Must a Muslim be in a Tariqa?


Must a Muslim be in a Tariqa?

QUESTION: “Must a Muslim be in a Tariqa? Can a Muslim live Islam through their own efforts?”

Hoja EffendiIt’s like saying, someone is asking, ‘must a man go to a university to get a degree because it opens the door for a better life here on earth? Or can a man not go to school at all and still live in this world?’

Carry on. Go ahead. Who cares?

You can live in this world. Yes, definitely. It depends on how you want to live, what is it that you want to do?

When it comes to the dunya, no one is satisfied with little. No one is satisfied with little, especially when they have a lot and they give it away, living with little. No one is doing that.

Mothers, fathers, everyone is pushing their sons and their daughters to go to the highest schools, to go to the highest institutions to get the best job, to get the most money, for dunya!

This is not what Prophet is teaching us. But let’s leave that aside for a while. If you only have intelligence and  you say I’m going to put this same logic into ahiret, then you have no problem thinking about Islam or Tarikat or what…. NO. Then you understand the logic.

Because Tarikat, it is a way. Way to where?

To Allah swt.

Because our aim is Allah. Our maksud is Allah. Because Allah has created us for Him and we want to return to Him. And we want to return to Him through the way that the Prophet is saying, ‘return to Him through me. This is the way.’ And there is a general way to return but you are not going to go to the higher stations.

There are hidden ways that is very difficult but you will go to the highest station to be near to your Lord and your Lord will love you.

It’s like someone saying, ‘why I have to do all the extra things in Islam. I just pray five times a day, farz, just fast 30 days in the Ramazan, give zakat, go to Hajj if I can, and I am going to be assured the Paradise. Isn’t it?

I’m saying to that one, that one doesn’t have that much faith, because you are being cheap. You are being very cheap. You are being very gypsy. Because Allah is promising you this dunya and ahiret and the Paradises to you. For you not for Him.

in-the-remembrance-of-allahHe says, ‘come close to Me.’

Allah is saying, ‘come close to Me.’ Allah is saying, ‘if you remember Me, I will remember you.’ Allah is saying, ‘the heart will not find rest except in the remembrance of Allah.’

So all these things, Tarikat is teaching the man to do. So, what are you going to get?

Huh! Let me tell you what you are going to get. Because Quran is saying, ‘in the judgemet day, you are going to assemble in the field, in the medan, behind your Imams. And  you’ll be carrying flags behind your Imams.’

If  you are not following your Imams, you are definitely following something, sheytan. And you are following, because now  you are following your own ego. Because if you are not following any Imam, someone who is better than you in so many ways, someone who is closest to Allah, to teach you about Islam, and you are relying on your own self, this is a poison coming from the West.

You know how to read and write, make up your own decision, why you have to listen to someone telling you what it is?

But yourself is made up of two, either your spirit or your ego.

The spirit says, ‘ you must connect me to someone who is a friend of Allah. And that one will give me the strength and I will be able to help you.’

beyattThe ego is saying, ‘you must connect me to the friends of sheytan, and the enemy of Allah. That time I will have energy, I will have power and I will control you.’

Yes, so in Judgement day, everyone will be behind their Imams, and we’ll see what kind of Imams it is.

Sheykh Effendi Hz is saying, ‘Muslims, on the judgement day, they may have everything. They may have done everything correctly…’ it is not a game, Judgement day, it is not magic, it is not fantasy, it is not a game, ‘….punishment for that one who does not have a Sheykh,’ which Abu Yazid al-Bistami (qs) is saying, ‘man who does not have a Sheykh, his sheykh is sheytan.’

You may have everything, you may know, but you will be misguided because you are just following your own idea, your own interpretation, your own thinking. You are not following a guide. And the punishment for that one who doesn’t have a Sheykh, who does everything correctly, on the day of judgment he will be standing outside of his grave for one thousand years in complete darkness. With the scary sounds and the smells and everything that is hellish like Jahannam.

Sheykh Effendi HzThat is the time when the Sheykhs, they are going to collect all their murids according to the Nur that they are going to have. Some will be shining. Some, only their forehead, some only the little finger, but that is the time when they are going to collect. They will see where their murids are and they will collect and they will offer, they will show a way, a path because they have the light.

Those who don’t have the light, one thousand years, first punishment, standing alone outside the grave. Because you want to be alone.

Sahabi e-kiram, none of them said, ‘well, now that you have brought us Islam, we don’t have to follow you. We have Quran, we have your words, we don’t have to follow. We just take what we need.’ None of them.

They all had that beyat to the Holy Prophet (asws) and they did not let go. After the Prophet pass, it was Hazreti Abu Bakr. They did not say, ‘well, we believe in Prophet. That was it. Not in you. Why we have to follow you. You are just like us.’ No. they followed Hazreti Abu Bakr, and Hazreti Umar, and Hazreti Ali, Hazreti Osman. Following thirteen hundred years, that one is the Khalifatul Rasul.

We have lost that Khalifatul Rasul.  As a ruling system, we have lost that. As a spiritual system, Sheykhs they have gone into hiding. They pulled themselves back. They are not hiding, they pulled themselves back because Allah is saying, ‘now pull yourself back because the majority of the people, they are not looking for ahiret, they are looking for dunya.’

Hoja EffendiWhen it comes to the dunya, everyone looks for a guide, everyone looks for a consultant, everyone looks for someone to help them. They will submit to that person. When it comes to dunya, everyone wants to go to the best school, follow the best professors, intern and the best institutions, follow the best ones.

When it comes to ahiret they say, ‘why we have to follow? This is not necessary.’

So something is wrong with the logic there. Something is wrong with the intelligence. Islam is intelligence. InsyaAllah Muslims will have intelligence.


Lokman Efendi, the khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)


Jan. 11, 2013

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