Our way, The Siddiqeen Way


Our way, The Siddiqeen Way

This responsibility is an emanet to us.  This is a trust that is given to us. This is the time when we are going to prove that we are the trustworthy ones.

Trustworthy ones, Siddiq.  We are  following the way of  Abu Bakar Siddiq r.a.

Don’t think the way, it’s easy. It is the most difficult way. Until we sacrifice everything, we have not make one step in this way.

We are weak. We are the worst ones in this Ahir Zaman, but we are happy that we are under Sahibul Saif, dunya and ahirat. Insha’Allahu Rahman

MashaAllah. Alhamdulillah. Astaghfirullahil Azim Wa Atubu Ilayh

We don’t know if we are going to live by tomorrow, so live today correctly.

As believers we must live like that. If you are living like that definitely you’re going to look and count things that are important for you, not things that are not important.  If you are not looking like that, if you’re not living that way, every small thing is going to bother your ego and you’ll never going to be at peace. Every little look somebody gives you, you are not happy. Never  are you going to be at peace. You are going to be always fighting constantly with yourself.

Fight against your ego. This is for you and for me. We must  fight against our ego.  We must step to our ego and say , ‘this time I catch you!’

Don’t let our ego to be free.

These are the days of complete darkness, days of complete dajjaliyat,  days of complete sorrow and days where there is no Khilafat, days where there is no islam.  Islam is not ruling.

All the worshipping that we are doing is to keep us strong. These worshipping will  make us to be ready so that when the time that Mahdi a.s, Sahibul zaman comes, we will be ready.

Everyone is waiting for that time, but what are you doing to prepare yourself?

You think this is magic?

They made Islam to be like magic. They made Ahir Zaman to be like magic. No, it is not like magic. Holy Prophet sws built this religion with sweat and blood and the lives of the martyrs. Lives of martyrs, not with magic.  Twenty three years he built.  After that Khulafa e-Rashedun.

Yes, we just entered, we finished the Urs , of Hazret Ali Kerem Allahu Vehce, who in that Mihrab, he was assassinated. What was he assassinated for?

For Islam, for this way. He was assassinated, he became shahid.

The one before him, Hazret Osman became shahid while reading the Quran e- Kerim. That one, Hazret Osman, who compiled the Quran     e-Kerim and he died for that Quran e-Kerim  and that Quran e-Kerim still has his blood written on it.

Yes, and Hz Omer also became a shahid in that way for the sake of Islam, for the sake of what our Sheykh is continuing.

This way is built, yes, on a lot of sacrifice. So, don’t enter into the illusion and delusion world. If we are following the footsteps of the Sahabi  e-Kiram, footsteps of the Tabi’in, it didn’t stop there. Tabi’in sacrificed everything, their lives, their wives, their husbands, their children,  their fathers and their mothers and their wealth and everything in it for the sake of Allah and His Prophet. And that continued through the life of the tabi’in tabi’in. Continuing. Up till today that is not going to change.

Those who are looking to follow in that footsteps, we must be willing, we must be ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of Islam. That is what our Sheykh lived for. That is what he passed away from this life with and following in this way, that is what we have to put in our lives and to make it strong.

This world doesn’t have much to continue. Very little time. And the believer must know how much time this world has,  and a believer must prepare himself for many changes to happen. All those heavy times and the test that is going to happen.

The believer must prepare himself because Dajjal is going to come, and he is going to fool so many.

So many he is going to fool. So many muslims he is going to fool.  So many Ahli Tarikat he is going to Fool. So many Jamaat he is going to fool. What is he going to bring?

The Shariat of RasulAllah sws, he’s bringing them.

Those who are living for that and dying for that right now, they’re not going to be fooled.

Those who are looking for something else, those who are looking for magic, those who are looking for stations, those are looking for unusual things, Dajjal is going to come and he’s going to give you what your Ego is looking for, what you are looking for.

We know our ego does not want to sacrifice.  We know our ego just want to satisfy itself. So the way is clear. Follow your Ego and you will be following Dajjal that time.

It doesn’t matter who you say you are, who you are following. It doesn’t matter who you belong to. It doesn’t matter whose son you are, whose father you are. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a Turban or not that time. You are going to be fooled because you are not looking for that sacrifice. You are not looking to sacrifice yourself. You are looking at what you can gain, what you can get, not what you can give.

Love. West teach us love is what you’re going to get. If you are not getting what you want, there’s no more love.

Islam is saying, love is complete submission. That time when you submit yourself when you say,   ‘I don’t exist, I don’t exist ,only you and I submit myself to you,’ that is Islam!

Don’t think that way is easy.

Holy Prophet sws is saying to that Bedouin who came and said, ‘Ya RasulAllah,I love you!’

