Role Model of Islam: Hazreti Washi ibn Harb (ra)


honour through Islam

Washi Ibn Harb (ra)

This religion is sent down to you to make you to become the best of the Nations, the best of the Ummah, the best of the Man, the best servant to Allah swt. That is why it was sent. You don’t have more mercy than Allah swt. Huh! But most of your hearts became worse than the heart of Washi.

Yes. Washi, at least, he had a reason for his heart to be like that, because Washi was a slave and he was going to be a slave all his life until the day he die, until one day, an offer came to him. From who? From Hind, Abu Sufyan’s wife. Who is Abu Sufyan?

The cousin of the Prophet (sws).  The father of Muawiyya (ra). The father of Ummi Habibe Sultan, the wife of the Prophet.

Don’t make no mistake to fool your own self. You didn’t even complete your own journey in this world. You didn’t keep the orders that Allah swt has put to you. I am reminding you day and night, you didn’t even do it right. By calculation, so many of you definitely you owe so much prayer, you owe so much fasting, you owe so much things. Why the arrogance? Why the stubbornness? Did you reach somewhere? You didn’t.

Calculate your life, and look at what you did. Don’t think that the mercy of Allah reached to you and you make the Shahadat, and everything is finish. No it didn’t. If you think that you are going to become better, every day you must run to become better. Every day you must run to do things right. Not according to your own ego.

Let me tell you something about Washi and say to yourself if you are worse than that one or if you are better than that one. He came to Uhud war and they said to him, ‘either you have to kill Muhammad, Ali or Hamzah. One of these. If you kill one of this three, you got your freedom, forever.’ And he came to the war place. He came to Uhud. And he’s watching very carefully.

Sometimes later, Washi became Muslim. Long time after he became a Muslim, he came to the Prophet’s presence. How did this happen?

Washi was saying, ‘If Muhammad will reach to Mecca, and he takes over Mecca, I know that he’s the right one and I’m going to accept Islam.’

After killing Hamza (ra), he discovered that the Prophet has reached to Mecca. The Prophet (asws) came and conquered Mecca. He came and took back Mecca. On hearing this, Washi escaped from there to Taif and said that if Muhammad were to reach to Taif then he will accept Islam. Sometime later, he saw that the Prophet reached to Taif. He escaped from there (Taif). He was fooling himself day and night. So many times he said that, ‘if Prophet reaches here, I’m going to accept Islam, I’m going to go to him.’

Washi was given death penalty because of what he did to Hazrati Hamzah. Anywhere that he was seen, people have the right to kill him. So Washi was always running away. Anywhere Islam was going, he was running away from there. He had no peace on the face of earth anymore. And he kept saying, ‘ if they reach here, I’m going to accept Islam.’ They reached there, he didn’t accept Islam again. Finally, they took over Taif too.  Now, Washi wrote a letter to the Prophet, saying, ‘Islam is saying that if you are killing a believer, you will not be forgiven.  So why should I accept Islam?’ In his letter, he did not mention that he is Washi. He send that letter to the Prophet saying, ‘I want to know what Islam is saying about this matter.’

Prophet (asws) replied to his message. He did not ask who this person was. He didn’t say, ‘is this a good one or a bad one?’  He didn’t even think to say, ‘should I give answer to him or not?’ Right away Prophet gave answer to him saying, ‘Allah is all merciful and if you are asking forgiveness, Allah may forgive you.’

And Washi sent another letter asking, ‘But what will happen if the Prophet is putting a death penalty to that person? How can he escaped?’

Prophet (asws) send another reply to him saying, ‘if the Prophet is putting death penalty to you,’ Prophet is not knowing who this person he was replying to as the person is not opening himself up. But Prophet explained to him, ‘if the Prophet put a death penalty on you, and you are asking forgiveness from Allah and you are believing and you are accepting sincerely that you did wrong, you may find that Prophet is forgiving you too.’

Then Washi sent another letter to the Prophet saying, ‘Why should I believe to that Prophet? Just through the word that he had just put a death penalty to a person, how should the person believe and accept that he is not going to remove the death penalty? Maybe he will continue with that. How can we believe that a hundred  percent. I am not a believer anyway.’

At this point, the Prophet is not even knowing what answer he is going to give to him. And the ayat of Quran came. For whom?

For Washi.

The ayat is saying, ‘do not lose hope from Allah. Allah is all merciful. Those who lose hope from  Allah, they are unbelievers.’ If you lose hope, then you will become unbeliever. And the prophet is sending that message to him saying, ‘whoever you are, this ayat is addressing to you and people like you.’

