The Unbroken Chain of Protocol


The Unbroken Chain of Protocol (part I)

Hoja EffendiWe are asking support from our Sheykh, from the Holy ones, from the Sultan Awliya, from our Holy Prophet (asws).

We are asking Allah swt for the support and the blessings that this association, for this association, that we are here for the sake of Allah, not for the sake of dunya.

We are here because we are very bless, because Allah swt has given us the singular blessing of gathering here, selecting us from billions of people, giving us the ni’mat of Islam and the value coming from the children of Adam and to be belonging to the Ummat of the most Holy beloved one, the Holy Prophet (asws).

Allah swt has said in the Quran e-kerim, ‘Wa Laqad Karamna Bani Adam – and we have honored the children of Adam.’

wa laqad qarammna

That has Oceans of meaning.

Allah did not honor the Angels, or the animals or anything else, but He has honored the children of Adam. And we are also blessed to be belonging to the nation of His most beloved one (asws) that as we said earlier, even Prophets they were begging Allah swt, they said, ‘take away this Prophet hood and this honor ya Rabbi. Make us to be just one normal member of the ummat of the Holy Prophet (asws),’ because they understood the value.

They understood the value and the honor that Allah has put to us, belonging to the nation of His most beloved one.

This nation, out of 124,000 Prophets, Allah swt did not grant that wish except for two – Isa (a.s) that we are waiting for him to return, insyaAllah and Nasruddin Hoja.

NasruddinNasruddin Hoja, some of you may have heard him. Nasruddin Hoja, he was created on the day of Promises as a Prophet, but he wanted to be a normal member of this Ummat. And he was saying ‘Ya Rabbi, make me to become a regular, normal one. Not a Prophet. Take this honor from me. But I want to be one of the member of the Holy Prophet (asws) ummat, to take away their burdens. Let me to carry their burden.’

Nasruddin Hoja, he is a big saint, a high level saint. Some of you may have heard him. He makes jokes. He tells stories, teaching stories, and with those teaching stories of Islam, of yourself, of your Lord, the jokes that he said, you listen and you laugh.

For that moment, all burdens, no matter what kind of burdens you are under, it’s been lifted from you, for that moment.

But Allah has blessed us, Alhamdulillah, to be here especially in this country, to show Islam. To show the real Islam.

So many people may say, ‘what is the real Islam? Islam is according to interpretation – you say, you say, you say.’

True, maybe.

Everyone is saying, there’s so many different kinds of Islam. There is not so many different kinds of Islam. The questions that they raised about Islam, the questions that they raised about the Ummat, of what we have gone through for 1400 years, has been raised before and has been answered. It is not just now that people are asking questions and the alims and the ulamas or people who are learning Islam, they don’t know the answer. It’s been asked before.

Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘Judaism, (what has been revealed to the Bani Israel) that religion will be divided into 71 different sectc (71 different groups, this is Hadith e-sheriff), one of them is on the right way, 70 are in deviation.’

Then he said, ‘the followers of Isa (a.s) will be divided into 72 different groups, one of them is on the right way, 71 of them, 71 groups, they are bounding to Hellfire.’

divisionThen they asked him, ‘what about Islam Ya Rasulullah?’

He is saying, ‘Islam will be divided into 73 groups. One of them will be on the Siratul Mustaqim, and 72 will be a deviation, bounding to Hell fire.’

He did not stop there. He did not make a gap. He did not leave an empty space for thousands of years, for the scholars and for everyone to keep imagining, wondering why, what happened this, what happened as had happened in the earlier revelations.

That had happened in the earlier religion, so to speak. There’s no earlier religion, there’s only Islam, by the way. They asked him, ‘which group is that Ya Rasulullah?’

And he said, ‘those are the ones who is following my Sunnah.’

He did not stop there. Which today you will find that hadiths in so many books, it’s been snipped and edited too. He said, ‘those who are following my Sunnat and the sunnat of my sahabis. And the sunnat of my companions.’

sunnah1The understanding there, is that there is a chain of protocol. There is a continuation. It’s not only the sunnat of the sahabi e-kiram, but those who follows, and those who follow those who follows, and it continues up till today. Because today, if you ask 73 different groups, which there’s more than 73. Of course everybody knows. Everybody is saying we are following Allah. Everyone will say, ‘we are following Holy Prophet (asws).’ Isn’t it?

From Wahabbis, to Shias, to ahle-Sunnah, whatever group that they may call themselves. But, Holy Prophet was saying, ‘those who is following my way, my footsteps and the footsteps of the sahabi e-kiram. Those who follows me.’

There is a chain. ‘The chain, it is unbroken and it leads to me.’

The chain, it is not the western understanding of a chain, a protocol that is going to take a long time to reach. It’s not bureaucracy, it’s not red tape. It is a live wire.  A live wire that has been set for 1400 years. All  you have to do, even if you are so far away, is to touch. Touch that live wire, and you will receive that.

Muslims, they are laying their own wire, trying to reach to Allah.

‘I’m doing it by myself.’

SubhanaAllah. Then you belong to the other 72 groups.

hold on to sunnahAre you following what sahabi e-kiram brought?


Are you following what the Tabiin brought, took from the sahabi e-kiram?

It continues. It must continue. There must be a link. That is Islam. There must be a link. Otherwise, this group here, there are a hundred people, there may be a hundred different opinions about something so simple.

