Proper Adab in Zikir


For participating in Zikr we are closing the lights. Close your eyes. Don’t look around. Follow by heart. When the Sohbet is happening the lights are open. You watch. You listen. When the Zikr is going on we are closing the lights for you not to be busy with what is around. This way you will be able to participate. Don’t worry about what the guy sitting next to you is going to say. Whether he is going to say that you are crazy or you are a wali. It doesn’t matter what anybody says. You are here for Allah, remembering Allah and if you are remembering just like that, mashallah. This will take you directly to Paradise (Sheykh laughs teasingly).

Remember! Remember! This is for Allah. Keep your self to your self. Turn back to your heart. Keep your eyes closed. Don’t be busy with the surrounding. Look into your heart. Follow the leader who is making the Zikr. If the voice is going higher, then bring yours higher. If he is bringing it down lower, then bring yours lower. If you close your eyes and you follow with your ears then you will be able to participate. Otherwise, you are not going to. Ala bi zikrillahi taqma’in qulub. Allah is saying to us, “If you want your heart to be satisfied, you must say Allah.” Leave what others say. We want our hearts to be satisfied and we must say Allah. That’s why we are here and that’s why this is a loud Zikr. It is not a silent Zikr. It is not by heart. When it is by heart you have to be able to keep your tongue from even to touch the upper side of your mouth. You must not move anything of your body. But then I am seeing everyone is moving. I am hearing so much voices.

Now you must move. You must participate. You must put yourself into that harmony in the circle. Then you may find something, you may feel something, you may see something and you may hear something. Not only you are here. Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) is saying that when a group of people are sitting and gathering for the sake of Allah and they are ready to remember their Lord, there are angels who are walking on the earth and as soon as one hears it, then they call the other ones and they encompass that area. And the ones who are looking from the paradise come down. They will be in that part. There are others that are participating with us. If you are not seeing them then something is wrong. You have to see. We have to see. We have to fear. At least, we have to fear just a little bit. But you are not giving your heart, your self into it. You are busy looking around. Leave it! What are you going to see?

It’s dark. Close that light too. Completely dark. Turn to yourself. Don’t worry! Don’t worry what anybody is going to say. Look what your Lord and what your Prophet (saw) is going to say. We are under the watch. Some ones are watching us. Watch yourself. Watch your heart. Turn to yourself. That is Zikr. This is open Zikr, as much as you participate in it. When you need to be silent, be silent. When you need to make loud Zikr, you must make loud Zikr.

Inshallah ar-Rahman. If you do then you will win for yourself. If you don’t then you are just saying (the zikr) like a cassette. If you put the cassette in and open the volume, as much as you open, it’s going to say. It’s not going to get anything. We must get something.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib Bihurmatil Fatiha

Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

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