Was Hagia Sophia taken rightfully or was it wrongly stolen and should be returned?


Question: What is to be done about the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople? The Ottomans took it over increasing hatred from the Orthodox Christian world. Was it taken rightfully or was it wrongly stolen and should it be returned?

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Destur, Medet.

There are some scholars on the wrong direction and they have brought millions of Muslims to that wrong direction. Years they are bringing, bringing them. People are thinking that they are going in the right direction, then suddenly, they are taking a sharp turn, and those Muslims are still following them, like the Pied Piper of Hamlyn; playing his pipe and all the rats and all the children were following him and they cannot escape now. Because they have no mind to think.

There are some scholars who are doing that. There are some scholars who dare to speak anything against to the Ottomans. Ahir Zaman scholars, that when you look at their face, they look like Orthodox priest. Holy Prophet (asws), when he has facial hair, the beard and the moustache, he looks beautiful. Nur is coming out. Not looking like a rat; not covering their head, not even wearing a kufi these days. I don’t care how nicely you are saying and you are speaking. Your words are poison and you are poisoning millions of Muslims and may it all come back to your head!

This is real. This is, we are not talking about ideological differences. We are not talking about academic differences. We are talking about flesh and blood. We are talking about blood that has been paid in the name of Allah, in the name of the Prophet (asws). So, they dare to speak something against to the Ottomans? Wait. Wait. Wait for Hazreti Mahdi (a.s) then that time. What Hagia Sofia? It’s Aya Sofia. What Constantinople? Islambol. Not Constantinople. Islambol. Yes, Holy Prophet may say Constantinia, because at that time it was called Constantinia. Is he going to call it Istanbul?

NO.  But Constantinia is whose name? who gave that name? Prophet did not give that name, he used that name. That name was given, why? It was name after who? was Constantinia name after Holy Prophet? was name after Islam? was name after which prophet? Or it’s name after who? Constantine isn’t it?  Who is Constantine? Which Prophet?  Which Christian King? Was he Christian?

So, NO. We are not accepting Hagia Sophia. We are not accepting Constantinople. Aya Sofia, yes. Islambol, Islambol meaning Islam rising, Islam is the highest. This is what it’s meaning. Yes, and this poisonous, poison Alims, they are saying that Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan Jannat Mekan, the one who was led by the Holy Prophet (asws), whose troops, their horses, they were riding on the water, that miracles happened to make the opening of Istanbul, of Constantinia, that made it to open, and those ones they are saying that he is a sinner. What else are they saying? They are saying that he stole it from Christianity.Stole what? Do you even know who built the Aya Sofia? It wasn’t Constantine who built it. It was Heracules who built it. Do  you know that Heracules accepted the Holy Prophet (asws)?

No, they don’t and they don’t believe it. Do you know that Heracules, he could not put the dome, it was the biggest church in Christianity, that he could not put the dome over the Aya Sofia that time because never such a thing has been done and he sent a  messenger to the Holy Prophet (asws) asking for help and the Prophet then took four earth, clay pieces and he put his saliva on it, his holy spit and he said, ‘bring it back to the emperor and let him to put on each corner and it is going to rise and it is going to be able to be built, the dome will be put because that emperor, he knows what he is doing, because he is preparing that to be my masjid, my jami, when the time comes for Islam to enter into Constantinia.’ Do you know that? Does he know that? Of course he doesn’t! He is not connected. Who is his Sheykh? Is his Sheykh connected to any Sultanul Awliya? Are they connected to heavenly station?

They are not! They are only looking to millions of followers. They are only looking at conspiracy theories, for everyone to come to them, and to be busy with things that does not concern them. Go be busy with conspiracy theories. Go be busy with gold and silver money, go be busy with riba, go be busy with that. Don’t touch the Ottomans. They are going to come back with the sword, they are going to hit you first.

fear the Ottoman

And they dare say, ‘Oh Sultan Mehmet Fatih, he committed so many sins and it is one of the worse things that ever happen, most shameful things that ever happened in Islamic history,’ that one is saying. Most shameful, most humiliating thing to happen in Islam and he is praying that the Orthodox church will come and take it back again, Russia is going to come. Huh! more you want me to say. Go look at his talks. You know his talks.

So, let’s just say for the sake of argument, he has something to say. In Islam, there is a thing that is called precedence, sunnat. You don’t come up with your own idea. You are going to say, ‘who is saying that?’ Who is saying that? His sheykh is saying that? His sheykh’s sheykh is saying that?’ No, he is going to say, ‘oh, Prophet is saying that.’ Yes, of course. He is going to say that because it is his own interpretation of what Prophet (asws) is saying. According to his own ego, he is going to say.

