The Naks-I’bendi Way is like the Sky – Covering Everybody


The Naks-I’bendi Way is like the Sky – Covering Everybody

Saints of Allah

All religions, all believes, the basic teachings, the bottom point is what? Grandsheykh is saying what? Facing people to what? To Paradise, nothing else.

So, Nakshibendi way is covering in it, is taking everything, that’s why Grandsheykh is saying, ‘our door is open, from East to West. Entering to this way, the door is opening from East to West. Once we enter in it, to come out from it, we cannot find a needle hole to come out, it’s cover is opened, East and West.’ That’s Nakshibendi way. We, we still cannot claim that we are Nakshibendi. Nakshibendi, they don’t claim through tongues. Nakshibendi is through actions. Nakshibendi way is what people they do. So Grandshyekh is Nakshibendi. We are claiming, trying to follow him. InsyaAllah, one day we will learn how to follow him. He has been around in this world for over 80 years. I’ve been around him, all my life. Forty years that I know exactly what he’s going through. What we are going through is nothing. Nothing, zero. Everytime, his door is open from East and West, to everyone again. That is Nakshibendi. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil alamin.

GrandSheykh is saying, ‘what difference does it make if I’m speaking to Hindus or Buddhist, or Jewish or Christian.’

Someone said to him, ‘there’s a King sitting in front of you.’

He said, ‘so what? Does he have a head and legs and hands like the other ones?’

They said, ‘yes.’

‘ Is he aiming to reach to Paradise?’

They said, ‘yes.’

‘Then, he may sit. He may take something.’

Sultanul Awliya

Doesn’t matter what they are claiming that their religion is. Allah is giving. Allah is not claiming from us in this world. The sun is not saying, ‘this is a Christian house, and this is Jewish, and this is Muslim and this is Buddhist.’ Every morning it is rising to everyone’s house. It’s giving light to everybody, every morning. The air is giving life to everyone. The water, giving life to everyone. Allah is not separating us. We are separating ourselves from others. When more perfect you become, that’s what you do. Like Grandsheykh, he said, ‘you open door from East to West. you open door to Jews and to Christian. You open door to your friend and to your enemy. Your door is always open. Your food, with your table is always on the floor, sharing with others.’ That is Islam. That’s what Holy Prophet (asws) did.

Now Sufism, Sufism is the real Islam, real Islam that they, Holy Prophet and His companions live during their lifetime, without the name. They didn’t say, ‘we are Sufis.’ They said, ‘we are Muslims. We are following the footsteps of the Holy Prophet. This is what he is teaching us. This is what we are learning and this is what we are applying to our lives.’ So many Sahabis, including the Prophet (asws), in their life, you see what they went through. How much difficulties they went through. What had happened to them? And what kind of difficulties they went through when they left from Mecca and they came to Medina?

But they kept silence because the bottom point, they knew that Allah is the One, also He has created others. He was the One who is putting them in that situation. That’s why Holy Prophet when he came to Medina and when the news came and said that the Meccan people got together, almost 4000 people with swords and with weapons were coming. Even the population of the whole Medina was not 4000 that time.

‘They are coming to destroy us, Ya Rasulullah.’

And Prophet said to them, ‘sit.’

The high level sahabis, they didn’t even know how to open their mouth. They look to the Prophet and said, ‘if there’s something to do, he’s going to tell us.’ The other ones, they were worrying so much that they started asking. Holy Prophet said to them, ‘sit. We are not going to fight with them unless Allah swt order us to fight. Up till now, I didn’t receive any order.’ So because he didn’t receive order, they were not going to prepare for a fight.

They said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, they are coming. They are going to bring end to us.’

He said, ‘if that is the wish of Allah, what we are going to do? Are you going to fight against to Allah’s wish? Against to Allah’s will? That is the submission we have to Allah?’

They said, ‘No, Ya Rasulullah. We are submitting to you.’

He said, ‘sit with us.’

And when they all submitted through a clear heart, sincere heart, submission to the Prophet (asws), that time Angel came saying, ‘now whole sahabi they have submitted. They believe, they accepted it for them to be sitting here and to be slaughtered by them who’s coming. Now, get up and pull the sword. You are the one who’s going to hit, but your Lord is the One who is going to take their lives. And your Lord, will support you with His Angels.’

Look at the Badr war. 4000 people came. It was only 313 people from among the Believers. It was not even complete 313 in the Badr war. How did it happen? What had happened?

