Selam From the Lord of Peace


Selam aleykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu.

Selamun kaulem mir-rabir-rahim, Selamun kaulem mir-rabir-rahim.

We are asking support, Medet from our Sheykh, your Sheykh, my Sheykh, Sheykh of the world, Sheykh of the Universe, Alemleri. So many worlds, they know him. We don’t know him, this world doesn’t know him. Murids don’t know him, those who are closed with him don’t know him, those who has been with him for years don’t know him. He’s an undiscovered treasure. Of course. But soon that treasure is going to be shown a little bit and this whole world is going to be in amazement. InsyaAllah.

He’s coming back. The empire is also coming back. Don’t doubt that, don’t forget that. That is what we are living for. That is what we are hoping and we are putting our eyes to. We are not hoping for this world. We are not hoping for better situation, better cars, better houses, better job. No. we are waiting for that day when Islam is going to rule in this world, with the Ottomans. And we are asking Allah to make us to be included in that. We know that we are good for nothing. We know that we cannot do anything. We know that our service is weak and we are His ajis servant, His dirty servant. But with the love that we have, insyaAllah ar-Rahman, sincerity that we have insyaAllah, for our Sheykh, may He put us amongst  those ones who’ll be of great service to Islam in the ahir zaman.

Yes, Selamun kaulem mir-rabir-rahim. Selam, word of peace from your Lord. That is what we are looking for. That Ayat, Sheykh Effendi Hz has said so many times, and that ayat of course is coming from Suratul-yasin and we are living for that and we are existing for that, for our  Lord to say, ‘Selam,’ Selam from the Lord of Peace. Selam from the Lord of the Most Merciful. Selam from the Lord of the Most Compassion. When we get that selam, we will be the winner dunya and akhirat.

We are asking support from our Sheykh to send what is necessary for us, for you, for me, for the whole world, for us to take and for us to apply to our lives. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, this way will continue through Association, Tarikat, sohbet. Through association, man will find the direction. If there is no sohbet, there is no Islam. What you are going to take is just your own opinion or people’s opinion. These days, you are taking it from here, from there, from media, from corrupted scholars, from your own ego, from the kafirs interpreting our religion, and we say that that is Islam. It is not Islam. That is not Islam. That is a made up religion.

Islam reached to its highest point especially during the time of the Ottomans

The Islam that Holy Prophet (sws) brought 1400 years ago reached to its highest point especially during the time of the Ottomans, where Islam spread through East and West, North and South. And the west, and the kafirs, and the Christian world they come and they look, especially in the lands that is directly ruled by the Ottomans and they were in amazement. You don’t believe me? Go and look. Don’t believe these lies that they put out. What lies can they put out?  It is not going to destroy the truth, because it is there. It is hidden. And you are going to see. It is not our people that they are writing it. They themselves, they are writing it. And they are in amazement at the kind of society, the kind of community, the kind of nation, the kind of Islamic empire that Islam is able to produce. In amazement. They say such a thing exist in this world?

Don’t look at how the Muslims are today. Of course the Muslims today, they are the worst. Of course they are.  What do you expect when there is no Khalifa? The worst. What do you expect when they are rejecting that Khalifa? Non-stop, the curse is raining. What do you expect when the people is saying, ‘we don’t follow Khalifa, we don’t follow Sheykh, we don’t follow Imams,’ we don’t follow anyone except for our own ego, except for our own nafs where we are going to interpret the Quran and the Hadiths as we like. Isn’t this what school is teaching us?  ‘Don’t we have intelligence to read and to write? So why we can’t make up our own religion?’

This is what is happening. Islam, not Islam, the Muslims have come to the lowest point. Don’t look at the numbers. Don’t look saying so excited, ‘oh, so and so became Muslims. This became Muslims, that become Muslims, Jackson becomes Muslims, so many people become a Muslims. Yes but what kind of Islam? What kind of Islam are we living? What kind of Islam are we sharing? What kind of Islam? This kind of Islam? This kind of Islam that we are following the ego and the nafs. This kind of Islam that is saying, ‘we are not going to obey the Shariat, and we are not going to obey the Khalifa.’ This kind of Islam that is saying, ‘we can obey and make up as we like, whatever we like, whenever we like and  we are not going to follow 1400 years of tradition.’

