Keeping the Emanet of our Sheykh (Part I)


sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi

Keeping the Emanet of our Sheykh

Medet. Let’s all renew our Shahadat.

Ashadu an-la ilaha il-Allah wa ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduhu wa Rasuluhu. Salallahu Ta’ala alayhi wa alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim.

Asking support from our Seyh Sahib el Sayf Seyh Abdul Kerim el Kibrisi el-Rabbani. Renewing our Shahadat, renewing our faith. As Holy Prophet (AS) is saying, ‘O my nation, renew your religion.’

This is the best month, the best time for us to renew our religion. And in renewing our religion because our religion it gets old. It gets torn. It gets dirty. All our worship all our fasting all our zakat all our hajj is to protect this shahadat. Don’t think now just because we said one time the Shahadat that faith has entered into our hearts. Hmm?

As Holy Quran is saying, our Seyh Hazretleri is saying so many times, ‘you are Muslim- but you are not a Mumin yet.’ Kurani Kerim is saying. So, that Shahadat passed through our tongue. Believing that there is only one Allah. No other ilahs. Only one Allah. What does that mean?

The meaning is endless. The meaning from pre-eternal up til post-eternal you can dive and you can never finish in that ocean because everything is contained now in that Shahadat.

Why are we in association? Why are we in Tarikat? Why are we in this Jamaat? Why are we following Seyh? Why are we pulling ourselves away from living in this world, that nobody can say it is a Paradise. It is a Hell. They have turned this world into a hell. Yes. They’ve turned the food that we are eating into a poison. They’ve turned the water that we are drinking into a poison.

The air is not happy with us, the earth is not happy with us. The skies they are not happy with us. The animals, the plants, they are not happy with mankind because mankind has become a tyrant in this 21st century. Living for the sake of its ego. Worshipping its ego. Worshipping other than Allah.

So why are we in Tarikat?

It is nothing but to renew this Shahadat and to make this shahadat to become stronger and clearer and more refreshing. Yes. Ashadu an la ilaha il Allah wa ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduhu wa Rasuluh. Salallahu ta’ala alayhi wa alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim.

No ilahs. No ilahs. Only Allah. All the ilahs in Arabia in Mecca and everytwhere else maybe they have destroyed the ilahs. The physical ilahs. The statues, they have taken it out. It has been cleaned from the Mecca it has been cleaned from Arabia it has been cleaned from so many places. The idols the false idols of worship other than Allah (swt) has been pulled down.

Yes. That is easy to do as our Seyh Efendi has said so many times it is so easy to pull down that physical ilahs. Now, it is time to come to the big jihad, to the jihadul akbar which is the jihad against your nafs, against your ego. Against the selfish desires. From that small jihad to this big jihad the jihadul akbar against the ilahs that is in here. That is in our hearts. To take that ilahs out of our hearts that takes a huge, the biggest jihad. And the jihad is not a physical jihad it is not a jihad with swords with guns with, no. Now it is a jihad against your own self against your nefs.

We are in Tarikat, yes- to fight that jihad. We are in that to fight this jihad that is going to continue up till Judgment Day. That is going to continue until our Judgment Day until our deaths it is never finishing.

Don’t think the ego is going to give us a break. Don’t think the ego is going to say well now i’m going to leave you alone. NO, the ego never sleeps shaytan never sleeps the evil sources they never sleep. Only our murids are sleeping in front of us. Yes, sleeping.

Wait wait wait. Seyh Efendi has so many ways to fix. You’re going to get fixed because these words is the final warning to whole of mankind, to me to everyone. These are the teachings and these are the living teachings of our Seyh. We are not going to put it down. We are going to put it high on top of our heads and to put it in our lives.

Yes. We are here to take that ilahs out of our hearts. Don’t think, ‘I am done I am finished, huh. Now I have reached safety.’ So many are saying that. Then what’s the difference between us and the Christians huh. To say, ‘well I accept Jesus. Now I am saved. I can do the whole worst things, selfish things, egoistic things. But I am saved I am going to go to paradise.’

Where is the justice?

Islam is just. The Ottoman Empire is just. The shariat is just. You have said this shahadat, you believe that there is one Allah. Now responsibility comes to you. It is not now you are free to do as you like.

21st century Muslims calling themselves Sufis calling themselves Ehli Tarikat they may think that way. It is not that way, it has never been that way. The ones that are the most fearful of their Lord is His friends and His prophets. Yes, but the mankind, meaning the foolish mankind it says,’we accept but we are not doing it.’

Our Seyh Efendi Hz. Is saying, that is the meaning, one of the meanings of when the Quran was offered to the mountains, mountains not these physical mountains, the mountains, the qutubs, those ones the Friends of Allah that are holding the world in position. That are holding the world ini ts place and because of them rahmet is falling.

Don’t you see? Half of this America is dry. The drought is coming. It’s already here. It’s suffering. More is going to come because the Qutub, that nail. that pole is pulled out. Our Seyh is no longer here physically. Yes. And the Rahmet is stopping. It is because of them don’t think its because of you and me.

