When power comes from the feet, world turns into Hell


Without support coming no one can do anything  in this world. Some know that and some don’t know that. For anything that we are doing, support must come from those ones who have the authority of the world in their hands. Not support from those ones who are worldly leaders. They have nothing in their hands. What they have in their hands is only for four years and you are the ones who are giving it to them. “I want this one to be my President.” Masha’Allah.

“I want that one to be the President. We must go to give votes to this one. I want this one to be my President.”

“Why do you want that one?”

“I don’t know.” Hmm.

“Do you know that one?”


“Do you know if he is a truthful one?”


“Do you know if you can trust that one?”


“Do you have any friendship with that one?”

“No. Newspaper is saying this. Television is saying that. And I am giving vote to this one.”

Mashallah. That’s why this world is like this now. It turned into hell. When the power is given to a man from the feet then the world turns into hell. The feet are choosing what kind of head they must have. That’s what it’s coming to. “You are not understanding from Democracy? This is Democracy. You must give vote and choose your President.” I am asking sometimes to my sheep in the mountains saying, “Would you like to vote to see what kind of shepherd you want? Male, female, `X’ or me or which one you want as a shepherd?” The sheep are not responding. They are eating and thinking, “Look at this foolish one and what he is saying.”

The people’s electing their head is like that. Sheep is electing its head saying, ‘I want this one to be my ruler.’ It’s not working. They have been trying for the last 100 years but it’s not working. It’s bankrupt. They know that reality and they say to the United Nations… they don’t say it to you. You don’t see it on CNN, that kind of news. They know that you are not going to go to the United Nations to search to see what is it that the United Nations is searching and finding. They know that you are not going to do that. How many of you are searching the yearly report about the United Nations rulings and whatever they are coming out with? How many? Raise your hands. Raise one and look what happens. If the believers are not doing it then do you think that the unbelievers are going to do it?

So the United Nations is making surveys and it is coming through sometimes. They made the United Nations to say, “Say to us what is the best ruling system in this world. We have been trying for one hundred years but it’s not working. We are electing presidents, prime ministers, this and that. We have Jumhurriyet. We make Jumhurriyet. But it’s not working. We have Republics. People’s government. It’s not working.”

So the United Nations searched and they said, “The best ruling system for man is to have Kingdoms, to have Kings to rule.” They said, “Oh! Can you give us some examples?” UN said, “The best one that ever happened, that ruled the people of different religions, different backgrounds, different races, different this and different that is the Ottoman Empire.”

Ottoman State Army I

So they said to them, “Quickly put that report off the records. Don’t show it to the world. It took us one hundred years to bring that one down. Now we cannot go to tell them that this was the best one.”  The first one is the Republic of Turkey saying, “Quickly cover it. Don’t say it to the world. We have Jumhurriyet now.” It’s not working. (Sheykh smiles). And it’s not going to work. Not Jumhurriyet, you can elect one million presidents, it’s not going to work. Because if the President is a common person like you and me then it’s not going to work. The ruling one must be receiving some powers from the higher stations, not from the feet. He must be wiser than me.

Ibrahim bin Adham hazretleri. Allahu Akbar! Rahmatullah aleyh. Look, he was a king and he was a righteous king. He was a good one. Ibrahim bin Adham was the king of Balkh, which is all of today’s Afghanistan, some Iran and he was the ruler of all that area. The kings at that time had to be the best among their people, as a swordsman or running with the horse or wrestling or in any other way they had to be the best one. Otherwise, people were not accepting saying, “If I wrestle you and I can bring you down then how can I accept you to be ruling me. My ego is always going to say that I am better than you this way.” So the kings were being trained to be the best ones in everything. And when they were going to the war they were going in front of the army. Not all the way back with bodyguards to have protection like today.

