Keeping the Emanet of our Sheykh (Part II)


Keeping the Emanet of our Sheykh (Part II)

sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi

…..continue from Part I

When Adam, as our father and our mother when they committed that wrong action and they ate from the forbidden fruit, when things start to turn inside the stomachs, like our Grandseyh, our Seyh Efendi is saying, and they need to release it, first time ever it has happened but the toilet is not in Paradise. Yes. The bathroom, it is down in the Earth. And they came down to this Earth, it is a toilet.

How long do you want to stay in the toilet?

How are you going to feel so comfortable?

Yes that is our makam. That is the reality. And the Seyhs the Evliya Allah that guide will take you out from that to say that, ‘no you don’t belong here, you are not created here you came down to this toilet but dont stay here, or else you’re going to become that, you’re going to become a waste.’

You’re going to become worse than the animals, if you dont occupy that station that Allah swt has created you in. And what is that? Seyh Efendi has said so many times,‘Wa laqad karramna bani Adam. Wa laqad karramna bani Adam.’

Giving high honor to the Children of Adam. Yes. But don’t think it is everyone. If you still haven’t gotten rid of that sheytan inside of you, that animal characteristics, you cannot call yourself that time bani Adam. Yes.

You may call yourself bani nafs. You can call yourselves those that are following your animal characteristics because how you live that is how it’s going to define you. And you are going to find the true meaning that true definition when we pass from this world. Live your life according to the egos, according to the animal characteristics? How you live, is how you will die.

Holy Prophet (AS) is saying, ‘you live going after and chasing animal characteristics, you will pass from this world in an animal form.’

And how you die is how you’re going to be raised. So many will be raised in the day of judgment not in the shape of the children of Adam, but in the shape of animals and worse than that. May Allah protect us from that. Yes, prepare yourself for hardship. PRPARE ourselves for hardship.

We are not in this world for ease. We are not asking for it. May Allah make it easy for us to carry this. But we are not asking it as a right.

Yes, and everybody knows following in the way of our Seyh, he knocks you wall to wall. He washes you up, not for himself, for us. For us to clean ourselves for us to get rid of all the wrong characteristics that we have, the arrogance, a billion tricks it has. The stubbornness, hundreds and thousands of traps it has. The arrogance- all the characteristics it is there and it is going to pinpoint each and every one of it to us. And to remove it.

Inshallah that time, inshallah we may say, ‘as Allah has created me in Ahsani Taqwim, as I have been down here in this toilet in this asfalas-safileen, as I have been created in the most perfect form, and I am being sent down to the lowest of the low, inshallahurRahman with the blessings of our Seyh with the blessings of our Grandseyh with the blessings of our Prophet (AS) we will return to Allah in that clean way. In that clean form.’

There is no other way. If we are not cleaning ourselves right now, they are going to grind us. Underground. When we pass, they are going to grind us. Ground, that’s why it’s called a ground, its cleaning us. If that cleaning is still not enough, if we still haven’t gotten rid of that, then the Judgment Day, it is going to be a disaster. And beyond the judgment day, uff, don’t even think about it then that time.

So yes the cleaning process for the one that is intelligent, for the one that sits down and says Allah has created me in the most perfect form, there are enemies inside of me, and there are enemies around me, I have to be able as a human being, as a Muslim, as a believer, as one with responsibility, as one with the intelligence, to keep the most important thing to me which is my belief, my Shahadat and not let my enemies to overtake me to run my life, to control me. Because our ego getting its inspiration from Sheytan, yes.

This is the month of Ramazan. Sheytan is locked up, no doubt Sheytan is locked up. But sheytan he has trianed our egoes well. If we are not catching it, he has trained the ego so good that he says, ‘now I’m going for one month, but saying to our ego, you be my representative. And you are going to be acting in my station. And you are going to tell and control this one how to behave even in this month I am locked up but it’s as if I am not because you are going to continue my work.’

So check yourself. I need to check myself, we all need to. I am not exempt from this, no one is. We need to check ourselves to see what are the trick sand the traps that is holding us back from making this Ramazan the most generous month. To make this Ramazan the most blessed month. To make this Ramzan, yes, Ramazan kerim, generosity, it is a generous month.

How are we making this month to be generous?

Hmm, this month if your’e not catching it more people are angry more people are stubborn more people they are very quick. Why? Because they are not eating and drinking. They are hungry so they-yes they are not eating and drinking they are controlling that part but if someone touches their ego a little but, uf, they’re going to burn everything. Impatient.

So, make this Ramazan to be a generous month. Make this ramazan to be a mubarak month. This is the month for us not to run around so much, to sit and to think and to reflect. To sit to think to reflect, reflect, and to think the teachings and how to apply it.