I may read a newspaper, a short one, and I may ask people to give a summary of what that article is. A hundred people, they may have a hundred different ideas. That is not what Islam brought. Islam brought unity. Islam brought unity and Islam brought the peace that comes together with the unity to know that yes, we are all here, and we are all equal as creatures of Allah swt.

Of course there are knower above every knower. Definitely. Not everyone is going to be at the same level. We are at the same level of creation. We are not at the same level of taqwa.

So, Allah swt, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil alamin, He has bless us, belonging to this nation and gathering us together in this very difficult times. In this times that the Awliya Allah, the friends of Allah, they said, ‘these are the times of the Ahir of the Ahir Zaman.’ This is the times of the end of days.

Islam has never been apocalyptic, like Christianity or Judaism, saying, ‘world is going to end, world is going to end, world is going to end, world is going to end.’

end of world     end of world


Because Holy Prophet (asws), he has brought enough knowledge to those who are receiving him and those who are receiving that training and those who are receiving those secrets, to train them and to give them the knowledge that these are the signs to point to the last days.

For example, even on a zahiri knowledge level, on an external book knowledge level, it’s open to everyone, they thought for example that in the year one thousand that this is going to be ahir zaman, it’s going to be Qiamat. But their huge, king-size scholars at that time who are also belonging to Tariqat and they were also Awliya Allah, they said, ‘No. it is not.’

But they said, ‘but five hundred years from now, it will be.’

These are all different signs that Holy Prophet (asws) has given to us. That is a whole Ocean there, about the knowledge of ahir zaman. The reasons for understanding the knowledge of ahir zaman is not to put fear into our hearts or paranoia or anxiety. Because it doesn’t matter if the world is going to end in one day or one thousand years, we know that we as believers are prisoners between two breaths. That our death, may come at any moment.

That in the tarikat in Turkey, for example, they say that, ‘when you go to sleep, understand that the angel of death is underneath your pillow. And when you wake up, to understand that the angle of death is standing in front of you.’

remembrance of deathAnd the remembrance of your death is not something that the west calls ‘morbid’, because we understand that this world is false. We want to return to the reality. We want to return to our home. Because we were not created here. We were not created for this dunya. We are not created to make this dunya a paradise.

We were created for Paradise.

We were from Paradise, and that is our home. And Allah swt sent us here for a short period of time, as a test. And He has sent 124,000 Prophets to remind us. He has sent 104 books to remind us. He has sent thousands, millions of Awliya Allah, His friends, to remind us. To remind us that this is not our home. To make us to have a longing, for the home, our original home. And our original home is Paradise.

So everything that we are doing now,  has to remind us of death. Whether or not we believe this ahir zaman, which only the foolish ones will not believe that this is the end of time, ahir zaman.

Everywhere you hear, everywhere you see, number one, we know that Allah is not please with us. Allah is not pleased with how mankind is going in the direction that it is going. The angels, they are not pleased with us. Because man has fallen into complete disobedience. The earth is not happy with us. The water is not happy with us. The skies, they are not happy with us.

Because man has forgotten his compass. He has forgotten his Creator, and he is entering into everything, thinking that he is the creator and changing everything away from their orbit, from the fitrah, from their natural disposition.

The reasons of us understanding that this is ahir zaman, is for us to come out from the fitnah, from the confusion of dajjal.

We are here as believers. A believer says that my faith is not enough. That my faith must grow everyday. Because Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘a believer’s today must be better than yesterday. And his tomorrow has to be better than today.’ It doesn’t mean now that because you pray five times a day, tomorrow we have to pray ten times.


The believer must sit and must understand and must think, why Allah has created us. What is our destination. What are we doing here? What are we saying, why are we saying. What are we doing, what is the direction. The believer must think. This is what you call tafakkur. This is what western understanding, they are saying, meditation.


Yes, Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘one hour of meditation is better than seventy years of worship.’ But it’s not meditation as we understand, to sit like this and like that and to chant., not that kind of meditation.  But to think, to understand, to sit, to put two and two together, not to be in ghaflat, not to be in heedlessness, but to understand why this had happened to me, what is Allah saying to me right now?

Because Allah is closer to me than my jugular vein. He is continuously sending messages to me. Not only Allah, the Angels are speaking to me, the Prophets they are speaking to me, the Saints they are speaking to me. What am I listening, were are they speaking to?

The centre is here (Hoja pointing to the heart).

The heart. If you put Allah there, and His remembrance, the heart is like a radio station. If it is not tune properly, you are going to hear a lot of static. You are going to hear something, but it’s a lot of static. But in the static, you think, Allah is saying something to you. You are going to go to the wrong direction. You think Angels are saying something to you. You go to the wrong direction. You need to be able to adjust or that has to be adjusted for you.

The fitnah of the ahir zaman, the confusion of the ahir zaman, is not something also that we can look down on and  say that this is something that is trivial, this is small, it doesn’t concern me. Because the fitnah of the ahir zaman, the confusion of the ahir zaman, of the end of time, even Holy Prophet (asws) was saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, protect me from that. Protect me from the fitnah.’

And the sahabi e-kiram they were saying, ‘Holy Prophet was saying so much about dajjal that we thought he was hiding behind us, in the date palm, springing, coming at any minute.’

That was the urgency. That was the immediacy. That was 1400 years ago.

Hoja Lokman Effendi

To be continued in Part II…..insyaAllah


Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi

November 24, 2012

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