Don’t have two hearts – Story of Aziz Mahmud Hudayi (qs)


Do you know that Allah Jala Wa ‘ala SWT has complained about this nation, Nation of Muhammad in the night of Miraj to His Prophet?

When Holy prophet was in the Miraj, Allah is complaining to His Prophet saying, “O Muhammad, your nation, I am going to give them orders to do today’s order but they are going to worry for tomorrow what I’m going to give them rizq. I didn’t ask them to do tomorrow’s worshipness, tomorrow’s duty for today but they are going to be busy in the prayer time and everytime, even when they are in my way, they are going to be busy thinking ‘what I’m going to eat, what I’m going to drink. How is my dunya going to be for me tomorrow?’ 

And they are not going to be able, they are not going to be successful even carrying that daily little things that I have given to them, which is going to be blessing to them.  It is a blessing. It is the most blessing, highest blessing. This is what they are going to be worrying. Even in their prayer time, they are going to be worrying what’s going to happen to them tomorrow. So what I say to them to do, they are going to run in that way to do but even while they are doing, they are going to be busy with their dunya. They are going to be so sad.”

Is that what’s happening O nation of Muhammad? If you didn’t realise it up till now, when you come to prayer time next time, look what you are busy with. Because if you are not busy with that, if you are really busy with Allah,  this time, the door of sainthood is going to open to you because there is not too many nominees this time. Nominees are all running for dunya, asking the pleasures and the richness of dunya in the way of Allah. ‘So, this is what your nation is going to be busy with Ya Muhammad. Your nation is going to be busy, while I’m giving them everything, they are going to turn around being thankful ones to others, they are not going to be a thankful servant to me.’

Is that what’s happening? Yes, that’s what is happening. They are going to run to praise others. They are going to run after the man that is going to destroy them. They are going to commit the shirk. This is what happens to the nation of Muhammad. Yes. So wake up and look where you are in this picture. Are you the one that Allah is speaking about? You and me. Check yourself. Don’t wait for me to say anything. No. Check yourself. You’ll find out by yourself where you are and don’t fool yourself. When you understand that, shake yourself up, smack yourself that time, wake yourself up. Don’t wait for somebody else to wake you up that time. Because that is the most dangerous situation that you are in that time if you don’t wake up. Cos Azrail may come.  So how are you going to understand that time, if you are busy with that way, how are you going to understand the value of your Sheykh that time? How you will understand?

You cannot. Impossible. You are just going to claim, you are just going to say words about your Sheykh Mevlana which so many is, but soon as he is touching their ego, just one drop, look what’s happening. Everyone wants their Sheykh to be praising them. MashaAllah, they are getting happy that time. Don’t you look at yourself? Don’t you see what you are doing? Where are you? You are not realising? You want your Sheykh to praise you? Oh, now you are entering into more dangerous places too. Astaghfirullah al-Azim wa atubu ilaih. From where are we getting this sickness? How this sickness enters into us? Once upon a time, now we are talking something, people are not realising. Let’s speak some story, maybe you’ll wake up, listening a little bit better.

Once upon a time, there was a man in the time of the Ottoman Empire called Aziz Mahmud Hudayi. He was a righteous man. He was a scholar. He finished all the schools. He was a hafiz, he knew the hadis. He was Ahle-sunnat and he reached to the high station and he became a judge. And as a judge, he had been sent to the capital city of Bursa of Ottoman Empire that time. He was a judge there. He was appointed there by the Sultan because he was a just man and he was running to do everything correctly. One day, one incident came in front of him when he was a judge. A woman came complaining saying that she wanted to divorce her husband. Oh, in  today’s society, you want to divorce your husband do you have to ask somebody? ‘Get out! It’s finished!!!’ Hmm, that’s today’s woman. MashaAllah. You know shariat? They teach shariat to them from the west. Learning from feminism also.

