“The Empire State is hit by a superstorm Sandy, to serve as a reminder”


“The Empire State is hit by a superstorm Sandy, to serve as a reminder”

lokmanhojaLet us renew our religion, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il-Allah, wa Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduhu wa Rasuluhu Salallahu ta’ala alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallim.’

Renewing our Shahadat, it is obligation. It is obligation for us. How those squarehead they can say Zikir is biddat, when zikir is nothing but to renew our religion, to renew our Shahadat, by remembering Allah and giving high praises to His Holy Prophet (asws).

Squareheads, not understanding. Squareheads, but the end of those squareheads it is not going to be easy. Definitely it’s not going to be open paradise stations. They have to fix themselves.

Allah (swt), as our Sheykh Efendi (Hz.) is saying so many times, has given us one life. One life, not two, not three, not ten. One life. One life to lead, one life for us to fix ourselves, one life for us to remember our life before and to understand our life ahead. We don’t need two lives, or three, or ten, or a hundred, or some they are thinking, we are getting reborn over and over and over again.

No, it is not.

If you’re not able to fix yourself in one life, definitely second time you’re going to do the same thing, third time you’re going to do the same over and over again you’re going to do the same. Forever you’re going to come back, forever you’re going to do the same, because the idea is to catch your ego. The idea is to catch that part of yourself, ourselves, that everyone has, that ego, that is declaring lordship.

If you are not able to catch it, everyone is given that authority, that permission, that knowledge and that power to catch it, Allah has sent 124,000 Prophets to teach us how to catch that ego, how to know ourselves and how to know our Lord.

QuranAllah has sent countless Evliya-Ullah, countless Salihin, countless Righteous People to bring us to the right way. He has sent, not one Book, not four Books, 104 Books. The last one that He send, the Quran-i-Kerim, is enough for us until Judgment Day to take guidance from it.

The words of our Holy Prophet (AS) is enough. If you take one Hadith-i-Sherif for us to take guidance for the rest of our lives until Judgment Day.

So the whole trick- trick, the whole key is for us to understand who we are. But that understanding is already given to us, that understanding is called a free will, that understanding is called the intelligence, that understanding is called the faith, that understanding is called the modesty which everyone has.

Nobody in this face of the Earth can say, ‘well, I don’t have intelligence.’

Anyone knows to say, ‘if I’m hungry I’m going to eat, if I am cold I’m going to wear warm clothes, if it’s raining I’m going to go under a shelter.’

Unless you’re crazy, but that’s a different category, you’re not responsible that time. If you know then you are not without intelligence. If you know how to cover yourself, if you know that when you’re going to the bathroom, you’re not going to do it out in the open- of course today’s Ahir Zaman, they’re doing that also but no, you are covering yourself, then you have shame.

You know that there are things you must show, things you cannot show. You have shame, meaning you have a modesty, you have intelligence, you have faith. The faith is saying that I’m here now, but there was a time when I wasn’t here. Where was I? And there will be a time when I will not be here- where am I going to go?

That is called a faith.

modesty and faithMan has all of this and he’s going to be able to find his Lord. Man who knows all of this it does not need two lifetimes to figure out. One lifetime. And in reality every day that message is being sent to us.

Yes, everyday, every week, every month, every moment. Because Allah is saying one time to us, ‘Am I not your Lord?’ Isn’t it?

In the Day of Promises He’s saying, ‘Am I not your Lord,’ In the day of “Alastu bi Rabbikum,”

And we say, “Qalu Bala, Yes you are our Lord.”

You think Allah (swt) is saying only that time? One time? ‘Am I not your Lord?’

He’s continuously asking us.

‘Am I not your Lord?’

At least 5 days, no five times a day, not five times a day, more than that. He is  saying, Am I not your Lord. Everything else, if you open your eyes, if you open these eyes, they’re going to say, ‘Who is your Lord, and who are you?’

superstorm sandy

sandy  sandy

America, the East Coast, New York, the Empire State. Of course it has to be Empire State because Seyh Efendi is here. Because the Empire is going to strike back, the Ottoman Empire, that’s why he is here in the Empire State! Not in any other state. Empire State. And which is why the Sultan of that Empire State after he is being lifted, this Empire State is hit by a superstorm that never before in the history it has ever hit America, it has ever hit the East Coast.

‘Am I not your Lord?’

That is a reminder.

‘Am I not your Lord?’

Who am I and who are you?

