Does Paradise lie under your mother’s feet?


Does Paradise lie under your mother’s feet?

I’m watching today’s mother, they are saying, ‘You know, Prophet (sws)  is saying that Paradise is under my feet.’

Paradise lies under the feet of a mother? which mother?

Those mother that they were sacrificing everything for Allah and His Prophet. Those mother whom, during the time of the Holy Prophet (sws), they were captured by the unbelievers who held them together with their husband and son, and they said, “Say, `I change Islam’ or we will put you into the fire.”

The husband said, “Until the last breath I am going to say, `Islam and Prophet.'” And they threw him into the fire.

Think, think. There was a big fire and everybody, all the city officials of that time were holding that man, his wife was there and his son was there. They were saying, “Change or we will put you into the fire.”

And he said, “Until the last breath this is what I am saying,” And they threw him into the fire alive.

Then they took his wife and said, “You saw what we did to your husband. Same thing is going to happen to your child and to you. Say that you give up Islam and Muhammad or we will put you into the fire.”

She said, ‘My son, don’t get fool by these ones to give up from the Holy Prophet. They will put me into fire, but I will burn with the love of the Prophet. So, if they try to put you in, don’t give up.’ They threw her into the fire and the kid was watching.


The kid was around the twenties. They grabbed him and said, “Say or you saw what happened to your mother and father. We will put you in also.” Inspite of the warning that came to the son, when they put him in front of the fire, he started shaking and he said, ‘yes, I give up.’

That mother. That kind of mother. Yes, Paradise lies under the feet of obedient mothers, obedient mothers to Allah and to  His Prophet (sws).

Mothers in these days, they are doing everything as they like, later  they are saying, ‘obey me. Paradise is under my feet.’


I’m looking. I’m not seeing any Paradise. I’m just seeing arrogance, stubbornness, ignorance and disobedience on today’s mothers. Exception are some people, and those ones they don’t go around saying Paradise is under my feet.


Like the man in this story, he was a blacksmith and he was doing his  job. Bastami Bayazid qaddasAllahu sirruh, he was Sahibul Zaman for that time, the one that was given the authority of this world in his hand – How many mothers today they are believing  on this, that they are in the way of Islam, Which one?

Show me. They are not even believing in a couple of simple things and you think they have submissions to the orders of Allah and His prophet and to say, ‘Paradise is under my feet.’

You have the right to say to that mother , ‘Let me see.’ And they must show. Ask those mothers. ‘let me see. I must see. I must see that the light of Paradise raining on you from under the feet meaning it is not  that light is coming from under their feet but it is through their actions. They are speaking heavenly words. They are obedient servants and most importantly, they are not angry.

They are angry?

Finish. Anger is coming from sheytan. That anger doesn’t fit to woman in any way. They are going to say, ‘No. I have Jalal.’  Huh?

Jalal sifat is not given to a woman. These days, every woman, as soon as  you touch,they started growling and barking right away. Not thinking to say, ‘who am I? why am I getting provoked by this man, whoever he is? Why am I losing my own identity? I’m a woman. How come I lose my identity with one touch of somebody else?

You think that one has a Paradise under the feet?

So Sultanul Awliya, Bastami Bayazid, order was given to him saying, ‘go to this place and get some blessing from this one.’

He went and he was surprised to know that the man was in very high station. He stood from afar and watched that simple man, thinking and saying to himself, ‘I’m  wondering what he has done to reach to this station?’

As soon as he said this to himself he looked down under that man’s feet and saw the whole galaxy, they are under his feet. But that one is not aware of himself.

Bayazid went and greeted him. He said to him that he is Bastami Bayazid and immediately that blacksmith stood up to greet him more.

‘Oh Sultan,  that I am amazed that I am looking at you. That I have been blessed that I have been sent here to you.’

Bastami Bayazid was still thinking what this man did to reach to this station. A little bit later, that man said to him, ‘excuse me one minute, I have a job to do.’

