Help and support from the Holy ones


Medet  Ya Sayyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet

It is a good manner, the best of manner, for a believer in whatever that he is doing to be always asking for help and support from the holy ones. Especially if you are a murid. In everything that you are doing, you must be asking help and support from your Sheykh. Don’t listen to those empty head people saying, ‘Oh, you are asking help from something other than Allah?’ You didn’t reach to Allah yet. Those ones that you are asking help and support, they have reached to Allah. You didn’t yet. If a man didn’t reach to that station, then he’s going to speak that kind of foolish words. When you are hearing him saying that, he is just speaking that foolish words. And usually those ones, they are doing a hidden shirk.

That is what Holy Prophet was saying, ‘ I am afraid for my nation, in ahir zaman especially, that most of them, they are going to be doing hidden shirk.’ Hidden shirk is that they are saying: ‘I am not asking help from other than Allah,’ but anytime when anything happens to them, definitely they are asking help from everywhere, from every side. Where is your word? Why are you asking help as soon as you reach to difficulties?

If you are living in the Western countries especially, why are you asking help from the Police? Why don’t you ask from Allah? Right away screaming, calling for the police. Who is that one? Calling the unbelievers to come for help?

But they are not following the orders of the Holy Prophet alayhi salatu wa salam as he is saying, ‘ Even if you are living in the desert and you see with the naked eyes, that you look east and west, north and south, there is nothing except you, and if you find difficulties there, ask help from the friends of Allah. They are everywhere. They are hearing you and they will be reaching to your help.’ How? With the help of Allah, of course. If Allah is not permitting, they cannot reach, of course. But because they have reached to Holy stations, and they have reached to Heavenly station, they are asking for your behalf.

A story just came to my heart. This is necessary for those squareheads who are denying that. Maybe they will understand a little bit. We are hoping. If they understand, it is good for them. If they are not understanding then you are entering to this world through one door. It is not two. One door going out.

Everyone who is coming to the world, how are they coming? As an unbeliever? Or as a Muslim? Even if he is coming from the unbeliever family, it doesn’t matter. The child is born as a  Muslim. Clean and protected up till maturity age. And between that time up till maturity age whichever direction their parents are putting them, most likely that is where they are going. If they want to make them Christian like them, they raise them that way. So many times, they are going to Church, watching and it doesn’t make sense what the Priest is saying. But the Priest is also saying, ‘Questioning the Priest is a sin. Whatever he says, take it.’ So, they are blocking them from that side. Intelligence and religion at that time is opposite to each other. But, that is exactly what they want.

Islam, first has to fit to your intelligence, the orders of Islam. Later, down in the road, you start completing everything and you are seeing that doesn’t fit to your intelligence. Yes, beyond that. But you walk there with the intelligence and there are certain things beyond intelligence. Beyond which intelligence? Still, there is intelligence there but beyond the normal standard intelligence and beyond that there’s another intelligence which kicks in. Just like an airplane. Before it is taking off, you need the wheels, and the plane has to sit on the wheels. The faster it moves, the more it balances the wheel and everything and the more straight the plane is going. If both sides of the engine are working, it is going to go straight. If one side of the engine is working, and the other side is not, it cannot even move. It is just going to circle around in it’s own place.

In top speed, moving on those wheels, as soon as it takes off from the earth, slowly, right away, the wheels has to be hidden, putting it right  under there and it is covered like there is nothing there. On the ground, intelligence is ordering to you, ‘You have to use these wheels. Without these wheels, impossible to take off.’ But as soon as you take off, beyond that, it is another intelligence that kicks in. And it doesn’t fit to that low level. It is fitting to that high level intelligence. And that intelligence is now saying, ‘ Now you have to remove the wheels.’ Which is hundred percent what you are depending on while on the ground.

Doesn’t matter how good the plane is. Doesn’t matter if everything inside is so good, everything is so beautiful, the captains are good, everything is good, but if you don’t have the wheels, you are not going to take off. It is not going to move from its place. So the most important there is the wheels. As soon as it takes off,  if you don’t close that wheels, it will bring danger to the plane. So that intelligence, that thinking, that is intelligence, now you have to remove it. You have to cover it. In the air the intelligence is ordering to you now, second level intelligence is saying to you. The first level intelligence if you try to use it now, you will damage it. It will put you into a trouble that you can never fix. So put that intelligence away now.

That is why Islam is saying to you, the principles of Islam and everything that is teaching in Islam, it fits to the first level of the intelligence and  you do. The five principles of Islam fits to the first level. And when you are going to take off to rise into the higher station, there the second intelligence kicks in. That is intelligence there again, but you cannot use the first intelligence than it is going to be opposite. You are going to be denying your own self that time. Just like that plane.

