Battling the Enemy Within


Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. Salallahu Ta’ala Alayhi ve ala Alihi ve Sahbihi ve Sallim.

If the man begins his day with a Shahadat, if the muslim, if the mumin, if the murid begins his day with a shahadat, renewing his shahadat, renewing his religion, renewing his promise to his Lord, how can his Lord then let his whole day to be in disaster. Impossible. Because the man who says the shahadat he has already won dunya and ahiret. He has renewed himself, he has become pure. He has become that one that if the angel of death would have taken him right there, he’s going to be free from all wrong things, from all sins. That is a guarantee given to us by Allah swt by his Holy Prophet sws, taught to us by our Sheykh.

If an unbeliever, all his life, he commits all wrong things, he never remembered his Lord one time, he never made sejda for his Lord one time and someway somehow in his last breath something touched him through the mercy of his Lord. Maybe he had said something that pleases that Evliya Allah, the friend of Allah, that his Lord likes, in which in these days so many unbelievers they are going to find safety because they like and they love the friends of Allah for no real reason, but they like the way he looks, they like the way he speaks they feel good next to this man saying, ‘this is a holy man we don’t know anything about religion about spirituality but this man, we feel good with him. We don’t know what holiness is but this is a holy man.’

That one is going to find safety because Evliya Allah is not going to leave him on his deathbed when he is loving that friend, he is putting that friend of Allah in his heart. Very easy for Evliya Allah to touch him and to bring him out from the fire into safety by making his tongue and his heart to turn to say, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu.’

It’s very simple for Evliya Allah to do. There are so many in these days, so called Muslims, so called mumins maybe even so called murids belonging to different sheykhs, belonging to Sultanul Evliya maybe, but they are looking at that one who is beloved to Allah, who is beloved to His Prophet sws and they are looking with bad eyes. For no real reason too. Looking with bad eyes, having wrong ideas, having wrong suspicions and not sitting down to think, to understand, to have intelligence to show them the way but to let their ego trick them and not liking that friend of Allah, having wrong thoughts to that friend of Allah. Possibility, they may find themselves in a lot of trouble in a very dangerous areas before they passed. And if they are in dangerous areas before they passed, then in the grave and the judgment day, Allahu’Alem.

Yes. There are those too because Allah swt, He is not saying for nothing in the Quran-I Kerim, He is not saying for nothing in the hadis-I Kudsi, in hadis and in the sayings of Saints of Allah they are teaching us, ‘Yes. If  you are enemies to My friends, I will declare war on you. If you are enemies to my friends,’  Allah swt is saying, ‘I will declare war on  you.’  For us whether we believe or we don’t believe, it does not change that reality. For us saying that we are declaring war on Allah is very different from Allah swt declaring, ‘if you touch that one that I love, I will declare war on you.’ Allah Jalla wa’ala swt declaring war on us.

Yes. Inside each and every one of us there is that existence of that being that is worse than sheytan, that is worse than Firaun, that is worse than Namrud. That one who is declaring war not only on the friends of Allah, not only on the Prophets of Allah but they are declaring war on Allah, Yes, that is called the ego. And that ego, is in you and me. And that ego is never in a moment in gaflat station, never in a moment is sleeping, never in a moment to say let me just take a break. That ego is always on the lookout day and night twenty four hours, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year until we meet our judgment day, until death, until we reach to the grave, it’s never stopping. And our Sheykh is teaching us, Holy Prophet came to teach us, from our Lord, how to be careful, how to be careful of this great enemy that we have inside of us.

Inside. The enemy is not outside. If the enemy is from outside we can see, we can built so many walls, we can built so many fortresses, we can built so many barricades to try to stop. Of course it is for those walls, those barricades, our prayers they are. They are our fasting, they are our zikr, they are our Hajj, they are all the actions that we are doing, the principles of Islam and the principles of Iman that we are doing to stop the enemies from outside to come to take that faith away. But the enemy that is inside of us, that ego that is worse than sheytan, worse than firaun, worse than Namrud, that one, you need a Prophet.