Anyway, back to the story, so the judge is saying, ‘Oh, you have to have a solid, strong evidence that certain things that is applied and only that you can ask to divorce your husband. What do you have?’ She said: “my husband is a liar. And I am fed up with his lies.’ Don’t think that it’s that type of liar where he’s cheating here and there. No. in the way of Allah, he was lying. ‘I catch him lying in the way of Allah. Although that I love him, I don’t want to be with him anymore because he is a liar.’ The judge asked, ‘what is the lie that he said to you that you are coming to me asking for a divorce?’ She said, “this man, every year he’s saying that if he cannot go to hajj this year , he’s going to divorce me. And he’s not divorcing me and this year, very surely he said the same thing, ‘I’m going to divorce you because you are standing in my way, that’s why Allah is not opening my door to go to hajj. For that reason I’m going to divorce you this year.’ And it was only three days left to hajj, he just disappeared for three days and some days later, he came and he said, he went to hajj and he came back and now I find him that he lie in the way of Allah. O judge, it is impossible to go from Istanbul to Hajj in three days and come back. So he’s a liar and he’s swearing that he went to hajj.”

So the judge started thinking too now. He then said, ‘So, he said that he was going to hajj so he’s not going to divorce you. Three days before, he just disappeared, and he is nowhere now.’ The judge sent message saying, ‘find that man and bring him here.’ That man is nowhere. The judge said, ‘now in this case, I cannot judge until I speak to him. As soon as he comes, you find him, bring him here.’

Some days later he appeared in the town again and they said, ‘this is the problem, so you are coming in front of the judge.’ They brought him and the judge said, ‘Now, we hear complain about you. Your wife is saying that you are lying in the way of Allah and she wants to divorce you. And to what she is saying, say how you are going to explain about this, three days before hajj you just disappeared and you said to her that you are going to hajj, now you came back and you told her that you have completed your hajj?’ He said, ‘Yes, O ya Judge. I did.’ ‘You did? How did you do it? In three days you left from Istanbul, you went to hajj?’ ‘Yes I did. I didn’t want to divorce her.’ ‘Wait a minute. Now tell me how this happened?

He said, “Whatever she said is right. Every year I was telling her that I was going to divorce her if I am not able to go to hajj.  But because I love her so much I said okay next year. I was just delaying it. So this year I really made the intention and it didn’t happen. So I have a Sheykh and I went to my Sheykh. I told him about the situation and that I did big mistake this year. I swear on it that I was going to divorce her as it was impossible for me to go to hajj. My Sheykh said, ‘O my son, don’t worry we’ll sent you to hajj. Go to cemetery, you are going to find one man over there, he is sitting in the cemetery and tell him that your Sheykh is giving order to you to take me to hajj.’  I went to the cemetery and I found that man sitting there. He got very upset to me at first when he saw me and he said, ‘why are you coming here to bother me, I left from every one of you, sitting in this cemetery, now you are coming here to bother me. What is it that you want again? It must be something from dunya.’ I said, ‘Yes but I am in big trouble and you must know my Sheykh is sending me to you.’ The man said, ‘Wait.’ He made one rabuta and he said, ‘Oh, okay. Come. I understand.’ and he held me by the hand and he said to me, ‘close your eyes. When I say to you open, open.’ And I did and I found myself in front of the hajj, in front of Kaaba. Then he said to me, ‘this group just came from your town. You hang around with them and when the time finishes, I’ll come and I’ll bring you back.’ This was exactly what happened.”

That Aziz Mahmud Hudayi, he wasn’t a saint at that time. That time, he was a scholar. He was doing everything according to scholarship. Looking at books and if it is fitting to intelligence it’s okay. And Aziz Mahmud Hudayi is now thinking and said, ‘do you have any evidence just saying this now.’ ‘Yes. I also have evidence.’ ‘What is your evidence?’ He said, ‘the hajj group that went from Bursa to hajj, I met them over them, it’s not only that I met them over there, I found money in my pocket too. I’m a poor man but with that money, I bought some presents.’ Holy Prophet is saying, ‘when you are coming to Mecca and Medina, by present for people.’ Muslims they lost so many things, they are saying, ‘Oh, I can buy this cheaper in Turkey or I can buy this cheaper in Pakistan.’ That’s how sheytan is fooling them. They are going there for their ego, they are living in the best hotels, they are spending all the money but when it comes to certain things, they said, ‘no. I can buy this cheaper in my country.’ And most of the time, that’s what they are doing today; Buying in Turkey, coming back and giving to people saying, ‘it’s from hajj.’ Different secrets Prophet is saying there, anyway I’m not entering to that now.