So Islam is ordering that everything fits in the intelligence. Through intelligence, you may reach all the way to the level of Jibreel alayhi salam when you start knowing where you are going to kick in the second, and the third, and  the fourth, and the fifth level of intelligence. The angels, they have intelligence. But they are not using your intelligence, the worldly intelligence. It is not the first level. So that is why those squarehead Wahabbi ideology people, that big sickness which started in the early 1900s, it is spreading everywhere. Their governments are pumping out billions of dollars as of governments, to spread that teachings. To try to show that that is in Islam. That is not in Islam. That puts people out of Islam. And those governments they are putting billions of dollars and they are free educating so many squareheads saying, ‘ These are educated intelligent scholars,’ to make people to lose their faith.

The ahli sunnat today, ahli sunnat ulama and the alims and the universities, they are not even doing one attempt even just to say, ‘this is a hundred percent wrong.’ And they are saying, ‘ We are accepting. We are accepting this ideology.’ You are wrong. Definitely you are going to fall down to the side with those ones. Definitely you are going to fall into the side of which Holy Prophet is saying, ‘ Islam is going to deviate into 73 different ways, 72 of them  are bounding to the fire.’

Whoever is accepting that kind of understanding, that kind of faith, that kind of ideology and saying okay a hundred percent, slowly, they are losing their faith and they start attacking the holy ones that they are sitting in Divine presence.

Yes. Just like that, it is not any better than today Shia understanding too. Similar to that. So many other groups are coming;  Ahmadi movements, Ismailis, Yazidis, Habashis, all falling into the same wrong categories. And some are saying, ‘ This is the fifth mazhab.’ There is no fifth Mazhab. There are four Mazhab in Islam. Until Mehdi is taking the takbir, four Mazhab is working. When Mehdi is taking the takbir, he is going to put everything together. That is his job. That is not your job and  my job.

So Islam is ordering to us to use that intelligence. And Allah is questioning us, ‘Why are
you not using your intelligence?’ Why did He give you intelligence? Why are you not using your intelligence? That intelligence that it is above the ground. You are above the ground now. When you are entering into the grave, a second level of intelligence is going to enter again there. But that time, you are not going to have a free will.

Just like the Angels. Angels they don’t have a free will but they have intelligence. And  the more you are going to higher station, then you will reach to a certain station where Jibreel (a.s) is representing Sidratul Muntaha. It is where everything is ending and Jibreel (a.s) is representing intelligence. The complete level of intelligence. The top level of intelligence and beyond that, no intelligence works. Beyond that, it is a secret knowledge. The faith must move you. Nothing else. But until that, you have so many different levels.

So we are entering to this world, everyone of us, as a believer. Intelligence is ordering to us saying, ‘Now, ask help and support from, in reality, from your Lord, but you have not reach to that station yet, so you cannot make your sounding to reach there. So ask help from the Holy ones.’ And those Holy ones, they are sitting in Divine presence.’ That Allah is hearing? Yes. Those ones they are hearing? If He allows them, they (holy ones) are hearing too.

When you are asking help, Allah is hearing you. But, you are only asking help when you are reaching to difficulties of dunya. Majority of  the people do. Otherwise, you don’t remember Allah. Remembering Allah also is not with the tasbih in your hand pulling and saying, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah’ and your heart is in so many other places. So that intelligence is not working there. The holy ones they are sitting in Divine presence. When you are asking help from their behalf, they are asking saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, although this servant is not that good but he is asking help from me and I am a weak servant and Ya Rabbi, I am asking help on his behalf also. Please help.’

He is a beloved one to Allah. Do you think Allah is going to say to that one ‘ No. No, don’t ask’? However, they will not ask for your behalf if you don’t have a sejdah saying, ‘ This is not a servant, how am I going to ask help for this one? I didn’t hear that one. I am not hearing them.’ But even if it is a little that he is doing they will say, ‘ Ya Rabbi, so weak one, asking help from me thinking that I am something, but I am no good for nothing too, but I am asking help from You.’ And the help is reaching.

So many times, help is reaching to those ones that they are asking for the behalf of Awliya Allah. But help is not reaching to those when they are asking, ‘ O ya Rabbi, I want help from you.’ Who is more closer? Allah is going to give again but when you put somebody there asking for your behalf and that one is sitting over there saying, ‘This servant is no good ya Rabbi. You know, but I am also no good, I am not fitting to be sitting in your Divine Presence. But this one is thinking that I am somebody asking. And I am asking from you ya Rabbi.’ That time help is reaching.