So, even Prophet, he cannot do anything, even if he’s upset. And that time, Washi decided to come to Medina to see the Prophet. Nobody knew how Washi looked like. He was a huge black guy. Very tall. He covered his face. He sat in the Prophet’s masjid with the Sahaba e-Kiram and talking to the Prophet saying, ‘if somebody has done something and if he’s asking forgiveness, is Islam going to forgive that person?’

Prophet said, ‘yes’.

And this talk was going back and forth until finally he said, ‘Ya Muhammad, I made a promise to myself that if you reach here, I will accept Islam. When you reached there, I didn’t fulfill my promise. Instead, I run away. But you followed step by step. I have seen and I have understand.’

This is Washi. Who is Washi? He was a person who has no mercy, has no heart,  has no tolerance, has no feeling. He is worse than an animal that is ripping of the other. He was just like that and now, this was Washi saying, ‘I have come to a realisation that there is no place on earth that I can escape from you. Everywhere I escape, you followed me step by step. And I am here. I am the person, that you give death penalty, Ya Muhammad. I have to say this to  you now because I accept that you are the true one. And now, I can open myself to say that I am Washi.’

As soon as he said that, all the Sahabis stood up. They went to their sword and said to Prophet (asws), ‘ Ya Rasulullah, don’t give mercy to this one because this one harm you very badly. This one harm Islam very badly. This should be a lesson to all mankind.’

Holy Prophet said to them, ‘Put your sword back. Come Washi, sit in front of me. If it is for me, my heart is hurt. If It is for Islam, say the Shahadat.’

And Washi said the Shahadat.

Prophet (asws) said, ‘Allah has forgiven you and I am forgiving you. I am forgiving you. But sit here and tell me how you killed my uncle. Tell me about the last minute of his life,  what did he do?’

And he is saying, ‘Ya Rasulullah, don’t make me to speak. Don’t make me to say this. Please.’

Holy Prophet said, ‘No. say everything. Step by step, how you did it. How you became so cruel like this. Say to me.’

And he started addressing, saying that Abu sufyan’s wife offered him very big wealth. He was then a slave, and he was going to win his freedom and they told him that he should kill three of this people. If he killed any one of them, he will be set free. Washi said, ‘I went to the war place. Ali was far. You were far. Then I saw Hazreti Hamza. He was moving like a thunder, destroying everything around, knocking everything down. He had no fear. And it just happened that his back was behind him. I saw him from the back and I have this spear, and it was very near. I just throw the spear to him. And he fell down. I should stop here ya Rasulullah.’

Prophet (asws) said, ‘No. Continue. Say, how my uncle died.’

He said, “Ya Rasulullah. I have to speak the truth to you. Before Hazreti Hamza, I have killed so many people. And I killed so many animals. After Hazreti Hamza, I killed so many people, and I killed so many animals. I have never fear the way that I feared when the spear hit him and he just turned around and he looked at me. He couldn’t move anymore. He just fell down on his knees and he looked at me with hatred, talking to me with his eyes saying, ‘you are crippling Islam. For this, I am hating you.’ I have never forget that minute and his spirit is always around me. I should stop here.”

‘No. continue.’

“Then Hamza fell on his face and he died. Hind came next to me, and said, ‘Now take out the spear.’ And I took it out. ‘turn him around!’ I turned him around. Then Hind told me to rip his chest out. And I did. She said to me, ‘take his heart and give it to me.’ I put my hand, I ripped off his heart and I gave it to Hind. And Hind put it in her mouth and started chewing it with hatred. And she told me to cut his ears, to cut his nose. And I did all that.”

Grave of Hazret Hamza (ra)

And Washi said, ‘ Ya Rasulullah, I should stop.’

‘No. continue. Say.’

And all Sahabis they were crying when they were hearing him.

Washi was sitting in front of Prophet (asws). He just came to Islam. And he said, ‘I have never regretted anything in my life. That minute after I had killed Hamza, after that, I regretted everything. And I cannot stop thinking of that.’

And Holy Prophet said to him, ‘O Washi, now, to know that Allah has forgiven you. But from now on, don’t sit in front of me. Always sit all the way in the end of the masjid. You are here to stay. All the way, sit behind the masjid. In one corner. Put your head down. Don’t look at my face. Don’t have eye-to eye contact with me. Because it may happen that if I look at you one day,  and I am in Divine anger, and I look at you with that Divine anger because of what you did to Hamza, although Allah has forgiven you,  the curse will reach to you and you will enter to jahannam forever. For this reason, keep distance from me. Stay behind the tall ones. Never look at my face directly.’

