Your Secret is With Your Sheykh


If Khizir a.s appears to you, you have the right to ask for three things, what are you going to ask for?

If Khizir a.s comes to you, you can ask for three secrets, anything that you want. Anything that comes to your mind. He has the power to open that secrets to you. Is there anybody who wants to volunteer their answer first? Anybody?

Murid ‘X’: I ask to be closer to Allah swt.

Sheykh : second wish?

Murid ‘X’ remained quiet.

Sheykh:  That’s all? You’re stuck. How about you? ( Sheykh pointing to another murid) What will you ask for?

Murid ‘Y’ : I ask when I’m going to die?

Sheykh : You ask to know when you are going to die? So that you can prepare? What else?

Murid ‘Y’ : to make me be closer to the Prophet sws.

Sheykh:  And the third wish?

Murid ‘Y’: to open my secret.

Sheykh : to open your secret? How about you?(pointing to a murid)

Murid ‘Z’: to die in syahadah, with safety.  Second, I’ll ask for absolute peace in the grave and third, I wish for a good wife in this world.

It’s a heavy test. Little test. It’s not heavy, it is very simple. Mankind is very busy with Malayani, that is why he is not sitting to think, ‘if this were to happen, what will happen to me?’ They are just dreaming and fantasizing only because they are not believing that the dream and the fantasy they are making may happen and if that happens, if Khizir were to appear to you, whatever that you are busy with, that’s what you are going to say. Whatever you are busy with that time in that world, that’s what you are going to ask for.

Khizir a.s was given the power to open up three secrets to you. What will be the three wishes that you are going to ask from him? Isn’t this what the young ones in these days are dreaming of day and night, saying, ‘if I have this power I’ll do this, If I have the power I’ll get this and if I have this power I’ll do that.’ So, what is it that you’ll ask for? let’s hear from you.

Murid : I’m going to ask  him when I’m going to die, where I’m going to die and how I’m going to die.

  That answer, even Khizir a.s doesn’t know. He’s born, but he didn’t die yet.

Even if he knows, those who knows, they don’t open that secret. Allah close that secret to the Prophet. So many people they will know when their time is already up, in that last minute they say goodbye and they go. Last minute. They don’t say minute before. Preparation is for that. All these work is for that. That preparation, to be aware, to be in awakening station, when Azrail is coming to understand that yes, now it is time, and not to fight and not to argue. That’s important. All these work is for that. Okay I’ll tell you a story.

There was an old man and an old woman who were always knowing this about Khizir  when he appears. They are loving each other and for forty years, every evening after they finished their prayer, they will sit to drink tea and talked to each other. ‘Ohh,’ the man will say to his wife, ‘if Khizir appears to me, I know exactly what to ask him.’ And the wife said, ‘Oh my master Effendi, if Khizir appears to me, I too know what to ask for.’ Forty years passed and they said, ‘Huh, where is he going to appear to us. But if he appears, I know what to ask.’ They are saying this to each other for forty years. Forty years later, one day, one night, again they were drinking tea, Khizir came. He said to them, ‘SelamAleykum,’

‘Aleykum Selam. Welcome. Sit and let’s have tea.’

Khizir said, ‘I have no time for tea. You were looking for me, so I came.’

‘Who are you? We are not looking for anybody.’

Cos he didn’t just appear from the cloud. He walked and came.

‘You were looking for me and I came.’

‘Who are you? We are not looking for anybody today.’

He said, ‘for forty years you have been looking for me and I came now. Ask for three wishes.’

‘Ohh!! You are Khizir?’

‘Yes. I am Khizir. You have three wishes. Both of your combinations. What are your wishes? Ask and it will be granted.’

So the lady just said, ‘Ohh, I wish that there was a Kangal sujuk ( turkish sausage) and I will eat.’

Kangal is one round pastami, and sujuk is sausage. Soon as she said that, it appears in front of her. So the man looked and said, ‘how stupid  you are woman! We’ve been waiting for forty years and you said that you know what  you are going to ask for  and you ask  for one kangal sujuk! I wish that it sticks on your nose.’ As soon as he said that, the sejuk sticks on her nose. She started pulling, pulling and pulling but it’s not coming out.

She said, ‘help me pull this off my nose.’

So they were looking to Khizir and said, ‘I wish that this comes down.’

It falls down. So Khizir said, ‘goodbye. Eat the sujuk.’ Forty years they waited, one kangal sujuk. Huh! Now we are coming to better situation than that.

One day, Maulana Jallaluddin Rumi (qs) was sitting and giving sohbet to his murid. One murid was sitting all the way in the back. Another elderly man with white beard was sitting next to that murid. Maulana was giving sohbet. They were listening to him and from time to time, the old man next to the murid will say, ‘Ohhh… ’ On that day, Maulana was giving the sohbet about Hazreti Musa and Khizir a.s, as mentioned in the Quran. So time to time that old man will say, ‘ Ohhh, Mubarak. Oh Holy one, you are giving the story just like you are the dirt of us, watching the whole thing.’ And the murid of Maulana, he looked to that one, and he was thinking that this one might be Khizir. So that murid started watching and listening to that elderly man and that man kept telling the murid, ‘listen, listen to Maulana.’

