A lesson from an Abeed (righteous man)


A lesson from an Abeed (righteous man)

21st century people, they are in heedless station 24hrs a day.

What is the meaning of that?

They are saying, ‘we are running around. We are aware. We are building cars. We are building new technology. We are building new houses, new roads.’


That’s not the reason of your creation.

What is the reason of the creation of the man?

Man must know that first. If he doesn’t know that, he’s in big ghaflat (heedlessness).

So, who is in ghaflat?

That one who does not know himself. That one who is not looking for himself.

‘Oh we do know ourselves. I know myself. My name is this and I was born on this date, this city. Matter of fact I even know the hospital that I was born in.’

And what else do you know about yourself?

‘I finished this university.’

and ?

‘I have this many diplomas.’

And? What’s all that good for?

‘I’m enjoying myself. I’m earning the world. Everyday I’m building the world better for myself.’

So that means you are living for your ego. Not for your Lord. If you are living for your ego, you don’t know yourself. You are in big ghaflat. If you own the whole world, you are still in ghaflat. Because tomorrow, you are going to leave the world and go.

So wake up to yourself. Live for Allah’s sake. If you are not living for Allah’s sake, those ones that you love so much, one day, they are going to leave you or you are going to leave them, then you are going to stay alone. This is for men and for women.

If you are living for a man, he’s going to leave you one day and  you are going to suffer and if the man is living for a woman, that one is going to leave you one day too. Like this or like that, you are going to suffer.

If you are both living for Allah and for His prophet, you have eternal life waiting in front of you. Dunya and ahiret. Your dunya becomes Paradise. Your ahiret becomes better than that.

So live for Allah’s sake. And when you live for Allah’s sake, even sheytan is afraid of you. He will run away that time. Difficulties, Allah is always testing you with so many things, but the sheytan will also run away from you.

When you see something wrong in the way of Allah, Holy Prophet is saying, “either fix it with your hand, or if you cannot fix it with your hand, fix it with your tongue, if you cannot fix it with your tongue, fix it with your heart, at least to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, this wrong thing that is happening in front of me, I am not accepting and they are wrong and I am turning my face to you.’”

Doesn’t matter where it’s coming from. Even if it’s from your own family. Otherwise, you’ll be in big trouble.

Just like a man in this story. There was an Abeed, a Salih, a Saintly man and he was living for the sake of his Lord. One day, he was walking pass a certain area and he saw many people going there and in that place, there was a tree. Those people, they were surrounding the tree and they were worshipping to the tree.

He said to them, ‘what is this that you are doing?’

They said, ‘don’t you see, this is our Lord. We are worshipping to the tree.’

‘Are you foolish ones? You are worshipping to a tree? Okay, wait.’

The Abeed went home, he got his axe. He went out with the intention, ‘I will cut the tree for them to see that this is not a Lord so they may wake up because this is something great wrong that they are doing. I will destroy the tree so that they may wake up. Even if it is one among them, they will wake up! It is still good.’

While he was making his way to that tree, sheytan appeared in front of him.

At that time up till the time of Holy Prophet sws, sheytan was able to come to a man in a man’s form. After the time of Prophet  sws, it is forbidden for sheytan to come to a man in another man’s form. The man  that is sitting in front of you, you know for sure that it is a man. But sheytan is taking him under his control, that’s a different story which today’s people, ninety-nine percent is under that authority. So many believers are calling themselves believer but they are also under that authority. You will understand now from this story.

So the man went out and sheytan came to him in the form of a man and said to him, ‘O Abeed, you are a good man, righteous man. What are you doing?’

He replied, ‘Stand aside! I have a work to do for Allah’s sake.’

Sheytan said, ‘No. I want to help you some way, somehow. Tell me what you want me to do?’

He said, ‘I have just seen a group of people worshipping to a tree and I am going to go to cut that tree for them to turn around. Maybe they will start worshipping to their Lord.’

And that one said to him, ‘Are you crazy? Isn’t their Lord seeing them? Why are you interfering with His work. You continue doing what you are doing. You are the one that is serving to your Lord. He wants them to do that, that’s why He let them do it. So, why are you interfering?’

That man said angrily to  him, ‘I am looking at you and I am seeing that you have an evil idea. Get away from me! I am going to cut that tree because that is a big wrong, If I’m not interfering, then I’ll be responsible too because I didn’t interfere, I didn’t say nothing. Get away!’

‘No. How can I get away? You should be busy with yourself. Instead of going and spending the time cutting that tree, go worship a little bit more, you will get to better and higher station.’

The man said, ‘Look, you are standing in front of me. I’m not going to change my mind because I cannot be feeling comfortable while I’m worshipping there knowing that some people around me, around my area, they are worshipping to a tree.’

