The Fitna of Ahir Zaman


Why is Allah giving knowledge to Salihin?

If Allah knows best then don’t think anything, don’t say anything because Allah knows best. Nobody has the right to say nothing.

But Allah gives the Knowledge to whomever He pleases. Those ones who are His Beloved ones, those ones that are beloved to Him, those ones who have submitted themselves to Him, those ones who are the inheritors of the Prophet (AS), those ones who have sacrificed themselves in the Way. Not to scholars, but to Evliyaullah. Not to scholars, but to His Friends. Especially scholars these days, they are nothing but the fountains of fitna.

So this is Ahir Zaman. Knowledge of the Ahir Zaman, first you have to know we are living in what era? what time? what date? what situation? It is a situation of complete fitna. People are interested about Mehdi (AS) but they are not interested to ask about Dajjal. Mehdi is coming out because of what? Because of Dajjal. Isa (AS) is coming out because of what? Because of Dajjal. There is going to be a separation, yes, between the believers and unbelievers. Not between Christians, Muslims, and Jews. No. Between believers, those who believe in Allah, those who believe in a Creator, those who believe in Holy People, those who believe in Holy Books and those who completely don’t believe it. They can call themselves whatever – Jews, Christians, or Muslims, but they don’t believe it.

Believe means you have to live according to that belief. Belief is not just something that you are going to talk about. It’s not just something that you are going to do once in a while like Christians, now Muslims are doing it once a week. Muslims who are once a week or from Bayram to Bayram they going to the masjids to pray, to say that we are Muslims but their whole life, their whole lifestyle, there is nothing that is Islamic about it. There is nothing that is pointing to the Holy Prophet (AS).

So knowledge of the Ahir Zaman-Understanding and believing in Mehdi (AS). But you have to understand and believe in the fitna of Dajjal too. Where is the fitna coming from? where is it  circling around to? how is it circling around? and what you have to do in order to stop it. Otherwise you’re going to get confused by Dajjal that time. It doesn’t matter how much you fast, how much you pray, how much you’re claiming but you are going to be on his side.  It’s finished, dunya and Ahiret he is burned. So many ones who are claiming to become Muslims, Mu’mins, Ahli Tarikat, so many ones, may Allah protect us from that, they may be on the side of batil.  Haqq is Haqq and Batil is Batil. The distinction between the two it is clear but in this Ahir Zaman, Dajjal is going to show Haqq as Batil and Batil as Haqq. That they’re going to show.

So we have to concern ourselves with what is the fitna of Ahir Zaman, what is the fitna, what is the confusion of this Ahir Zaman that we are living in because that is the biggest test that is coming to this nation, isn’t it? In this time? It is not how much Arabic you know, it is not how much Fiqh you know, it is not how much book knowledge that you know, for right now it is how much you are going to stop yourself from being confused by the fitna of Dajjal. You have to know that. You have to be taught that.

Those ones who are claiming to become to be Sheykhs and leaders, they have to point out, ‘this is the fitna, this is the fitna, this is the poison, this is the poison, this is the poison, stay far away from it!’ Now is not the time to be concentrating and jumping and swallowing yourself up with the book knowledge, in which we are seeing in this country, few years ago everyone is so excited about ‘oh, we are making an Islamic Madrasa, we are making a…’- of course they don’t like to call it Madrasa because Madrasa has connotations. Those ones who are championing Islam in the West are saying that, ‘you see, this is fulfillment, because Prophet (AS) is saying, the sun is going to rise from the west and we are representing that sun, the sun of Islam, is going to come from the West like it did in Andalusia.’

Masha’Allah so much sun rising, 800 years the sun is rising and Allah completely darkened that sun, and the Christians came and destroyed everything and dug out even the bodies of the Muslims and burned them and changed the masjid that they built into a church. That is not a blessing. That is not Allah saying, ‘very good I’m blessing you.’ It is something that we should think twice about to say that we did something that is not in the Way of Allah, that Allah is punishing us, it is a big punishment. Yeah, so those ones they are saying, not madrasa, they want to make “Islamic Institution” higher learning, for what?