So the man said, ‘matter of fact, I had money in my pocket and I bought so much present. I couldn’t bring it back with me because I went there differently, so I left that hajj group and they are going to come back and they are going to bring back what I bought. They know me. I was sitting, I was sleeping and hanging around them all the time.’ So Aziz Mahmud Hudayi said, ‘Okay. This situation is getting out of hand. I cannot judge this matter. I have to wait for that group to come back from hajj. I have to listen to them.’ And he stopped the case. Six, seven months later, the hajj group returned to Bursa. They were brought to the court. Everyone of them said, ‘Yes, we know this man. We met him over there and he left this to us and we brought this to him.’

So the judge, he was the highest scholar and the hafiz of quran. He knew the hadis, knowledge, he knew the fiqh and everything. Now he got very confused. He said, ‘now I cannot judge about this matter until I go and find his Sheykh. Because now all evidence is showing that all this happened. So now I have to go to find this Sheykh. Who is this Sheykh that he was doing such a thing like this?’ The man replied, ‘he’s living in Bursa , in the same town.’ He got on his horse and coming step by step to his dergah.  On certain areas, when he reached, beyond that he couldn’t go with the horse because the horse feet got stuck inside the stones there. The horse was not moving. 

Aziz Mahmud Hudayi was saying, “I was a very stubborn man on that matter. I understand that there’s something stopping me here. The horse just got stuck there. So I came down from the horse and I started walking. And I went to the dergah. I opened the door and I saw people planting things, working with the earth and I found this man. I just touched him saying, ‘Hey! Where is your Sheykh?’ He looked at me and said, ‘why do you want the Sheykh?’ I said, ‘I’ve got to ask him something.’ ‘I don’t think so. I’m looking at you, you look like a very arrogant man. You enter to this place with the arrogance. So I think you should go back.’ ‘Don’t you know who I am. I am the judge of this Bursa and I have been appointed by the Sultan. So, where is the Sheykh?’ ‘He must be in the dergah, go inside.’

I went in and I found a man sitting, making zikir and as soon as I entered, my heart, my hand, my feet, everything started shaking. And that one said to me, ‘O my son, didn’t you see that your horse just got stuck, it didn’t move and you are still pushing, coming here?’ and then he raised his head, I looked at him, he was the same man that was planting everything outside. ‘So what is it you want to know that you came here?’ I said, ‘I just looked at it every knowledge that I have studied, the whole Quran e-kerim just disappeared. It didn’t fit anywhere to me in my world. My world turned upside down.’ And he said to me everything that I was  thinking and he said to me, ‘O my son, now go back because this road is very difficult.’ ‘O my Sheykh, how can I go back to be a judge again? After I am seeing this, how can I judge about that matter now? In the judgement day, how am I going to come to the presence of Allah to say that without realising, without knowing, I judged these things right or wrong? No, I am not going anywhere. I’m just staying here. I’m being your murid. You have to accept me as a murid.’ ‘Good. You want to be murid?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Sit here.’ He gave me initiation, and then he said to me, ‘Okay, from now on, you are not going out of this dergah. Only thing you’ve got to do is every morning, you are going to go, you are going to buy liver in the street from the butcher, you are going to wear that judge clothes on you and you are going to stay in the corner where you were the judge before and you are going to scream saying, ‘I am selling liver, I am selling liver.’ Meaning that everyone is just going to look at you like you are a lunatic. You lost everything. So, this is your job from now on. You are going to sell the liver, you are going to come back here, then I’m going to give you another job in the dergah from now on.’ ‘As you say my sheykh.’”

The next day, Aziz Mahmud Hudayi went out there all dressed up in his judge clothes. Everyone was looking and asking, ‘where is the judge? The judge just disappeared.’ They find him early in the morning, putting the liver on his nice clothes, screaming, ‘I’m selling liver! Liver!’ meaning that it was the lowest job at that time. People who were passing by all said, ‘the judge has lost his mind! He went crazy!’