That one, you need the Prophet to train you how to be aware, first of that ego because billions of people they are not even aware that they have an ego. They are not even aware that there is such a thing, especially in the west they teach the ego to be something, just something that exist, something that is there, something that is powerful, something that is good. Ego, superego, this that, it, mit, they are using so many words, confusing. All of that, they are taking away from Islam anyway. But they are taking from Islam and they make another deviation.

So, for the task with a big, uh, responsibility of taking control of our ego, that is given to Prophets and those ones who are inheritors of those Prophets, those ones who are the friends of Allah, those ones who are our Sheykhs, those ones who is going to make us to understand our ego, make us to understand what is this creature that Allah swt has created and put inside of us that is always awake, that is always on the lookout to trick us to bring us to the fire, to trick us and to bring us to become allies not with the friends of Allah but with the friends of Sheytan , with sheytan.

This is a big job. Not too many are given this job. Not too many, out of billions and billions and billions of human beings from the time of Adam a.s to  the Holy Prophet sws, only one hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets and some of their selected inheritors.

And in this way, in this Ahir of the Ahir zaman, in this second Jahiliya, in this nation of the Holy Prophet sws, for fourteen hundred years, that specialty is given to the Naqshibendi Tariqat, to the most distinguished order. Where our Sheykh is saying, where the other tariqats they finish, we begin. The end of their way is the beginning of our way. Finish, graduate from the other forty Tariqats, when you are finished, then you enter into the Naqshibendi Tariqat.

Naqshibendi Tariqat, and in these days, Naqshibendi Haqqani Osmanli Tariqat, the straight way, concentrating on the ego when the Sheykh is concentrating on the teachings of the Prophet sws to say do not let my ego Ya Rabbi trick me for a blink of an eye. This is the seriousness of it, they are not given everywhere too. Elhamdulillah, we have receive that teaching from our Sheykh because the training of the ego, identifying that enemy  that is inside of us and controlling that enemy that is inside of  us, it is the most important and is the most valuable thing that the human, that the muslims, that the mu’min, that the murid can have.

You can have all the prayers, and all the readings and all the zikrs and all the tilawat of the Quran, of all the fastings, all the zakats and all the hajj that you are making, which in these days, twenty first century muslims, it is a big question mark all these obligations, all these principles of Islam, they are not fulfilling properly. If you don’t believe me, sit down and think. Hajj has become a vacation. Umra has become a vacation. People sitting in five stars hotels, sleeping all day, shopping  every kind of luxury then to come back and to say, ‘I am transformed. I’ve become holy.’ Zakat, huh zakat, first we have to ask ourselves how is the system of  Zakat, how is the system of the economy, how is the system of currency or financials of money in Islam is, for us to say that yes we give zakat. Big question mark!

But one thing, islam is forbidding us to have paper money. Gold and silver, something valuable that you have in your hands, to exchange. Ahir Zaman, ahir of the ahir zaman, no one is even questioning this. A few who are, they have  deviated from that. It has become a main thing. So zakat, which zakat, how you are paying the zakat. Who is the one who is responsible  to receive and to give the zakat? Big question mark there too.

Fasting, we are in this month of Ramazan. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin. Allah swt has given us this month, may He gives us next year Ramazan also, if we live that long, for Him, for Allah and His Prophet. This month, month of Ramazan, check yourself. Sit down and say, ‘did I just stay away from food and drink? Did I just become hungry and thirsty? Or did I really fast?

