How do we prepare our families for life without electricity?


QUESTION: Is it important to prepare our families for life without electricity? If so, what are the ways we can do this?


Those kind of question, really, you don’t have to ask me. There are so many other experts. You can go to google, you can ask how to prepare your family for life without electiricty. They are going to give you everything. Believe me, they will give you a manual. They will tell you we can even buy this container, you are going to bury underground, you are going to be saved from radiation, you are going to stock up food and you can buy generator and etc…etc…etc. Everything is going to be there. But if you ask me from a spiritual point of view, what we heard what our Sheykh Effendi is teaching us, yes, anything can happen.  Because we are living in America, it’s not touching us so much. But don’t think that the whole world is like America.

In so many parts of the world, and we came from there yesterday, like in Pakistan, they decide now by looking at the clock, official is saying, ‘although right now it’s eleven o’clock in the morning and people only started working, we need to shut  down electricity for three hours.’ So they are going to shut it down, you cannot say nothing. To save electricity, everything is going to stop now. Those people, how did they live? This didn’t happen yesterday, for decades it has happened. Is it getting better?

no electricityAllahu Alam.

How do that people live? They adapt. Before electricity, how did we live? We live Sunnat way, a simple lifestyle. How are you going to prepare your family? Prepare them to live simple. If they know how to live simple, that time it doesn’t matter if they are living in a cave or they are living in a Palace, attitude is, ‘syukur ya Rabbi, I’m not spoiled, I’m not going to ask for anything, whatever that You’ve put in front of me, I’m going to take.’

That time is going to come. Electricity is going to fail. But that time, we’ll be entering also into the age where now, when the electricity is falling, the power of technology is falling, the power of the Awliya Allah, they will start emerging, start raising. Because electricity is other kind of creature’s power, it’s going to come down.

Takbir of Mahdi (a.s) is going to give, electricity is going to fall, technology is going to fail, that time, Awliya Allah, their power is going to rise. When their power is rising, those ones who have love in their hearts for the Awliya Allah, those ones who are running after them, those ones who are making zikir, those ones who are collecting all the Nur and all the zikir, that time, yes, they are like a generator. You will have all the electricity in the world. That time, qaramat will happen. You will be able to work, you will be able to survive. You and your family. InsyaAllah.

So that time when the electricity is failing, it is not going to be a normal regular time.  It is going to be a time where it’s going to be unusual. How you are going to prepare yourself for that?  Number one, make sure that the family live simple. Make sure that they are not spoiled, especially the young children. Make sure that you teach them that they cannot get everything that they want. I’m watching American parents, everything and anything that the children said, they’ll say,  ‘yes, what is it honey? Oh, okay very good….oh wow! That’s cool, that’s awesome….’ Why is that? That is the way that our parents teach us? Our grandparents teach us?  No, if anything, they’ll say, ‘don’t speak. Sit over there,’  and they sit. The children is going to get bored. One year, two year, third year, they are going to sit and watch. Fourth year, fifth year, they are going to sit and they’ll start thinking. After that, they’ll start thinking, they are putting things together and that one is light years ahead in maturity in every way.

But everyone now is jumping around saying to their children, listening to their children. The children, they don’t know what they are talking about half of the time. Why are you trying to be so attentive to them? Of course you have to love them. Of course you cannot ignore them. But, you are not going to do it the way that this country is teaching us. We are living Islam. Is that the way that the Muslims have been raised for 1400 years, raising generations after generations of leaders, and warriors, intellectuals and scholars, Awliya…No, it is not!

So, teaching the kids that, teaching our families that, to have at least some values. Because when things get tight, everyone is now going to run with their ego. What happens now?Now everything is there. There’s chocolate, what happens when there’s no chocolate now? Or there’s only one chocolate?

Hoja Lokman Effendi

But I’m looking at this kids (Hoja is referring to the kids at the Osmanli Dergahi), Alhamdulillah, they are raised properly because now we are throwing chocolates to them, we are watching, the younger ones and the older ones, we are throwing chocolates to the younger ones, the older one gets it. Hmm, what does the older one do with it? They took it and they give it to the younger ones. Now that one is taught from an early age, he doesn’t know anything, it’s a clean paper. Anything you write there it’s going to stay. Ahh…, so that one knows how to share. Very good, teach him how to share when there is something and when there is nothing. Teach them how to share. Teach not just the older ones, the younger one too. Like what they say, the older ones must always back off, and the younger ones must not be spoiled. Not just, what you want you are going to get.

