The Masjids of Allah in Ahir Zaman


The Masjids of Allah in Ahir Zaman

mesjid of AllahHow nice it is to be able to celebrate the Eid, the Jumu’ah, in this time in ahir zaman properly. To fulfill all the sunnats properly, and to come and to worship properly without rushing into the masjid like a thief and coming out like a thief.

People are not finding the rest inside the masjid anymore. They come into the masjid, quickly they come in, they pray quickly like a thief and quickly they go out. The masjid, is a place, is a Jamii. Allah Ya Jamii, the One who brings people together.

It is showing now in the ahir zaman, when the muslims they are not spending time in the Jamii, especially in the Jumu’ah time, that means that they don’t want to be a Jama’at. That means that they don’t want to be a community.

Everyone is running after the world, the dunya. People are falling in love with the dunya. Hubud dunya. That time it doesn’t matter if we have billions of muslims, it doesn’t matter if we have millions of masjid. Because a masjid is not just a building. Who is occupying that building now?

Is it going to be believers? Is it going to be Awliya Allah?

Or is it going to be those ones calling themselves muslims, but you are looking that their lifestyles is not following Holy Prophet (asws)?

They don’t like to be in a group. Especially sheytan, they hate Muslims to sit in a circle. It says, ‘No. you must stand in a row.’

prayer at ka'abahYa Hu, we are praying in a row but even then when you go to Mecca e-Sherif, you don’t pray in a row, you pray in a circle. Isn’t it? Around the Ka’abah e-Sherif, you pray in a circle. Not in a row.

They don’t like. Because  the circle is specially blessed, when you sit in a circle.

zikir circleThat is mention in Quran e-Kerim, mention in Hadiths e-Qudsi, mention in the Hadiths e-Sherif, ‘those who are sitting in  a circle and remembering their Lord, how bless they are going to be.’

So, the masjid, it has stop becoming a place where people find rest, to escape from the dunya and to remember Allah.

First thing, the masjid is not – as in Surat at-Taubah, Allah swt is saying how the masjid is going to be build. This goes out to so many people, how is a masjid going to be build? ‘The masjid is going to be build by believers.’ Not by governments, not by a board of committee members, not by doctors – there’s so many doctors here, I’m saying this to their face –not by doctors, but by believers. That time if you are a believer doctor,  of course you can build.  If you are a believer engineer, of course you can build.

It doesn’t mean you have money, you are going to build the masjid. You must have the belief. That is the most important.

Believers, Allah is saying in the Surat at-Taubah, is qualifying the believers. Who these believers are that Allah is identifying them?

Believers who are obeying Allah and His Prophet, and they are worshiping and they are giving the zakat, and they are believing in the last days. These are the believers, these are the ones who is going to build and to maintain the masjid. If you don’t qualify, you are going to build a nice big building, but there’s no belief in there. Only believers can give beliefs. Only those who have light, can give light. Only those who have peace, they can give peace. Only those who have Islam, they can bring people to show them the way of Islam.

Allah is a turner of hearts. He is going to give Islam to them, but we are opening the way. We are not closing the way.

al-muqallibSo, the masjid in these days, they are big, empty. Once in a while on Friday, for half hour it is full, then the rest of the day it is finish. You don’t believe me, go to see where it is, how it is. Can we blame the Jama’at?

Of course we can blame the Jama’at. But like they say in Turkish too, if the Imam does something, the Jama’at is going to do something worse.

So, everything begins from the head. Islam, it is leadership. That’s why Islam, it is valuing families. Valuing the head of the family, the father or the grandfather or the great-grandfather. Who the head of the family is, you must obey. A leader. Not to say, ‘we are not democracy.’

Can you be democracy?

Your father, you and your children, why not have a democracy?

One day your father is going to decide, one day your children is going to decide. Do everything. Can you do it? That’s what democracy is teaching isn’t it? Everyone, they are equal.

Hoja Effendi1No you are not. Not even the fingers of  your hands, they are equal. Not your fingers, no, none. Nothing in the world, they are equal. Not even your eyes they are equal. They have different, unique capabilities, right eye and the left eye. Isn’t it?

So, the masjids now, we leave the jama’at. Like they say in Turkish too, ‘the fish, it rots from the head.’ So, now we come, and I’m giving warning to myself too, I’m not pulling myself out of this,  those who are calling themselves Imams of masjid, what are you giving to the Jama’at?

You must give them something. If you are only coming to masjid, if the Imam only knows how to sit up there and instead of giving wa’az properly,

instead of giving sohbet properly, instead of giving khutbah properly, they are only there, spent a couple of minutes talking about general things, or they are stuck, they don’t know what to say, they just pick up a couple of ayats from Quran and just give freehand tafsir on the spot, when you are stuck, go to the next ayats and just talk generally like that. But every week, you must stand up and you must say, ‘give zakats brother. Brother give zakats. Masjid needs you, give zakats. We are going to build this, we are going to build that. Collect.’

Worse now, new style, not so new, it’s been carrying on for years now; fund-raising. Fund raising, the way that the Yahudi and the Christians they do, now we have fund raising, the same, to build a masjid.  That is not the way. That is not the way. No blessings then that time to the Imams or to the makmum. No blessings then that time to the masjid. The masjids become empty.

Isn’t that now a new phenomenon they are saying? What?


Empty. Masjids are empty. Because people are running to build the form, to build a building. Anyone can build a building. It is what you are filling the building with. Not just people too, but people with beliefs, people with spirits.