He had brothers that they were all very wealthy family. Yes, those brothers  when they heard about this, right away they came and said, ‘Brother you lost your mind? You need money? We give you as much money you need. How you are coming out here? You are going to put shame on our family doing this lowest job?’ He replied to them, ‘No. I’ve got to do this. I’ve got to learn something. I know that I had not known nothing.’ They said, ‘you are better than every one of us in the way of Allah. We are running after dunya, you are running after akhirat. You are a judge.’ ‘No. I learn that I didn’t know anything. So I’ve got to learn something.’ He didn’t listen to them. They beat him up. They did everything but he continued. Sometime later he passed that test. His Sheykh said to him one day, ‘My son, you pass the test of outside. Now, your duty, everyday (they didn’t have the luxury of toilet like ours) you are going to go and clean the toilet.’ They used to use the stones for cleaning themselves. And the Sheykh said, ‘all those stones, you are going to take it next to the river, you are going to wash them nicely and  you are going to put it back there for the murids to use it. You are going to clean all the toilets non-stop. That is your job.’ And that’s what he started doing; cleaning the toilets.

Aziz Mahmud Hudayi said, ‘One day, I was cleaning the toilets, I heard the  announcement outside,’ they didn’t have internets, computers and television that time and when something is going to be announced, there’s people in the streets going with the drum making announcement, calling out to people, ‘this is a new order coming, this is the new law.’ So he was hearing the announcement coming from outside, ‘O people of Bursa! Don’t say that you didn’t hear this message. The one whose hearing this must say to the other ones that our judge, Aziz Mahmud Hudayi who has lost his mind and now he’s in the dergah of a Sheykh, and he is going crazy, our Sultan has exchanged his position with somebody else.’

So he heard that while he was cleaning the toilet. Sheytan started coming to him and said, ‘O Aziz Mahmud Hudayi, what did you do? You see what you have done? You left all that position and you are cleaning toilets here? How is that? You are a good man following Allah’s orders, praying five times a day, keeping every sunnats, doing everything. Why did you do this? How foolish you are? I thought that you have some intelligence?’ Ego is screaming to him. He’s hearing outside and he said, ‘OH, sheytan you are coming to fool me Huh! I know where I am and I know what I am looking for.’ He grabbed his beard and he continued cleaning the toilet, saying, ‘this is what you deserve.’ Soon as he said that, his Sheykh grabbed him. He brought him up and said, ‘O my son, the beard is very holy as Prophet’s beard is very holy. So you pass this test too. Come with me. From now on, you see, I am old, and you are going to prepare my water early in the morning. Early in the morning, I need a little bit of warm water to take wudu. I’m very old. So your job from now on, you are going to prepare water for me when I wake up for fajar prayer to help to have wudu. So that’s your job.’ And he started doing that.

Aziz Mahmud Hudayi said, ‘One day, I just couldn’t get up. It was so heavy. I knew that I couldn’t get up and I heard,  ‘thud, thud, thud…’, my Sheykh was coming down the step. As soon as I heard that, I just got up, I didn’t have fire ready (don’t think that they have fire gas opening right away like you, everyone having so much luxury today.)’ He said, ‘I didn’t have time to warm up that water. I didn’t know what to do. I am holding the brick with the water inside. I’m holding and I said, ‘Ya Rabbi. What did I do? My Sheykh is coming down, the water is not ready. How am I going to face this? I came here to be  murid. How foolish I am.  I am sleeping, Sheykh is coming down.’ I was burning inside. My Sheykh came down and said, ‘O my son, come. Put the water.’ I couldn’t speak. But my Sheykh said, ‘Come, Come.’ I tried to speak saying, ‘my Sheykh…’ ‘Don’t speak. Come. Put the water.’ As soon as I put the water, he put his hand in  pulled it out immediately saying, ‘O my son. You even burn me with this fire.’  I said, ‘I didn’t warm up the water.’ But  because I had so much regret, he said to me, ‘this is not the fire that burnt the water. This is the fire that it came from inside of you, from the regret, and from that heart, you boil this water and that water even burnt me.’

That time, my Sheykh prayed for me saying, ‘you pass this test too.’ He said, ‘I’m asking Allah jala wa’ala swt for Ottoman Sultan to walk behind you. One day should come that those Sultans should walk behind you.’” And so many other incidents happened.

