Show proper respect to the Holy Prophet’s (sws) Month


Show proper respect to the Holy Prophet’s (sws) Month

Alhamdulillah, astaghfirullah, astaghrullah wa atubu ilaih. We are thanking our Lord Allah subhana wa ta’ala for granting us the life, counting us from the believers and making us to reach these days, if we understand the value.

SahibulSaif21st Century people lost the direction everywhere in every way. No one is happy with what they have. Why is that?

Because everyone wants their ego to be on top. Nothing else. If you are a servant of Allah then you must step on your ego. If you are worshiping to your ego then your claiming to be the servant of Allah is lying and cheating. And that’s what the 21st Century people are in, that kind of mess they are in. They are making sejdah but the sejdah is to their ego, not to their Lord. For that they are never finding peace in their lives in any way.

Exception are only a handful of people in this time who are not in that mess. But they are also not happy because they are seeing that Allah (swt) is granting everything to the children of Adam (as) and they are not happy with it and so they are not happy.

They cannot be standing in the Divine Presence to say, `Thank you Ya Rabbi. Your servants are being in Your service.’

thank you AllahAllah swt is saying, `They are not happy with Me? Okay.’

He is asking the angels who are changing early in the morning, `What are My servants doing?’

‘What servants? Where are they? They are all sleeping.’

‘So they don’t want anything from Me? Okay.’

Evening, when the Maghrib time is setting, Allah swt is asking His angels again,

`What are My servants doing? What do they want?’

`We didn’t find any Ya Rabbi.’

`Hmm. No servants.’

So many people are also in the masjids but they are not servants. They are not serving. They are serving their ego.

ProphetsAlhamdulillah. The children of Adam (as) when they moved out from the direction, the right road from beginning of Adam (as) until the last Prophet (sws), Allah swt with His mercy sent another Prophet to them. And that prophet came showing them the right ways, giving them guidance, telling them what to do and putting them back to the straight road. ‘

`Eh, new Prophet came’, everyone was running after him and sometime after, leaving him and running back to their ego. Or only a handful of people staying with that Prophet and the rest turning back to their ego, suffering and going for nothing. Allah’s mercy is reaching again another time, another time, another time, another time. 124,000 Prophets came.

Don’t think that something has changed, the 21st Century people have four legs or two heads or four hands. No. They are just more arrogant, more stubborn and more ignorant. Nothing else has changed.

So Allah subhana wa ta’ala sent His last Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets (sws) over fourteen hundred years ago. Whole mankind fell into darkness and He sent another Prophet to them saying, `Follow the way of this Prophet and come out from that mess that you are in.’

That’s the job of every Prophet that Allah sent, to bring the people who lost the direction back to the straight road. That time a handful of people were running after him, slowly it reached east, west, north, south, everywhere. The whole world was knowing and hearing. Some were accepting and some were not accepting. The ones who were not accepting, it was because of their ego. Nothing else. It didn’t fit to their ego what that Prophet (sws) brought. They wanted to come out from that mess but still they wanted things the way they want, their egos want. It doesn’t happen that way.

So Allah subhana wa ta’ala took that Prophet (sws) from this world and said to us, `This is the last Prophet. No more Prophet I am sending to you until the Judgment Day.’

SahibulSaifIf it’s one year later or if it’s one billion years later, another prophet is not necessary. Anyone wants to find back the right road must hold on tightly to that Prophet (sws).
Eh, one and a half billion Muslims. They must be on the straight road. NO, they are not because they left the way of the Prophet (sws). The other ones they were claiming and they are still claiming that they are for Allah. They love Allah and they obey Allah.

One and a half billion Muslims are also claiming that they love Allah and they obey Allah. And so many say, `I love Allah and His Prophet (sws) too.’And? What’s the matter?

If you love Allah and His Prophet (sws) and if you are obeying Allah and His Prophet (sws) then what’s the problem? Where is the problem?

Must be problem. Of course. As we said, today’s people are all in trouble. How are you following the Prophet (sws)?

Huh, something’s wrong somewhere. Do you think Allah is saying something wrong?

