Understanding Sufism (Part I) : The mind of the Sufis


THE MIND OF THE SUFIS: Remembers there is No God but Allah 

Sufism, when Prophet Muhammad sws emigrated from Mecca to Medina, he entered into a cave with his companion Abu Bakr Siddik ra. He gave secrets to his heart  saying, “this is what you have to practice through the heart. And you will progress yourself, you will clean yourself, you will be having enough energy and power fighting against to the evil forces that is surrounding you.”

In Sufism, our teachers and our masters, what they are teaching to us, if  you are walking  in the street, a sufi, if there is a stone in the street, he cannot kick that  stone. He should show respect to bend down to take it and to put it on the side, thinking that some other people will come, they may step on it and fall down. It may be a blind man, he cannot see. So you move that  stone. But you cannot move that stone by kicking it aside, you have to bend down, remember  your Creator’s name, taking it and putting it aside. That is the  main teaching in Islam about Sufism. And that’s how Sufism they should be.

Unlike today’s Sufi, they have swords and guns and everything in their hands, going around cutting. That doesn’t fit to Sufism. But because  we don’t fit to that, that original system is good, and it is working for all mankind who is following  the footstep of that. Depending on what kind of master, what kind of teacher  you have, and how strict he is with those matters.

My master, he is a very holy man,  Shaykh Nazim Muhammad al Hakkani. He is a very humble man, he is a very beloved man. Lovely  man, but when it  comes to tricking, fooling, testing, and training the ego, he is very hard. He  was very hard on us in that matter. We loved him  for that, because he was very hard on us. And if he wasn’t, with the  character  that I have, I could have been a terrorist today. But he was very hard on us,  and now we are afraid to touch an ant and kill an ant, and to say, “this is  God’s creation. He has created it, we cannot touch it, we cannot destroy it.”

There are so many books written about Sufism. So many ideas coming out saying that Sufism came in the 800s, or  after Prophet sws passed 400, 500, 700 years later. Sufism is through Prophet sws. He and his companions were living Sufism, without name, their lifestyle was Sufi. They were  living Sufism. They left  us, and all those people who came after, (for e.g.) Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi, he is one of the main pillars that the whole west knows of.

Shaykh Muhyidin ibn Arabi

Shaykh  Muhyidin ibn Arabi is also one of the figures that the West knows. They gave high respect  to those ones  who were living Sufism in their time, in their own selves. When you go to Konya,  today’s Turkey, that time the city were inhabited by the Christians, Jews, and Muslims. The place was open to everyone, and everyone would be going there to worship. Everyone was worshipping according to the way they  believe they were worshipping. It didn’t separate them.

When Shaykh Muhiyidin passed  away, so many people were running, rushing to carry his coffin. This was because  of the deep respect the Jews, Christians and the Muslims have towards him.Of course we are not finding such a situation today. There are some people (Saints) who is like that, but they are hiding themselves to the corner and the streets are left to those tyrants who go around tyrannizing people.

There is a divine secret in that. And  Allah SWT is  ordering us to good ones, to be true ones. First, to test and check our own  selves. To make ourselves to be good ones. Then to try to reach to others  without separating. Constant  job first is to please their Lord. Priority is to please their Lord. Priority is to worship as much as they  can, and to not to have empty time. And to remember Allah through their hearts,  remembering through His Names, His Divine Names. And sitting together, and  praying together,  and not having so much of worldly pleasures and treasures to run after. But the main aim is  to be able to make your Lord to be happy with you. To prepare yourself for the hereafter  life, because this life, it is only passing.

Of course  you have to work to earn your living but you shouldn’t go crazy to say “I have this room here, it is not enough for me.” You have to find a way to stop  yourself and start saying, “this is enough for me, I can live here. I don’t have to have a Palace.”

So with that time now, instead of running making materialism and running after materialism, and to become capitalist, you spend your time with your Lord. Remembering Him more. The more zikr you are making, more you are remembering and more you go to seclusion. And you will be able to reach  to one step in  this world, one step in the hereafter.  So you will become a bridge. Preparing  yourself to go out  from this life when your time comes, quickly and easily. That is the  main teaching in Sufism. For a man to try to build himself. How to look and what to expect and what to send to the other life. Because as I said earlier,  this world, it is the ground for the Paradise. Whatever we are planting here, that is what we are going to collect on the other side.

Sufism, it  is what we called Tasawwuf. Tarikat means the ways.The ways, the roads that is  taking people from  this world to ahirat. That is the real meaning of the word tarikat. Tarikat, it  is what you called those people, like we are following the tarikat of Nakshibend. Nakshibendi are that one, tarikat  is the way, and Nakshibendi are  those ones who is concentrating on the  heart and constantly working on that heart. Other  Tarikats, they are concentrating on going for seclusion, trying to open the veils. But we are trying to concentrate on our heart, to put seal into our heart. The  seal first to the Lord, the Creator’s Name, then to understand His secret  creature.

So Sufism is coming from that time of Ahl suffa. Ahl suffa are those people who were around the Prophet sws, near the Prophet sws’s house and behind that Prophet sws’s house. They were sitting  there all night long. They were praying. They were reciting Quran and they were learning all night. Because nighttime is very special in Islam. You must  sacrifice your sleep, and you must get up 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock to be with your Lord when everyone is sleeping. So those people, that is what they were doing.  They called them Ahl Suffa. Those people they have cleaned themselves. They are  pure. That is what the real meaning is. Tasawwuf.  The people who is purifying themselves, who is reaching to perfection, to the  perfect station.

The master of that time, he and my master, they reached to
that perfection. They are looking, because everyone is given secret. Everyone,  they have Divine Secrets in their hearts. And the masters, they are looking how  to bring that secret out. How to polish it, and to present it. It’s like  diamond. We go all the way down, to take that big rock, big stone. You came out, cutting it into pieces, then you have small diamonds. You polish it,  cutting it to become beautiful. So people they carry it on their head, their neck  and their hands. We, as  human, all have secret. What is your secrets?

So many people are saying that, “Jesus is carrying Divine Secret, God’s secret.” You are  carrying that too, I’m carrying it. That soul, that spirit is giving to you. It is coming from your Creator.  This body doesn’t mean anything. Soon as that spirit comes out, this body falls down, and the body which you loved so much, they will take it and bury it under the ground, because  it’s going to smell. We cannot put it in the house. The real secret is to look at that  spirit, and to polish it,  and to present it. Of course, so many times, when it is more polished, you are  going to see.

One of our  Grandsheykh, master, Shaykh Abdullah Daghestani, my father sat with him, he said to  him, “my son, when I look at the forehead of a person, I can tell you how intelligent he is.” So my father  looked at him, saying “my Shaykh, when you looked at his forehead, and you said how  intelligent he is. What about his face?” “His face is  his book, whatever is in here (Shaykh Efendi pointed to his heart),is reflected on his face.” Sufis, they  try, because they know that there are people who looked with a vision. They try to put a reflection. Because they cannot hide, they cannot cheat anybody. They could lose that sight. To perfect themselves, they looked and they see the divine light.

Our Sheykh

Wa min Allahu Taufiq,

Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha

Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi

February 27, 2004 (Muharram 6, 1425)

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