To train the future generation of Islamic leaders in this country so that they can guide the Muslims in the West, “We have to make new ijtihad! We have to open up a new way! We have to open up a new path! We have to say this is minority fiqh. We have to do so many things that is new”

4 doors, 4 ways, it’s closed, it’s finished. You don’t need 5,6,7,8,9,10, for nothing. 4 ways, 4 Mazhabs, it is enough until Judgment Day. Even those ones who are saying, ‘we are concentrating on the book knowledge,’ you see them after a while they got tired. You see them after a while they sell themselves out and they decide to just go along with the American system. Before maybe, men and women they are separated, they are learning on the floor according to Islamic way. Islamic way, but if the intention is questionable then the results we are going to see the results, the consequences is going to be because of the intention. And Islam is also not something which is a museum, it is not a museum, it is a living religion. There are those ones who are alive.

The Prophets they are alive. The Saints they are alive and they are making Islam to be a living religion, that is, the basic foundations of Islam will never change but the face, the outside, may shift a little bit here and there but not the foundations. For example, foundations is separation between men and women, you’re never going to change that. But it doesn’t matter now, on the floor, on the table, it’s better on the floor but sometimes, okay, we understand that- but why you have to now remove the separation?

The separation of men and women for example, it is a key foundation in Islam. They removed it. Now they are selling themselves out, they say this is college. This is American college. American college, the young ones, they have to be mixed they have to talk to each other, they have to socialize. Men and women before they are wearing Islamic clothes, they have a curtain in between, the women are wearing hijab. Now you see completely no pardah, completely no curtain, men and women are not only looking at each other, sitting next to each other, no hijab and speaking about what? Speaking about architecture, medicine, science? No. Holy knowledge. Tafsir, Hadith, Tasawwuf.

So that means it is not the way, it is tired, they got tired from it. those ones who are connected to Heavenly Sources they are going to warn the Ummat, they are going to warn their people, they are going to warn their followers what is most important to them, what is most beneficial to them, and what is most important for us to know in this Ahir Zaman is how to escape from the tricks and the traps of Dajjal and Sheytan. How to stay far away from the fitna, how not to touch it, how not to be swallowed that is important because now, yes, the brother is asking a question now – there is a fitna going around that giving salawats after the Azan, is it something that is added or something that is Sunnat?

I said this is not something new. It has been going on for a long time but for such a long time there was no talk about it, only in the past 100 years, especially.

They are saying, giving Salawats before and after Azan is it something that is a Sunnat or something that is a Biddat. Of course we’re never going to do any Biddat. What is a biddat? A biddat is that for the past 100 years there is no Khalifa. That is a biddat! The biddat is that we’re all living in biddat!

They’re not concentrating on that. The biddat is Holy Prophet (AS) is saying, three days, three days there is no Khalifa, there is no Islam. That they don’t want to look at because it doesn’t serve the interests of the Islamic regimes. It doesn’t serve the interests of this kafir regimes. It doesn’t serve the interests of the Zionist regimes. It doesn’t serve the interests of those ones who are controlling the countries that they’re calling themselves Islamic countries.

Doesn’t matter if they are from Russia or they are from the west. Same. Kufr. But at least in the west they still believe in Allah. They still believe in God, isn’t it? Some way some how they still believe in a Creator. In Russia? They are saying Russia is the hope of Islam. Some scholars they are saying that. Russia is the hope of Islam. Russia is going to help Iran and it’s going to help Islam. Complete fitna! The fitna it is so ridiculous, it is so embarrassing. But people are believing it. And the one who is saying it is believing it 100%. And he is supposed to be a world renowned scholar.

Scholars, the fitna is going to begin from them, Holy Prophet is saying in the Ahir Zaman and it’s going to circle around it’s going to fall on top of their heads. The biggest fitna is coming from them, that they are the worst creatures that Allah has ever created under His dome. So that fitna, that biddat, is that we do not have a Khalifa. In the past hundred years we do not have a Khalifa. And yes, what is that Khalifa? What is that Khalifa? Who is that Khalifa representing?

The last Khilafat that ruled for over 600 years, the Holy Ottomans that they are on top of our heads,that every Sultan in the Ottoman Dynasty, they are high level Evliyaullah. They achieve high levels, every single one of them and before that the Seljuks who came and supported the other Islamic dynasties.

Islam is 1400 years, if you calculate the Ottomans, say 700 years and the Seljuks for a couple of hundred years almost 1,000 years. A thousand years that Allah has given the secret of Islam and protection to the Turks. The past 600 years that the Ottomans, although they are Turkish, they did not make it into a Turkish Empire. Not in the way that the Umawis were making Islam into an Arabic Empire, the Abbasis making it into Arabic Empire. They ruled everywhere and they made everyone to speak Arabic. This is open, isn’t it? The Iraqis, they are not Arabs, The Egyptians they are not Arabs, but they controlled those lands, everyone were made to speak Arabic, everyone started to.But the Ottoman Turks they did not make the Ottoman Dynasty, Ottoman Empire, Ottoman Civilization that ruled Islam for 600 years.