Just like one group of people once upon a time which some Wahabbi ideology emptyhead squarehead people, they were attacking Sheykh Muhiyyidin ibn ‘Arabi, they were attacking Sheykh Abdul Qadir Geylani, they were attacking Abu Hasan al-Kharqani, they were attacking all these Awliya Allah, they were cursing them saying they are kafir. Hasha Astaghfirullah.  Abu Hasan al-Kharqani one time, people were passing from the east. They were going to pass through the mountain of Turkey in Iraq to go to Syria bringing goods. Everywhere, all the way in the eastern part of Turkey, Abu Hasan al-Kharqani he had some small Dergah.  People in his village they were not knowing him. He was a simple old man. ‘We don’t understand why this people are coming and asking something from him.’ Even his own wife, one of them, was like a wolf always to him. He was just taking it easy.  That is a long story.

So one day, one group of people were passing from there. They said, ‘ We heard this name. If we are passing through here, we should ask his help because we have lots of goods from dunya and the rebels in the mountain they are attacking and they are taking. If we are getting the blessing of the Awliya Allah, we can pass through.’

So they stop in his dergah. They asked help and he prayed for them. Then they said, ‘ Oh Sheykh, teach us some dua and some prayer that when we are being attacked by the rebels, we will pray the dua and we will get away from them.’ He said to them, ‘ No need for you to learn some dua now. If you are going to learn dua, you would have learnt before. I am not going to teach you dua here now. But if you are  under the attack, because you ask me, remember me and I should be helping you. InsyaAllah.’

They heard. They didn’t say anything to him but as soon as they went out they started. People never change, always speaking something in front but when they go out of the door they speak something else. At that time also there were many crooked ones, hypocrite ones. They said, ‘Yes Sheykh. Yes Sheykh. Yes  Sheykh.’ As soon as they were out they started saying, ‘ Who the hell did he think he is? He thinks he is Allah and we are going to remember him? We did wrong. Why did we come and ask him? We remember Allah.’ And they continued on their way.

Some times later, whatever they were afraid of, it happened.In the mountain, the rebels started attacking. The rebel leader, he had one thing that he used to do. He used to take everything away from the people that he was attacking. Every good things. He used to leave them with their horses and with their clothes on. He used to take the saddles and everything from the horses  and said, ‘ They need the horse to go and their clothes.’

This time the rebel leader looked at everyone of them  and said, ‘ except  for that one, take everything away from them. I am changing the ruling tonight.’

He said, ‘ These ones take their clothes too. Leave them with their underwear in the mountain. Take their horses away. Everything. Except that one, don’t touch any of his things. Because when I look at that one, he is a cursed one. Everything that he has is going to bring badness to us. So don’t touch that one. Leave everything to him. Every good things that he has. He is cursed. Leave his camels and his goods. As for the others, take everything.’ The orders were carried out immediately.

As soon as the rebels left, everyone started looking at themselves. They only have underwear in the mountain. As for that one, he has everything. They said, ‘What happened to you? Why didn’t they touch  you? We know that you have good horse and goods. But they didn’t even open to look and see what is inside. They didn’t touch you.’ He said to them, ‘ To tell you the truth, when we came out after meeting that Sheykh, whatever that Sheykh said, it fits to my heart and I accepted it. When we came out and you all started talking against him, I didn’t like it. I was going to say something but I know that you were going to rebel even more, so I swallowed and I said to myself that I am accepting whatever that Sheykh said. I am not going to listen to whatever you all are saying.’

They said,  ‘ we asked help from Allah, and we got underwear only and you asked?’

He said, ‘I asked help from him. I didn’t ask help from Allah.’

So they said, ‘ This is wrong. How are we going to fix this. We have to go back to that Sheykh. There is something there.’ They went back to Sheykh Abu Hasan al-Kharqani. He looked at them and said, ‘didn’t I tell you, if the rebel’s attack you, remember me.’

He said, ‘Ya Sheykh. We didn’t remember you, we remember Allah. But this is what happened.’ He said to them, ‘ that one he remembers me.’ And he started explaining to them saying, ‘ Oh definitely in Divine presence we are servants. We are no good for nothing. But when you were asking help, only that one asked help from me. And I asked for that one behalf. All of you when you were saying, ‘Ya Rabbi help,’ Allah made me to hear. But I didn’t ask anything from your behalf because I don’t interfere between you and Allah.  But you couldn’t reach to Allah. So that was why the rebels, they took everything away from you and you deserve it. That one save everything.’

So he said to this murid, ‘give them some clothes now. Some food to eat. And give them some transportation to go back to their place. This is what I can do to you.’

Ey Wahabbis, wahabbis ideas, this is how it is. You want to debate, debate more. Until judgement day if you like. But you are going to see in the end that you are wrong. You are going to understand that you are wrong.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib Bihurmatil Fatiha

Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz Khalifah of Sheykh Maulana Nazim Adil al-Hakkani, Osmanli Dergahi NY

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