Sultan Mehmet Fatih, that Holy Prophet (asws) praise saying, ‘the one who liberates Istanbul, the commander, he is the best of the commander. The army is the best of the army.’ And, subhanaAllah, what a scholar of this ahir zaman! What a brilliant man, what a erudite scholar he is, that in all 1400 years, that since 1400 up till now, seven hundred years filled with hundreds and thousands of Alims and Ulamas, hundreds and thousands and more of Saliheen and AwliyaAllah, never anyone said this, He said it!

MashaAllah, what a saviour. Yes, he’s a  saviour for the dark side. That’s what it is. So, how dare that person is saying. Where is your ijma? Number one, no ijma. You are taking it out from  your own stomach and you are saying that and you are confusing so many people. Yes. You are so concern, the person who is asking me is saying, ‘oh so we are angering the Orthodox Christians.’

Then tell them to return the masjids that they took from us. Do you know how many masjids in eastern Europe that right now as you speak, they turned into bars and clubs? Hmm? Do you know? Do we turn any church into a bar or a club? Muslims? Or we turn a church into a stable? Or we turn a church into a hotel? Do we ever do that? How many churches we turn? We could have turned every single church from eastern Europe all the way to western China, from the steppes of Russia all the way to darkest Africa, every single church, we could have turned it into a Masjid. Did we do it? We were controlling all that area. Did we do it?

We didn’t. Certain selected ones that Allah swt has given order, that Prophet has given order, symbols, that as we said before in the origin, it was meant, because now when we look at the Aya Sofia too, there are no Idols inside it. There are no idols. Inside, there’s only mosaic, that the Ottomans when they took over, they did not destroy either. Not like these wahabbis!

Why you don’t be concern about this wahabbis that is destroying the grave of the Prophet? Why are you not being concern about the wahabbis that destroy the Jannatul baqi? Why are you not concern about this wahhabi that turned the Prophet birth place into a public toilet? Why are you not concern about this wahhabis who are turning the grave of Hazreti Hamza that the Prophet  used to go cry over it, into a parking lot?

destroying mecca

Wahhabi destroying the holy sites in Mecca city

Why are you concern about this? Unless it is shaitan that is making us to be concerned about this. Christians are not turning our Holy places. Wahhabis are, our own muslims. But Christians, yes, they did turn our Holy places. We could have done the same, but we didn’t. Hazreti Umar was given the opportunity to pray into the church of the Holy Sepulchre by the priest when he came into Jerusalem too, Kurds. But he didn’t. He said that they are going to turn it into a mosque. He prayed outside. He knew, he understood. No permission was given, he prayed outside.

We must understand out history. Not just listening couple of words and it makes us to get excited and then we start asking questions, we start formulating new ideas, new theories…No, no, no, no. It is not. Find out what the answer is, sincerely. And that one is saying, ‘if it is up to me, I’m going to return the Hagia Sophia to the Russians,’ he is saying. MashaAllah.

See what kind of scholars we have now. And there are millions following him. They are all going to the wrong direction. Wake up before it gets too late. I’m saying to that one, you wake up! Because you are leading millions to Hellfire. And I’m saying to all those who are reading or following, wake up and understand the poison. Wake up. This is exactly what dajjal is going to come. He is going to look like Prophet. The one eye that is big, the one eye that is close, the kafara, all these things they are symbolic language that the believer is going to see if his eyes are open. But those ones who don’t believe, who have hypocrisy in their hearts, who are not following a Sheykh, who their sheykh is shaitan, they are going to look at dajjal and he is going to look so beautiful. That he is going to look like so much Nur is coming from his face.

So wake up. What do I say? You asked the question and this is what I’m going to say. And this is what our Sheykh has thought us. This is what Sultanul Awliya is saying. This is what 1400 years of traditions is saying.

Aya Sofia. What do  you know about the conquest of Istanbul? Hmm? What do you know about the conversion of Aya Sofia into a masjid? What do  you know? Nothing. All that you are going to know, is you are going to read a couple of books written by Orientalist who say, ‘Sultan Mehmet came, killed everyone. Blood ran up till the knees, they raped everyone. Did everything…’

You know who did that? The Christians Crusaders do that. Not the Muslims. Not those ones who are saying, ‘we are going to enter with the name of Allah.’ Not those muslims who are saying, ‘we have to finish clearing up this place to make the first Juma in the Aya Sofia.’ Not by the ones who have already achieved a high level of Sainthood. Not by the ones who have been guided by the Awliya Allah.

