Why did the Ottoman Empire collapse?


Question: Why is that the Ottoman Empire collapsed if it was the sword of Islam? Didn’t they also want to become modernized? They didn’t want Shariah law anymore why are they praised so much here?


They are praised so much here is because they are praiseworthy. Because Allah and His Prophet praise them. Because our Sultan and the Awliya praise them. The Awliya Allah, they are praising them. Because they were defending the rights of Islam, Allah and His Prophet for seven hundred years, because they stop the kufur from entering into Islamic land for seven hundred years, because they brought Islam East to West and North to South and because they were holding on tightly to the way of Awliya Allah that they brought Tarikat and they held high the Ahlul Bayt for seven hundred years, that other earlier dynasties they were running to kill the grandsons of the Prophet, that you see what kind of Muslims are living now, that they are destroying tombs of the sahabis, tombs of the Prophets, tombs of the Awliya Allah, and the Muslims, they are keeping quiet.

That’s why they are being praised. Even if we don’t praise them, Allah and His angels, they are praising them. Why?  Because they are always praising the Holy Prophet (asws) and they held it on tightly. Yes. Why did they collapse? Why? Any strong groups that is Islamic, why did they collapse?

Never Muslims or Islam is going to collapse (Islam is never collapsing, Islam is high), but never the Ummat is going to collapse because of outside. Never. It is always because of inside, because of the betrayal from the inside, because of the betrayal of the Muslims. That’s why, it collapsed. And it collapsed because Allah destine it to collapse. They knew that too. They were not so proud to say that they are going to rule for one thousand years, ten thousand years, hundred thousand years. They knew, they knew it was coming. The signs were showing, because they believe in the signs that were showing,  they believe in Allah and His Prophet and they believe in Awliya Allah.

Everyone, in the time of the Ottoman, everyone in that Empire, they believe in Awliya Allah. They have a Sheykh. It was an Empire of Tasawuf, an Empire of Sufism. Can you understand that? We cannot understand that, we cannot even imagine, and it is an Empire of Sufism that is not passive. It is an Empire of Sufism that is not just limited to Maulid here and there. It is not! It is an Empire of Tarikat that brought the rule and the sword, and the flower of Islam everywhere. And they brought balance.


Yes. They collapse, because Prophet said, ‘when these things happen, pull back.’ He is speaking to the Sultan. Who is going to believe this? Muslims are not even knowing their history. And if they want to know their history, they come in already with a coloured view, biased outlook. The opinion is already poison. They are not coming with an open mind. They have already decided. Why are they decided? Because we have already been poison in our own education system that Kings are wrong, Kings are bad, Khalifahs, they are all corrupted. Isn’t it?

In Turkey and everywhere else, democracy is number One, it is very good, very good. Nationalism, Top. Ummat? Hmm, Khilafat? Eh, well maybe last time, but now we have a better way.

This is wrong, this is poison, and it is toxic and we have already been brain washed. So, when someone is brainwashed with that, how can we sit down to discuss this things? First, you have to clean, then we can sit down and we can discuss. Because if you come and you already have a firm opinion, that time we are not going to say nothing. Even if we show you a million proves, even we take out not only proves on the Quran and hadiths, a hundred and four books to show to you what we are saying is truth, you are not going to believe. Because now, the ego is already standing in front. The stubbornness, and the anger, and the arrogance and the envy is already standing in front. So, you cannot penetrate.

But if the person is sincerely wanting to know, that is a different story. And sincerity does not come with arrogance. Sincerity does not come with anger. Sincerity does not come with stubbornness. It comes with an open heart that says, ‘I’m here to learn. I’m here to listen.’ They listen to what the west is saying. They listen to what the enemies of Islam are saying. We believe it wholesale, we never question. If you put ten percent of this kind of questioning or doubt to what we have learn about our Islamic past from our enemies, you are going to get hundred percent more faith reaching to  you that time. But No, when it comes to history or religion by the Muslims themselves, they say, ‘we must question.’ But when it comes from unbelievers writing books about us, they say, ‘no, no,  no. don’t you see that it’s printed in Yahudi publishing companies. It is true. It is Haqq.’  This is wrong. It is not Haqq.