So Maulana was telling the story and that elderly man continue saying, ‘Ohh Holy ones, you are giving the story just like you are the dirt of us. Whatever incidents that happened between Khizir a.s and Musa a.s…’ Do you know the story? If you don’t know, read in the Quran. Take as much as you can. That’s a real story. Real, real, meaning  no doubt about it that it’s real. But you need a Sheykh like Maulana to open the secrets of what was happening between Musa a.s and Khizir (as). So Maulana was giving the explanation and the old man was saying, ‘Oh Mubarak. I even forgot this part and you are remembering it better than me.’  As soon as he said that, that murid sitting next to him said excitedly, ‘oh, oh you are Khizir?’

‘listen, listen to the sohbet. I am Khizir.’

‘yes…but I know you can grant me three wishes.’

‘Thuhh!!! Stupid one!’ he said to him, ‘You are the murid of Maulana Jallaludin Rumi and I’m sitting here, listening to sohbet about my story and I am amazed that he’s opening secrets to me from that story and you are asking from me to open secrets to you? How squarehead you are!’

Hmmm, so many times, in some Sheykhs’ association, there are higher Awliyas sitting in that association. They don’t interfere to Sheykh’s work. That is his teacher, they are blessing, that one is teacher, that one is going to teach and they don’t interfere. So, we have to know who we are. What is the secret? To know Allah, you have to know who you are then to know your Lord. If you know yourself, you will know your Lord. If  you are sincere with yourself, you are going to find out your Lord. Finding out your Lord is coming step by step now. You are never going to reach, to understand, to complete the secrets of Allah swt. Every time that you are reaching to that station that you build a Lord to yourself, then you are going to find that your Lord is beyond that. Then  you are going to see somebody is leading, pulling. Then you say, ‘Oh, this is given to me to run after.’ That’s the best protection there, for you and for everyone. Those Awliyas, they have the power to pass any cities and town and to just blow like that, and by the next morning the whole cities will get up as believers.The Prophet asws had that power. He didn’t change Abu Jahil and the other ones. He just prayed saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, grant me a power with one of the Umars.  Support me with one of the Umars.’

At that time they were also calling Abu Jahil an Umar. And Umar r.a was also an Umar and the Prophet sws is asking for one of this two. He didn’t ask for the two of them. He asked for one of them saying, ‘support me with one of them.’ Then Umar (ra) came to the support. Allah swt sent that one. So, the Prophet had the ways to do, he didn’t because Allah gave secrets to everyone and everyone has to live their secrets. And Umar r.a has to be remembered with this way. Abu Bakar has to be remembered in different ways. Ali r.a has to be remembered in different ways. Everyone is very high. No one can put this one higher, this one lower. We cannot. We cannot put arrangement. Allah did.

Being Nakshibendi now, Nakshibendi way is the Sidiqqi, Abu Bakar way. All other sahabis, they are taking initiation also from Abu Bakar Siddiq r.a. They are all accepting him, that tarikat.

Ali r.a was taking secrets, giving beyat to Abu Bakar Siddiq r.a because Prophet came with different secrets to open different Tarikats. Not those people that they can carry Nakshibendi order. Different levels that they can carry first. And all tarikats has to bring them to that order, if they reach to this station. Otherwise, they are staying one level other side of the Nakshibendi way. So the Nakshibendi order, we were talking earlier, for the people who is the murid, who is the Sheykh, who is the deputy,  who is the Khalifah and what is your position?

When Holy Prophet sws was emigrating from Mecca to Medina, he sent all sahabis before him, he left only Ali r.a in his bed. Sacrifice. Because Abu Jahil and his friends were preparing to come and destroy Prophet. And Allah swt is saying, ‘Now, move out from this city. Cos these ‘animals,’ they are preparing to come to do that and I don’t want anything to happen yet. So move out from this city.’ And he’s taking Abu Bakar Siddiq, the last one. He has sent everyone ahead of him. Otherwise, they will all stay but he sent everyone. He then said to Abu bakar Siddiq, ‘stay with me.’ He said to Ali r.a,  ‘you sleep in my bed. When they come, you will be in the bed. When they are coming to kill me, you will be in the bed.’ Some people are saying that Ali r.a got some station. How did he get the station? Just like that? He proved himself in so many ways. He sacrificed himself into the bed. Certain secrets Allah is always keeping also for the Awliyas too. They are not knowing certain things what’s going to happen to them.

They may know to the world, they may not know nothing for themselves. And Ali r.a. said that Holy Prophet sws was saying, ‘sleep in my bed cos these ones, they are going to come and kill me. We are emigrating with Abu Bakar.’ Do you think Ali said to Abu Bakar r.a, ‘why are you not sitting in the bed and I’m going too. I have to go with the Prophet.’ He didn’t.  To Prophet  he said, ‘I am sacrifice to  you Ya Rasulullah.’