Masha’Allah. Subhana’Allah! Today, leave the worldly leaders, the sheykhs and imams have bodyguards around them. “Can I speak to the Sheykh?” The bodyguard goes, “Don’t come near to the Sheykh!” “Why?” “We cannot trust you.” What kind of Sheykh are you going to be if a common person who knows a couple of moves is going to protect you? You have no protection from the heavenly stations. Not one, you can have one thousand bodyguards, if That One wants to bring you down, (Sheykh points his cane like a gun), one bullet and you come down right away. Do you think anybody can be protected better than the American President? Who can be protected more? Which government has the technology and all that money to protect their presidents?  But when Allah meant to bring that one down, with one bullet, tak… Kennedy, Goodbye. In front of his people and in front of the television. It’s a lesson for mankind to understand that if you are not receiving protection from the heavenly station, then man’s protection is nothing. Today your bodyguards can turn around and knock you down also. Isn’t that what happened to the Indian Indira Gandhi? Her own bodyguard turned around at her… tak. He must be knowing something or else why did he do that?

So if the protection is not coming to a man from the heavenly station then he is not under any protection. He is finished. If an imam or a sheykh needs protection from his people then that one is not a leader. It’s finished. Leadership is gone. So they make the whole mankind today to be running. The intelligent ones, the smart ones, studying ones, non-studying ones, educated ones, university ones, kindergarten ones, everyone is saying, “We want to elect our President.”

Election. Muslim countries are saying, “We are Muslims” but they are following step by step the Christians. Step by step. At least the Christians are doing it openly but those ones are not. Step by step and they are becoming more tyrant because the way Allah has created the people of the Middle East is different and the Europeans are different. Americans are different. Central Asian people are different and the Far Eastern people are different. They have to have different ways of ruling. It is impossible to take this system and to put it there to say that it is going to work. Foolish Americans are running and saying, “We want to bring Democracy.”

“To where?”

“To Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Eh, go ahead. Give Democracy to them. You have all these army now in the streets with automatic machine guns and you cannot stop them. Look what happens when you move the army from the streets. (Sheykh smiles).  Muslims! Muslims became the top of the world in killing now with that name. They put bomb here and they blew up. Mashallah. They put bomb there and they blew up. Mashallah. Where in Islam can you go and do such an action? You don’t know who you are killing.

Islam is saying, “You want to have a war? It is accepted. Not air war. You have to move your army, the front lines, and the two armies must crush.” You know that the one you are killing up there is a soldier, trained like you. You cannot be  going and dropping bomb here, dropping bomb there, dropping bomb from the air to the heads of the people to say, “I am winning the war.” Eh, these are Americans. These are Westerners. This is in their blood to do that. How are you doing it? How are Muslims doing it? How are the Muslims leaders allowing that to happen?

Republic of Iran. Jumhurriyet. Islamic Jumhurriyet. Allah Allah. What a foolish thing! Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. How foolish is that? Either you are Republic or you are Islamic. These are two different ruling systems. They are not even seeing it. Islam is completely different than Republic ruling. That’s how Sheytan fooled them and they have to say Islamic Republic. They cannot say, “Divine laws. Shariat of Islam.”

They say, “Republic.” Making it easy.

Shariat? Oh! You want Shariat? You want Shariat!!?”

Everyone is shivering. Of course. Shariat means justice. That’s what it means. You don’t want justice? You don’t want that one who is an animal in the streets attacking you or your own children, this one and that one to be punished?  “We want Republic.” Good. Now you have it. Now they are attacking everywhere. Later after the action happens and it’s finished, then, “Aaah! Police!” Not one, even if one million police comes, who is going to fix the damage? If a man is coming and dropping a bomb here killing these people, police investigates and catch the man, or they don’t catch the man, so what? Who’s paying the damage? It’s gone.

So it’s about time that the Muslims must wake up and they must say to themselves, “What a foolish situation we are putting ourselves in! The Lord of the Heavens is giving us a title saying, `Come to Me. Come and ask Me and I will give to you.” Don’t run in the streets to the unbelievers to say, “Protect us.”

An imam called me up saying, “Sheykh, take your people …”

“Uh-ha” I say.

He says, “It’s a duty. It must be a duty to you as a Sheykh to tell your people…”

“To do what?”

“We are going in front of the White House to make demonstrations.”

Hmm. Another phone call coming. “Sheykh, with your people come to United Nations.”