Not for 150 years in the time of the Umawis or 200 years in the time of the Abbasis, 600 years that they can completely change almost all races in this world and to make them to forget their own language  and to forget their own identity and to make them to become Turks by force. But that is not their identity, meaning that they are going to lose their identity the way that almost all Muslim countries when they denied the Khalifa and they were ruled by the kafirs. They’re still suffering today, of what? Identity crisis.

I don’t know whether I belong to the East or to the West. I speak French, or I speak Arabic, or I speak English, or I speak Urdu, or I speak…etc…etc. If you cannot speak, you cannot think, you cannot communicate, you lose everything. So easy for them to do that, they did not because they did not make it into a Turkish Empire, it is an Islamic Empire, how Holy Prophet (AS) he was collecting people from everywhere and Quran is saying, We made you into different tribes so that you will find each other and exchange ideas and knowledge and learn from each other. So they kept that identities of the people and their religions too. That even the non-Muslims, the Christians and Jews, they were fighting in Europe, they come and they find peace in the Ottoman lands. That is important.

Ottoman land

So of course if people are concerned about details, not details, these are trivial things that has no importance, they are going to miss the whole picture. The whole picture is what? We are living in the time of Dajjal. We are living in the time of confusion, we are living in the time of biddat. They are saying this biddat, that biddat, having this is biddat, having everything is biddat but they are not saying to you that we are living for the past 100 years without a Khalifa. We are living in biddat.

Never before in 1400 years of Islam that the Muslim Ummat is without the Khalifa. That Khalifa is representing that Holy Prophet (AS). Hz. Abu Bakr Siddik is saying, ‘I am Khalifatur-Rasul,’ We are rejecting the Khalifatur-Rasul. So are we surprised now that people are insulting the Prophet (AS)? Because we ourselves, we rejected that one who’s representing, the Khalifa. We rejected the Khalifatur-Rasul for 100 years and we are saying we don’t want the Rasulallah (AS) we want our own, fathers of nations. Those are the role models.

Nationalism has become that. In every Muslim country they’re not going back to their Islamic past. They say, ‘that time when we achieve independence from the west, that is the time that we start growing, we start becoming ourselves, we start to have our own identity,’ which means that all the Islamic history they had, they rejected it. Islam gives you identity. If they want to go back, like in Egypt, like in Iran, if they want to go back to their past they don’t go back to their Islamic past, they go back to their pre-Islamic past, isn’t it?

They go back to their pagan past. They go back to their mushrik past. So are we surprised if the Ummat is being punished now? Are we surprised that they are insulting the Holy Prophet (AS)? We should not be surprised. But the Sheykhs and the Imams and the leaders, they are not waking up the Ummat. To wake up, to understand where we are, first we have to say, ‘we admit we made a mistake. The whole Ummat made a mistake.’

We cannot say now we’ve been blessed. We are being punished. Never before we achieved such a low humiliation in 1400 years. We are under the boots, under the foot of the kafirs. Muslim blood is being spilled everywhere and we are helpless to do anything. But we are so proud to say we are 2 billion Muslims. We are so proud to say everyday, thousands coming into Islam. We are being proud, we have technology, we have oil money we have all this, but we could not even defend our Holy Prophet (AS). We cannot because we are tied up, we cannot defend the Prophet (AS). We cannot defend Islam. This is the power, this is the pride, this is what Islam has achieved? This is what the Ummat- not Islam, Islam is always high- this is what the Ummat is proud of?

Because they are not proud of the Holy Prophet (AS). They are saying no, no that is backward, now we must make modern times. New technology, now we have to chase after it and their role model is the west. Start from young, have western education, western education system, have that darwinism, have that shaytanic ideas to be put in their head, then later it doesn’t matter even if they pray five times a day, we already control them.

So the biddat that we have been living in for the past hundred years it will end, it must end. Holy Prophet (AS) has already said what is going to happen, and we’re waiting for it.

Wa min-Allahu Tawfiq

Bi Hurmatil Habib, Bi Hurmatil Fatiha.

Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi

September 28, 2012

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