That time, you are going to raise a proper family. That time you see that it’s going okay in that direction. That time, you are preparing your family  for the hard days that is coming. Because it is not just  a matter of stocking up generators, flour or food. It’s not a matter of doing all of that, preparing for doomsday. If it is about preparing just like that, the kafirs do it better than us. They have the entire cities underground, inside the mountains, to sustain life for ten, twenty years, they’ve made calculations for everything. Muslims, we cannot even dream to do that. But, those ones, they are not going to survive. They are not. Because unusual days, they are ahead.

So, the preparation is not just physical preparation. It is a spiritual preparation. And if you are able to do that, then that time, yes, it’s a form of Qaramat. That is the time, as it was, with the Holy Prophet (asws). They were so hungry, they didn’t have food. How many of us are teaching our children to be hungry?

patienceAhh, so many people are going to get upset with me. ‘he’s telling us to starve our children.’ This is what they are going to say. NO, but teach them, when they start fasting, this is how it is. Don’t just say, ‘oh it’s okay, it’s alright, just be hungry.’ No, you are going to say now, ‘you see how it feels, how does it feel? It hurts a little bit. Prophet loves us so much. He was fasting like this too. He was fasting and he was not eating for days. When he’s eating, he’s eating just one date.’

Your kid is going to say, ‘really?’

And you’ll explain, ‘Yes. You know why he did it? So that we can live properly. So that we can have Islam.’ Then they start to fall in love with the Prophet (asws) at such an early age. But Prophet (asws), when Sahabi e-kiram they were so hungry but they never go around to ask for food. I remember one hadiths I read years ago, I just remember it today: One time, there was one person, one sahabi, he had some food in the house. I believe it was one high level sahabi that was there. Abu Hurairah (r.a), he has not eaten for over three days,  he’s just standing like that, not saying anything, hoping insyaAllah, when that companion comes out, seeing his condition, he’s going to invite. But that companion did not pass by. So, he was just standing like this.

Imagine, imagine, put yourself in that, it’s funny but it’s not funny. Imagine three days in hunger, just standing there like that. Holy Prophet passed by saying, ‘Ya Abu Hurairah, what’s happening?’

He said, ‘Holy Prophet, as you know, we both and so many of us, we are not having food for days.’

Holy Prophet said, ‘Okay, come.’

They go to a place, so many sahabis they were there, the owner does not have anything, he just have one bowl, filled it up with milk, goat’s milk. First he gave to the Holy Prophet (asws). Holy Prophet (asws) drank, and he passed it. See, this is a sunnat too. Who does this in the masjid now? Taking water and passing it to each other? None. Except for our dergah. Alhamdulillah. Big sunnat in that. He drink it. Bismillah, pass it. That sahabi drink and drinking until he cannot drink anymore then he passed it to the next, he passed it to the next, he passed it to the next, it’s not finishing. It’s not finishing, it’s not finishing. Prophet says, ‘have you all drink?’

They said, ‘Yes.’

‘Now go and call another group to come.’ Another twenty people came. They started drinking, drinking, drinking, they are finishing all that, call another twenty people to come and drink.  Call another twenty people to come, call another twenty people to come, call another twenty people to come. Over a hundred people came, drinking from one bowl of milk. That is what we call a miracle. That is what had happened, that is what is happening, and that is what going to happen.

So, don’t look for the physical, look at what is in the blessing of what that is there. You think the milk that they were drinking that time is ordinary milk? It is already a Heavenly milk. The power  and the faith it’s going to give, ohh, maybe when they eat like that, they don’t have to eat for another week. Definitely. So, we must teach our kids, we must remind ourselves, we must sit down, stop complaining, and understand and put the love in there,  then that time we can live properly in any conditions. InsyaAllah.

Hoja Effendi

SelamAleykum Warahmatullah

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi QS, Osmanli Dergahi.

February, 2013

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