Yes. This kind of Islam, in the akhir of the akhir zaman, 21st century men, women, children, young and old, from 7 to 70 years old, this is what majority they are following. And they are following, non-stop, their own ego, bounding towards Hellfire. May Allah protect us from that. What was the Muslims? Not too long ago in the 1800s, so many Europeans they come to the Ottoman land and they look.


The Ottoman Empire was one of the most successful and prosperous empires in history. They were an organised and powerful force.


They are going to put so many lies about the politics definitely because nobody understands politics, number one. Nobody understands Islamic politics. Nobody understands Ottoman politics definitely. So, a lot of lies they are writing. If you have some intelligence, you are going to say, ‘at least don’t let me read something that is written by the enemies of Islam. Let me read something that the Muslims themselves write.’

But Muslims don’t have even that much intelligence. But look, it’s there. It is also open. When I mean it’s hidden, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find. It is there but through very unlikely sources. You find in the 1800s, these are the last years in the Ottoman empire, where it is becoming weaker and more and more European they are coming and they are observing the Ottoman life. And how the Ottomans they were living. Read those things and understand. If you have wisdom, you can put two and two together a little bit and  you say, ‘is this kind of people living? SubhanaAllah, this kind of people are living in this world?’

Sheykh Effendi told us some time ago, not too long ago. Not thousand years ago. Hundred years ago, in the Ottoman lands, in the middle of the city or the town or the village, they used to have a charity box. This is enough for a man of understanding to know what kind of Islam, the Prophet (sws) Islam, that is teaching, what kind of manners is produce from that kind of Islam. What kind of society, what kind of mentality, what kind of vision they have, what kind of ideas they have about this life and what kind of idea they have about the hereafter. They have a charity box. And that charity box is high, it’s made of stone or wood, that a man has to reach and standing on his tiptoe to reach. And there is like a bowl in the center of that box where you can reach and  you can take and people are  putting money in there. And people are taking it as much as they need, what they need. No one is taking more than their share. Whatever they need, they take. If they don’t need, they leave it there.

Not like today’s man, today’s people, today’s Muslims, we have so much wealth but we don’t have that generosity of the spirit. This boxes is not low, it’s high. The reason, Sheykh Effendi is saying is that you don’t know who is putting and who is taking. The man can keep his honor. The man can keep his honor. So, you don’t know whether the man is taking the money or he’s putting the money. And the man who is putting, they are hiding it too. If they are not doing it in the daytime, they are doing it hiddenly. Because Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘what the right hand gives, the left hand must not know.’

This is the Islam and there’s thousands of Hadiths showing the Muslims how they are supposed to live. Hadiths, that is in this way, in that vein, in that character, in that color.

What the right hand gives, the left hand must not know. Meaning, don’t brag, don’t boast, don’t be proud, don’t even acknowledge something that you give. It means that whatever that you are giving in the name of Allah, you must forget even the memory of you giving it. You must not even remember. Huh! Not like today, what do we have? Fund raising. Names to be put in golden alphabets in front of the masjid to say, ‘Dr. so and so has given for this masjid, this much money.’ Everybody is seeing and they say, ‘ohhh…,he gives that much, I must give this.’ Or, that is the high level, because you are following now the Yahudis having fund raising dinner, to what? To build masjid

Is this how our Prophet taught us, how to build masjid by having fund raising?

There is a way. There is an Islamic way, but we are so used to this ways that is not coming from the Holy Prophet (asws), sahabi e-kiram and Evliyaullah, then you are going to make up your own thing. Whatever that is familiar to you, you are going to take. And at the lowest level, what do we have? In the masjid, Imams every Friday, every khutbah, they are saying, ‘money. Masjid needs money, masjid needs sadaqa, masjid needs zakat, masjid needs donation, give money to masjid,’ over and over and over again. Hmm is this how Prophet (sws) was teaching how believers should be maintaining the masjid?

Is it  how, by this maintenance Allah is going to say, ‘Selamun kaulem mir-rabir-rahim.’ Hmm? Or they are putting the sadaqa box, they used to put it by the door, now they don’t even. They are going around, stopping, in the middle of the Khutbah too, they are passing the sadaqa box, no they don’t pass the sadaqa box,  they walked right in front of you to make sure that you put something inside.And maybe the man doesn’t have any money, so many people they are poor. You are going to break his heart, you are going to force him to put. That time,  you think the money that is going to come is going to be blessed, is going to have barakat?


