‘Do Not Betray your Efendi’


‘Do Not Betray your Efendi’

O Believers! Salam, InsyaAllah ar Rahman coming from our Lord. Coming from our Prophet, coming from our Sheykh, to those ones who are holding on tightly in this Akhir of the Akhir Zaman where the faith, it is like a fire in your hand. The faith, it is like a coal, fire in your hand. Good tidings and salams to those who are not dropping it.

It burns, isn’t it?

Yes it does.

What burns?

The Sunnat of the Rasulullah sws. Because this whole world, that is the only thing that they are concentrating on, the unbelievers, to bring down the Sunnat of the Prophet (sws). They are not trying to bring down the faith of Islam, our belief in Allah. They cannot.

But since 1400 years until now, the unbelievers are gathering together, being good brotherhood together, to try to bring down the Sunnat, the lifestyle, the traditions, of the Prophet (asws) and the traditions of the Sahaba e-kiram. And those ones who follow him, not just traditions of the Prophet.


Nowadays, they cut, these enemies of Islam, outside and in. Outside, the enemies it is very clear. We can see who they are and they have been trying for 1400 years.

Last they tried, the whole world came together, whole world came together, to bring down the Khilafat, to bring down the Islam, in 1915, in the Battle of Cannakale. Which the Muslims they owe their religion and they owe their sheref, and they owe their honour to those ones who stood in front of the unbelievers and defended the Khilafat.

Because their idea was to bring down the Khilafat, the French and the British opened up the way for the Russians to come in from the north, and a handful of soldiers, soldiers, Mehmetcik – little Mehmets, understand now, why they call themselves Mehmetcik, little Muhamad.

Yes, little ones who are representing that one who is defending Islam, they came together, a handful of them, to defend a small strip of land with no equipment, no shoes, no food, no ammunition, against the Super Powers of the world.

Super Powers of the world, with all the highest technology with so many soldiers that they took, not only from their lands, but the lands that they conquered. From Australia, from New Zealand, from Africa, yes, from the Muslim countries, from India, from the Middle East, from Africa, they are taking the Muslim soldiers. Muslim soldiers, making them fight against the Khalifa.

So the enemies outside they are not able to penetrate because with that handful of soldiers, Turkish soldiers, because the rest of the Ummat, this is historical fact, you don’t like it deal with it. This is history. The rest of those ones who call themselves Muslim belonging to different nations, forget about the Arabs, they already stabbed the Ottomans in the back, and the rest, yes, we are carrying that guilt and that burden, our forefathers helped try to bring down the Khalifa. But they did not succeed and because of that, Islam, Ahlus-Sunnah Aqidat is still holding strongly.

What is Ahlus-Sunnah Aqidah?

The sunnat of the Rasulullah (sws) and the sunnat of those ones who are following him, not just his sunnats. Because Islam has divided into more than 73 different divisions and all of them are in the wrong way except for one, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, and there is a condition to that. Which one, every one of the 73 they are going to say, ‘we are the right ones,’ but there is a condition.

‘The condition is those ones who follow my sunnats,’ Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘and the sunnat of my Sahabi.’

And he is saying in another Hadith,  ‘yes, following my sunnat and the sunnat of the sahabis, those ones who are following me correctly, those ones who are in the majority, and anyone who takes away from that and anyone who adds things in, which is called a Biddat,  that time, all innovation it is wrong and all Biddat is going to end in the Hellfire’

They are cutting that hadith. Just to concentrate on the last part. Biddat, Biddat, Biddat.

Everything is Biddat. Because, of course, if the Ummat forgot about Cannakale that we owe our Islam to, if the ummat forgot about the Khalifatullah, if the Ummat forgot about the traditions of the Holy Prophet (asws), that was continuing for 1400 years, if the Ummat is saying, now we follow new style,  Wahabbi style Islam, now we follow new style, secular kafir style Islam, Western style Islam and when the Muslim civilization, Islamic civilization, the Islamic empire, the Ottoman Empire, that for 700 years ruled properly and correctly, they are all on top of our heads,  and they are all finding safety in the highest stations in the Paradises in the presence of their Lord, if the Muslims are made to forget and their civilization is destroyed, that time you can fool around with them as much as you want. Because Muslims forget about their past.

Once you forget about your past, you don’t know who you are. If you don’t know who you are, you think you know where to go?

If you forget about your past,  imagine now, you go to sleep at night, okay, you know who  you are, you know what your name is, you go to sleep, you wake up and  you forget your name. You forget where you came from. You forget everything. And somebody coming in and saying, ‘no you didn’t forget. You forget? It’s okay, I’m going to tell you what your name is.’

‘This is your name. This is where you live, this is what you are doing, these are your friends,’

completely what?

Reinventing your life.