One day, Sheykh is passing. So many incidents were happening in the palace and Sultan had ordered for some Sheykhs to come and show something. Aziz Mahmud Hudayi was also there showing something to the Sultan. And the Sultan said to him, ‘you should come here from now on, to give sohbets to us’ and Aziz Mahmud Hudayi, he became the Sheykh to Sultan. One day he came from Bursa, even the Sultan came and greeted him on the porch and he offered him his horse saying, ‘you are the Sultan. I should walk behind you.’ 

All the wazirs they were looking and Aziz Mahmud Hudayi, he sat on the horse, he went three steps, he stopped and he came down and said, “O Sultan, you should sit on this horse. Allah gave you the title to be Sultan in dunya. What I did is that my Sheykh prayed for me one day saying, ‘I am praying for you that the Ottoman sultan should walk behind you.’ I did this for my Sheykh’s words not to be down and he is in the grave and what he said it happened today.”

He became Sheykh for five Ottoman Sultans. Sultan Ahmed Khan, he was one of them. One day, Sultan Ahmed Khan was in the palace and he was holding the brick of water helping Aziz Mahmud Hudayi to make wudhu. The Sultan’s wife, Valide Sultan, was holding the towel waiting for him to finish. The Sultan was thinking in his heart saying, ‘I’m doing this thing here, but I don’t know hundred percent,’ suspicion came to his heart, sheytan was trying to fool him saying, ‘I am a khalifah and I am a Sultan but if this man’s title is not higher than me in akhirat, in judgement day, I’m going to be responsible. So how can I know that? I must see a karamat that he has to show me some karamat that really he is higher than me.’ Aziz Mahmud Hudayi, they were helping him take wudhu and the Valide Sultan was also thinking saying, ‘this Aziz Mahumud is so high level saint that the Sultan khalifah is helping him to make wudhu. I wish that he’s showing karamat to me, other karamat.’ Aziz Mahmud Hudayi was finishing his wudhu, he was looking and said, ‘Sultan of Ottoman empire khalifah is thinking that I should show him a karamat. And the Valide Sultan is holding the towel, she’s thinking that she wants to see a karamat. You want to see bigger karamat than this that Sultan is helping me for wudhu and the Valide Sultan is holding the towel, you want bigger than this?’

SelamAleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu. Why did we say this history? This history is, Sultan was the Sultan of dunya and also he was a Saint Sultan of akhirat. He was looking to find the Sultan of akhirat, that in dunya he wasn’t a Sultan, but he was a Sultan. So now, they were running to enter to tarikat that time because they understand the foolishness of dunya and they want to complete their journey to their Lord. And they understand that they have to have a Sheykh to help them to reach to that station. And we are saying, in akhir zaman, the end of the time that the world is boiling with dirtiness, everywhere such a foolishness, Allah Jala wa’ala swt open doors to us to find Sultan. He brought us to Sultan. You know him. You met him. You are with him and  you are sitting in the prayer lines,  you are sitting in the zikir. Instead of thinking what is going to open to me, what should I do to become better servant, you are thinking of dunya or sleeping? Astarghfirullahalazim wa ‘atubu ilaih. Are you understanding where you are? And do you now understand where they were? Completely changed way around. They left all the dunya to become murid.

The murids today, they are coming to be murid, they are running after dunya in the doors of the tariqat. Wake up to  yourself because this life is only given one time and this, what Allah jala wa’ala swt, the door that He has opened to us, it didn’t open to billions of people. So understand the value and hold it tightly and live according to that. Or you should go to become fool with dunya more, finish the dunya completely at least. Don’t have two hearts. You have to have one. And when you are living for Allah, Allah is going to complete your dunya too. If you are not living for Allah,  your dunya is gone, your akhirat will be gone too. Yes. Because we reached to complete worse time that doesn’t mean that everything has disappear, there are secrets everywhere. Don’t run after for those secrets, but you should be running to be a servant to Allah. And to be a thankful servant. To be a thankful servant saying, ‘O, Ya Rabbi, we are not doing nothing that you have ordered to us but you are still favouring, you are still sending all your blessings to us.’ At least that much.

Wa min Allahu Taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha

Sohbet given by Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi

on April 12, 2012


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