Which zikr will help me to reach ALLAH (swt) the quickest?


QUESTION: Which zikr will help me to reach ALLAH (swt) the quickest?

Hoja Lokman Effendi

Which zikr? I’ll tell you which zikr. You are not going to like it though.

‘O my nafs, O my nafs, O my nafs, O my nafs, O my nafs….’

That is the zikr you have to do.

You know why?

Because that is the zikr that we are going to be making when life is given to us and we wake up on the Judgement Day. Holy Prophet (asws), when he is raise, life is given to him, his zikr that time was, what he was going to be remembering that time is ‘ummatiy, ummatiy…’ because he is worried for us and he loves us. We don’t love him. Fake, foolish, we don’t love him.

But we are going to wake up on the Judgment day saying, ‘O my Nafs, O my Nafs, O my nafs….’ Meaning, ‘O my nafs, you have fooled me. How you have fooled me. How I have been fooled.’

nafsSo, make that zikr. But to make that zikr real, to make that zikr sincere, it’s not just by sitting there saying, ‘O my nafs, O my nafs,  O my nafs.’ Sit down and think about your nafs. Understand your nafs. Step on  your ego. Find  a trainer that’s going to knock you wall to wall. That is the time you are going to reach to Allah quickly.

Don’t think that man can do anything that he wants to do, like I said before, having the most egoistic lifestyle, being arrogant and stubborn and foolish and everything, and sitting down, just by saying a couple of salawats, saying a couple of things, you think the doors of Paradise is going to open to you?

And then finished the zikir that you are doing, that you have done in ghaflat (heedlessness) and you are continuing then that time with egoistic lifestyle and selfish lifestyle?

NO. It’s not like that. Don’t fool yourself.

So yeah, find time. Sit down and understand your nafs. How your nafs is fooling you. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of tricks. Millions of tricks that your nafs is fooling you, and unless you cut that off, no amount of prayer, or zikir, or anything is going to help. It’s not going to help. Because your nafs there is burning everything. You are collecting Nur, the fire burns everthing.

Yes, the fire burns everything. You still have jealousy in your heart. You still have stubbornness, arrogance and anger in your heart. Doesn’t matter how much fasting, how much zikr, how much tilawat of the quran that you are making, it burns everything. Don’t you know, even if you have a small, little bit of arrogance in your heart, Paradise, it is forbidden to you?


So yeah, how you are going to reach to Allah?

Step on your ego. You cannot step on  your ego by your own self. You will fail. You need to step on your ego with the support and training and help of a Murshid, if that Murshid is interested to help you. Murshid these days, they are not interested to help you. Either they are collecting money, giving tahweez and everything and collecting money, or they rather be talking about stories, about qasidas or hadiths or quran. Are these things not knowledge?

Of course they are knowledge. But these things are knowledge of the scholars. Not the Murshid. Not the Sheykhs.

The Sheykhs must change your nafsu Amara into nafsu mutmain. Because that is what Prophet they came to change, the nafsu Amara, the disobedient egos into obedient egos. That’s what Holy Prophet (asws), he changed those ones who were killing their own children, burying them alive, those animals. He changed them from that animal characteristics into the most praised one nation, into sahabi e-kiram, that never ever from that time until qiamat, no matter how high the station of the Saint is, to even come close to the maqam of a Sahabi.

True MurshidOnly Prophets are able to do that. And those Sheykh that is in the way of the Prophet, they can do that. They will change and they will take time to change you. To make you to wake up to yourself.

To wake up to your ego. To change your ego from nafsu Amara to nafsu Mutmain. Otherwise, anyone can sit down, talk to you.

I can do that too. Sit down. Tell you story about Prophet that will make you cry, make you so emotional, everyone will say, ‘Oh…Prophet I love you….’

And?… So? After everything is over, you still go back, you still have the same thinking,  you still have the same anger issue, you still have the same jealousy, you still have the same stubbornness.

That time, you can  run anywhere that you want. You can run to Mecca, you will not find peace. You will run to Medina, you will not find peace. You will run to where? Tarim? Huh! You will not find peace. You can run anywhere, where? Indonesia? You will not find peace. Because you have not found peace in yourself, because you have not found the man of peace to give you the peace. You cannot pick it up anywhere. It is not sold in any store.


So yeah, you want to be close to Allah,  ask yourself very important question. Don’t fool yourself : Why you want to be close to Allah? Who are you that you want to be close to Allah?

It’s like saying, ‘I want to be close to President Obama,’ let’s just say for instance. Who are you to get close to President Obama? For what reason you want to get close to him? Why?

You haven’t ask yourself all this questions yet. Because until that servant understands that he is a servant, and what is the job of a servant?

To serve. The job of a servant is not to sit next to the Sultan.

You are asking answer from a Nakshibendi way, I’m giving a Nakshibendi answer. You want other kind of answer, you can go, maybe Mevlavi or whatever, they can give nice, love, answer. We are not giving love answer. Because the love answer when you are completely ready to destroy your completely self, you give up from everything,  you give up from dunya and ahiret for the love of Allah, then that’s the time that we may talk about love. Otherwise it’s only fooling and cheating and lying to yourself.

Yes. So, why you want to get close to Allah?

You still don’t know why. Still wrong reason why. Don’t get close to Allah, Serve Him. Be a servant. Once you start being a servant, then that time peace is going to enter into your heart. Then you understand why you have been created.

‘Why we have been created?’ That means we still don’t know why you have been created.

You have not been created. Have we been created?

Is Quran e-kerim saying, ‘we have created you so that you can come close to me’ ? Or is Allah swt saying, ‘we have been created the men and the jinns to know Us and to worship Us.’ ?

Eh, ask yourself this questions and be sincere, because once you understand that the highest title is Abdullah, you don’t like it? You think it’s too low for you? Then you’ve just lost your faith.

Because Holy Prophet (asws) says, ‘my most favourite title, the most favourite name that Allah swt has given me is Abdullah.’

If you dislike something that Holy Prophet (asws) likes, according to Tarikat, you’ve already deviated. You’ve already lost your faith. How dare you disagree with the Prophet.

AbdullahSo, Abdullah first.  Try to get that I.D, that title. To be Abdullah. And to be Abdullah is not just by saying, ‘Okay, I want to be Abdullah. What can I do? Where do I sign up?’

No, no, no. It’s not.

You have to be trained, oh…so long. Certain things have to be re-circuited,  re wired, if they accept you. Some, they may not even accept you. They say, ‘it’s too late. There’s not much we can do now. If we change the wires, you are going to go crazy, you are going to lose your mind. So, it’s okay. Just continue your way. We’ll pray for you.’

It is not what we want. It is what Allah wants. But insyaAllah ar-Rahman, may you find your way and may it be easy.

SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu


Hoja Lokman Efendi, the khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)


Jan 18, 2013

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2 Responses to Which zikr will help me to reach ALLAH (swt) the quickest?

  1. Ahmad sani says:

    Allahu Akbar
    Allah is the Great.

    I like this, it’s helps and remind for remembering of zikr.

  2. Aliyu- tamasini says:

    yes that’s great and wonderful,
    that any one need to know.

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