Because we dishonored Allah and His Prophet sws (Part I)

Auzubillahi minash sheytanir rajim


Because we dishonored Allah and His Prophet

We are asking support from Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi el-Rabbani to send us something that is going to benefit us here and hereafter.

May Allah dress us with the most beautiful dresses to receive the Medet and the Himmat of our Sheykh. InshaAllahuRahman.

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying in a hadith, ‘if you don’t love me more than you love everything in the world, your husband or your wife or your parents or your children and everything you own then your faith is not complete. If you don’t love me, if you don’t sacrifice the things that you are attached to, that you have love for, your faith is not complete. If you don’t sacrifice yourself then your faith is not complete.’

What does that mean now sacrificing ourselves for the sake of the Prophet (asws)?

So much words, so much ink written, so much words spoken. Everybody is saying something about what is happening in the situation today, in this world. Everybody has something to say. Just because everyone has something to say, just because everyone is saying something does not mean that they have something to say.

Everyone may have an opinion. We are here Alhamdulillah with the blessings of our Sheykh, to be his murids InsyaAllah, not to have an opinion but to sit and meditate on the Haqq that is coming to us from Allah through His Prophet through our Sheykh.

To meditate on the Haqq, to live the Haqq. Not just to sit and to make meditation, but to live, live a lifestyle of the Haqq.

Because there is so much confusion in these days, of course it’s going to be. This is the Ahir zaman isn’t it?

This is the ahir of the ahir zaman. This is the time of oppression. This is the time of zum, this is the time of tyranny. Of course confusion things are going to happen. Of course violent things are going to happen, of course this whole world is going to burn.

Is it surprising to us?

What is surprising to us is those ones who call themselves Muslims and believers, they are still looking at this world with hopeful eyes that things are going to get better and we are all going to live happily ever after chasing after this dunya.

No it is not.

These are very dark times, and more darkness is going to come.  Holy Prophet has said it 1400 years ago.

1400 years ago he has said that a time will come to my ummat when there will be so many of them that they are like the foam of the sea but the enemies, they are going to come and they are going to tear them apart like animals at a table,  they are going to tear them to pieces. And the sahabi e-kiram said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, is it because they are so little?’

He said, ‘No it is not. They are going to be so many.’

So they asked him what is the reason.

He said, ‘It’s because of Hubbud Dunya.’

It is because of the love of this dunya. Not the love of the Prophet. Because the love of the Prophet makes our faith complete.

The love of the Prophet (asws) makes this Islam to be sweet. The love of the Prophet (asws), we will be able to live that time, yes, the feeling of Jannah, here on earth before we pass.

So much is happening in this world right now. Maybe the whole world is burning. The whole world is burning, but it is not burning with that love of the Prophet (asws). It’s burning with something else. It’s burning with anger.

Are we upset, are we angry that they have insulted the Prophet (asws)?

Yes, we are upset. We are not happy with it. We are not jumping up and down with happiness about it. Neither are we, as some are suggesting, ‘Don’t feel anything, just turn your face and smile and shrug it off and said, ‘eh, it’s okay.’ We are not of those ones either. It hurts us. But we are also not those ones who are going to run around in the streets headless and destroying things.

Is this sunnat , by the way, to do it?

What happened?

Is this sunnat of the Prophet (asws) or the Sahabi e-kiram or the Awliya Allah, when something they don’t like, something that is being said about Islam or about the Holy Prophet (asws) that they are going to run around in the streets like crazy people and burning everything and killing?

It is not. It is not sunnat. It is a sunnat of revolution, French Revolution, western revolution.

Revolution, it is forbidden in Islam. Yes, protest, it is forbidden in Islam. But we are caught up because the whole world was trained to look at Arab spring and protesting is something that is good, that is bringing something, so when something like this happens now the whole world says, it’s time for me to be in the media now.


Are we happy to what they had done to Holy Prophet asws?

No we are not.

Number one, they haven’t done anything.

Don’t we understand, even when they say Prophet Muhammad (asws) or they just say Muhammad, they are not saying Prophet now, I’m watching in the news, they are saying Muhammad (asws). And to us, of course to believers, to murids, to Muslims,  it is not a good manners just to call him by his name.

That is one of the reasons the Ottoman they were holding on strongly, they said, ‘No. Only high level people are going to have that name Muhamamd (asws).’

And that is why sahabi e-kiram, when his name was mentioned, they were holding their hands to their hearts because their hearts was jumping with love. They were having a heart attack. They had to stop that.

Our faith is so far away, at least we are making taqlid, at least we are making imitation. With that imitation, blessings is going to come. One day, our heart is going to leap too when Holy Prophet’s name (asws) is mentioned.

That’s why every  time his name is mentioned, we are doing this (Hoja putting his hand to his heart). So many is saying it’s bida’at.

So, Prophet (asws), don’t we understand yet that even those who hate him, and it is their job to hate him, believers, will love him, unbelievers, so many of them, they hate him. For 1400 years, they’ve done that. They haven’t done anything different. Are we expecting anything different?

No we’re not.