That is what happened to Islam. Since that time when the Khilafat fell, up till now 1900s, 1923, they’ve been trying to reinvent islam. Reinvent Islam. Illimli Islam?

Illimli Islam. What is that?

Moderate Islam.

Meaning, they want kafir and Islam, together. They like kafir lifestyle and they like Islamic lifestyle. Big sheytans these ones are.

So for example, eh, women very good, they wear hijab. Some say, ‘no, no, I like to wear hijab.’

But they put on their heads, on their heads – we put on our heads what gives us honor. Not what gives us honor, what Allah (swt) and His Prophet has given honor, it is obligation for us to put on our heads. That is why we are wearing the turban, it is a crown of the believers. Every Prophet wore a turban, all the Angels they are wearing the turban, and when Jibril (as) came to the presence of the Holy Prophet (asws) in the figure of a man representing a man, he was wearing a turban, carrying a cane, wearing a Jubba, the full Sunnat of the Prophet (asws).

Illimli Islam, is saying to our womans, since womans you are so soft, you like fashion, you like to look beautiful, you like to cover, it’s okay to cover, but put the turban on, put the hijab on that says Chanel. What is it? Hermes, what other? I don’t know.


What are these companies? These are Muslims companies?

These are Yahudi companies. These are unbelievers companies who is holding on to the fashion- the fashion of what? Prophet (asws)?

No, that they are dictating to the whole world, this is how you are going to dress like, they say you cannot change that for some of the Muslim women, at least wear designer hijabs.

Hmm? Moderate Islam?

So that when the kafirs they look at you, they say, ‘Oh MashaAllah, you have so much taste, we like you. Let me give shahadat because you are wearing chanel on your head.’


It happens? It ever happened that way?

Muslims are lost because they are doing it the ego way. That is the ego that is reinventing Islam according to their own ego. Forgetting what Holy Prophet (asws) has brought, what his sahaba e-kiram have brought, what the Salihin Evliyaullah have brought for 1400 years that they brought, they didn’t just bring and live a luxury lifestyle. Every one of them, they came and they lived the most hard lifestyle, and they gave their wealth, they gave their comfort, they gave up their children. Their sons and their daughters, their fathers and their mothers, they gave their sweats and they gave their blood, for who?

For us.

Yahudis do better job in remembering how they have suffered for their faith.

Muslims, cultural amnesia.

Religious amnesia.

And they are giving us the drug and we are taking it. They are giving us the world and we are taking it. And we have fallen into a ghaflat, and we are not remembering, we are not giving thanks, we are not giving shukr, and we are not saying Astarghfirullahal Azeem wa Atubu Ilayh. That time we also lose our vision. That time when we lose our vision we are fooled.

If you are fooled and you don’t have the vision you are not a believer, because Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Beware the vision of a believer because he looks with the Nur of Allah.’

A believer cannot be fooled and a believer is not going to fool. And a believer is going to remember the promise he made to Allah swt on the Day of Promises. The Day of Promises, when Allah (swt) is saying, ‘Alastu bi Rabbikum, Qalu Bala. Am I not your Lord?’

And we say, ‘Yes. We are recognizing You are our Lord. We obey You, we ask help only from you ya Rabbi.’

We forgot our promise. Because now we made promises with dunya. We made promise with the dunya and saying, ‘before I die, I must have, I promise I’m going to have 100 000 for my kids.’

I’m being very cheap now, because especially in America they are saying at least 500 000 and that was 10 years ago.

‘Before I die, I must have this house, this car, this thing, this that….,’ so many plans for the dunya and not deviating from those plans.

Plans for Akhirat, Eh, Allahu Alam.

‘No brother please, don’t make life difficult for you. Just pray five times a day, like a thief, quickly go up and down, no need to do all these things. Allah doesn’t want you to suffer, he wants to make it easy for you. Give good news to people.’

Of course, when the situation is good you have to give good news to people. But when the situation is bad, if the person is sick, you are not going to say, ‘No you’re okay. Go ahead.’

You are going to say, ‘you are sick, that is a good news. Now take the medicine, you are going to be well, that is a good news.’

But on the Day of Promises if we are connected to our Sheykh, if we are connected to Evliyaullah, if we are connected to the ones that we are belonging to, they don’t belong to us, make no mistake, they don’t belong to us, we belong to them. Prophet (asws) doesn’t belong to us, because he’s Rahmatal-lil-Alameen, he’s not just to us, but we belong to him.  He is the reason why we are created.

When Allah swt is saying, ‘if it is not for you, if it were not for you, Ya Muhammad, I would not have created the Universes.’

So on the Day of Promises, you think that Day, there were no Prophets? There were no Salihin? There were no Holy ones that Allah has created in that station?