Everything else is saying, declaring the greatness of Allah.But is man going to sit down to think yes, my Lord is Most Great? And who am I, what does He want from me, what are my responsibilities? He sent Prophets, He sent Books, He sent His Friends to me- Murids they are not waking up. Murids they are not waking up to say, yes, the protection, the Qutub, the Pole, the Friend of Allah that because of that Friend that Allah (swt) is sending the Rahmet because Allah is not going to punish that area there where He has His Friend. It doesn’t fit to His Majesty.

And Allah (swt), one Righteous Man, one Saintly Person, saw this man in the grave and he’s suffering because he did all the wrong things in his life, and he’s suffering in his grave, he’s being punished in the grave heavily by the Angels.

sahibulsaifOne day he’s seeing and this man, his punishment is being lifted and he’s living in a Paradise. And he’s thinking and he’s trying to understand why, and the answer came to him, because all this time he did not have any child, no children, no son, no one to remember him, to pray for him and now his son he grew up, first time he’s learning to say, ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim’and because of that  BismillahirRahmanirRahim, Allah (swt) is saying it doesn’t fit into My Majesty to punish that one who’s son is remembering My Name.

Yes, it all comes around again to Zikir. Who are you remembering, who are you giving importance to, who are you reminding yourself of? Allah and His Prophet and the Holy ones? Or yourself, and your ego, and your nafs, and your desire? Are you making a Zikir of your desire?

Of course!

You’re thinking all the time, ‘what am I going to eat, what am I going to eat, what am I going to eat? What am I going to wear, what am I going to buy, what am I going to sell, what am I going to get?’

You are making a zikr, constant remembrance which the wahabbi shaytan squareheads – they’re not turning around to say this is a zikr of Shaytan, this is a bid’at but to remember Allah – that is what we’ve been sent for to remember Allah and everything else is remembering Allah.


Everything in creation, in their own station, is remembering Allah and if we are fitting into that station where we are remembering Allah, we will start to see and listen and hear the zikr of all the other ones that are remembering Allah.

Don’t think it is how you think it is. It is not just to sit here and think oh I’m hearing this making zikr, hearing that making zikr. You don’t have to have that kind of extraordinary power. You are going to understand then, that reminder which came to us, the hurricane, the superstorm that came to us that never before – everyone was shocked, everyone was scared and still so many areas are still under the suffering because of that. Never before it had happened. It happened during the time of Sheykh Effendi’s birthday too, a little bit before we have to calculate how many days it was, it hit. Are we thinking to remind ourselves, ‘yes this is Allah reminding us. Allah reminding us that He is the Lord and we, small creatures, declaring Lordship, being disobedient all day.’

We have to wake ourselves up. We have to wake up, we have to come back to the Siratul Mustaqim. We have to come back to the way of Allah and His Prophet (asws).

These days, forget about kafirs, muslims they are afraid to say, they are afraid and they are embarrassed, especially from their kafir friends, to say this is a punishment from Allah. They are afraid. Mashallah. So it’s a big blessing, huh?

superstormsandySo much rahmat coming, so many homes destroyed, they’re not reporting so many people died, you’re also not reporting  so many people are suffering, so much waste, so many things happening – you cannot say that it is a blessing. Of course it is a blessing in that way that everything that happens to us is a blessing. It is a blessing because we are being reminded, but the act itself is not a pleasant act that is going to give you pleasure and happiness and blessings – it is not.

superstormBut Muslims are afraid to say this too, they are afraid to say that the change of the weather and anything that happens – it is an act of Allah. They are afraid to say act of God, they are afraid to say that.

‘Don’t say that, then your friends are not going to like you, they’ll think that you’re being Looney because don’t you know that the weather is separate from Allah.’

weather-forecastHasha astagfirullah, that’s what they are trying to say, weather is separate, we listen to weather man, why we have to listen to you?

Weather man says it’s because the cold front is coming!  it’s because of this, it’s because of that.. ha-ha, yeah, yeah, but we are not reminding ourselves that nature is a creature.

Allah created nature and Allah has power of the nature, and in reality the nature and everything is under the authority of one saint not two, one. And that one is sending or taking according to the power and the will that Allah has given to that one and the authority that Allah has given to that one .

Muslims are afraid to say – saying that nature’s separate and Allah’s separate – Mashallah now you’ve made a shirk – finished . No, no, it is not.