He had something up there hanging. A basket. He brought it down and in it was his old mother inside. The blacksmith took her out of the basket, talked to her like a baby, cleaning her, feed her and put her back inside.

Bastami Bayazid was looking and he was hearing, vision of hearing was opened to him. At that time, he could hear the lady praying inside the basket, ‘O Ya Rabbi, I am please with this son.  Make Sultanul Ariffin to follow my son. Make the Sultan to come and get blessings from my son because I am please with him.’  And Sultanul Ariffin Bastami Bayazid came.

So, that kind of mother, their doa is accepted.

Holy Prophet said three times, ‘mother’s rights. You can pay your father’s rights, but you cannot pay  your mother’s rights.’ You pay your father’s rights, if your father is a slave, you buy him and you give  him his freedom, you pay his rights on you. In the judgement day, he cannot claim, ‘I have my rights on you.’

But your mother, no matter what you do, you cannot pay that rights. When they are in the way of Allah and His Prophet and they are pushing you, forcing you to become better ones in the way of Allah and His Prophet then you must show obedience to them.

Today’s mother, they are saying to their own children, ‘don’t leave your beard, don’t leave your moustache. You are too much deep in the religion. What is this sunnah clothes that you are wearing? wear nice clothes, become westernise.’

That mother is going to say I’m praying, and Paradise is under my feet?

You don’t like what Allah and His Prophet left to the nation. You don’t like it. Which woman today like it when their man say, ‘I have to sacrifice for the sake of Allah and His Prophet,’ hmm?

Which woman will say, ‘I will be happy for my husband because Allah gave that right to him.’ Which woman is doing that?

Yes. That’s the rights that Allah is even mentioning in the Quran e-karim and they are disobedient to that. So you think that paradise is under the feet of that mother?


You are disobedient to the to the orders of Allah, even if you don’t like it, you are going to have  your complain,  your problem with Allah alone. You are not going to show to your husband. But you don’t like it.

‘Yes. I don’t like it. I have a problem with my ego.’

Fix  your ego.

My mother, she’s an Evliya. Whatever she asked for, it happens. She doesn’t realise it and my father use to be upset with her saying, ‘don’t ask anything. Don’t say anything. Don’t do this, don’t do that and stay quiet.’

Before my father passed away, he said to me, ‘whatever wrong your mother does just swallow it because Allah is happy with her.’

I called her always on the phone and she is always giving me warning, saying to me, ‘Don’t talk too much, In Turkey, because they are going to put you in jail.’ She’s saying these words to me.

I said, ‘Mother, you know how I am. You know the day that I was born. You know my father, you know my grandfather. Why are you saying this. Through these words  you are not going to stop me. I’m still going to speak.’

Couple of days later,  I called her up and I said to her, ‘in two days time, I’m coming to Cyprus.’

Two days later she waited for me. While waiting, she’s watching television and she saw on the news headline that I have been arrested. She saw, on worldwide television, that I have been arrested.  They put chains on my hands. I stayed in jail for six month. Six month later, I came out and I had to leave the country, I had to come here in America  and this and that, and it passed two years from the day that i planned to go to Cyprus. Two years later, I went and my mother said to me, ‘you told me two days later you are coming, you came  two years later.’

I said, ‘ mother, thanks to you.’

She said, ‘why?’

I said, ‘you always told me not to talk too much cos they are going to put me in jail. Allah didn’t drop your words down and He put me in jail. So you wanted it. Don’t you hear what my father used to say to you? Don’t say everything?’

I said, “from now on say, ‘don’t speak too much, they are not going to put  you in jail. Not they are going to put you in jail.'”

And I said to her, “mother, if you cut my neck off,  I’m not going to stop from this service. So, stop the nonsense. I don’t care if you are Evliya or not. I’m living for Allah’s sake. So you’ve got to know one thing, that you’ve got to stop this. If you don’t stop from this, I have no obedience to  you on that way.  You are my mother, I wash your feet, I carry you on my head but when it comes to religious matter, I will not obey any woman. I say , ‘Stay aside.’”