So yes, the Quran was offered to the mountains and the mountains refused. But it’s offered to man and the foolish man, the ignorant ones the arrogant ones say,’yeah, we can carry it.’

No. We are here renewing our Faith. To say that there’s only one Allah, remove all the other ilahs from our hearts. We are here following the teachings of our Seyh, following the teachings of the Prophet (AS). That comes to the second part of our Shahadat; Ashadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu. You cannot separate the two now. You cannot separate them. Because the way to reach to Allah, the way to get rid of the ilahs in your heart, the way to recognize there is only one Allah that time when you recognize that when you know yourself then you start to know Him and you start to worship Him it is through the Prophet (AS) it is through his lifestyle it is through his teachings it is through his Shariat it is through his words it is through his actions it is through his life.

It is not something that is separate. Yes, today’s foolish Muslims they are doing that. They are separate they are cutting saying now concentrate on la ilaha il Allah. We leave behind Muhammadan RasulAllah, Ya Hu, how you going to reach to la ilaha il Allah if you don’t go through the prophet (AS). That means you are denying his Prophethood?

Hm? That all 124000 prophets they will not be prophets if they did not first recognize that he is Muhamadar rasulallah. Sayyidal Evvelin vel Ahirin. Yes. And to accept that Prophet (AS) is not just by words. It’s just not to say. It is to put his teachings and his lifestyle to make our lifestyle according to him. To fit our lifestyle according to Islam. Not to fit Islam according to our lifestyle.

That is a big mistake and that is a big cursing coming down to this Ummat because of that. Because ever since the fall of the Hilafet in 1923, earlier, ever since the ummet saying, ‘we are not accepting that Halife, we are not accepting that Haliftaullah, we are not accepting that Haflitatur Rasul that one who is representing that Prophet (AS),’ nonstop disasters is fallen to this world from that time until now. And more and more, the Muslims this Ummet they falling deeper and deeper and deeper into endless and depthless sorrow.

That we are not going to get out of until that Sahibuz Zaman comes and declares and calls tekbir.

We are here to prepare ourselves for that, yes. Don’t think we are here just to take a vacation,a retreat center. This is not retreat. There is no retirement and there is no retreat in Islam. In case you haven’t heard, I’m sure all of you have- Seyh Efendi one of his last wasiyyat to us, one of his last advice to us, before he pass from this worldly life before he was veiled just as the hilafet was veiled, before he was veiled, he said,

” a murid came to me and told me that Holy Prophet (AS) came to him and said,’say to Seyh Abdul Kerim Hz. To warn his murids To keep themselves clean. Keep themselves clean and make themselves ready because the time it is very close it is very near.'”

Are we understanding, are we understanding? That that is coming from our Seyh. Are we understanding that it is coming from Our Prophet? Are we understanding that an open warning is given to us by Seyyidal Evvelin vel Ahirin? And what is that going to mean now?

What is that going to mean if we are going to keep ourselves clean and we are going to keep ourselves pure and we are going to keep ourselves away from all this foolishness to get ourselves ready if we are not together following the way of Muhammadan Rasulallah (AS) taught to us by our Seyh, which he takes from Sultan el-Evliya.

Yes. We know where we are. We are nothing. We are creatures and we are weak creatures of Allah (SWT) and we are asking Allah (SWT) for forgiveness and to keep ourselves strong in this way to keep this Shahadat high. To keep this Shahadat valuable. To put it to give it its honor that Allah (SWT) has placed.

Yes. Allah has placed a high honor in that Shahadat. And that is the shahadat that is going to be the key to paradise, the key to paradise, the safety is going to be that shahadat. But- as Seyh Efendi has said so many times, ‘the key to paradise, it is that shahadat, but if you don’t love each other, if you don’t love each other, not just by words, if you don’t love each other meaning you don’t give each other’s rights, if you don’t love each other meaning you breaking away and you making fitna away from the teachings and the lifestyle of the Prophet (AS) brought to us by our Seyh, not according to our own intelligence our own egos. It is as if you have never said that Shahadat.’

Are we understanding how important that is?

Or are we just, ehhh, everyday is the same. Sun is shining, we just going to go and lead our own robotic lifestyle, our own small lives to eat, to drink, worrying, being busy with the dunya.

We’re going to lose a lot. And we’re going to lose more than those ones who have not met Seyh Efendi or been in this tarikat, yes. We’re going to lose more. Because we are not keeping the emanat, we are not keeping the trust that is given to us.

That trust, keeping our Shahadat, that trust, keeping in this way, that trust, to sit down especially in this month, yes, this is Ramazan Mubarak, Ramazan Karim, to sit down to spend time not thinking what you going to eat and to drink in the iftar time. Not being busy with oh, how hungry and how thirsty I am. Doing that you don’t have to be a Muslim, a believer to do that. So many people they do that too, they call it dieting.