We have to remember our Lord.  Remembering our Lord in so many ways, remembering our Lord and giving thanks to Him then, that time yes… That hurricane that is coming, you, if you sit and you connect yourselves to the Awliyaullah and you say, ‘make me to understand what it is,’ you’ll be able to hear that zikr that is coming from that hurricane and that zikr, it is terrifying, yes that zikr is reminding you of the power of Allah. Not just zikr to say la ilaha ilAllah, la ilaha ilAllah… Allah, Allah.. they are making zikr a weak zikr.

Weak because they say, ‘don’t make a tough zikr, don’t make a zikr with energy – you are going to scare people you must not scare people, you must not scare away the kafirs. Unbelievers are going to see it and are going to get scared you must show them that Islam is gentle and soft and weak and mild. Otherwise they are going to say you are a terrorist.’

So you’re always reminding yourself to please them, you are not pleasing Allah.

You’re not pleasing Allah, you are not looking at how Allah is looking. You are looking at how others they are judging you.

There is a time for that kind of zikr, there is a time for a different kind of zikr and now when the whole world are ganging up against to Islam, they are ganging up going against to the Holy Prophet (asws), this is the time when we are going to show our weakness and our mildness? you think that is going to change them?

Hoja EffendiWake up!

We have to wake up. The new year came and the new year is coming with different heybet, different tests. It’s coming with different powers, it’s coming with different openings. We must ask for strength to be able to carry this, otherwise we will be knocked out too and the only strength is holding on to the jubbah of our Sheykh. To hold on to Sheykh Effendi, to hold on to Sahib al-Saif strongly, not to deviate, not to say I have a different idea. Not to say, ‘now is the time for me to declare this or to do this.’

No, it is to hold on to him directly and strongly. That is the only time you’ll be able to find safety. Otherwise you’ll get knocked down too.

Yes, because the New Year is here. How are we approaching that new year what are we looking for? What are our expectations? What is it that we want? What is it that we must get?

If it comes to the dunya, in the new year, everyone knows what they must do, what they want to do, what they want to get. With Islam, in this way, we are not waiting once a year. We are not waiting once a month, to make a resolution. We are not waiting once a week. Sheykh Effendi is teaching us that a mureed, every day, every night, they have to sit down and make tafakkur.

They have to make meditation, they have to sit and they have to review – what have I done today? What I said, who I said it to? What was my intention, why did I say this?  Did I break this person’s heart? Did I do this for the sake of Allah or is it for my ego? – to review, to understand to think, to make meditation.

contemplationThat is meditation. Not just to sit like a Buddha, and to make meditation that way. That is not Islam. The others, they may have their traditions, we are not going to say nothing, go continue their traditions. But not here, not the way that our Sheykh  is holding us, teaching us.

Once we have that meditation, yes, then we make a resolution, isn’t it?

We make a promise every day, we make a promise at least every day – Sheykh Effendi’s sunnat is to make the sajdah as-shukr every day, every night when we finish the majilis to ask for Allah’s forgiveness and to remind ourselves that all those ones that have done us wrong, we forgive them too, we are not going to ask for their rights on the day of judgement and we are asking Allah for them to forgive us too and we are asking for the next day to become better if Allah is giving us life to continue at least to have that but not just to say, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, I think about it, yeah, yeah, yeah, I don’t know,’ but to make it the same way that you make something to be a routine that you are doing it, for that to be a routine to do it and to put your heart into it.

New year comes with that, new year comes with a strong reminder – reminding us.

Didn’t we also have the eclipse?

Yes, we also had the eclipse. So many people also are not understanding what it is – they are scared. So different signs are showing, don’t think that something as big as an eclipse it has no sign, there is a meaning. There is a meaning in that. Don’t go looking  around searching too much like this, or like that but to know that when the sun is getting blocked and darkness is all over, don’t think it is a time of blessing – it is not. You’re not going to go up there like kafirs and to take pictures. It is forbidden in Islam. It is forbidden to even look at the skys – stay home!

Say astagfirullah, that is the sunnat. You don’t say astagfirullah when rahmat is falling, you say alhamdulilah. When the curse is falling you say astagfirullah, that is the way that you should be doing, that is the way that is sunnat.  There is a prayer that we have to make.

Muslims have lost all these traditions, they say all this is old. All this is old fashioned, all this is throw away, garbage kind of things.

It is not.

maulidYou’ve thrown away your religion then, and wait.  Just sit and wait for the punishment to come to you. Daring to say things like this, daring to say well we should not have any mawlid.

I’m hearing everywhere now, we should not have mawlid for people who have passed after 3 days, after 7 days, after 40 days. ‘What’s this?  What is this mawlid? it’s old fashioned kind of thinking.’

