatil Fatiha

 Sohbet by SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hazretleri, Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Mawlana Nazim Adil al-Hakkani.

Osmanli Dergahi NY

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