Democracy. The poison of democracy, everyone equal. Now they are putting confusion into the ayat of Amanar-Rasul too, ‘Didn’t Allah say, all the Prophets, they are equal?’ and they are confusing the man, that means that Holy Prophet is not, because, Amanar-Rasul is saying all the Prophets they are equal.

What are they equal in?

They are equal that they are the creation of Allah(swt). They are equal in that all of them they submit themselves to Allah(swt) saying, ‘Sami’na wa Ata’na Ghufranaka wa illayka Masir.’

But they are not equal in station. They are not equal in their closeness to Allah. They are not equal in their Taqwa.

So on that Day of Promises, it is not like everyone is equal and Allah is there and we are there in front of Allah, no. You think Allah for nothing is saying in the Quran-e-Kerim that in the Judgment Day you’ll be raised behind the Imams?

You think that day there were no Imams? No Sheykhs? No leaders? No Prophets?

We were behind that Holy Prophet (asws) and it is with his mercy and it is with his rahmet and with his pull, blessing, that we made that promise that we say Qalu Bala and we make the sajdah and we submit.

But don’t be fooled, we were not behind Holy Prophet (asws). So many, so far away, so many people before us, who were we behind?

We were behind our Sheykh and he was the one who made us to say, ‘Qalu Bala.’

But people have forgotten the promise because they think the Sheykh belongs to them and they can change the Sheykh and his words and his rules and his laws and his legacy any way that they want. They want to reinvent Tarikat.

Just as the enemies of Islam outside and inside want to reinvent Islam, they want to reinvent Association, reinvent the way, reinvent the Sunnat of the Holy Prophet (asws). They say the Sheykh belongs to us and we can tell the Sheykh what to do, we can say to the Sheykh, ‘I don’t agree, I think you are wrong, I think you are right, I think, I think, I think.’

This is what we entered to Tarikat for?

This is – but people know how to talk Shariat, Tarikat and Hakikat.

This is – come down, come down before that, don’t get too excited. Talk from the level of human, talk from the level of hayaa’, talk from the level of modesty, modesty to know that one is a Sheykh. Not us. And we are supposed to say Sami’na wa-Ata’ana.

Holy Prophet (asws) has said in the Khutbatul Wida, the Last Khutba, the Farewell Khutba, which they cut in these days too, the one who betrays his Efendi. The one who betrays his Efendi, listen carefully, the one who leaves and betrays and cause confusion and go out from the Siratul Mustaqim, the one who after they believe, they disbelieve, they are not going to find Shafaat. And Allah is not going to forgive them.

Check it out. They cut that, but it’s there. Especially Turkish people, they know this.

So how are you betraying your Efendi?

That’s a big question that we should ask.

How are we betraying that promise to Allah?

How are we betraying that promise to our Holy Prophet (asws)? Because we want to reinvent this way?

No permission. It is not our way. This way does not belong to us. It belongs to him, this way, this association belongs to Sahib el-Sayf, he is there. He is there, he is everywhere, now he is everywhere. The sword is there, it is here.

The sword is not inside, it is outside.

So continue a little bit more to be arrogant and to be stubborn, the sword is out and it is giving you a time.

7 days passed – not waking up. 40 days passed – not waking up. 70 days is going to come. 100 days is going to come. And every mark, every milestone comes with a heavier price and a heavier commitment and a heavier power. Believe me.

Now people are going to come to the road,  you are travelling on the road, but you want to deviate, you want to break away, because why?  I don’t like it. This road is too hard.


Because I’m hurt. Somebody took my rights. Somebody said something to me, I don’t like it. Person is not even consulting but saying, ‘oh, you know, these things are happening to me, it is not proper.’ Talking here, talking there, not consulting.

You come to the road and you come to a pass, a fork in the road. Which way you are going to go?

This way, nobody said it is easy. But forget  Shariat, Tarikat and Hakikat, just hayaa’, modesty that is coming with faith and intelligence. That modesty is going to say who am I?

Who am I ? what is my makam?

In the bathroom. In the toilet, that is my makam.

What is my makam?

I am trying to be a servant. I am not even a good servant.

What is my makam?

I am trying to be a murid. I am not even being a good murid.

What is my makam?

Put yourself low, don’t put yourself high. Say to yourself, you are a donkey. I am a donkey. Say to yourself, ‘I deserve worse than this. But Allah and His mercy and the Holy Prophet (asws) and our Sheykh is giving me everything.’

If you really believe that your ego is worse than sheytan, not theory, believing, it’s worse than Abu Jahil, worse than Abu Lahab, it’s worse than Namrud, worse than Firaun, that time you are going to accept.

Hayaa’ the modesty is going to make you to say, ‘even if this happens it happens because of my Sheykh. Let me be patient.’ The something will open up. If you are wrong, your station is going to rise. Because why?

You are patient.

If you are right and because you are patient, your station is going to rise even higher.

So, it comes now to a division in the road. Which way are you going to?