The unbelievers were coming with the best of the weapons that they have. The sahabis that time, they didn’t have a sword in their hands. They took axe, they took whatever they came to carry to fight and they went. They believe to their Prophet. They submitted to their Prophet and to our Prophet. And the help reached to them. 300 people win the war against to almost 4000 people.

battle of badr

So, this incidents, Allah didn’t make them to go through it for nothing. He didn’t make this incident to test His prophet. He already know His prophet and He already know that His prophet was going to submit. And He already know also that the sahabi e-kiram that they were around him that they submitted, that they give everything for the sake of the Prophet, they were going to submit too. That test wasn’t for them. That test was for the people who’s going to come after, from that day until today. What are we doing? The opposite.

What Muslims they are doing? Muslim groups, Muslim nations, what we do?  Completely opposite. And even those who prepare for the sake of Allah to go to fight, to go to war, they are doing completely the opposite. Holy Prophet is saying to us, ‘if there are two ways. One, it is to use harsh way, it is to use sword and the other way, it is to use nice words to people, Allah swt is always favoring those who is using nice words to people. And His blessing is with them.’

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan, he prepared his army for years to go and to enter to Istanbul. He prepared, he came, he asked them, saying to them, ‘I came here to take this city. Either the city is going to take me or I am going to take the city. There is no turning back. Look at the power I have and don’t let anything, any destruction to happen to you and to your nation. Submit yourself and everyone is going to be forgiven. We are not going to punish anyone. We are here just to make the prophecy of the Holy Prophet to happen, to come true.’

Because Prophet (asws) said, ‘Istanbul is going to be conquered.’ So he was going to conquer. They didn’t submit to his request. When Fatih started fighting with the special weapons that he had built that time, he saw that Istanbul was not falling and he understood that there was something wrong somewhere. He said, ‘with this weapon, with this army, I should have conquered a long time ago. Something is happening and I am not conquering this city.’  So he came to his Sheykh and he said, ‘my Sheykh, there is something that I am not understanding. I’m using all power, all physical form of power, but the Istanbul is not falling. It is supposed to be falling but it is not.’

The Sheykh said, ‘yes, it is not falling, because I have been notified that there is a saint inside Istanbul. That one entered into Istanbul. Like you, he made intention to conquer Istanbul, but not by sword but by love. When you came in front of the door of Istanbul by force, with the weapons, he promise Allah that he will not stop but he will stop your weapons, he will stop the bombs that you are sending inside, until he die, he will not let any Greeks to be damaged by that and now he is using that spiritual power. As long as he lives inside, that one saint, not with this army, with the whole army in the world, you cannot conquer this city.’

The Sheykh continued saying that, “Now you have a test. Tonight, you are going to go after Isha prayer, going on sejda and praying on sejda until morning, not getting up. Praying to Allah saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, either take that one’s life or take my life. But I am not turning back from here. I am submitting my will, my power, my everything to you. Either take my life or take his life. This way, this, what I came here for, to be able to conquer and I am submitting. It is in Your hand.’ Sincerely go to sejda and ask Allah, believing and leaving it to Allah, let Him to decide. He’s going to decide either taking his life or your life.”

Sultan Mehmet Fatih

And the Sultan said, ‘with your permission my Sheykh. I will do.’

He went to sejda, until fajr. So fajr time, the Sheykh came to him and he said, ‘now prepare, because Allah swt accepted your prayer and Seyyid Jivarli Varva, he just passed away tonight. So there is no saint to protect them. Now you can come for the city.’ And he said, ‘He gave me direction, you must hit from this side, you must enter from that door.’ And that’s exactly what had happened.

So, Islam never went somewhere attacking, destroying or going to other nations or other religions to destroy them because they were believing differently. They had aims, different aims.

InsyaAllah, all these, we must take lesson from it. People came after, they took lessons. Those who took lessons from them, they win, they became the winners in dunya and akhirat. Those who didn’t take lessons, they suffer. They are still suffering.

Nowhere in Islam is suicide bombing accepted. That is not bravery and it is not accepted. Being hero is something else, being suicide bomber is something else. That’s what Muslims started doing for the last 50 years, suicide bombers. Going around destroying themselves and destroying others but they are not knowing who they are destroying even. They are not even knowing the people.

Islam, never punish people who is not guilty. Islam is saying to you that if you have a ship at the shore and there are a thousand people there where nine hundred and ninety-nine of them have been found guilty by the court of Islam and they are going to have death penalty, every one of them. They are escaping from that country and nine hundred and ninety-nine people who are in that ship are guilty and they have death penalties on them. There is only one person in that ship who is not guilty but he is just caught up with them there. You cannot sink that ship because there is one innocent sitting among those nine hundred and ninety-nine of them. The army of Islam has no right to sink that ship.