There were two Saints living at that time, who had direct connection to Istanbul, Constantinia. Because Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the one who conquers Istanbul, O what a great commander he is and his army, what a great army, the best, from the beginning to the end, the best.’ And from the time of Hazreti Abu Bakr, up till the time of Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan, there have been so many attempts at taking Istanbul. Hazreti Usman sent his troops too. Now that one is going to say that Hazreti Usman is also wrong. He shouldn’t. Every subsequent sultan went there, for what?

To be praised by the Holy Prophet (asws). Two saints were there and Holy Prophet is also saying, ‘they are going to conquer Istanbul.’ There was one saint who is living inside Istanbul and he was praying. There was a saint who was outside, who was the Sheykh of Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan. Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan was hitting Istanbul. Hitting, hitting, hitting and he couldn’t break through. Then his Sheykh told him, ‘my son,  there is a saint that is inside those walls. And he is a beloved one to Allah. And Allah is listening to him too. He is not letting you to come in.’

How are Muslims going to understand this now? They say, ‘oh what is this? What is this?’  Of course, because Muslims have lost intelligence,  have lost the sophistication of understanding the enemy, have lost the sophistication of racing in the way of Allah, ruling the egos and ruling the egos of others. Definitely. That’s why you need a Nakshibendi Tarikat. That’s why you need the teachings of SahibulSaif, because faith have now become cardboard, paper, Disney character kind of religion. Islam has become that.

So, Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan then understood because his Sheykh told him, “that saint is there and he is blocking you. Because he says, ‘I’m the one who is going to conquer Istanbul. Prophet didn’t say how. I’m going to conquer their hearts.’ He is saying, ‘don’t touch my little Greeks.’ He is saying.” What did Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan then say, his Sheykh told him, ‘now is a big test to you. All night long you are not going to sleep. You are going to pray, you are going to go to sejdah, and you are going to ask Allah, and as Allah likes.’

destineSultan Mehmet Fatih Jannat Mekan did that. Whole night he went to sejdah and he prayed, and he is asking, ‘Ya Rabbi, either take my life, or take that one’s life.’ In the morning time came, that saint’s life was taken. Allah accepted that prayer. Who is going to believe this now?

If you have no faith, you are not going to believe that, definitely. Because Muslims have become like Philistine. They said, ‘oh where is this written? Which book? If it’s written, then I’m going to believe. Meaning, if it’s put on pen and paper and publish by a Jewish house, then I’m going to believe. Otherwise, I’m not going to believe you. If it is batin, I’m not going to believe you. Only if it is zahir, if it is open, if it’s literal then I’m going to believe you. Yes, that’s why Tarikat, especially the Tarikat of Hazreti  Abu Bakr Siddiq, it is from heart to heart. It is not contain in books. If your heart is open, that time, so much will be given to you and you start opening up.

Yes, those kinds of knowledge that those ones, they are saying, like Hazreti Abu Bakr, Hazreti Abu Hurairah is saying, ‘if I open this knowledge, they are going to cut my neck off.’ That’s why it is not popular with Muslims who have not reached to the level of Ihsan. So it’s up to you. If you believe, you believe. If you don’t believe, it’s up to  you. We are not asking you to believe too. We are not going to argue with you. But don’t be touching the Holy Ottomans too. Don’t be touching Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan Jannat Mekan. Don’t be touching any one of them. Fire is going to come to you. It is not going to come to me. This is a warning.

So, what is that question now saying? The second part? We are angering the Orthodox Christians?; ‘Oh you are increasing hatred.’ Do you know how many Muslims are massacred in the hands of these Orthodox Christians? Do you know? Who stood in front of them from being massacred daily? Ottomans.

‘Oh, but those are not the real ones. Those are Russians,’ And he is calling himself a sheykh? That Sheykh is supporting the Russian now and he is telling muslims, ‘you must support the Russians now.’ The Godless Russian! And now they are using Orthodoxy for their own political purpose. And you know how many muslims the communist Russians, the godless Russians, they massacred? You want all of those sins to be on  your head when you are supporting them? Go ahead. Be my guest. Not a very smart move.  You are going to burn in that fire. Millions, millions, millions.

So, please. Don’t go poking your nose into things that don’t concern you. They are going to cut it off. If  you have a sincere question, we are answering you sincerely. If you don’t know and you are really asking, yes, we may say. But if you are coming with different ideas, then we are going to warn you heavily.  SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Al-Fatiha. 

Hoja Lokman Effendi

Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, the khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI – New York March 19, 2013

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