So sheytan who is standing in a man’s form said, ‘No, no. I will not let you do that because there must be a different reason in it if the Lord is letting that to happen.’

The man became furious and said, ‘You are not moving away from in front of me Huh!’

He grabbed him and knocked him down on the floor. He punched him with couple of punches, put his feet on his neck saying, ‘if you stand in front of me one more time, I will cut your neck off first, later I’ll go to those ones.’

And sheytan is now seeing and saying to himself, ‘O, this one is unusual. With all these evil power that I have, he knocked me down,’

So sheytan said, ‘okay, you know what, I’m also an Abeed, I am a servant of the Lord also and I have been watching you. You have difficulties in your life coming with the financial problems.’

And that man really have financial problems. Sheytan continued, ‘I’ve been watching  you. The Lord just sent me to you. He likes what you want to do now. So He said to me to tell you that I have the authority also in different secrets. So go back to your house and sleep tonight, by morning you are going to find four gold right under your pillow. Collect some, make your life better then you cut the tree.’

That one said to himself, ‘now this is a possibility. I’ll wake up one more day.  Let see what he’s going to do. Let see. Maybe this is a saint too.’

Cos some people now are mixing up between the saints and the dajjals, that’s why I’m saying this.

The man is saying, ‘let me go to sleep tonight to see what’s going to happen.’

He slept at night. In the morning he got up quickly. He looked under the pillow, he found four gold just like what that man had promised to him.

‘Oh, he wasn’t lying. I find this four gold.’

He started calculating some days and said, ‘I will do this for these many days, I will have this many gold, then I’ll go and cut the tree.’

Next day he woke up, he’s finding the gold there again. He got very happy. Some people, as soon as dunya starts coming, that’s exactly what’s happening to them too. They are in the way of Allah but as soon as this starts happening a little bit, they got so happy. They jumped up and down.

That is changing you?

Your faith is very weak. You may lose it just like that saint.

And second day he’s finding that gold. Third day he woke up but there’s nothing there. He said to himself, ‘well some mistake happened. Let me just wait for the next day.’

Next day he looked, it was not there again. And finally he said, ‘if I don’t find that gold again tomorrow, I will go and I will cut that tree.’

Next day he looked, there was nothing there. He took the axe, he ran towards the direction of the tree. He is now going to cut the tree.That same man appear in front of him again saying, ‘oh Abeed, where are you going?’

He said, ‘You are the one. That you fool me. Now only two days I got the gold. Third day I didn’t find anything. Fourth day, nothing. So now I’m going to cut the tree.’

He said to him, ‘No you cannot cut the tree anymore. Even if I don’t stand in front of you, you cannot.’

‘How dare you say this to me!’

He said, ‘because the first day when you come out from your house to cut the tree, you came out with the intention of pleasing your Lord. Now, you came out because you didn’t find the gold. You are angry. That’s why you are going over there to cut the tree. Matter of fact, I will not give you permission to put one more step ahead.’

‘Who are you!? Didn’t you see that the last time I beat you up. This time I’ll cut your neck up with this axe.’

‘O foolish one. Last time you were a servant of the Lord. Now you are the servant of the gold. So I have no fear from you. You put one more step, I will give you one smack and you will find yourself in the galaxy. Now I give my power back to you because your intention has changed. So go back home and don’t you dare go near that tree.’

Good morning Muslims!

Wake up to yourself. Take it anyway you like it. And if you are finding some lesson in it for you, use it as you like.

Living for Allah’s sake is going to make you more happy in dunya and akhirat. Living for dunya sake, everyday that you are getting better in dunya, you are going to be more miserable because you are going to worry more. That’s exactly what’s happening to the whole mankind.

Someone asked a sahabi one day, ‘who’s the worse man among the mankind?’

The sahabi said, ‘that one who is seeing something wrong and he is not interfering in any way. He is just living for his selfish lifestyle again.That one is just like a dead man among the living ones.’ He said, ‘this is what I have heard from the Prophet asws.’

So, to be able to do that, first we must correct ourselves. Fixed ourselves in order to be able to reach to other people that you said you love so much. You cannot reach to them unless you fix yourself. Unless  you fix your intention and unless you say, ‘Ya Rabbi, I’m living for your sake.’ Then you’ll be able to reach to others.

We have reached to the end of the time. Second Jahilliya, the holy Prophet  is saying that it is going to be worse than the first. The children of Adam is entering into that and the muslims, every single day, they are losing more of what Prophet has left to them.

They are adopting the lifestyle that does not come with Islam. More you do that, more you are going to lose and more you are going to run away from Islam. But don’t forget, because every day you are going one more step forward to your grave. Everyday you are getting closer to death and angel of death is reaching closer to you each day.

Wa minaAllahu Taufiq

Bi hurmatil Habib, Bi hurmatil Fatiha

sohbet by Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi

April 5th 2012

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