And Prophet sws left, emigrate with Abu Bakar Siddiq. They were going to Medina, from Mecca. If anybody knows the mountain and the cave that the Prophet  sws came and entered with Abu Bakar Siddiq, it is not on the road to Medina. It is out of the road. Different direction. They were going to Medina. They had to go fast. They had to move fast because enemy, in the morning they were going to get up and came running after them. So much as time they can earn, it’s good for them. They were not going direct road like this. They were going that side which was easy for them to be found. Abu Jahil hired the best tracker and he said to all his friends, ‘follow them next morning.’ The story, you know…

Those people who were tracking the footsteps of the Holy Prophet sws said that they were not heading towards Medina, instead, they went to the other side and he brought them to the cave.  There the footsteps disappear. Abu Jahil and his friends said, ‘You fooled us!’ The tracker said, ‘I swear to you, there is not a man on the dessert who knows better than me. You all know, that’s why you hired me. I swear to you, all people that passed before me and all these idols that we are worshiping, either from here he went up to the sky, or he entered into this cave.’ They said, ‘are you crazy? are you lunatic? Don’t you see that in front of the cave, there’s a spider web and the pigeons are over there? and How are they going to go up to the sky?’ Now, that cave is not as big as this room.The cave is only very small. and they were standing right in front of the cave. None of them said, ‘let me just look inside the cave.’ If they were to look inside, they were going to see through the spider web, somebody sitting inside. They didn’t. Allah blindfold them. All these people, they said, ‘either he went inside or he went up,’ but none of them said, ‘let me just look down, inside.’ Spider web, huh! you think Niagara Falls is producing electricity?

Niagara generators – Each generator produces electricity for 300,000 people.

There’s electricity being produced from the fall, definitely and the whole of New York, this state, Canada and everything is getting that electricity. If Abu Jahil and his friends were to come near to that spiderweb, touching it, there’s more heavier electricity there than anywhere in the world. They will all instantly turn into dust! That’s not an ordinary spider, spider that you see there. Spider web. But Allah is hiding things there. Abu Bakar Siddiq was worried, he said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, I cannot do anything if they come in. How am I going to protect you? I will sacrifice myself, but how am I going to protect you?’ Holy Prophet sws said, ‘Don’t worry Ya Abu Bakar. If they come from here then we go out from here.’

Then all of a sudden, the mountain just disappear and they see a sea there, boat is waiting. Prophet sws said to him, ‘now, ya Abu Bakar, do you know why we are in this cave?’ Abu Bakar replied, ‘The Prophet knows better. He knows.’

Prophet said, ‘Now get up and call. Call all the ones that is going to come after you,’ the forty Golden chain of Nakshibendi way that we are calling now. ‘Just call them to come here in their spirit world into this cave.’ And they all appear right away. Sheykh Maulana was there, the fortieth golden chain. And Prophet sws said, ‘Now give order to them.’
Abu Bakar Siddiq gave order to every golden chain saying, ‘You call to your khalifas to appear.’  And all their khalifas appear into that cave. So Abu Bakar Siddiq, how many khalifas he had, they appeared. Salman al-Farisi, how many khalifas he had, they appeared there. All Khalifas, forty golden chain, all Grandsheykh calling, Sheykh Maulana calling, all his Khalifas appeared there. Those whose Khalifa is Sheykh Maulana, now they know also. They know each other. Those ones they don’t have no fight also cos they know where they were standing next to Sheykh Maulana in that cave. Then he’s saying, ‘Call those ones,’ those Khalifas, those Sheykhs said to their khalifas, ‘now call on your deputies.’ All their deputies appeared there. Then the Khalifas saying to the deputies, protocol, Prophet is no longer saying to them. Prophet is saying to Abu Bakar Siddiq only. Abu Bakar siddiq gave order to forty. Forty is giving order to their Khalifa. Their Khalifa is giving order to their deputies.Their deputies is saying, ‘call all the murids that is going to come from this day until judgement day, of the Nakshibendi way. That they are going to come to take one initiation or sitting on that association one time. They all have to appear in that cave.’ and they all appear in that cave.

For you and for me. when  you remember that day, that zikir that happened in that cave, then now you are in the road, your heart is going to start open. Now you are going to know who is your deputy, who is the khalifa, who is the grandsheykh. and how you are going to reach to the Holy Prophet sws. You were there. Not only the day of promises, the spirit world, you were there also. You must remember that day. How it happened there. If you remember that, then, I’ll listen to you. If you don’t remember that, listen to me. You can take this sohbet, and go bring it to Sheykh Maulana, and say this is what Abdul Kerim is saying. Is he sincere or not? Ask him, he will put falaka to you, fifty times. Wa min Allahu taufiq  Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)SahibulSaif Sheykh AbdulKerim Effendi el-Kibrisi (qs),
Khalifah of Grandshaykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim adil al-Haqqani (qs),
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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  1. lubna says:

    Masha Allah..

  2. MashaAllah, Great Great Great 1000 times.
    I want to be at least once i a sohbet…as a murid
    Please include me in your prayers.
    Allahumma Ameen.

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