I say, “What are you going to do there? Is there any feast?”

He says, “No, we are going to make demonstrations.”

How foolish are you acting, huh?

“Juma, at Juma time,” he is saying, “We must all be there.”

I say, “Are we going to make Juma there?”


How foolish you are! How much you are working for Sheytan! Huh? Is it what Allah is saying to you? “Take your children, take your women, take this and take that, running in the streets to say, `I want my rights?’ To go to the United Nations, to the unbelievers who are ready to bring an end to Islam, to say to them, `I want my rights?’ Allahu Akbar. How ignorant Muslims’ leaders became. Leave the Muslims. How ignorant their leaders became. And when I say to them, “No I am not coming.” They say, “You are not making da’wa brother.”

I say, “Take your da’wa and go to any hell you want. Your da’wa is working for Sheytan. For nobody else. Do you think that you are walking in the streets of New York City, in the First Avenue, and you are going to change the ruling system from the inside?” I said, “Do you know how many Muslims nations are members to that United Nations?”


“Give me the number!”

The man doesn’t know.

I said, “Go to them. If you are going to make something then go in front of the Muslim countries’ embassies. Say to them, ` We want this to be changed’. Not to the unbelievers. 21st Century. Why do we say this? Because of Holy Prophet’s (saw) prophecy. Hadith is opening. He said, “In Ahir Zaman, in the End of the Times, if the unbelievers enter through the hole of a weasel then the believers are also going to enter, running after them. Whatever they are doing, exactly that the believers are going to do too.” Say to me that this is not what’s happening. We are living in America. Somebody came to me years ago, an Afghani guy, saying, “Brother, we are living in America. You still have turban and beard?”

I said, “What difference does it make, America or Afghanistan?”

He said, “Where are you from brother?”

I fooled him and I said, “Uzbekistan.”

He says, “Brother, this is America, you must change.”

I said, “Must change what? To do what?”

“You must get rid of that, you must get rid of the beard. You must get American lifestyle.”

“Huh! You did it.”

This happened in 1987 or 88. I said to him, “Because you did it, what did you gain?”

Islam has its own identity. Have you ever seen a priest wearing a turban or a jubbah? I didn’t. If you did then tell me. Have you ever seen a rabbi wearing a turban and a jubbah? I didn’t. Maybe you did. But I have seen thousands and thousands of imams and sheykhs following the Western ideas, the way they dress and the way they do things. An imam was going to give khutba and before he was going to give khutba he was putting on that jubbah, putting that turban on his head, and he had no beard and no mustache. I went to him one day and he said, “What do you want?”

“I have a fake beard. Let me put it on your face. At least it looks better.”

“Don’t make me upset! You think that’s everything?”

I said, “That’s not everything but that’s something. Why are you wearing the turban then? Leave it. Go up there with your suit and tie. You are representing a position! You are not working for a government office to say, `I need to wear suit and tie.’ Why are you not wearing it? You are a religious person. Did you ever see a rabbi or a priest like that?”

“Sheykh, you talk too much.”

Hmm. So the Muslims lost their direction. Sheytan fooled us. We lost our direction because we are admiring and running after unbelievers to see how they are living and trying to live like that. This is our problem. But this world is very temporary. You are living like this or like that. It’s a very short time and it’s passing. Holy Prophet (saw) is saying to us, “Work for this Dunya as much as you are going to live in it. Work for Akhirat as much as you are going to live there.” So take it.


Work for this Dunya as much as you are going to live in it. If 8 hours is not enough then work 16 hours. But you might not make it to the 17th hour. Azrail is waiting to knock you down. So that means the world is only three days. Yesterday is gone. Today, we don’t know if we can finish it. Tomorrow, it is suspicious whether we are going to reach to tomorrow. A believer must think about his Akhirat first before his Dunya. When you think about Akhirat, Dunya is going to run after you. Dunya is going to come to you. The world is going to run after you. This is what Allah has ordered to this Dunya saying, “If the believers are running after you, you must run away from them. If they leave you then you must run after them. You must give all the wealth to them.”

