Prepare The Ground



Sheykh Effendi Hz is saying that Holy Prophet sws is saying and I believe so many Saints they are saying, ‘What is in your heart is going to show in your face.’

These days, hearts are dead, dead in the way of Allah, because they are not crying for the sake of Allah and they are not laughing for the sake of Allah. They are not doing anything for the sake of Allah.They are not crying and they are not laughing, their hearts are not moving for the sake of Allah.

What are their hearts moving for?

Check yourself. Check.

See, how am I excited? When am I excited? When is my blood pounding to be excited, good way and bad way, to be happy and to be upset, when?

Definitely when the dunya is offering something, you’ll be so happy. You’re not showing it, it is there.

And so upset, when?

When our rights are taken from us?


When our ego is touched.

Because the murid and the mu’min, if your rights are being taken away from you, you are going to swallow it you are going to put your head down, especially for the murids, and you are going to understand that, ‘this is coming from my Sheykh, something must have happened, I must have done something for this to happen. At least for me to sit down and try to think of it first before getting upset, before getting angry.’

Don’t forget what Seyh Efendi has said to us a few days before he left for Cyprus. That he said to all of us what our duties, what our responsibilities, what our committment is supposed to be!

People living here and people living outside, what our commitments are supposed to be. Don’t think I have forgotten that. I’m letting it to just pass for this month, for a few days,until 40 days, 70 days, 100 days pass. But after that, believe me either you are going to commit yourself here, or you’re going to commit yourself outside.

There’s no halfway station anymore. There’s not.

If anyone says otherwise, let me know. If anyone is saying that Seyh Efendi is saying otherwise, that you can be half-in and half-out, non-committal, irresponsible murid, if you hear that from Seyh Efendi, let me know now! Say to me now!

You are responsible then dunya and akhiret as I am responsible for these words,dunya and akhiret. There is no half way. Either you are going to be in now or you are going to be out.

And believe me, out is not Jannat.

Out with that dunya it is not going to be easy for you. It is going to be very difficult and you are never going to find peace. You are never going to find satisfaction and things will just fall apart. That, we know. That, Seyh Efendi has promised. And that, this whole world is preparing now.

Be careful because a time will come when there is no safety, except for the Dergah. There will be so many people, so many people maybe who hate us, but last minute maybe something happens–because so many people hated us before the cemetery issue, isn’t it?

They don’t know, they hate.

But cemetery issue came, it became a Rahmet to them. It touched them, they woke up. So many people now, they are in safety, these kafirs- they are in safety and Seyh Efendi’s happy with them. Seyh Efendi is happy with them because what they are supposed to do they did. We are not expecting more from them and when the time comes there is going to be safety for them, definitely.

But the expectations and the responsibilities of a murid is completely different. You cannot put yourself in the same category. If you are not carrying that responsibility, if he’s not going to be happy with you, never never ever think that Prophet sws or Allah swt is going to be happy with you. And when the time comes, maybe those ones who never put their head to sajdah but because they believe and they love in that Holy Man they are saying ‘our Seyh,’ they may find physical safety here. For them and their families.

But those ones who are being stubborn, and arrogant, and following their ego and their Sheytan and the waswas of the Sheytans in human forms 24 hours inside and outside way in the back you’re going to be and the fire of regret will burn you.

It will burn you.

Angels are going to say, you wasted your time.You wasted, you were being lazy, arrogant and stubborn. You wasted!

Uf..uf..uf… What a regret of the fire. The fire of regret is going to burn you. Because they are saying all this time, all these years, you are with that Sahib al-Sayf and it’s just couple of feet away from the victory and you turned yourself away?

What a stupid foolish one you are. You will have regret dunya and Akhiret! You lost dunya and Akhiret!

Don’t think the story of Ibn-i-Salama is for nothing. Because those ones who are not carrying what Seyh Efendi is giving to them, who are not being murids, who are being arrogant and stubborn and not wanting to be here, definitely they are seeking satisfaction from outside. Those are the Ibn-i-Salamas.

If we are not careful we may become one of them.

And Ibn-i-Salama, dunya and Akhiret, he’s going to be in regret.

The door it is still open, but it is closing! It is closing, but still there is some chance left because Holy Prophet is saying to our Seyh, ‘tell your murids, tell your followers to keep themselves clean.’

Keeping yourselves clean is not according to your idea of keeping yourself clean, coming here whenever you want, showing your face whenever you want, not putting any seeds not planting anything not harvesting anything, not doing anything not putting your spirit here, whenever you want being completely arrogant and stubborn. Don’t think that time safety is going to reach to you.

That is not!

That is not safety and that is not keeping yourself clean. Because if you’re not with the Salihin you’re definitely with the friends of Sheytan.

And it is an order to you to those ones here, those ones outside, those ones everywhere that they’re not finding the opportunity to come to be with our Seyh here, heh- hardly you had connection with your Sheykh when he’s physical you think that time when he pass suddenly you have a connection?

It is here, if you’re not going to be with the Salihin, you’re disobeying Allah. You are not keeping yourself clean by being stubborn and arrogant and not  changing still when the chance is still there, you’re disobeying the Prophet directly. Heaviness will fall on you.

This is a warning that he has given.

