Month of Safar – Trials and Tribulations


Month of Safar – Trials and Tribulations

SahibulSaifWe are entering into the second month of the Islamic calendar, the month of Safar. The month of Safar where so many incidents are coming down. Believers, believers must be careful. Safar is always coming down with its heaviness and with the punishments. The Nation of Muhammad (sws) must be careful. The whole month this year may hit left and right.

In Safar 700,000 curses and punishments are removed from Lawh-e Mahfuz and coming down to the first level (of the sky). During that month that heaviness is coming down and whatever incident is going to happen to people during that whole year, from this Safar to the following year’s month of Safar, whatever curses and punishments are going to reach to people, it’s coming down. We must be careful. We must not be standing in the open to receive that punishment. We must not go out from the house without reciting Ayat-ul Kursi, asking Allah (swt) to protect us from those curses that are coming down.

There are some special prayers that we may do during this month. We must run a little more, make our schedule a little more tight during this month to make a little more extra zikir. At least 3 times a day Shahadat and at least 500 times a day astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah. If you cannot make it then 300 times a day, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah.

Today’s people are very busy. They may say to me, ‘300 times is too much.’ Say 100 times at least, Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah. Astaghfirullah means, sit somewhere for 5 minutes and understand the things you did in Ghaflat (heedlessness) and ask forgiveness. Regret from Allah (swt) to say, `You were watching me and I was doing this heedless thing Ya Rabbi. I am asking forgiveness from You’. That’s what it means. And I am watching so many are playing with the Tasbih (pulling it so quickly), I asked, `What you did?’ They say, `100 times astaghfirullah’. MashaAllah, mashaAllah. You are just fooling yourself. Nobody else.


Wake up to yourself because Azrail is ready to strike. Keep that alive in yourself. Don’t say that `I am a young one’ or ‘I am a strong one’ or ‘I am a healthy one,’ or `I am a powerful one’ or `I have so many positions’. Look, read the newspaper today. Watch how many strong ones are going out from this world, how many healthy ones are going out from this world. Look and watch. Maybe tomorrow is your turn.

And worry, yes, you must worry, we must worry for Akhirat. We have been sent to this world to earn our Akhirat. Did you earn your Akhirat today? At least did you make promise today to live for Akhirat? Everything that you do in this world, did you promise today that you are doing it for the sake of Allah, preparing yourself for Akhirat?

If you are doing that then you have no worry. You have only one worry. Akhirat. That never ends. That is the one that keeps pushing you continuously forward. That is the time that people will know too, `This one ran for Allah’.

If you are running for Dunya then your energy is going to finish and when the energy is finishing then your hope is going to finish and Sheytan is coming to you saying, `Don’t worry. Your Lord is so Merciful. You don’t have to do it. He’s going to forgive you’. This is what he is saying. Who’s saying this? Allah is saying this to us, `This is how that Sheytan is coming to you to fool you.’

Yes, your Lord is Merciful with you when you have the breath of life and carrying it. That’s a mercy to wake up, to shake yourself up to say, `What is it that I’m doing? When am I going to wake up?’  Ask that question to yourself. If you didn’t yet then start right now. Push yourself now. Don’t leave it for tomorrow because tomorrow may be too late.

tomorrow may be too lateSo, a very dangerous month is waiting. So many people’s names are written in that book for that month, who are going to go out. So many nations are going to turn upside down. So many businesses are going to turn upside down. So many healthy people are going to enter to sicknesses. So many people who think that they are top level are going to come all the way down. Look back, take lesson from history.

Muslims are screaming in the streets today saying, `Why Allah is not helping us? The Americans came to Iraq, they went to Afghanistan. The Israelis are finishing us’.  Yeah. Ask the question to yourselves. The answer is with you, not with the Americans. They are in Iraq today. Tomorrow they may be in Turkey and there is a road leading to that. These nations, these people, that’s what they are preparing. And they say, `We are such good ones. And their soldiers came and are raping our mothers and our sisters’. Ah, you weren’t that good maybe. Sit and think.

Allah subhana wa ta’ala doesn’t send anything to a man who didn’t deserve. Sit and think. Watch what happened, how the history is moving. Watch step by step and you will understand. And don’t look at the other nations. Your own nations, look at how they are, and the hope for tomorrow for them is not that great. It’s terrible.

All that happened to us, to the Muslims, why?


The last ruling Khalifah, Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan II (Jennat Mekan).

Since we left Allah. Over a hundred years ago we have risen against the ruler that Allah sent to us, the Khalifah, we have risen against him. All nations, Muslim nations rose against him saying, `We don’t want this kind of ruling. We don’t want these kinds of laws. What are these laws? Remove it. We put our own laws’.