But even then, number one, I haven’t gone to so many other numbers, number one – even when they say Muhammad (asws), without giving salawats, without saying Prophet, that name itself means The most Highly praised One.

How do you like that?

So everytime, they want to say, “him,”  they say, ‘that most Highly praised one.’

They are praising him.

Don’t you see the karamat now. Don’t you see the mujizat, don’t you see Allah’s miracle that no one, by even mentioning  His prophet, whether they like him, they love him, they hate him, they are saying his name. it is a praise to him.

Of course, Muslims are so heedless and headless, they don’t understand that. But that name is holy, of course. Which in the Ottoman time, it is not given to everyone. Only high level saints they have that name because that name is so holy, people are going to use it so much that now you see when you are passing by, especially big cities,  Astaghfirullahul Azim, forgive me Ya Rabbi for saying this, but I am giving an example, ‘Muhammad’s Pizza shop.’

Isn’t it?

And people are yelling at each other, cursing each other, calling that most holy name and cursing at each other with that name.

So understand the respect now, who is giving respect, when they are giving  respect, what the Ottoman did, number one, that name of the Prophet (asws), no one can change that. That praise is still given to him and that praise is continuing.

That praise, that azan is continuing, the Azan i-Muhammadi is continuing for 1400 years non-stop and now all over the world that Azan is  continuously being called, continuous.

It starts maybe from Far East Asia and then it begins, it stops there,  the next one begins, the next one begins, the next one and it circles, it circles the whole world, the whole globe, the whole planet is ringing with the Azan i-Muhammadi. And the Salawats of the Prophet (asws).

Adhan & Quran recitation followed by a reading of Grandsheikh Maulana Nazim Kibrisi’s sohbet by students of Sheikh Abdul Kerim Kibrisi at a United Methodist church.

So that praising is still continuing. We are not doing anything. No one, can do anything. Allah has praised that one. And no one can take him from his station. Allah has honored him.

More people are saying something against to him, more his station is going to rise higher and higher. What is your problem?

Worry about yourself. More his station is rising, the more salawats were given to him, more his station is rising. But we think that our salawats is meaning something too?

We must say salawats, it is part of our faith. Yes. But Allah and His Angels are giving salawats to that Prophet. You think if this whole world, no not these whole world, all these galaxies, everything in creation is cursing at that Prophet (asws), because Allah and His Prophets, they are sending  peace and blessings upon him, you think it makes any different?

“Lo Allah and His angels shower blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe! Ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation.”      [Al-Ahzab, 33:56].

So what is your problem?

There must be a bigger problem. There must be an underlying problem. There must be a problem that was very recent too, Muslims protesting in the streets, it’s very recent. Muslims being heedless and headless and doing as they like, it’s very recent. Muslims having opinion about this or that and not having a head, everyone thinking their own way, because everyone can read and write and now everyone is issuing fatwas on facebook, hm?

It does not mean Islam has lost it. NO!

Prophet (asws), the fact that in our time, in this what we said before, in this end of the end of times, in the Jababira times, that he can be worldwide insulted and Muslims can do nothing about it, it’s showing us, our dishonour, not his. How helpless we are in defending the rights of the Prophet (asws).

Yes, it is his rights, it is his Divine Right. We are circling around in the streets, we are jumping up and down, we are burning, we are killing. Who is telling them to do this?

Do people understand and realize? who is controlling this, who is making? Who is motorizing people to do this? Who is?

Big question mark there.

So, do we feel upset, do we feel saddened?

Of course we do.

Everytime when the Holy Prophet (asws), he is misunderstood, he is insulted, he is misrepresented, he is slandered, we feel upset too. As much as people will slander our Sheykh, we feel upset too. But those ones who used to call him so many names, so many names, I don’t know what they used to call him – we know, like Abu Jahil, for instance, they used to call him that, where is their voice condemning those ones who did wrong?

We have to condemn people who do wrong. We have to say, ‘what you do is wrong. What you did to the Holy Prophet (asws) is wrong.’

Yes, it hurts us.Not Prophet, not Allah, it hurts us.

Where are their voices? They are quick for other things. What happened? How are we going to take lesson from this event that is happening? Is this the first time Holy Prophet  (asws) was  insulted?


It happened 1400 years ago. When he first came, they used to call him Muhammad el-Amin, he was their most loved one and most praised one and most trusted one before he declared Prophethood. When he began calling people to one Allah and one Prophet, calling people don’t worship to the idols. Telling people, now you have an obligation to help the oppressed, now  you have an obligation not to be tyrants, that time they turned and they started to slander him with so many names.

Yes.  They used to insult him with so many names too. They did more than that. Those ones who are saying, ‘well, you know, we should be patient and we shouldn’t say anything. We shouldn’t feel anything. We should just laugh it off.’

Did sahabi e-kiram behave that way?

Did they laugh it off? Did they turn their faces?

Being patient is one thing. But how are you showing that patience?