Hasha astagfirullah.

Do you think His Prophet (sws) is saying something wrong?


Who’s wrong?

You. We are wrong because you want to do everything in the way of your ego again saying, ‘I follow the Prophet (sws) but I do as I like.’

NO, it doesn’t happen that way. That’s why Allah sent the Prophet (sws). His lifestyle has reached to us to know, to understand and to take that lifestyle to apply to our life. Otherwise, no safety and no peace in dunya. If you didn’t find safety and peace in dunya then do you think that you’re going to find it in the grave?

Disaster is waiting in the grave.

Sahibul Saif
So all problem again is the ego. Everyone’s saying, `Everything has to happen the way I want.’

It’s not going to happen the way you want. Even if you want it or not, it’s not going to. It’s going to happen the way Allah wants. If there’s not a single believer living in this world, still everything is going to happen the way Allah wants it. Not the way that His creatures want it.

So Allah’s mercy is reaching again to heedless and headless Muslims and He is putting special days in the year saying, `Those who are going out of the way, hold on to these days. Do something extra in these days and you may find the peace again.’

We are in the holy month, the month of the birth of the Holy Prophet (sws). Not only the Muslims but the whole world must celebrate because the whole world came out from the mess when the Holy Prophet (sws) came and he put directions to the world.

Prophet Muhammad (asws)And We have sent you (O Muhammad SAW) not but as a mercy for the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists).

Surat Al-‘Anbyā’ 21:107

The women only know how to run in the streets to say, `We want women’s rights!’ Who gave you the women’s rights?

The Prophet (sws). All women must run to celebrate the birth of the Prophet (sws). The slaves, eh, today’s people all became slaves. Slaves to Yahudi, to their credit cards. Come out from that slavery. Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to you and to us, `If there’s something necessary to buy and you have money, go ahead and buy. If you don’t have it then don’t. Don’t go getting credit to buy it.’

From seven years old to seventy years old sinking into that mess. Later, `I have no peace’. You are not going to have peace. Impossible. Because you became a slave to the credit companies, to credit cards.

How are you going to be happy?

Where are you going to find the happiness? Through slavery?


Man is born free. He came to this world free and that’s the birthright that Allah has given you. Everyone knows how to say, `I am free’.

`But I have a chain around my neck.’

Not only the neck, one on the right hand and the other one on the left. Two chains. One on the foot and the other one on the other foot. Four chains. That’s why they are putting on suit and tie showing as `civilized man’ putting the chain around their necks too.


Nefis, hawa, sheytan, dunya. Today’s people are chained with four chains. Ego, their desire, their dunya and sheytan. Four chains. If you can break through that then you are free. How are you breaking through that if you are working twenty hours a day for credit companies?

If you are preparing to go more deep, how are you going to be?


So those days are coming and passing. The holy days that Allah is saying to us, `Show proper respect to these days. If you show proper respect to these days, I may like you, I may set you free.’

Where are you?

‘I don’t have time. The only time I have is for running to the masjid last minute (those who go to masjid. Among billions of Muslims only handful now go to masjids) and I am only going there running, escaping for fifteen, twenty minutes, one hour,’ and Sheytan says, `Don’t stay in there too much. You belong to me. Come out to the slavery of this dunya.’

And running back to this dunya. Later you say, `I have no peace.’

patienceYou don’t. You are not going to. If you don’t change your way -`If you don’t change yourself’, Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying, `Allah will not lift what He put on you.’

You must change. You must make intention, you must turn around.

Whole Muslims must know that in this time they have lost the direction. And they must find ways to follow.

And Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying, `You are looking to reach to Allah? You must find ways. You must find means. You must find someone to take you. You cannot take yourself because you already got lost in the world.’

So this holy month, Alhamdulillah, is of the birth of the Holy Prophet (sws). Eh, you love the Prophet (sws)? `Yes.’ How many Salawat you made to the Prophet (sws) during this month?

‘Uh, uh, I forgot. I do it countless.’ That’s how Sheytan is coming to fool you saying, `Do it. Everyday getting up say two Salawat, three, four, five and later `I am busy here, I am busy there.”