So many people they do that too, you tie up an animal, Seyh Efendi is saying, there, and you don’t give it food and drink, it is not the same.

That animal is not fasting. We are keeping our animal characteristics in chain in this month. Yes, we are. But the animal characteristics is not just eating and drinking and making relations. We are in tarikat. We should know better. What is it that is inside of us, yes. The enemies that are inside of us.

Are we being busy with those enemies? Are we thinking that the enemy is not outside, it is inside. Think, think.

Think this way. You have a nice beautiful house and you are protecting the house from the outside with gates and security systems and everything. And inside everything is beautiful you have your children you have your treasures you have everything there but you know that your enemy is inside your house. Inside.

Are you ever going to be comfortable?

Tell me something. Is anyone ever going to be comfortable. Are you going to say well I have done my part, well I took shahadat, well I took bayat, well now I am a saint. These days they are saying that too, mashallah, everyone’s a saint. That is why this world is turning to a jahannum! This kind of saint!

Our makam is in the toilet. That is our makam. Our makam, as Seyh Efendi hz is saying when you go to that toilet and you are sitting down there and you’re doing that dirty business that you are taking all the most beautiful things that is taking hours and days and months and years to prepare- the date it takes 20 years, over 20 years to prepare for you to put in your mouth, isnt it? For you to eat.

What happens when it enters to your body? Does it come out, as a gold? Does it come out as something beautiful and nice smelling?

No. inside of us it becomes the worst thing. We make the best things to become the worst things that not even the animals they are going to come close to it. Think yes, Evliya Allah that time, whatever they take and they drink,its going to come out musk and roses and perfume.

As Holy Prophet (AS) whatever came out from his body it is the most pure thing. So, think that time. How much we are giving thanks that time to what we have. How much we are thinking that time that this body how we can say that this body, that this self, that this person that Allah has created, that me taking the most beautiful things and turning it into the most disgusting thing, that our makam is anything higher than that toilet?

Sit down and think. Yes. You want to be humble. That’s not being humble- that’s being real. That’s being realistic. Humble is something else completely. Humble is when you are doing all everything good and everything perfectly and people are attacking you and slandering you and you are smiling and you are turning your head. Hm?

So many are saying, ‘no we are blameworthy Sufis,’ eh, they don’t know anything about blameworthy Sufis. And they are smiling, not one day two days, decades. Years. And it’s still continuing after they have passed, after all, and it’s the Sunnat of the Holy Prophet (AS).

1400 years have passed but the kafirs they will never stop slandering and saying about that Holy Prophet (AS) putting lies and everything on him. That is not changing his reality. Every moment every minute every day every hour he is going up and up and up. His station is reaching higher and higher. And we’re praying that our Sheykh Effendi’s station reaches higher and higher every moment. Because following the footstep of that Prophet (AS), yes, don’t think it’s just a social gathering, Sufism is a social gathering people coming together dressing up nicely not knowing proper edep just eating drinking and going. Yes. No it is not. It is hard. It is hardship.

One day, one person came to the Holy Prophet (AS) and said,’ya Rasulallah, I love you.’

Holy Prophet (AS) said, ‘if you love me prepare yourself for hardship.’

He did not say if you love me the world is going to open to you, and the paradises are going to open to you and everything is going to open to you. No. He is saying, prepare yourself for hardship. Yes, those are the ones that have real love. Those are the ones that have real love. And those are the ones that for every prophet that they follow the footsteps of that prophet.

Those that follow the footsteps of Isa (AS) of Ibrahim (AS) Musa (AS) , hardship follows them because that is the life of every prophet (AS), they did not come down here to live a luxury life to live a nice and easy life, and they did not teach their Ummet to do that. And especially those ones that are close to them they are not even looking for that.

Look we are calling ourselves following in the Siddiki way, Siddikul Ekber. Yes as our brother said, to sacrifice, sacrifice everything in that way. Sacrifice not just physically, yes, sacrificing your ego. Following that one. Sacrificing your ego and to follow that master. That one that is going to bring you from this dunya to Mawla. That is going to bring you from the jahannum that you have made inside of yourself, to put out the fire that you are going to bring to jahanam. There is no fire to jahanam. You bring your own fire to jahanam and he is putting it down for you and he is taking down all the buts, all the ilahs, all the idols away from your heart and to say, ‘now say Allah!’

Follow that one. Don’t think that one is just going to sit down and praise you. What kind of hardship is that? mashallah so hard.

No. That one will knock you wall to wall. That one will say things and do things and guide you in a way your ego is not going to agree is not going to like. But that one will tell you, ‘come to this station. Come to that makam yes that Allah (SWT) has created for you. That is yours that is no one elses. Dont be stuck in this dunya, dont be stuck in this world dont be stuck in this toilet because this world, it is a bathroom it is a toilet.’

Bihurmatil Habib,

Bihurmatil Fatiha

Sohbet given by Hoja Lokman Effendi, Khalifah of Sheykh Abd Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani

July 27, 2012

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