What are you going to have? you’re going to have a wedding?

Yeah, some they are.  Father just passed, next day they have a wedding. Continuing. What kind of blessing is going to come to that union now, huh? Your father just passed and the next day you’re going to have a big wedding and everyone is going to laugh and enjoy themselves?

No traditions.  No modesty. Modesty is going to say this is right and this is wrong, no one needs to tell you anything. You, by yourself,  in some part of you are going to say  I don’t feel comfortable. Go with the heavy side, don’t go with the side that says, ‘no, no, no, don’t worry about it, don’t worry about…’ finding excuses.  No, don’t look for excuses. They say no need to have a mawlid, not only do they have a wedding, but they say no need to have a mawlid, no need to remember, no need to send prayers for that one, no need to feed the poor people and pray for that one because it is all old fashion.

They are very smart when it comes to matters like this and say, ‘well where is the proof, where is the dalil, where is this, where is that?’

They’re very smart with this thing. But when it comes to dunya, when it comes to the practices and the lifestyle of the unbelievers, they say you must embrace, you must hug it, you must put it in your lives, you must put it in your heart – everything there is beautiful and it is good.

punishment of Allah swtDon’t expect this year again for better things to open, for easier things to open to this nation. More is going to come that is going to remind us, and that punishment, it is good because it is  going to remind us who our Lord is. Otherwise we are in trouble.

If we don’t wake up here, they are going to fix us good, they are going to wake us up good in the grave. If that does not finish on the day of Judgement, if not, then disaster because the further away from that is a disaster what lies beyond that, which is a fire, it is a disaster.

May Allah not test us and may we finish with this, what we are supposed to know, while we are still alive in this world. Otherwise it is going to be a very difficult time that is going to be ahead of us, but yes, the zikr of Allah – remembering our Lord, remembering Allah, is not just to sit in a majilis, to sit in a halaqa, to sit in a circle to remember.  I am hearing also, because now zikr is also undeniable, in the past maybe, because we are not looking we are not other ones that are saying whatever that you do you have to find a proof, you have to do this, you have to do that. Fnd proof for your own existence.

You think you exist?

Find proof. Find proof – you cannot.

So, they are saying now, this zikr circle is undeniable. There is proof from everything, from everywhere from the Quran to the Hadith but they don’t like tarikats. I’m seeing so many scholars too, because they have to go according to whatever the jamaat, jamaat like this they are going to go like this, jamaat like that they are going to go like that. So they are like this, they are like that everywhere they are going.

So it’s undeniable too some jamaats they say, ‘we want zikr too but we don’t want to follow Sheykhs and everything.’

They say, “okay let’s do zikr then. We are going to say ‘ya Zul Jalali wal Ikraam- 100 times.”

They do like that, zikr too they are saying, because they want it and it is undeniable but there is no ijazat, there is no permission, there is no authority, there is no secret being passed there. But they are doing it because the hadith is saying if you repeat this 100 times you are going to do this, if you say this 100 times you are going to have that. You are going to say subhanallah, subhanallah – so they are just going to say subhanallah, but there is no link, there is no connection with that one who gave that zikr. To whom? to whom?

Let’s see how many they are going to say too the prayer that we are doing, the prayer for awal Muharram – there are so many different prayers that you can do, see how many they are going to say this is a bidat. Mashallah, as if every night they are praying 1000 rakats for them, they are doing everything correctly, then they say this is bidat, this is not bidat.

Wrong ideas.  wrong ideas – more reminders is going to come.  Reminder is coming now, it is better than later because everything that we do, we are responsible for it. Yes, Allah forgives, of course Allah forgives. Of course Allah is the most forgiving but everything, the man, it is an adult, it is not just going to say well I do whatever I want to do and I can get away with it.

Hoja EffendiYou cannot get away with anything in this dunya, you cannot even get away with going to a coffee show and not paying for one cup of coffee, you cannot even get away with that and if we are going to treat our Lord and our Creator that way to cheat him and not give him his rights, then don’t declare that time that you are an obediant servant.

Inshallah ar-Rahman, we are asking for this year to keep us in safety, to keep us in strength, and to make this way to become more open, for Seyh Effendi to continue his medet, his support to us inshallah.  We are asking for forgiveness ya Rabbi, we are your weak creatures and we are filled with mistakes, we are asking for your forgiveness for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), for the sake of our Grandseyh, for the sake of our Seyh, to live in this way and to die in this way, and for us not to deviate



Salamun aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi

November 15, 2012

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