‘ I have this big problem I always get upset I don’t know why, somebody can just say something and I have no control. Astagfirullah astagfirullah ya Rabbi astagfirullah. I am your weak servant please help me. Give me the strength now to be able to control that.’

Yes, say that. Your Lord will like it. Then that time he will give you the strength. He will give you the strength through his Holy Friends, he will give you the strength to those ones that you are following to our Seyh and we will take that strength and before we know it we are able to control. We are able to swallow we are able to digest and we are able to pass properly that time.

That time if we do it, it will be Mubarek. That time when we do it it will be Ramazan Kerim. That time when we do it, we will bring honor to this month. And we will bring honor to ourselves.

Because as Holy Prophet (AS) is saying that our Seyh is saying to us so many times, ‘one hour of meditation it is better than 70 years of worship.’

So yes, that meditation, not that meditation to sit like a Buddah and to go into illusion and delusion world, no, Islamic meditation is something else completely. Don’t mix it. So many are mixing it. Be my guest, you can do right now as much as you like but time is running short. When Sahibuz Zaman comes, he is not going to like it. Yes, definitely he’s not going to like it because he is coming back to bring the Shariatullah. And the Shariat it is absent now it is missing.

Everyone making Shariat according to their own selves, everyone is making fatwa according to their own selves behind the keyboards going back and forth. That is not Islam, that has never been for 1400 years until the Khilafat fell then all start to raise their own heads and say,’we declare our own Khilafat now.’

Every country declaring their own Khilafat, isnt it?

Meaning we are not under anyone’s authority, no Halife’s authority, only our authority. Then it comes down to the population, to the community, to the houses, to the communities, to the families and to the selves, to the individuals. Declaring our own Hilafet and say, ‘don’t anyone tell me what it is, I decide for myself.’

That time, we will be in very big trouble. Because Allah (SWT) is saying, be a Jamaat. Be a Jamaat. Do not be separated be a jamaat and that jamaat if there are three, one has to speak. One has to be a leader. Today can be me, tomorrow it can be you or you or you. It can be.

Allah has lifted the power from those ones who thought we inherit the power and the Islam and giving it to others. Who says its not going to happen to me or to you?

If we are letting go of this Emanat definitely its going to happen. Inshallah we will not. That we hold on strongly to this way, dunya and ahiret. That yes, just as it is in the Siddiki way, we give everything we sacrifice everything in the way of the Holy Prophet (AS), we are asking that our sacrifice, that our lives be sacrificed in this way. And everything be sacrificed in this way to hold the words and the life and the teachings of our Seyh alive. Inshallahur Rahman. That is for me and for you.

As much as we are able to do it, we have to. He is not here with us physically, spiritually if you are not understanding that his power has increased, if you are not understanding now, his look is on us more, that his medet and his himmet is coming to us more, then you have completely disconnected yourself from this Seyh. Then you are saying, ‘yes that one is dead and we are going to bury him.’

No it is not. You are dead, your heart is dead.

Carry the emanat, carry the work. Everyone has a work, carry it. Do it better. That time InshallahurRahman when we see him again, we will not be too shy. We will say,’we tried our best, Sultanim.’

We tried our best. Eh- he will still wash us up. And we are looking forward to that, huh? We miss that now. We miss that now. But, don’t worry he’s going to come too. He’s going to come. We are going to get washed up. Those not carrying their responsibilities and letting things to fall and for the gaflet to overtake them and for the ego to say, ‘eh I don’t care, oh I’m tired, oh I’m this, oh I’m that.’

Mashallah. On the day, on the moment that help is being needed to do your job you drop it. Not other days. Why is that? Think why is that.Yes but the ego is going to come up with a lot of excuses.

One on top of another reminding coming to you, still being stubborn. He’s going to come. Let me tell you, yes his wash up will still continue. It will still continue and that time you are not following, you are making problems huh? His washup is going to be severe.

Yes like what Seyh Efendi says, like what Seyh Mevlana says, hitting his cane- it will come from East to West. Those who are making trouble coming from east to west it may reach. For me and for you Inshallah.

Wa minallahu tawfiq.

We are not intending to speak so much, time is pretty late, but it’s okay. We are staying up we are trying to catch something that our Seyh is sending to us to learn something in this holy month, it is better. May it be accepted inshallahurrahman. And we are asking that this jamaat get stronger and that we wake up to our responsibilities and not give in to our egos and to the gaflet and to the fitnah inside and outside.

We are asking for Allah (SWT) to raise the station of our Prophet and all of the Evliya Allah, Sultan el-Evliya and our Seyh Efendi higher and higher and to continue the support to us, to continue in this way.

Wa minallahu Tawfiq,

Bi hurmatil habib, Bi hurmatil fatihah. Amin.

Sohbet given by Hoja Lokman Effendi, Khalifah of Sheykh Abd Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani

July 27, 2012

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