What the right hand gives, the left hand must not know. This is the opposite. Black is white and white is black, in the ahir zaman, they are saying, ‘what the right hand gives, everybody must know.’ Forget about the hands, everybody’s hands must know, and feet and head, everyone must know.

This is against to Islam. There is so much wisdom to that. Look, simple things the Ottoman did. One charity box and they are not even letting the people know. It is not even open for people to know whether you are giving or you are taking. And the people who take, they take what is enough. There was one traveller, a French traveller who is looking at that and he said, ‘For weeks, I saw nobody took from that charity box and the money did not lessen, did not decrease.’

Yes, and that was when Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan Jannat Makam, may Allah raise his station higher and higher and give more himmat to our Sheykh and to us, insyaAllah. May we finish his work to open an Istanbul, second time. Insya Allah.

After he conquered Istanbul, Constantinople at that time, he gathered – because the Byzantine king he imprisoned also so many of the top priest in the dungeon because they warned him and they talked to him about the Ottomans and he didn’t like it so much, he imprisoned them. And when the city fell, the Sultan, through inspiration understood that there were holy people that were in the dungeon that he did not know before. So, he released them. And he also asked them, ‘how long do you think this empire, the Ottomans, they are going to last? How long is it going to last?

Let me tell you another story, when the Byzantine emperor saw the Ottomans coming to conquer the Istanbul and he’s looking and he’s understanding some things, so he said to his scouts, to his spies, ‘go around and look how the Ottomans are – their soldier, their encampment, their spirits. Take a report and come back to me. This way we know what kind of people they are, we know what their strengths are, and we know what their weaknesses are.’

The spies went and they came back and said, ‘O our great King, O our Emperor, we are finished.’ And the King said to him, ‘what do you mean we are finished. Speak. What did you see?’ And they said, ‘we are finished because never have I seen a group of people that they are worshipping during the night and in the daytime, they are fighting. And if they come across a land where they are in need of some thing, they don’t steal, they don’t hurt,  they don’t burnt, they don’t destroy. That if they take the fruits from our people and our villages, they put a money in a bag and they tied it to the tree.’

And they said, ‘with this kind of people, with this kind of spirit, definitely we cannot hold back. Definitely we cannot stop them from coming.’ And they did. They went over mountains. They brought ships over mountains and the walked over the sea, over the water. So, the whole world will witness that again, and more. InsyaAllah.

What kind of Islam did they bring?

They brought and they spread the Islam of the Holy Prophet (sws) because they believe and they love and they stood for the honor of the Holy Prophet (sws). They did not believe in doing it for the dunya, for their own advantage, for their own worldly gain. What they were looking for is that title, ‘Selamun kaulem mir-rabir-rahim.’

And that title was given because Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, ‘that commander that conquer Constantia, Istanbul, O what a great commander he is. The greatest. And the army that accompanies him, what a great army it is.’

They were raising, until the time of Sultan Mehmet Fatih, I believe there were 23 times that they came to the wall of the Byzantine empire. But no permission was given to them. Everyone of them, they were going to get that praise from the Prohet. Once you secure that praise from the Prophet (sws), then definitely your Lord will be happy with you. That time, you think this world is something? Huh! Yes, that time, when you conquer a place with that spirit and you make the people to understand Islam. And when outside they come in and they observe how the Muslims were living in their worst time but still under a Khalifa, and they marvel and they say,’what a society this is?’


That is the Islam that we must return to. The world had seen that. West is saying, speaking,  Philosophy is saying so much, ‘Utopia, utopia exist, perfect society exist.’ Of course they want perfection according to what? According to their own ego. Perfections according to their own egos again. If you ask what is Utopia 21st century, completely different. 1900s completely different. 15th century completely different. 600s completely different. Because if  you are following the ego, if you are following how the mind is thinking and how the ego is pulling you and how the world is, what your desires are, then that time, it is always going to be different. But if you are looking, yes, a perfect society, a  Utopia that is according to Allah and His Prophet (sws) not according to man, Man is going to say now, ‘what kind of society this is?’