Fasting from my animal characteristics because eating and drinking and relations, it belongs to the animals characteristic. Did I really stay away from the animal characteristics or when the sun goes down, did I jump into the food like an animal. And now these days that are coming, the bayram , the eid-al fitr is coming, we are seeing millions, millions of muslims getting very excited for that. Good. We should. We should celebrate, but the priority, priority has to be doing it for Allah. How many their priority is, for this month, for these days, these last holy days that Alhamdulillah, Sultan Awliya declaring yesterday to be Laylatul Qadr, and we did. It could be tonight, it could be tomorrow. It could be any night like the Turkish saying, ‘treat every night like it is laylatul qadr and treat every person as if he is Khizir a.s.’

That time you are not going to lose. It’s a priority given to this holy night, right now, where millions of muslims now their priority is shopping, spent money, to get so wrapped up and to be so excited about the bayram, not for the sake of Allah and His prophet. Because if you do, you are going to, first priority is this holy night that  you are going to catch, that you are going to worship and you are going to say, ‘maybe I’m not going to reach to next Ramazan.’ But they are chasing after this dunya do spent a lot of money for the luxury, for the enjoyment as if you are not going to reach to next Ramazan. That is the attitude.

Prayers that we are making, we are making like thieves. Quickly praying and quickly leaving. Sit and think. Is that prayer a Miraj that you have made?

Because a prayer , according to the Holy Prophet sws, for a believer  it is a Miraj. Did we just did Miraj? Did we just perform the Miraj? All of that is to protect the Shahadat. And the shahadat, they prayers , the fasting, the zakat and the hajj, if it is not protected from the enemy that is inside, you can be doing everything, it’s going to fall and we are going to fail. Who is the enemy inside? What is the enemy inside?

Our ego. Our number one enemy  that is allies with sheytan. That sheytan will not do anything. Sheytan has not done anything. He has just whispered. He is making was- was. But it is our ego that takes that whispering, that takes that counsel, that takes that consultation and makes it into an action. In the judgement day, shaytan is going to say, ‘as you know ya Rabbi,  I did not pull the trigger. I did not perform that evil deed. It is that one who did it. And I did not hold a gun to his head.’ Sheytan is not holding a gun to our head, to force us to commit the wrong things that we are doing. He is not forcing us. He is just suggesting. He is just making confusion and we are following.

So, importance, the importance, the most important thing,  that jihadul Akbar that is not finishing. That is not going to finish until we passed from this world. That this world is not going to finish until Sahibul Zaman calls the takbir, until Isa a.s descends from the Paradise, that is not going to end until the world ends, the Jihadul Akbar still continues. Who is concentrating on this jihadul Akbar? We should watch. We should see. We should try to understand. We should answer that question.

This is the second Jahiliyyah. Worse than the first Jahiliyyah. This is the ahir of the ahir zaman. This is the time of Jababirah. This is the time of great confusion. This is the time of complete darkness. This is the time of Dajaliyat. If we are jumping up and down with happiness. If we are saying this world is a Paradise, if we are happy with the way that this world is, we need to check our faith. We need to be happy definitely with what Allah swt has given us. But we are not happy with how this world, this country, our community, ourselves, how we are living in this favour that Allah has granted to us.

We should not be happy. We should say, “astarghfirullah ya Rabbi. You have granted us everything in this ahir zaman. You have granted us that so many millions and billions of people maybe they are not given. But we are not saying shukr and we are not carrying that amanat and we are not saying, ‘astargfirullah, that we have taken you for granted.’ We are happy. Shukr for what you have given us but we are not happy with our ego. We are not happy with our progress. We are not happy because we are opening the doors to shaytan. We are not happy because we pass this Ramazan, we should have done more. We should have done more zikir. We should have done more reading of the Quran. We should have done more meditation. We should have done more sitting and thinking and understanding what our ego is and how to catch it.

We should have done more listening to the sohbet of our Sheykh. We should have caught our ego more tightly. And we didn’t.” What are you going to lose if you think like this? Nothing. You are going to gain. You are going to lose if you say, ‘Well, another month pass just like any other months.’ You are going to lose. If you are going to pass through this month and say that, ‘we’ll I’m satisfied with myself.’  You are going to lose. You must never be satisfied in pleasing your Lord. Never. That time when you are,  we have to check our faith. Who is saying that our Lord is happy?