Yes, so when betrayal happens from the inside, that is what happened to the Ottoman. Did the empire get weaker? Yes it did get weaker. If you said, ‘well, if they are so good, why did it get weaker?’ Of course everything gets weaker. You only get strong with that much taqwa, with that much faith, with that much sincerity that you have in that truth, and you  are putting that truth in your life. If you are not putting that truth in your life, of course, that faith is going to get weak. You are calling yourself a muslim, but you are not praying, you are not fasting, you are not going to the hajj, you don’t believe in so many things, of course your faith is going to go weak. Of course you are going to collapse. You cannot say, just because you are taking shahadat now everything is guaranteed. We are not like those ones which says that, ‘Oh just believe and you’ll be saved,’ eternal salvation you are going to get and you are going to go to Paradise.

That is not Islam. Now, you accept Allah and His Prophet, now there’s a bigger responsibility for you to do. If you drop that, and after warning and warning, and help coming, and you still refuse, then wait to get punished. And that’s exactly what the ummat did. So, what happened to the Ottomans? Did they modernize? There’s a whole big history that we have to sit down, build up foundation and come to understand if the Ottoman modernize, how did they modernize? what did they modernize? when did they modernize? Don’t think they modernize; oh, modernize means what? They became like today’s modern muslims. What did they take to modernise? Are you understanding that?

Did they say to everyone, ‘okay, become modern.’ I’m talking about the Ottomans, I’m talking but until the time of the last ruling Khalifah, Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan Jennat Makat. After what happened to him, when the Khalifah was not ruling anymore, when there was a parliament and other things that’s happening. Then that time definitely, because there is no complete shariat without the Khalifah, that time you cannot really call them also hundred percent Ottomans following the Shariatullah.


Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan Jennat Makat

Up till the time of Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan, who for close to forty years he was ruling, one person alone, and there were betrayers, traitors inside. Who are the traitors? Yes, are they calling themselves Ottomans? Yes, they were calling themselves Ottoman, but to be Ottomans, is not just with the name. It’s just not what we claim.Like to be Muslims is not just by name, you have to have a lifestyle, you have to have a belief, it must show. There must be a proof. Those calling themselves Ottoman but they are looking to the West and they are saying, ‘we like this lifestyle. We don’t like this Islamic lifestyle,’ and others that are living there that are non-Muslims, that the Turks, the Ottomans, they were taking and they were putting them high, although they were not Muslims and they were not Turks, because they were serving the Ottoman state, like the Armenians and the Jews even, and other ones, the Christians, that they were giving high positions.

When that time of fitnah entering, these ones that the Ottomans were supporting,  they started pulling back, they started betraying, and they started looking to the west and the western  powers and their fitnah starts entering and instead of obeying and following the laws and the promise and the contract that they made to the Ottomans, they started to turn towards France and Russia, and Britain, and Germany.

Yes. So, there was a lot of confusion.  There was a lot of betrayal that happened. Even with all these betrayal that happened, the Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan, he still had power by force to clean this mess up. But he obeyed that hadiths of the Prophet (asws) and together with the Awliya Allah he said, ‘now is the time for me to step down, because the Ummat doesn’t want.’

Who also betrayed him? Don’t just think, okay, it is the Intelligentsia, the Elite, those ones who were going to the west and they were learning things from the west and they were understanding what the west is giving and they like that lifestyle, they don’t like Islamic lifestyle. Don’t just think it is also the non-Muslims, other people who they were just looking for opportunity now to bring the Khilafat down and to declare their own independence even after centuries of being supported by the Khalifas that they betrayed him. Not just them. There are  also those ones calling themselves Islamic scholars, they have already betrayed! There were some Muslims, not some, so many who are saying, ‘Yes, Khalifah, Khalifah, Ottomans, Ottomans,’ and when they see the weakness is happening, they said, ‘Now, it’s our time. Now it’s our time, we don’t want to be under the Ottomans anymore.’ And Muslims countries, from the middle east to eastern Europe, and north Africa, they said, ‘now is the time, we want to kick out the Ottomans.’