Siartul Mustaqim is one, not two.

Are you trying to reinvent? Or are we holding on to that way?

That way it is open. You may not like it. You may have differences. So what?

Unity doesn’t mean everyone is the same. That is communism. Unity means everyone is different but the miracle is they are together. Under one. Under that leadership, under that one that Allah and His Prophet has appointed. Not under the ego.

Are you willing to swallow and to ask to be patient?

As a believer, it is obligation. As a believer we are following Hz Ali who is saying, ‘even if someone does something to me Ya Rasulullah,’ Prophet is asking to him, if someone does something wrong to you will you forgive? He says yes.

‘What if after that he does something to you again will you forgive?’

He says yes.

He says after that will you forgive again?

He says yes.

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘if he does that again what are you going to do ya Ali?’

Hz Ali (k.w) is saying, ‘as you know Ya Rasulullah even if he does wrong to me after I do right to him until Judgment Day, I will continue to forgive him and to help him.’

That is our role model.

That is our Sheykh.

Not to say, ‘somebody did something wrong to me, I’m hurt.’

It’s not a behaviour of a Muslim, of a believer, of a murid.  Murid has a right? Servant, a murid has a right?

We should ask.

Our promise to our Lord, to our Prophet as belonging in this way is our promise to our Sheykh. And our promise to  him is to continue his way. To be united, we have differences, but to be united. Everyone to work, united to do something. It’s not to be united to sit and to eat or to drink or to have fun.

There is a work to do. There is a huge work to do. He left it to us and he is saying, ‘which one of you is going to carry the work even if it kills you?’

Which one of you are going to carry the work even if  your family is taken away from  you, your wealth, everything is taken away from you. Sahaba e-kiram did the same.

Or are we going to say, ‘No, I like to do the work, but I don’t like this person, I don’t like these people. I don’t like….’

Eh, you haven’t come out from that station yet? What are you?

Our promise to our Sheykh is that. That is our beyat to him. Dunya and akhirat. And our beyat to him, we cannot break.

If we do, we are going to fall under the category of what Holy Prophet (asws) is saying in that farewell sermon, before he passed from this world, ‘do not betray your Efendi.’

No matter what happens, do not betray him. Do not betray that one who has been appointed to you.’

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘do not betray your Khalifa, do not betray your Emir, do not betray even if a slave is appointed in my place to be representing that leadership, do not betray him, even if his nose is squashed, do not betray him, even if he takes the skin off your back, don’t betray him.’

That time you are not going to find safety in dunya and Akhirat.

You take your Prophet’s words lightly?

There’s only one place that you are going to go with that. So check ourselves. I need to check myself, every one of you, every one of us, we need to check ourselves to see how we have betrayed our Efendi, his work. It is not according to everyone’s interpretation also. That is how they reinvent Islam. It is according to successorship, what has been appointed, what the main work is, and how the majority is going. Then that time, when we are continuing, we are swallowing even thing that we don’t understand and we don’t like, which it is a fact of Tarikat. We are not in Tarikat because we love everyone, everyone is like us, no. There is no taste then. The Sheykh is going to put you next to the person who is completely opposite to you, for you to rub against each other and for you to be refined and for you to become a diamond.

My words to you and to myself :there is only one way. For us, for the murids of our sheykh, there is only one way, there is not two. There is a work ahead, yes, we have to be together because the enemy inside of us is never sleeping and is working day and night.

Who is the enemy?

Our ego, is never sleeping. Our Sheytan is never sleeping, the dunya and the hawa that we carry inside our hearts, they are never sleeping. They are always wanting to open the door to let the enemies from outside to enter and to break it up.

We are almost at the end of the race, don’t be fooled by your ego. Swallow, rise above that anger. Step on that anger, be a human and be patient. That time Allah will open a door for you to go to Higher Stations. The only station we are looking for is the station to see our Sheykh again. That is the only station, and for him to smile at us, InsyaAllah to say, ‘Aferen.’

We live for that, we are going to die for that. Nothing else. Pleasing him is pleasing Sultan el-Evliya, pleasing the Holy Prophet (asws), pleasing Allah Jalla wa’Ala. Keeping our promise that we made to Allah (swt) on the day of Qalu Bala’, keeping our Beyat and our Shahadat intact.

Otherwise we will lose, we will lose so much,  and we are going to cry a lot and those ones who are doing it and others are following, they are going to be responsible for every single one of them. They are going to carry their burden and it is going to crush them. Signs are already showing. Certain things are going out of way, certain things are crushed.

Doctors are saying, there’s nothing wrong with you, but you know there is something wrong with you because it’s the spirit that is sick, not the body.

Astaghfirullahal Azeem wa atubu ilaih

SelamAleykum ve Rahmatullah ve barakatu

Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi

Aug 30, 2012.

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