How you are going to have people with spirit if you are not training them to have spirit? If you are not raising them to have a spirit?

You think Islam, it is so simple to say, no, don’t do anything, Islam is easy, Islam is merciful, just know how to pray five times a day if you can, if you work just do qazar, pray one time.

One month a year, eh that time, try to do as much as you can. It doesn’t matter now. During Ramazan time, fasting is the most important.

Give zakat? Give zakat, oh, who is giving zakat these days properly, and going to the Hajj, Hajj?

No, a vacation, not a hajj. Going to the last Vegas of the middle east. Going there to look, like we have the time square over here, Empire state building people go up to look at empire state building. In London, you go up to look at big ben, and in Mecca e-Sheriff, you are not looking at the Ka’abah anymore, you are looking up to see a clock tower, that looks exactly like the tooth of a dog, that is sharp, that is fulfilling the prophecy of the Holy Prophet (asws) 1400 years ago, ‘the end is coming, is near, when you see this naked and bare foot, destitute bedouins from the Arabs, and they are racing with each other to build tall buildings, Sharp, like the dog’s tooth.’

mecca clock tower

It’s coming all together now.

So, where are you going to find? That’s why masjid is different, dergah it is different. Masjid, it is official. Masjid is not there for you to go one time a week for the khutbah and the Imams is going to explain to you the thirty two farz, he is going to explain to you to take the wudhu, he is going to explain to you how to pray, etc…NO, it is not supposed to be. It has become what it is now. They don’t know what to say.

Imam is not supposed to go up there to talk about his dreams. Imam is not supposed to go up there and just give tafsirs as he likes. NO, that Maqam is a Maqam of the Holy Prophet (asws). Imams don’t even know what kind of doa they are supposed to make before they go up there. And we are saying, ‘astarghfirullah Ya Rabbi, this Maqam is not our Maqam. This honor is not our honor,’ and that time, you can comfortably do it.

Otherwise you are assuming something, you are representing Holy Prophet (asws) at that time and you are making so many foolish things, so many egoistic mistakes, heaviness is going to fall, you are going to spray and infect all your Jama’at.

That’s what’s happening today.

People are proud. One billion muslims. So what?

You have one billion headless and heedless, ignorant and arrogant Muslims. You don’t need one billion, you only need a handful of Muslims that are completely submitting themselves to Allah and His Holy Prophet (asws), you can shake the world. Yes, of course you can shake the world. You don’t need millions, billions, that time.

faithSo, the dergah is a place where you are going to train people how to have faith, how to have submission. That is the place where you are going to train people,  young and old, how to know themselves  and how to know their Lord.

Masjid, you learn all the zahir knowledge there. You may learn from certain classes, to learn this and to learn that.

In these days, like what Sheykh Effendi is saying in the khutbah, ‘don’t run to learn so much, because it is poison out there. More you are learning, more ignorant and arrogant you are going to become,’ because they’ve changed all the ‘signposts.’

We are just talking this morning, people are saying, ‘no, no, no, this is Sahih Bukhari. No, no, no, this is in the six books; Muslims, Abu Daud, Tarmizi…’

So many, but, say Sahih Bukhari, you think Sahih Bukhari  of today is the same as Sahih Bukhari a hundred years ago? Forget hundred years ago, fifty years ago, try 20 years ago, try 300 years ago. You think it’s the same?

It is not. Especially in these days where they cut and they chop and they removed so many things. Is this hiddenly secret?

It is out in the open. They are going to take out and they have already taken out.

So many religious majlis around the world, calling themselves Islamic countries, they are doing that. They say, ‘you know, it doesn’t fit into this time. Any hadiths that Holy Prophet is talking about woman, that our feminist voters they don’t like, we are going to remove that.’ So all the hadiths about woman they are going to remove. All the hadiths talking about slaves, they remove that.

All the hadiths talking about what? What else? Kingship?

Remove that.

So, you cut and you trim and what are you going to get?

The hadiths sahih Bukhari completely different. Especially the hadiths talking about Tasawuf, talking about Tarikat, talking about ilmu ladun, they are all being removed now. If you don’t believe me, go check it out.  Forget about Sahih Bukhari, Quran e-kerim translation, everyone is saying, ‘Abdullah Yusuff Ali, number one, the Best.’ Take Abdullah Yusuf Ali that is published today, compare that with Abdullah Yusuff Ali that was printed 20 years ago, and you are going to see that they even play around with this translation.

our guideSo, find that guide. That guide who is not dependent on ink and paper. That guide who is depending on the Holy Propht (asws). Find him, that time you’ll be okay. You don’t have to run around so much. Then whatever that you keep, little things that you know and you keep doing it, more blessings will come to you because you are doing that, because you are not letting go.

But if you start to get more and more and more knowledge, more and more confused you are going to get, more you are going to argue with people. People nowadays, they only get knowledge in order to show off anyway, it’s not to share, ‘oh do you know this, do you know that? I know something.’ You are coming here and you are challenging.

Wrong, it is wrong.

So, we need to learn how to learn. We need to learn how to learn Islam.

InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, we are asking for the Sahibul Zaman to come quick, to clear up all this mess, big mess. This mess cannot be cleared up by us. It has to come with heavenly power to clean it up.

May we be ready, may we always stand in the way of Haqq and not to let go. insyaAllah. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), for the sake of the Awliya Allah, for the sake of our Sultanul Awliya and our SahibulSaif.


masjid of Allah

Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Efendi,                                                                                      the khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)
Osmanli Dergahi
Feb. 15, 2013

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