Heh, now you are okay. In all Muslim nations, things that never happened in their dreams, now it’s happening there worse than the western countries. Watch. I don’t have to tell you. You know how it is. You know better than me.

So, what’s in it for us?

We are part of it. We have to sit and pray, `Yes Ya Rabbi, we are in it. We are part of it. We are asking for forgiveness.’ Ask forgiveness from Allah (swt). Say, `Yes, if You give me the power, I will stand up and I will change all these wrong things. And I am starting to change the wrong things with myself. And I am promising to You that I am going to live according to Your laws, not according to my ego’. Then you will be alright. Even if you change nothing, even if the whole world turns upside down, you will be okay.

Amri bil maruf wa nahyi anil munkar. That’s finished too, completely, that the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `When that finishes, everything is finished. In the nations, Amri bil maruf must first come from the top leaders.’ The leaders must give orders to the people to direct them to the right roads and to stop them from the wrongdoings. But it became otherwise. Imams, sheikhs, priests, rabbis, everyone is falling into the same category now. They are afraid to speak the truth because some authorities may call them and question them.

That’s what happened. But you must not be afraid to speak the truth at least to your own selves. At least say to your own selves, `This is what’s happening. This is what I’m doing. This is what I’m saying. I am saying the Shahadat but I am living otherwise. I am saying the Shahadat but I am breaking every law, everything that the Holy Prophet (sws) said, I am living something else. I am a different creature’.

Wake up to yourselves. If Azrail comes to you in that situation, it’s not going to be enough to say, `I am a Muslim 20, 30, 40, 60, 100 years’.

The Ahir word, the last word is important. And if you are not living according to that then you are not going to be able to hold on tightly to that Shahadat. That is the time that again you are going to run around looking, `Where is doctor? Where is help?’

But Azrail is there and you are not seeing. You are still running to look for doctors. Is that what you are doing right now? Yes, that’s what you are doing right now. Any little incident that comes to you, the first thing that you remember is doctor and hospital and emergency. This is what you are remembering.

You are not remembering Allah and His Prophet (sws). You are not remembering to say, `Is this Azrail coming to check me up? Maybe. Let me see. Let me not get excited and slowly let me see. Let me make two rakats. Let me go to Sejdah’.

911_emergencyAh, from where did you learn this? From where did you learn to call 911? Is Islam saying to you that 24 hours any incident happens call 911? Turning the whole world upside down with your confusion and Fitna and later, `911, I am afraid somebody is coming’.

Eh, you are not afraid from Allah, definitely.

You are not a believer then. You are claiming the Shahadat but you are not believing what the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying.

So what the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to us? `The believer, your today has to be better than yesterday. Tomorrow must be better than today if you are a believer. If you are a believer then your today has to be better than yesterday and your tomorrow must be better than today’.

Is there any doubt with the words of the Holy Prophet (sws)?

If you have doubt then you lost your faith. Check it up. Look at it. Is that what’s happening to you today? Today is better than yesterday? And you are hoping for tomorrow that it’s going to be better?

Not worldly again. Not Dunya. Akhirat, akhirat. Islam is concentrating on everything in Akhirat, not in Dunya. Leave that concentration of Dunya, concentrate on Akhirat, you will be the winner. Everything comes along then to you.

So wake up to yourselves. Today is the good day. Tomorrow worse is coming, the following day worse is coming, the following day worse is coming. But the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying otherwise. Allah is saying otherwise to the believers, saying, `The Ahir is going to be better’. But it’s not happening better to those people who are claiming that they are believers. Every day that is passing it’s becoming worse. Yes. It’s because something is wrong with the belief. Something is wrong with their faith. Their faith and their action are completely something different.

So we must wake up. This is the month of Safar, it’s the month that is coming with heavy bombardment to the disobedient children of Adam (as). Seven hundred thousand curses are coming down during that month. So many are going to go out from this world but they are going without faith. Make sure that you don’t give up.

In the old days people were doing very special things just to save themselves from that cursing that is coming down. If you are not doing anything, don’t run around in the streets wild if it’s for nothing. Sit in your home, pray and make some more extra zikir. If it’s not necessary, don’t run in the streets.

InshaAllah when the intention is correct, Allah (swt) will protect His servants. We must correct our intentions and we must run to do good things and good deeds for the sake of Allah (swt). These words are for you and for me. If we take it we will win. If not, as you like.


Wa min Allahu tawfiq

 Bihurmatil Habib,  Bihurmatil Fatiha.

Sohbet by  SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

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