The Revival of Islam in this World


QUESTION: Shaykh Maulana Nazim gave a sohbet titled ‘Islam is coming’, unfortunately I could not watch it. Is the day that we are waiting for very close?

Hoja Lokman EffendiIs the day very close? The day is very, very, very, close. Glad tidings for the believers. But before the easy days are going to be here, the harder days are going to be here. Very difficult days, they are going to come. Very dark days, they are going to come. The believers are not going to feel sad of these days. The believers are going to feel happy in these days. Yes, he will. Why? Because that is the time when the believer is going to say, ‘now I am going to show my faith, now I am going to take my faith and to make it into an action. Now I am going to do something for the sake of Allah. I’m not here just thinking and waiting for the good days to come. Now I will work for the sake of Allah.’

Yes, Islam is rising, Real Islam is rising. It is not Islam rising because billions of people, they are becoming Muslims. No. Islam is rising because now the appearances of Hazreti Mahdi (a.s) is very, very close. The appearance of Hazreti Mahdi, the appearance of the Khalifah, their appearance is upon us. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, it will happen in our life time. Very soon. Not just in our lifetime, very quickly, in a few years. Our duty is to prepare for that, and there’s a lot of things to prepare, because so many Muslims, they are also wanting to hear this and they are saying, ‘okay, we love it, Alhamdulillah,’ but their lives continue in their own selfish way.

No it cannot be. Because we have to prepare for those days and when those days come, there’s work for us to do. Before we can have the glad tidings of life here in this world where we are going to have a taste of the Paradise, because now, beginning we have to understand what is the evil that is inside of us. How much we have been in the system of dajjal and how much we have been brainwashed in that system . We have to get rid of it. Then once we’ve done that and we have enough strength, we have enough power, then Hazreti Mahdi (a.s) may use us to fight against the big dajjal that time. That is the glad tidings for the believer.

The believer’s glad tiding is not because, ‘Oh, we are going to be living in jannat time when Isa a.s is going to come… Oh, we are going to see this, we are going to have so much gold, we are going to have so much Karamats….’ NO. The believer, because the believer is a servant and the servant, that Abdullah, he feels most happy when he is serving. Whoever heard of a servant who is not serving?  That’s not a servant. Servant feels best and happiest when he is serving, and insyaAllah ar-Rahman, that is our intention, to fix ourselves in order to serve Allah and His Prophet (asws), to serve Hazreti Mahdi and Sayidina Isa (a.s) when the time comes. That will give us honor. Other than that, just to sit and to enjoy doesn’t give us honor too much.

glad tidings to believersBut the days, it is very close. Our duty is to sit and to wait. Prepare ourselves, lead a simple life, not to be running around so much. Not to be going, collecting the dunia so much. Lead a simple life and be with the Saliheen. Be in a jama’at to keep that alive in your heart, because it gets to be a routine and people may get tired. They have been waiting. It’s not only us who has been waiting. They have been waiting. Sahaba e-kiram waited. That was 1400 years ago. They were waiting for Dajjal and they were waiting for Mahdi. The way that 124 000 Prophets they were waiting for the Prophet (asws) and they were teaching their nations that the prophet may come in our lifetime and they say, “if the Prophet comes, all my words now is ended. You have to follow that one,” and 124000 prophets waited for thousands of years, and the Holy Prophet (asws) in his time, he was telling his sahabi e-kiram about Mahdi (a.s) and dajjal. He was saying it so much and so often and so heavily that the sahabi e-kiram thought that dajjal was hiding behind them, was hiding behind the date trees ready to jump on them. It was so immediate, it was so urgent and they kept it alive.

They didn’t just feel like that and after a while, after a few years they left it. No. Prophet was there for 23 years. 23 years it continued. After the prophet passed, that spirit of waiting for Hazreti Mahdi, that spirit of looking out for the signs of Dajjal was with the sahabi e-kiram, was with the tabi’in, was still with the tabi’in  tabi’in, continuing 1400 years. They have been waiting. And  it may come. It’s very, very close to our times. There’s so many signs. Don’t believe those ones who’s saying, ‘Ohh…no, it’s 5000 years from now he’s going to come.’ So many they are saying this. It is not. They’ve completely disconnected themselves because one thing, we know, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Allah swt gave my nations one and a half days,’ and one day in the presence of Allah swt is one thousand years, so one and a half days is 1500 years.

world endWe are fourteen something. Islam has never been apocalyptic. 1400 years is not like Christianity in the first generation they said, ‘World is going to End! Give up Everything! Die!’

And then after another hundred years, they said, ‘maybe it’s going to come….’ After another 100 years, ‘ahh…I don’t think it’s going to come anytime soon,’ then they start building things and by that time, it was already too late. All so many things they lost. So many people, they are eaten by lions.

Islam is not like that. There was a time when Islam reached 1000 years. I believe it was during Imam Suyyuti’s time, if I’m not wrong, and people were very concern that it was going to be qiamat, and he said, ‘No, it is not,’ very clearly. Islam is not a guessing game. There are scholars and there are saints who understand the zahir ilm and the batin ilm, the internal knowledge and the external knowledge, they understand. But he’s saying, ‘it’s not happening now, but maybe 400 – 500 years from now it is going to happen.’ Now, we have reached into that era. There’s so many signs of that, and we are coming closer and closer to that time. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman. So, prepare  yourself, keep yourself clean. InsyaAllah we will reached to those days in safety. But do not underestimate the fitnah of Dajjal. Do not under estimate. If you think the fitnah of dajjal you are going to be safe, that time you are not going to be safe. Because Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, protect me from the fitnah of Dajjal.’

Even Prophet is begging Allah to protect him from the fitnah of dajjal. Don’t be complacent. Don’t be thinking, ‘Oh, it is not going to affect me.’ It will affect you because the fitnah of dajjal is going to test even those ones in the graves and we are already living in the system of dajjal. We are already living in the fitnah. So, if you don’t understand that this world, right now, this world is always a fitnah, but it is now hundreds time more fitnah because we are living in the time of dajjal, waiting for the time of Mahdi (a.s) to come. If you don’t believe that, if you don’t see the signs, if you are not understanding, if you are not pulling yourself away from that, then I cannot tell you anything. Then you are completely lost and you are completely drunk. Then continue with that until you wake up. There’s so many scholars, so many sheyks they are saying, ‘no, don’t worry about it, everything is fine. This is the time of Mahdi,  it is so beautiful. Everything is so beautiful…’

What? You need to be a Saint to understand this whole world, everyday it is going worse and worse? That we are destroying everything? InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may we be in safety.

Lokman Effendi

Al- Fatiha

 Hoja Lokman Effendi, the khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibris (qs)
   Osmanli Dergahi – New York
   February 2013

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