You think in this ahir zaman, in this second jahilliyah,  in this time of Dajjal, in this time where there is no khalifah, when there is no shariat, no tarikat, where there is no faith, when darkness has taken all over this world, you think that in these times it gives us happiness?

No. It does not. It should not.

So, astaghfirullah al-Azim wa atubu ilaih, we are asking our Lord for forgiveness. We are saying shukr Ya Rabbi, for what you have given us, this month of Ramazan that has come and past and our intention is to make, if you give us the life, to make next Ramazan to be more blessed and to be better for us. To make us to reach to higher stations, to become obedient servants to you. Not for anything else. We are not looking for anything else Ya Rabbi. And we are not happy. We are not happy because you are not happy. We are not happy because we understand that you are not happy with the situation that is in this world. We have no right to be happy.

Prophet sws is not happy with the state of this ummat. Awliya Allah, completely they are not. So, as a believer, if we sit down we understand this. It will make us to understand what Allah wants from us. What our Prophet wants from us, and what our sheykh wants from us. What is our job. What we have to do. Check. That enemy that is inside of you, are you letting his leash to be long. Are we taking his leash off?

We are putting the leash more tightly in the month of Ramazan. Shaytan are all chained. After this month pass, watch. During this time, watch. Because the shaytan may be chained but maybe he has trained our ego better than the way that he could have done his job. And a believer, must be sad that this month is passing. The believer must  be sad that this month, this holy month, this holy nights, they are gone from our lives again for one more year. The sultan  of the months have passed. This month of mercy, this month of forgiveness, this month of Rahmat, this month of blessings has passed. The believer must be sad. And the believer, when he’s sad in that way he must try to remember this month more outside of this month. Remembrance means you must try to do as much as he did during Ramazan outside of Ramazan.

Definitely it is going to be a little bit difficult because this month comes with its own ease. But he should not be, so many muslims are saying, ‘Alhamdulillah, Ramazan is finished.’  Taubah astarghfirullah. ‘Now we can celebrate. Now we can eat and drink.’ Isn’t it? ‘Now we can buy new clothes. Now life can continue as normal. Now,’ especially those secular minded ones, ‘now we can go eat and drink in public, go to muslim restaurants and eat whenever that we want.’ Where is the faith?

The faith is gone because together with the ego, we are remembering only the dunya. And we want the dunya to be under our feet. But do we have that kind of attitude, we are putting the dunya on top of our heads, without putting faith, Allah and His Prophets and our Sheykh on to of our head we are putting the dunya on top of our head. Don’t. We are going to be crushed that time. Put Allah and His Prophet priority. Don’t waste these last few  nights. Go to sejda and ask Allah for forgiveness, advice to you and to me. We don’t’ give advice anyway. Suggestions. We don’t even give sohbet. Our Sheykh, his sohbet, we talk, we give suggestion to one another, asking Allah, ‘this month I passed, this month that I’ve passed,I’ve made so many mistakes, I did not treat this month as it should have been treated. Please forgive me. For the sake of the holy ones.’

That time insyaAllah, because you are stepping on your ego,  you are not being arrogant and stubborn and letting this month to  pass empty, the blessings will reach to us. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman. That is what we are hoping for. The great confusion is coming. It is not with money, it is not with technology, it is not with too much reading and writing and intelligence that is going to save you from the confusion that is going to come, that is already here. It is a connection that you’ve built to your Lord, to your Prophet through his friends, through the Awliya Allah. And what we are teaching is for us to be obedient servants, for us to take control of our ego, for us to understand ourselves, for us to understand our Lord.

May Allah forgive me and bless all of you, for the sake of our Sheykh. For the sake of our Grandsheykh, for the sake of the Holy Prophet sws.

Fatiha Amin.

SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi

August 16, 2012

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