From that time until now, they have been humiliated and they can never rise their face again. Look, look to see the Middle east, look to see the eastern Europe, look to see north Africa, look to see the Mediterranean, look to see all those countries that they were holding on tightly, and how the Ottomans were treating them and what kind of civilization they have, and when they betrayed the Ottomans, from that time until now what they have achieved? Nothing.

Eastern Europe, complete disaster. Huh, Bosnia, complete disaster. North Africa, they are still springing, Arab spring. The Arab have been springing since the time that their leader says, ‘we betray the Khalifah,’ and they are following the sheytan who said, ‘betray the Khalifah and we’ll make you to become the Khalifah,’ and they believed that. Once they betrayed the Khalifah, the Arabs betrayed the Khalifah, they said, ‘now we are going to make you, Sharif Hussein, to be the Khalifah,’ and the British said, ‘Ha..ha..ha, think again.’ They placed him under house arrest and exile him. Sharif Hussein, until the moment that he passed, he was crying 24hrs non-stop, asking Alalh for forgiveness.

So many muslims countries, so many muslim nations, almost all of them, they betrayed. So many Muslims countries gave their soldiers to come to Canakkale to fight against the Khalifah. This is not betrayal? So, are you wondering why, the Ottomans they fell? There’s complete betrayal from every side. So many Alims and the Ulama, so many so called Sheykul Islam, they were openly supporting the masons, they were openly initiated into freemasonry, they are calling themselves Sheykhul Islam, they are calling themselves Mufti.

So are we wondering why? Are we wondering why that the whole system that was holding the Ottomans up, this whole system say, ‘we don’t want them anymore.’ There is the Khalifah and a handful of people. And the games that they played to the Ottoman soldiers and the generals and the pashas that they have already betrayed the Khalifah, and they were making these poor soldiers to march from here to there and there to there to just wear them down. So many games that they were playing. Are we believing that? Are we reading? Which books, which words are we reading?

Yes, Iqra’, which words are we reading? If all these things are printed in a book, in English or in the western language, supported by the western scholars, you are going to believe it just like that. But because it’s spoken by someone else, by a Muslim, and it is not in text and it is not supported by these companies, you are going to say, ‘well, you have no proof. Give us the proofs.’ SubhanAllah. We’ve come to that condition now.

So, yes. Did the Ottoman modernize? They did modernize. But they didn’t modernize Islam. They did not modernize Islamic lifestyle. Islamic lifestyle was still there. Islamic manners was still there. They modernize just the external – they modernize the army. Yes, definitely. They modernize certain things that happened. It’s also a big game, a big show, we are not going to enter into that too much now, because that requires you to understand Ottoman history – which Sultan did what, what was his influences, what was he trying to do, and there’s official history and there’s unofficial history too.

So, they collapsed because the Muslims, not  the majority of the Muslims, but those Muslims that were given power, those Ottomans that were given power, they said, ‘we don’t want this sword. We only want flowers.’ They said, ‘we don’t want the sword. We only want interfaith. We don’t want the sword, we only want our cultures to mingle and we want to take what the west has to offer. We want to live a different kind of lifestyle, away from the Shariatullah.’ Yes, when they put that sword back, what’s going to happen?

Of course it’s going to happen, then the Ottomans collapse. Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan has the power to take that sword out back again. He had hidden armies called little Mehmet, that he can take over and reclaim. But he was also an Awliya Allah, he was also a saint. And the advice coming from the Prophet (asws), ‘pull back, step down. Certain other events have to happen because the Ahir Zaman now is entering, this is the age of Jababirah.’ And Allah has promised the age of Jababirah, when the Sultan fall, the Jababirah,  the tyrants are going to rule, power is going to be given to the unbelievers for one hundred years, and that is the moment that it started. We are coming to the end of this time. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may Allah make us to become real Ottomans.



Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)  OSMANLI DERGAHI New York

March 15, 2013

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