And Washi, one of the worse individual on the face of earth at that time, he kept his promise. He didn’t raise his head to the sahabis. He didn’t raise his head to anybody. His head is always down. Covered up. Never looking at anybody’s face. Sitting alone. Praying all the way in the back. Eating alone. If Prophet was sitting there, talking, the love of the Prophet enters to his heart. He was just looking through the corner. When Prophet turned to look to the other side, Washi will hide himself and try to look from another corner. Washi was saying, ‘I have never felt hurt like that in my life. I did so many wrong things, so many crimes, but now, I am near to the Prophet, but I was forbidden to look at his face.’

After one and a half year after he became Muslim, Holy Prophet (asws) passed from this world. Washi kept his promise. He didn’t come to look at the Prophet’s face. He completely kept himself all the way at the back when they buried the Prophet. He only come to the masjid at nighttime, sitting, putting his head down, and waiting.

Right after Prophet pass away, there was a liar that came out. He(the liar) had learned so many things from the Prophet and he declared that he was a prophet during Abu Bakr Siddiq’s time. Abu Bakar declared war on him. So many munafiqs at that time went along to his side because he had some extraordinary power.

Yes, O Murid, what you will do? What will you do when somebody comes to you now and show you some extraordinary power?

Be sincere with your ownself.

That’s exactly what happened to them. They were praying alongside with Abu Bakar Siddiq.  But the false prophet came showing them extraordinary power. He would say to the river, ‘run backward,’  and the river was running backward. He was showing so many unusual  things to people. So many went along to his side after being with Prophet for a long time. After Prophet pass away, they went to his side. That’s when Abu Bakar Siddiq declared war on that one. But everytime they go to war, the false prophet managed to escape.  There was no way to reach to him because he was protected very very well.

One night, completely in the dark, Washi, came to Prophet’s tomb. Nobody was around. Washi had made a promise with the prophet after that day, he was not going to go killing anything anymore. But that night, he came to Prophet’s tomb. He put his head down. He wasn’t even looking at the tomb, keeping his promise to the Prophet. He said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, I’m intending to break my promise to you. I’m going to break it. I’m going away from here. I heard that Musaylima (the false prophet) is  in Yemen. I’m going there. I make oath to myself that I’m going to go and I’m going to kill him.’

And one night, Washi just disappeared. He just disappeared. And he was walking. Don’t think that he was flying first class. Don’t think that he had  a car. No. With that heat of the desert,  Washi walked to Yemen.  Don’t think that he had anything. Don’t think that he had money, don’t think that he had anything in his hand. All he did was he took the dagger that he used to rip of Hazreti Hamza’s chest and he walked.

He walked from Medina to Yemen. He past the desert and he reached to the area where that false prophet was. And because he was sincere, because he kept his promise,  because he didn’t break his promise, he only broke his promise for the good things, he didn’t have fear that he was going to die, Washi, he came very close to that false prophet.

All his guards, they didn’t know who this man that was coming and they were just shocked. They just looked at him.

Washi said, ‘from the same distance that I threw the spear to Hamza, that same distance, I took the dagger and threw it to him. It entered to his heart. He died there instantly. His people got so panic. I didn’t run away. I just turned, and I started walking away. They didn’t run after me. Allah protected me.’

Some time later,  after Washi had finished his job, he walked back to Medina. He came to Prophet’s tomb again in the early morning, and said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, my pain is little bit easy now that I have killed him. You have the right not to forgive me.’ At that moment, he heard Prophet (asws) speaking to him, saying,  ‘O Washi, Allah is very happy. His Prophet is very happy. Hamza is very happy with you. And I am lifting the ban from you now. From now on, you can pray in the front line.’

And he became Hazreti Washi.

Today’s people, majority of you, became more heartless than Washi. You are in the right way, but you don’t have that much heart to cry anymore. No. because your heart became stone. Cos you are not really caring. You are not really hearing. You are not really understanding. You are not really feeling them anymore. So wake up to yourself. Wake up.

This story is enough for every Muslims to live correct lifestyle until Angel of Death comes. Washi didn’t go around praising himself later on saying, ‘that the Prophet has spoken to me.’  Washi was saying that after that day, ‘every day, I was seeing Prophet in the prayer, in the mihrab. He was looking at me, he was smiling and I was smiling at him. And the Prophet open door to me, saying to me, “Look. Where are you in the Paradise.” And I was together with Hamza. Hamza has forgiven me.’

So this is Islam. The role model of Islam. We forget the role model of Islam. We made so many role models. And so many of you are thinking that you have become so merciful. But no, you became tyrant. Tyrant to your ownself. So, maybe you should go back. Continue with that tasbih everyday saying ‘La ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu min az-zalimeen.’


Wa minAllahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha

Sohbet given by Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi

November 20, 2010

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