The day is passing, finishing. Day is going, finishing. Day, one day, another, one day brings another, one day brings another one, every day you are not getting younger, you are getting older. Every day you are not going backward, you are going forward to your grave and the only safety to you in dunya, in the grave and in Akhirat is holding tightly to that Prophet (sws).

Holding tightly to what he brought. Nothing else. If you are not holding tightly to that then you must have some other ways. You must be following some other people’s guidance and most likely it’s the Yahudi schools that you have just finishing, that you have been trained in. You have been trained to work for this dunya. Nothing else. So no safety definitely for those people in dunya and no safety in Akhirat.

Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying to us, ‘Allah and His angels are praising, giving Salawat to that Prophet (sws). Oh you believers, do the same.’

If you are not doing anything else and you are giving Salawat non-stop to the Holy Prophet (sws) it’s enough to bring you to safety because that’s the road, that’s the safety road for the whole mankind. But the Muslims lost their direction because they left their Prophet (sws). They go to the masjids, they pray, they are still in trouble. Because they left the Prophet (sws), they left the guide.

The same thing happened to the Jews and the Christians and to the other ones. When the Holy Prophet (sws) came and he called them to Islam, they said to him, `If it’s for Allah then we are also following Allah. No need.’

Then ayat came saying, `Say to them Ya Muhammad, `if they are sincere with their love to Allah then they must love and obey you for Allah to love them.’

hold on tightly to the rope of AllahIf you are sincere with the love of the Prophet (sws) then you must run to those who are going to bring us to the Prophet (sws) because you only know the name of him. You don’t give enough Salawat to the Prophet (sws) daily to be known in his presence. And the majority of the people today believe that he’s dead. It is impossible for you to find way that way.
InshaAllah ar-Rahman this is a holy month and these are holy days. If you are looking to come out from that mess that you are in, this is another holy month, these are another holy days. But you have to make the intention, sincere intention.

You must not break your intention. Down in the road things may change, you should not change your intention.

That’s what’s happening. Today’s people make intention today and tomorrow a couple of difficulties are coming and leaving everything, running to dunya, another year passed, `Oh, I didn’t do anything! Oh!’ The life is gone. Azrail is waiting either behind you or in front of you. He’s not too far.

You are a prisoner, we are prisoners between two breaths. Don’t forget that. Run as much as you want but the end is coming to you, to us and to this world. That is the end. No one can escape from that. And as Allah is saying, `If you find ways to escape then escape. Run. I set you free in this world but you are still under my authority. You are still a servant. And if you are not accepting to be My servant then you will be a slave to dunya. You will become a slave to your ego, you will become a slave to Sheytan.’

So when you go out from this world you don’t need too much money. You don’t need too much world. You only need one ID card and you have to work for that ID card. You have to work to get the approval for that ID card.

So many are running today, `I want green card. I don’t have green card. I cannot work.’ And running years, running years to do what the American government is saying. Every little detail, running to get it. Did you think about your ID card?

 Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi HzAre you thinking when you enter into the grave the first question will be asked
is, `Where is your ID card?’

If you don’t have that card saying, `Servant of Allah’ then you didn’t pass. You are in big trouble there. There you cannot run anymore. You cannot go left, right, front or back. You cannot move your feet. These words now you are hearing. The same things, you will just remember these words in the grave if you don’t do it properly. If you do it, you are running, you get the card, then you will be praying for me too.

I didn’t make sure that I have the card yet. Allah subhana wa ta’ala is putting everybody saying, `Don’t be so sure’ and you don’t be so sure too. Some of you I’m watching sometime later getting dizzy with what you do and you think that you created the world.

You are just a servant. You are never going to reach above that. Don’t forget. Servant. That’s the highest title. If you are looking for something other than that you area already falling, failed. So you are looking to get the card to say, `Servant of Allah’. Nothing else.

servant of Allah
Wa min Allahu tawfiq
Bihurmatil Habib
Bihurmatil Fatiha

Juma Khutba delivered by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi
Friday 10 Rabi-ul Awwal, 1430
March 6, 2009

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