Say, “Did we ever have this in history?”

Of course. In the time of Osman (radiyallah anh), when he was the Khalifa, Muslims didn’t find a single Muslim anymore to give Zakat or to give Sadaqa. That’s how rich everyone became. And they were giving Sadaqa and Zakat to unbelievers to make their hearts soft to come to Islam. Through history, look how many times that happened to us. But when we left Allah and His Prophet (saw), everything is gone.

Ottoman Empire. Empire! How many empires the world has ever seen? How many? It’s gone. Look what happened to the Muslims. Which Muslim country is now ruling and can say, “This is what’s going to happen,” and everyone is going to listen to that one? None. The Turks. Turks became the quickest to curse their own grandfathers. No nation in history has ever turned around cursing their grandfathers. But the Turks became number one. Cursing the Sultans. Because that’s what the Westerners wanted them to do. The Muslims turned around and started cursing too saying, “They kept us under this ruling and that’s why we fell behind.” I was in Syria talking with a guy. He started praising the Ottomans when they were in that area and a little bit later he says, “But they had some faults.”

I said, “What were their faults.”

He said, “They left us behind in technology.”

I said, “How long ago were the Ottomans in this area when they were ruling?”

He says, “Almost a hundred years ago.”

I said, “America a hundred years ago didn’t have anything. Go and look at America now. Look at Syria today. What do you have? You have your freedom. What did you do with that freedom? You went forward or backward?” Turks are cursing their grandfathers saying, “They left us behind. They only knew how to go up and down.” But now you are begging Europeans saying, “Please take us into Europe.” They didn’t beg. They came to Europe and said, “Change your laws. I don’t like it. It doesn’t fit to Islam.” So the French that are against you now, they were shivering saying, “The Ottomans said to change the rules. So we must change it.”

Turks say to me “You are going around with beard, that mustache and your turban to Europe?”

I say, “Of course. We entered into Europe with that. You changed everything. You put suit and tie now. Through suit and tie they are not accepting you to Europe and the young generations are hanging themselves with that tie. For what? Check the history. Look, in 700 years of ruling how many you are going to find committing suicide. None. The figures and numbers are talking.” And the other ones they hide it here and there. They are not putting it on top of the headlines. It’s saying, “Turks have entered the Guinness Book of World Records.” Turkey entered in it. With what? With the worst money that they have. With the lowest money that they have, they entered into that book. I say, “Mashallah.” (Sheykh claps his hands).

Eh, in the time of Sultan Reshad, Ottoman Empire came out from war losing the war. They didn’t lose the war, but because they were allied with Germany, when Germans lost the
war the Ottomans also came out losing the war. And Sultan Reshad gold was number one again. The country lost the war but the money was on top again. Huh. For eighty years you are trying. Where did you go? One dollar equals to one million (Turkish lira). Uff! What an accomplishment. Mashallah! They lost the count.

Now they say, “We have to throw the zeros out.” Just throwing the zeros out is costing the nation billions of dollars. Just getting rid of the zeros. Huh! The figures are speaking here. We are not speaking nonsense. Check the history. Check! And for anybody who is running for peace, peace comes with the Ottomans. There is no other peace. Peace is coming only with that ruling. Rightly guided leaders of Islam can bring peace to Muslims, to Christians and to Jews because the stories are showing to us that they were in the Balkans for 500 years and peace was there. As soon as they moved out, no peace. They were in the Middle East and there was peace there. As soon as they moved out, no peace. They were in Caucasus and there was peace there. As soon as they moved out, no peace. There is no peace in Iran, there is no peace in Afghanistan and there is no peace anywhere.

When these unbelievers are coming to us with that kind of nonsense talks, don’t believe. Look at your history. Muslims must know their history first for them to be able to understand the hadiths and the ayats. If you don’t know the history of Islam then you cannot understand the hadith of the Holy Prophet (asws). Wa min Allahu taufiq. Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha.

Sheykh - Ottoman Sultan

Extract of sohbet by Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

Friday 24, Jumada al-awal 1426 July 1, 2005.

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