That’s it. And that is haqq. I will not obey my mother in the religion matter that is also the order of the Prophet (asws). He said, ‘there’s no obedience to your woman when it comes to the government matter and the religious matter. Don’t make them to talk to you about those matters.’ That’s why.

Ehhh, many are claiming in these days, ‘paradise is under my feet.’

Yeah, your feet are still dirty. First it has to be clean. Clean means, it has to be clean enough to be able to say that word.  That kind of mother is going to look at you and she’s going to say, ‘my son, you are not making this ibada. You are not making this. You must run, you must run after the Sunnats of Rasulullah (sws), you must run to hold on tightly to the orders of Allah and His Prophet (saw).you must do this…’

That kind of mother’s prayer is going to be accepted and it’s going to make you to become Awliya maybe because she is connected to Paradise and when she’s connected to Paradise, what she says, it will happen.

So I have to teach my mother not to say the negative words because Allah swt is taking her word seriously.

There are people in this world whom their words are taken seriously. There are some woman in this world, I’m saying so many times to them, ‘don’t say this,’ I get upset to them, I show some anger and they are thinking, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong, why is he upset with me?’

Yes.  I know what you are saying and where that word is going to lead and I’m  trying to put barricade. I’m carrying burden just stopping you. But you are still not understanding, so many times.

So that means they are connected but they are disconnected. Just like my mother. She’s connected but she’s disconnected, because she doesn’t look at herself to say, I am somebody. ‘I am so weak servant.’ That ‘s what she is saying.

She’s never claiming anything. She’s always looking other people that they are higher than her. She doesn’t go around to say, ‘I am Muslim all my life.’ She doesn’t go around to say this and that, brag about it. She’s saying only the negative things that she did and she couldn’t do it and to herself she’s continuously reminding.

When my brother died  at the age of nineteen years old,  I was twenty-two years old. My father wasn’t there, he was in Hajj and I picked up the phone to call my mother, to tell her that my brother just fall down and died. Nothing was wrong with him. He just fell down and died.

The first time I called, I couldn’t tell her the news. I called again second time.

She said to me, ‘what happened? you call me two times today.’ I used to call once a week. That day, I called her  twice and the second time I said to her, ‘okay mother,’ the way that she was talking, she was talking so nicely. I couldn’t break her heart.

I said, ‘okay mother, I forget to tell you this matter, that’s why I call again.’

She goes, ‘let’s see what’s behind this.’

I hang the phone again. I couldn’t break the news to her.

But I have to say it. The third time I call, she said to me, ‘whatever it is, just say and get rid of it. Get rid of the burden that you have.’

I said, ‘mother, the matter  is not easy,’ because she loves that one so much. That, she shows always. And I used to joke with her saying, ‘which one would you prefer to go first, me or my brother?’

and she was even joking with me saying, ‘you are little bit this way, so you must go first.’ So Allah didn’t take that word seriously.

Anyway, I told her, ‘you know, my brother died.’

She kept silent for thirty second. Thirty second later, she said to me, “Eh, what can we do. Allah gave and he took it back. We have nothing to say, just to say, ‘Shukur ya Rabbi. Alhamdulillah.”

And she said to me, “well, do whatever you do. I trust your judgement always. Whatever you want to do, it’s okay with us. Your brother will be okay. I am okay, but I must go because your sisters, now that they are hearing this news, they are falling down and fainted and I have to look after them.’

Is there any mother there that they can do that?

Raise your hand. Say. Would you say, ‘yes, Alhamdulillah Ya Rabbi it just happen. Thank you.’

Don’t say something that  you won’t believe, you may go through the experience.

Wa minaAllahu Taufiq

Bi hurmatil Habib, Bi hurmatil Fatiha

sohbet by Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi

January 22 2010

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