The sahabi e-kiram, they did more. Yes, they did more than turning to their faces away. They did more than smiling and shrugging it off, they did more than ignoring this issue. They did more than running around in the streets

They gave their life for the Holy Prophet (sws) and they sacrifice, yes, their fathers, their mothers, their children for the way of that Holy Prophet (sws). Their wealth and everything in it, everything that they have an attachment and themselves, they sacrifice themselves for that Holy Prophet (asws).

And so many, at that time, especially the poet, they were writing verses ridiculing the Prophet (asws) and they used to put it in the Ka’aba for people to see and for people to laugh and especially those ones also, the hypocrites they were doing that, mushriks they were doing that, people who refused to accept, the people some certain Jews they were doing that also.

Yes, Holy Prophet (asws) and his sahaba e-kiram, they were willing to die for the sake of Allah and Islam.

And once power was given to them, once they marched into Makkah and they took over Makkah peacefully, there was general amnesty, there was forgiveness for everyone, except for a few, this is open history also, and one of them was a poet who used to write poetry, affecting, reaching to so many people as you know poetry is very big in Arab culture.

He was pasting it in the Kaaba walls, ridiculing, insulting the Holy Prophet (asws) and that was a big poison, that was a big damage done to Islam and the Prophet’s mission.

The Holy Prophet (asws)  says everyone is forgiven, he gave certain conditions, everyone in the Haram e-sheriff, everyone who is in the house of Abu Bakr, everyone who is in the house of so and so except for this few people and one of them was a poet who did this and he says, ‘death penalty to that one.’

That one turned around and he repented and he accepted Islam he was forgiven.

Why he did that, maybe you say because he did that for his life. It doesn’t matter. He stopped what he was doing, he accepted Islam with the tongue. Nobody can say anything.

What happened during one Khalifa’s time? Hmmm?

When the Christians, the Byzantines, they were seeing the Muslims fighting and killing each other because of a fitnah that was circling around.

That Byzantine king said, ‘I’m going to make a treaty with you to help you against that one,’ and certain other things happened and that Christian king got really upset then he said, ‘I’m going to dig and I’m going to desecrate and I’m going to destroy the tomb of Hazrat Ayub Ansari that was near to Istanbul. I’m going to do that.’

He said this just to poke the muslims that they see were busy fighting and killing each other. The king was very happy with this and he said, ‘I’m going to do that.’

When words reached to the Khalifah, when words reached to the Muslims, what did the Muslims say?

Did they say, ‘let’s be patient, Allah is taking care of it. Let’s laugh it off,’ or

‘let’s go out in the streets.’

That Khalifa wrote a letter to that king and said, ‘if you touch one stone from that grave of that Sahabi Hz Ayyub Ansari Qadasallahu sir, Radiyallahu Anh,’ he is on top of our head, we are asking support from him, ‘I’m going to make sure that not a single church is going to be left standing in all the lands that is under Muslim rule.’

If the Muslim, like they say, it is spread by the sword, which is a complete lie and a slander but the kafir always slanders anyway. If they say Islam is spread by the sword, what is stopping Muslims from destroying every church and every synagogue and everything in every land that they conquer 1400 years ago or 1300 years ago or 1200 years ago. Why are they still existing now?

church of the Holy Sepulcher

Why is the holiest shrine to Christianity, the church of the Holy Sepulcher is still standing now that even Hazreti Umar that he liberated Quds and he went there and he was invited by the priest to pray there, he said, ‘no I will not because they are going to bring this down, they are going to build a masjid here.’

How much respect Hazreti Umar (ra), may Allah increase his station higher and higher and we are asking support from him too, who went on his hands and knees to clean the Haram e-Sherif and inviting the Jews to come back to pray, that the Christians crusaders stopped them from praying for hundreds of years.

Yes. That is Islam.

Islam is not passive. ‘Oh never mind brother we are Sufis, we are Muslims, we must be patient with everything,’ nor are we crazy violent ones jumping up and down for no reason, no direction but being directed by sheytan and the ego and behind the shadows the evil ones.

Why am I saying? What am I getting at?

Muslims, we have dishonored ourselves. Muslims, we have come into this position where we allow the Holy Prophets to be dishonored because we dishonored that one who is representing the Prophet (sws).

Because hundred years ago we are saying we don’t want KhalifaturRasul. We don’t want Khalifatullah. We want to elect our own Presidents, we want to have nationalism, we want to have self-determination, we want to have liberty, equality, fraternity, brotherhood just like the French Revolution that we took it from, protesting in the streets and rejecting the Khalifatullah, saying, ‘we don’t want a Khalifah. We want to be ruled by our own people. we don’t want  one Ummah, we want to be divided.’

Yes. Because we dishonored Allah and His Prophet.
Because Allah and His Prophet (asws) has put obligation on us to have a Khalifah and we did not want that Khalifah, for 100 years we want democracy, we want nationalism, we want western understanding of how to rule and how to live. We don’t want Shariatullah, we don’t want Sunnat of the Rasul (asws), that’s why this dishonor is coming, that’s why it is very cheap.

To be continued in Part II, insyaAllah……

Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha

Sohbet given by Hoja Lokman Effendi, Khalifah of Sheykh Abd Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani

September 20, 2012

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