Holy Prophet (sws), you think he has nothing better to do than to be busy with 20-30 people?

Us? Miskin ones?

How, he went out of his way because of the love that he has for Sahib al-Sayf, for our Sheykh. Giving us warning how to be clean. To be clean is not your idea of to be clean.

Yes, you can do billions of zikir, you can read 24 hours, you can fast whole year, but you’re not being in the Jamaat, you’re not being in the Dergah, you’re not continuing the work that is here, that’s all selfish work anyway, it’s your own work then, that time, you’re completely being disobedient.

Let it be a warning to you and to me.

Don’t play, don’t play with Allah’s words, don’t play with your Prophet, don’t play with your Sheykh.

You think you’re going to escape?

No protection is going to reach you that time. I guarantee you, no protection is going to. But, the chance is still there, it is still open

It is so difficult? What is so difficult? What is this that is preventing us? What is so difficult?

It is not. It is not difficult. So many they live 3, 4, 5 hours away, they find time to come. They find time to come once, twice a week, they find time to come. And they would drop, if Seyh Efendi says come and live here they would drop everything to come, so many.

But so many they are five minutes away, ten minutes away, fifteen minutes away, and- they don’t want to be here.

Don’t be here. But if you don’t come, understand, that you’re playing with your Lord and your Prophet and your Seyh and you’re being completely disobedient.

The choice is yours, definitely. The consequences, the results, are also yours. Some people travelling 7 hours away, just to be here to sit.

What is it? Special food we have? Special decorations? Special things?

No. Because they understand that Seyh Efendi’s spirit is here. His work is here, the blessings they are here. Those who don’t want to come definitely check yourself that the Sheytan has put a block there and you cannot feel the blessing. Instead of feeling the blessing you feel the fire here.

I know there are people who are like that too. They feel very tight here. They say I am not free here.

So, new days are ahead of us, turn around before it gets really too late. And you know what?

Don’t think Allah (swt) that time is going to be saying, You know what, my servant, in the Akhir Zaman, when this whole world is in the time of Dajjal, and you are one of the few who believe in Mahdi (as) and the Sahib al-Sayf and and at the last minute you decide to betray him– don’t think that Allah (swt) is going to say, don’t worry everything is going to be okay.

Because the loss at that time, the loss at that time, this is for you and for me, of our betrayal to our Seyh, betrayal of Mahdi (as), the loss of that time it is very severe. It is very severe.

It is as if you are living in the time of the Prophet (sws) and the conquest of Makkah is about to happen, you’re about to go to battle to conquer back Arabia and Makkah and you decide not to. Because what?

You want to have a selfish lifestyle.

So, it should be enough for us, these words, for me and for you, to wake up, to understand. Final days they are coming- they are not easy days, they are hard days. But you are not planting, you are not giving water, and you are not harvesting. Planting something, what happens before you plant something?

You have to prepare the ground.

You have to take out all the rocks.

You have to take out all the weeds.

You have to till it, among other things.

So prepare the ground at least. Start from now before it really gets, before the door is finally closed because the warning of the Prophet don’t take that easy don’t take that lightly. And if you’re not listening, what can we do?

We’re not going to do anything. My duty, my job is to say.

You don’t like, you don’t like it? Stuff it.

You don’t like it?

Suit yourself. Close your ears, don’t listen.

But, responsibility is on you, responsibility is on me. Like I said, if you think these words it doesn’t fit to what Seyh Efendi is teaching us, say to me. If you’re not saying to me, then, you are responsible and I am responsible for it. But the days they are coming, yes. The days they are coming. How we’re going to prepare ourselves for Mahdi (as) and Isa (as), how we’re going to prepare ourselves for the coming of our Seyh when we’re not preparing ourselves, we’re not preparing the ground.

Take away the stubbornness and the arrogance and the laziness and the ghaflat. Take it away. Because those things, they’re not really giving you any pleasure. They’re not.

When you deviate from the Way of your Sheykh it’s not as if Sheytan is out there giving you palaces and sports cars and tons of money and enjoyment- Nothing. They give you the scraps that the kafirs they don’t want.

So have some pride have some honor to yourself and to say, ‘no, I am a Muslim, I am a Murid, I’m better than this.’

So, wake up Insha’Allahur-Rahman.

Prepare yourselves, we must prepare ourselves for our Sheykh We must prepare ourselves for our death. We must prepare ourselves for the hard days.

But I’m seeing Sheytan is completely sitting on the shoulders and they’re not even doing that.

Astaghfirullahal Azeem wa Atubu Ilayh.

We have to prepare ourselves Insha’Allah. Our faith is being tested. Don’t fail. Insha’Allah we will not. But the way to the success, the way to not fail, is only in the way of Sirat al-Mustaqim.

Sirat al-Mustaqim that is not the way of the Jews and the Christians.

Sirat al-Mustaqim, there is a qualifier there too. Islam- it’s not, because everyone will declare their own Sirat al-Mustaqim now, everyone will declare this is my straight path, everyone will declare, following Seyh Efendi, will say this is my straight path- NO.

This is the Straight Path only of Seyh Efendi, only in the way that he has approved. Otherwise the ego is going to trick us all.

Wa Min-Allah Tawfiq,

Fatiha. Amin.

Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi

August 17, 2012

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