“Those that leave the path are always replaced with better ones in service”


“Those that leave the path are always replaced with better ones in service”

Hoja Lokman EffendiEveryone is welcome to come, everyone is welcome to go. We are not going to make any special invitation. Not to you, no to me, not to anyone. Doesn’t matter. Welcome to those who comes, farewell to those who leaves.

Those who are coming, definitely they are going to gain something for themselves for the ahirat life. There’s nothing here for the dunya. For the ahirat life, for the eternal life, there’s something that our Sheykh will give that is going to be enough for you.

But if you want to leave, there’s no compulsion in religion. There is no force. If you want to leave, you may leave. Eh, others will come. Others who are better than us will come.

So, ayat came about the battle of Uhud. Holy Prophet (asws) was attacked and they spread the rumor that he passed, that he was killed. And that attack happened because some, they were not listening to the Prophet (asws). They were not listening to him from the very beginning. He did not want to go to war and they were pushing him to go to war, and he put on the armour. Later, somebody older, a higher level sahabi spoke to those ones who were pushing for the war.

They said, ‘don’t you see, Prophet is not liking it, don’t you understand?’

So they said, ‘ahh,’ they regretted, they understood immediately and said, ‘what did we do?’

They went to Prophet (asws) saying, ‘Ya Rasulullah, maybe this is not a good idea for us to go to the war.’

Prophet (asws) said, ‘once a Prophet wears the armour, he cannot take it off.’

I believe that was the only time Prophet wore armour. He was wearing the visor, the mask, the helmet and they were attacked. He was attacked and a metal went through and punctured his teeth. If it wasn’t Hazreti Umar, it was Hazreti Abu Bakar, one of the high level sahabi broke his teeth trying to pull the metal piece out. This is real. It is not movie, it is not TV. It’s real.

battle of uhud

Imagine. Imagine if you are at that war and a metal go through you. Imagine.

So, that is also the war that when Uwais al-Qarni heard that Holy Prophet (asws) shed blood in that war and he lost his teeth. He knocked out all his teeth down. He punched his own face and he knocked down his teeth, saying, ‘how can my beloved one be hurt and I still have my teeth.’

He is not young ones like you and me. He’s older. He’s older than the Prophet (asws). Yes, Uwaisy. Understanding?

That kind of love nobody understands. Especially not Americans. The west, they don’t understand it. They say, ‘that’s crazy. Why you want to do that? What is it going to do to you? What are you going to gain by doing that? That’s a bit too extreme isn’t it?’

Anything touches them, their ego, they are not going to like. By right, if they are sincere with themselves, they’ll be crucifying themselves every year, following the sunnat of Isa. Tauba astarghfirullah.

crucifyThat’s not the sunnat of Isa, but they are saying, ‘we put him to the cross.’ Put yourself to the cross. You say that you love him so much, you love your Lord. He gave his son, so you give your son, you give yourself.

The measure of love is what you give, not what you can take.

Christians, hmm, there are some that they were doing it, but even that, they used to be muslims that they are doing it in the Philippines and the Catholic church got very upset and very angry saying, ‘this is extreme, why are you doing this?’

They went through the passion – whipping, this and that, to show their love.

Holy Prophet (asws), in that war, he was attacked and so many muslims, you are calling them muslims? Let’s just say, those who were with the Prophet – So many murids, so many that was with their sheykh may be here today, may not be here tomorrow. May Allah make us to be here today and tomorrow until we die, until the hereafter, forever with our Sheykh, under his feet, not on top of his head. Some thinking that they can be on top of his head. You cannot. Impossible. You can try, but it’s going to crush you.

When that ayat then came, because of that incident, so many were following the Prophet and some they ran. They ran. And ayat came and it was repeated again when Holy Prophet physically passed from this world.

So many Prophets came to this world and they left, like him. ‘When they leave, are you now going to turn your backs to him and you are going to abandon him?’

Ayat came for that. It’s not just for them, it’s for us. We are saying, we are following Hassan Husayn, representing that prophet.

we are following our SheykhWe are not following him, we are not following Grandsheykh, we are not following Sheykh Abdullah, we are not following Sheykh Sharifuddin, we are not following Prophet, we are not following Allah. We are following our Sheykh.

That’s enough for us. Because our Sheykh is going to show us our GrandSheykh and Sheykh Abdullah and Prophet and Allah. Without him, we don’t know anything. It is not with us. Don’t think that it’s with our own intelligence that we find a Sheykh.

Don’t think that with our own intelligence that we find Islam. You didn’t find Islam. If you think that a Sheykh is just somebody that you found and you, like walking around or you are shopping in the internet, that you find one Sheykh and you want to be with him, then you completely don’t understand Islam, especially Tarikat. You completely don’t understand.

He was our Sheykh. What? you think you just find him five years ago, ten years ago? before that he wasn’t our Sheykh?

You found Islam, you found the Prophet, isn’t it? What, you think that you just found the Prophet and you accepting him is going to make his station to rise. No. He was a prophet before, he was a prophet on the day of promises that we were following him. It’s because of him that we were created. It is because of him, that everything in the universe were created and is still being created. Because of him.

Prophet sws

So that one representing the Prophet, you think, that were are just stumbling on him and we said, ‘okay fine, I’ll choose him.’ ?

Completely squarehead people definitely. Thinking that they are in Tarikat but not understanding basic. Who do you think was there on the day of Promises? On the day of Alastu bi rabbikum, when Allah is saying, ‘am I not your Lord?’

You think with our own faith, with our own spirit – of course, so many they are thinking, then you are a complete arrogance up till sidratul muntaha. Why are you here? You think our own faith is saying to our Lord, ‘yes you are my Lord.’