On the one hand, yes, the west know that the Ottoman, they were living such honorable lives. But on the other hand they say, ‘they are not so clever, they are not so intelligent, because they have so much land, they are not working on it, they are not building buildings on it, they are not taking things from  the land, they are not destroying the lands, they are not taking things out, they are not using it, they are not abusing it.’That kind of a man is saying, although he has very good character, he’s not too intelligent. So, Utopia, a perfect society according to who?

For the believers, first is Allah.

Allah and His Holy Prophet (sws) has shown us the way and how to live in this world. The perfection that we are looking for is to become a servant. To become a servant of our Lord, to live in a  community, to live in a country, to live in a nation where everyone is living according to sohbet, living according to association, living with the idea that we are here as servants to serve. And it is impossible to serve Allah and His Prophet without serving each other. So once you start serving each other, yes, you may not have so much according to how the worldly people are looking, but you are the most wealthy, you are the most rich because now, the spirit, there’s nothing in this world that can satisfy the spirit, only Allah. What Allah has given to you, you want to share it with the whole world. You don’t want to keep it to  yourself.

We are not ones who say we follow a spiritual way or religion that says, ‘No, Allah is only for us, not for others. Spirituality is only for us, not for others. Religion is only for us, not for others. All these good things dunya and akhirat is only for us, not for others. Because we are special.’ We are not those ones. We are saying, ‘what we have, we want  you to have. And what we have, we want you to have better.’

The world has never seen such a humiliation coming to this ummat. More punishment is going to come. More punishment is going to come because mankind is remaining stubborn and arrogant. The Muslims are remaining stubborn and arrogant and they are not waking up. They are not waking up to understand what it is, what they have done, what they have done to pull that punishment, to pull that curse from the Heavens. They are still thinking, ‘if only we have more technology and more education, then we are going to be better. We are going to be number one. We are going to be as we were during the time of Baghdad or Spain.’

They are going to say, ‘because those people they had dunya, don’t you see? They had dunya. And once we have dunya, then the whole dunya is going to run after us. As it was, Muslims had all these knowledge. Remember? We were so busy having all these knowledge that the west, they were chasing after us. So, the key is we must go back to be having all these worldly knowledge again, so the west can be chasing after us.’

What an ignorance is that? What an ignorance is that?

InsyaAllah, we will wake up.

InsyaAllah, Muslims everywhere will wake up to understand that we have to go back to the way of the Prophet (sws), to his inheritors, to follow one. Doesn’t matter who it is that you are following. To follow one. One man. One guide. One murshid that is going to guide you, that you are going to take orders from, that you are going to consult with, that is going to bring  you to Siratul Mustaqim. Even if that one is not such a good one. Even if that one is a cheater, even if that one is a fake, it doesn’t matter, because with that sincerity, Allah will have a better one to be appearing for you. Because you are doing what Allah is saying, what Allah is commanding. To be with the Saliheen. To have a leader.

InsyaAllah, we are asking Allah swt, to bring the right and the most powerful leader to come, who is going to save this world InsyaAllah, Hazreti Mahdi a.s. and we hope and we pray that that time, the believers North and South, East and West, they will come together, regardless of their religion or their nationality, but only understanding that there is a truth. There is an Allah, there is a Creator, there’s holy people and there is the truth. And we are living in this world, we must live serving each other and we must live to take care of this world and that time insyaAllah ar-Rahman, we will be in safety.

WaminaAllahu Taufiq.

May Allah forgive me and bless all of you for the sake of our Sheykh. Tarikatuna Sohbet wal khayri min jami’at. This tarikat continues, tarikat is based on association. Association, it is necessary. It is the backbone of the religion. With association, one person speaks and others listen. In association, the one who is speaking, he’s speaking not from his own stomach. He’s getting inspiration. Our Sheykh is speaking. And when our Sheykh is speaking, he’s speaking from the Heavenly station to give us what is necessary for us to take and to carry. And if we take that, we’ll find safety dunya and akhirat insyaAllah.

Wamina Allahu Taufiq.

May Allah bless our Sheykh and bring him to higher and higher station, for the sake of our Grandsheykh, for the sake of Holy Prohet (asws). May Allah grant more health and power to our Grandsheykh and to bring all those ones who are sleeping, who are in deviation back into the siratul Mustaqim.


Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz. Osmanli Dergahi NY

October 11, 2012.

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