One person coming and saying, ‘Ya RasulAllah, I love you!’

Holy Prophet sws did not give a reply to say, very good, welcome to you, new days for you, MashaAllah to you, you become a saint to you, you have so much power to you, you are going to see so many things.

He said, ‘prepare yourself for hardship. If you love me, prepare yourself a hardship”.

Is that something so difficult for us to imagine, to see, to understand?

Khulafa-e Rashideen, the highest Sahabis, those ones following the footsteps of the Holy Prophet sws, their life was filled with hardship, isn`t it?

Tabi’ins, tabi’in tabi’ins, those ones following up till today, their lives are filled with hardship.

Allah is testing His friends.

Don’t think we are in hardship. We have the luxury, we have everything, Alhamdulillah. We are not asking Allah to test us, but don’t get drunk to think that you are going to achieve any station, that you’re going to go to the same makam or to the same Paradise that they are going without Allah testing you. Don`t be illusional or delusional  that way!

Because that is Ayat-ul  Kerim

We should not take this religion as a joke.  We should not take this way lightly.  There’s a reason why these Tarikatul Aliyya, the highest, is difficult.

We are not saying that we have made much progress in this way. We are not claiming that but our intention is to hold on tightly to our Sheykh and to put that discipline into our lives. And to step on our ego and continue this way.

InshAllahu Rahman with that, like what we’re talking about earlier, even the ant, the ant with one broken leg who carried one millionth part of a drop of water in it’s mouth but because of the love that the ant has for Allah and His Prophet and the Prophet Abraham a.s. when Prophet Abraham a.s. was going to be burnt by the the Nimrod. That fire that could be seen all the way from that part of Turkey to Iraq to Basra. The fire was so huge. The ant is coming with the little tiny bit of the water in his small mouth.

‘See, i’ve come to put out the fire of Nimrod.’

And Allah liked that and He is mentioning that ant in the Quran e-Kareem. That ant will be among just a very few of the animals that is going to be in the Jannah.

We are worse than them. But make your intention big. Don`t be cheap with your intentions. Don`t be cheap with your intentions and your ambitions in the way of Islam.

We are here, InshAllahuRahman, with the support of our Grand Sheykh.  With the support of our Sheykh, to bring Kufr down and to take the flag of the Holy Prophet sws  and to bring it to the top of the White House and to bring it to Istanbul together with Sahibul Zaman.

That is our intention. Yes.  We are worse than that ant but we  cannot make our intention to be small.

May Allah forgive us  and bless all of you for the sake of our Sheykh.

We are blessed tonight with the ziyaret of the beard of the Holy Prophet sws. May everyone who is watching and participating and if their heart is with us and they are faraway in the world, it doesn’t matter, your spirit is here and Sheykh Efendi is loving that and you are here you’d be getting the blessings InshAllah!

Maybe there are people here whose heart is not here and they are right next to Prophet  sws but they`re not getting anything. May Allah protect us from them!

And not only that, we also have a visitation, ziyaret from the Holy Beard of Sheykh Abdul Qadir Geylani KAS. We very fortunate.  This means  that the open sign, the power is reaching to us.

Who are we?

We are nothing.  But Sheykh  Effendi  is controlling everything from behind the Mountain of Kaf.  For that, sukur Ya Rabbi , estagfirullah Ya Rabbi!


Selamun Alaikum ve Rahmetullah ve berekatuh!

We will all now renew our Bayat to our Sheykh and in this Holy night,  with a beard of Holy Prophet sws and the Beard of our Grand Sheykh, with the beard of Sheykh Abdulkadir Geylani to be witness that we have renewing our Bayat with our Sheik, Dunya and Ahirat.

For you,for me,for everyone InshAllah!

Bismillah-i Sharif

Say,  “Ashadu an la illaha ilallah wa ashadu anna Muhammeden abduhu wa Rasuluhu, Ashadu an la illaha ilallah wa ashadu anna Muhammeden abduhu wa Rasuluhu, Ashadu an la illaha ilallah wa ashadu anna Muhammeden abduhu wa Rasuluhu

Allahu, Allahu, Allahu Haqq!

Allahu, Allahu, Allahu Haqq! Allahu, Allahu, Allahu Haqq!

Illa Serefeen Nabee Mustafa  RasulAllah sws……



Salamun Alaikum!

Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi

During the Mevlid to honor the 40 days since the veiling of  Sahib el-Sayf Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani at the Osmanli Dergahi in Upstate New York.

August 9, 2012

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  1. Alhamdulillah
    May Allah-swt- bless our Osmanli Jama’at, and increase the station of our beloved Sheykh Effendi, Sahib us Sayf.
    Salams for Khoja Effendi and all the Naksibendi murids.
    Mustafa from Argentina.
    Spanish Translations on:

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