You think no one is pulling us, no one is teaching us, no one is saving us, no one is there to hold us to be under their protection, for us to say that, ‘Yes. You are our Lord,’ by our own self.?

MashaAllah. What do you know of your Lord?

That’s why everybody now. You think that time when you say , ‘Yes You are my Lord,’ and we are going to behave like this?

Am i not your LordOnly those ones, who really know, who really say that they have been sent to this world as a Prophet or as a Sheykh, to teach others to know who their Lord is, because we don’t know.

If we did then we would have said it back then, like them.

If you said it like them back then, on the day of promises, then today we must be giving light to people. Not giving anger to people, not giving darkness to people. Not giving frustration to people.

Not making their life to be squeezed, but open. Being merciful to them, teaching them, being patient with them and people must be around you. We were around him (our Sheykh) and he was the one who taught us that. That’s why we are still with him and we are asking Allah, never to make us to be separated from him (Ameen).

So, do you think that now, so many Awliya Allah came and left physically from this world, are we now going to turn our backs to him? How are you turning your back?

There’s so many different ways. Sit down and think . Sit down and think. This is a new year. New year’s resolution. Think, what are you resolved to do? What is your promise? Don’t look at, some of you are looking , ‘this year I want to get married. This year I want to buy a house. This year I want to sell a house. This year I’m going to get higher marks in school. This year I’m going to get more business, this year I’m going to be able to…..etc, etc.’

No. We are in Tarikat. It has to be ahirat first.

servant of Allah

Yes, so many is saying, ‘we want to be better servants.’ Sit down and think, ‘why I cannot be a better servant now? What is stopping me from being a better servant now?’

Be real with yourself. Be sincere. You don’t need anyone to tell you that time. You want to be better, what is it that’s stopping you?

One by one. Then look to see those things and take sohbets and take associations, take the advice of the Awliya Allah to change and pray. Yes, not just to say, ‘I want to be a better servant,’ that it become a routine, day in, day out, week, months, years passing, still there. Cannot be.

InsyaAllah, may we all change. This year is not going to bring more ease.

It is not. It’s going to become more difficult. We have to be ready. The difficulties come, we have to be more ready. We have to be able to make more zikir, we must be able to make more worshipping, we must be able to do our responsibilities better, more on time, more awake. You have to become more patient, you have to become more forgiving. You have to become more awake, not to be in ghaflet (heedlessness) to be cheated by others and to cheat and to lie ourselves.

We cannot be insincere. Learn to become more Halim and Salim, not to get upset. I’m seeing so many, you are getting upset all the time you are getting upset. Why are you upset. Sheykh Effendi has already said that the upset, the anger is the last station that the ego is declaring itself Lord.

Why are you getting upset?

Why are you screaming, why are you shouting? Is that going to bring you honor? If you think you are in the way of haqq, you don’t have to scream and shout. If you are not in the way of haqq, why are you screaming and shouting?

You are not there, if you have the responsibility to teach?

Don’t, you cannot carry it. ‘huuhh!’ it’s going to constrict your heart. It’s going to boil you. It’s going to hit your head. Iman is lost that time. Faith is circling around above your head that time. That time, everything takes over your whole body and you are shaking. You have no control. That time sheytan comes and just blow on you, you will go to that direction.

You think, after that you say, when everything is nice and cool, when you cool down as and when you like, when you have already burnt and destroy people or their bridges. Or their trust or their friendship or you’ve done that already then that time you pull and said, ‘you know what, I’m okay now. I’m sorry.’

apologise  sorry

That is American religion, not Islam. It’s not even Christianity. As far as I know, you do it, you have to do so much penance. Sometimes even worst, you have to hit yourself. We say, ‘astarghfirullah.’ So when you cool down, that time you are going to say, ‘I’m sorry’ ?’ then that time, things are going to be okay? You burn everything already. There’s already a mess that you’ve made. It’s a mess. Are you cleaning it up? Hmm…I’ve already said, ‘I’m sorry. So the whole world has to be happy with me now. Because all my anger is finish, because I spit it out already.’ No it’s not. Don’t be. Don’t be tricked by sheytan. Doesn’t matter who you are. You or me. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with Sheykh Effendi. One day or ten years, it doesn’t matter.

We’ve seen, Sheykh Effendi has shown us so many lesson. Don’t make us to be the ones who is going to be giving lesson to people. Take lesson.

Either take lesson or you are going to be a lesson to people. We don’t want to be a lesson to people like this. Because there’s a big price to pay. Everything, there is a price. You want to destroy, there is a price, you want to burn there is a price, you want to take away the rights, there is a price. You want to change, there is a price, you want to deviate, there is a price, you want to be angry, there is a price. You want to be arrogant, you can be, of course you can. See, Allah is not forcing us not to do it. But there is a price. Can you pay that price? You cannot.

hoja effendiDon’t trick yourself into thinking, ‘well my sheykh is this, my sheykh is that, he can pray.’ You cannot. This is not what Holy Prophet (asws) brought. Maybe some people with their deviated ideas that they take and they say, ‘well, I don’t have to pray. My sheykh is praying for me.’

Thatis not what Holy Prophet (asws) brought. It is not what our sheykh is teaching us. ‘I don’t care what others are doing. We are following shaibul saif. We are happy with him Alhamdulillah. And soon, we are going to understand his value more and more. The whole world, the whole universe will understand his value. And that time, those who have underestimated him, they are going to cry a lot. May we not be amongst those ones.

Fatiha. Amin

Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi

December 2012

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