This is the Islam that Holy Prophet (sws) brought to us and if anybody is trying to get something other than that then they are never going to reach anywhere. Is that what Muslims they are doing today? They are not winning wars. They are not going to win any wars. Because any wars that they are doing, it is not for Allah again. It is not for Islam. It is for land, it is for oil, it is for who is going to control what. They are not fighting for Allah. They are not winning. They are not going to win as long as they continue in that way. The suicide bombers, they are angry people, now, they have nothing else to do anymore and they are so angry that they are ready to give up their lives to destroy themselves and so many others. It is not accepted in Islam. Allah is not accepting it.


But one individual may give up from his life to safe other 50 people. Yes, that is accepted in Islam. Not to destroy yourself, to destroy your life and to destroy so many others around you.  No, that is not accepted. This is the image that we are giving to the west. We did this. Muslims. Doesn’t matter if Palestinians or the Afghanis or anybody. But we did it. We are Muslims. When one Muslims does one wrong, it goes to every Muslims. Every Muslims are blamed for that. Not Islam. Don’t make no mistake. Muslims. Islam is clean from that but the Muslims are guilty. When they are doing damage, it is our duty to fix that damage as much as we can. Tomorrow in the Judgement Day at least we have something to say, saying, ‘this is what you have given to me ya Rabbi, and this is what I did. I couldn’t do more than that.’ That time, we may find forgiveness. Otherwise we will all be guilty.

So, we have to understand this, we have to know, we have to live, we have to try to live according to that. Even Muslims lifestyle, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘living in ahir zaman and carrying my sunnat is not going to be that easy. It’s going to be like carrying fire in your hand. But you cannot drop that fire. You will be losing your faith.’ So you are going to change that fire from hand to hand, much as you bear with this, then you are going to change to the other one, you are going to change to the other one until the savior is coming and bringing peace to this world. If you are living that time, that’s how you are going to live. But you cannot drop it. When you drop it, you will become like the other one.

Our duty, is not even to go to a war. We are not going to any war. Don’t think that you are going to war. No. Our duty is to declare war to ourselves and to try to save as much people from the wrong direction that they are going. Everyone is going into a quicksand, we must try to move them out. Much as we can. That time you will feel happy,  you will feel comfortable. Everywhere you walk, you are with your Lord, whatever they say to you, if it is wrong, you don’t hear. You only hear the good things. You only say good things to people, you don’t say bad things to people.

Don’t make no mistake saying, ‘they are Christians or Jews or something else and we are Muslims and we are any better.’ We don’t know how we are going to come out from this life. Biggest worrying, you must worry, we must worry, to think how we are going to give the last breath. Are we going to die as of believer or as of unbeliever? You don’t know that. That is hidden. That is hidden to us. So the people that you may look down now, they may go out from this world clean. We don’t know. Maybe they come to Islam tomorrow and they will be perfectly okay. As whatever we do now, if we do good deeds, we receive blessings from it. If we do bad deeds, we are going to receive punishment for it. But if a person is doing such a thing wrong right now and he is not Muslim, soon as he gives Shahadat, he’s going to be the most clean one. All sins and all wrong things that he did up till now, it’s going to be forgiven. So he’s going to be more clean than you and I. That is Islam.

Sheykh Effendi calls upon a (non-Muslim) brother who was present for the weekly gathering and was making the intention to give his Shahadah: “‘X’, come here. . Sit in front of me. Give me your hand. Now say, ‘Ashadu.’”

X : Ashadu

(Sheykh Effendi) SE : A-la

X: A-la

SE : ilaha

X: ilaha

SE : il Allah

X: il Allah

SE : ve Ashadu

X: ve Ashadu

SE : anna

X: anna

SE : Muhammadan

X: Muhammadan

SE : Abduh

X: Abduh

SE : ve Rasuluhu

X: ve Rasuluhu

SE recites and ‘X’ followed : Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. Salallahu Ta’ala Alayhi ve ala Alihi ve Sahbihi ve Sallim.

Allahu, Allahu, Allahu Haqq. Allahu, Allahu, Allahu Haqq. Allahu, Allahu, Allahu Haqq.



Congratulations to you. Now, what I have just said, this man is more cleaner than everyone of us here now. All sins, according to what Holy Prophet is saying to us. According to what Holy Quran is saying, anyone who is giving shahadat, anything that they did before their lives, everything is forgiven, they are pure like they’ve been born from their mother. They are pure. Now pray for us (Sheykh Effendi is saying to brother ‘X’ who has just given his Shahadat). Tonight, pray for us, because you are pure, you are more purer than us. Welcome to you.

Wa minaAllahu Taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha

Sohbet by Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

1427 Muharram 22

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