Awliyah Allah bringing us the Honey of the Religion



Another Friday came, another week pass. Where were we last week? Where are we today? Where we want to be next week? Believer must stop to ask. ‘Brother, this is not knowledge. Let’s learn Quran. Let’s learn hadis. Let’s memorise things.’ The Quran and the Hadis, the Prophets and the Books, the purpose is to make the man to become a believer, to think this, to understand where he is , where he was and where he is going to go. The Quran and the hadis, it is not there for us to memorise like a robot, like a parrot or to use that knowledge to start fighting with each other, or to start bragging with each other, fighting with each other and showing off.

All that knowledge, it is to make man to understand himself. What is that understanding? Understanding is for us to return to Allah. How are we going to return to Allah? Allah sent us into this world perfect. Isn’t it? Allah sent us into this world perfect. Without any blemish, without any sin, without any mistake. That baby over there, those young ones, before they reach the age of maturity, they are protected. They are without a single drop of wrongness or sin. Original innocence.  And Allah is saying, ‘Come back to Me in that original innocence that I created you with. As pure as you come out from your mother, come back to Me, to go back to your real mother.’ What is our real mother?

The Earth. We were made from this clay, and we are going to go back to this clay, to this world, to this earth, to this womb and if you go back to this womb, to our real mother, the earth, pure as when we came out like that, the earth is not going to touch us. The earth is not going to grind us. The ground is not going to  grind. The flesh of the Prophets and the Saints, it is forbidden for the earth to touch it. There is not corruption, there is not rotting, there is no dirtiness. Because they came back to the presence of their Lord while they are in this world, clean. Because they are concentrating on that. Because every knowledge that they are looking at, whether it’s knowledge of the Quran or Hadis, or this world or the afterworld, whatever knowledge that they have, all must lead back to the knowledge of Allah.

And in order to know Allah, like what Holy Prophet said, the man must know himself. Must sit down to think, ‘where am I? what am I doing here? Who sent me? What does He want from me? Where do I want to go?’ This question, you don’t have to be rich or poor, educated or illiterate, man or woman, white or black, young or old, to ask. What do you have to have? The heart – which everyone has a heart. Intelligence – which everyone has intelligence. Haya, modesty – which everyone has that.

Everyone has these three because these three qualities, it is with Adam (a.s), it is with his children until the day of judgement. BUT, if you choose to lock your heart, if you choose to cover your intelligence, if you choose for your Haya to bury it deep inside and not to practise it, if you have lost all these qualities, it is not because Allah didn’t give it to you, it is because using our own ego and the will of our own ego, we decide to hide it instead of to practise it. We are killing it, and Allah is saying, ‘don’t kill that. Don’t kill your faith, don’t kill your intelligence, don’t kill your haya.’ You are suppose to bring it out because all these qualities will make man to understand himself and to make man to understand his Lord.

Man can go up and down for five times, fifty times a day, but if he’s not sitting down to say, ‘who am I? Why am I doing this?  I am doing all these prayers but I’m looking that my anger is still over taking me, my jealousy, it is still there. I cannot control it. My stubbornness, I’m noticing I cannot get rid of it.’ All these qualities, if power is given to that man, he’s going to destroy the whole world. It’s only because it is not given to us.

How many times you hear, ‘Oh, I’m so upset, I feel like killing that person.’ Hmm? Who does not say that? The feeling is there. Now imagine, now we don’t have power, imagine if power is given to us, imagine if you have the power over one million lives and you have the power of controlling whole countries, what you are going to do that time when you get upset and there is nobody to control you? You are free to do as you like, as today people are saying that they are free to do as  they like.

So don’t complain when the tyrants, they are doing as they like. Don’t complain. Because the tyrants are saying, ‘I’m free too. You think you are the only one who’s free? I have freedom too. I want to be free. I want to kill, I want to murder, I want to cheat….’ So don’t get upset. Because if the man is not understanding and waking up from all these evil characteristics that is inside of him, if a mankind is not controlling all these, all the prayers that he is doing is going to be ‘X’, is going to be gone, that’s the least. Because the man is praying and doing so many things, he thinks that he’s somebody now. He thinks that no one can touch him. He thinks, ‘I’m religious, so everything I do, Allah is telling me to do.’

Ha ha, because he doesn’t understand himself, he doesn’t understand the evil that is inside of him. Because there’s no one there to teach him, no one there that he’s going to submit to. Just like these tyrants in these days, they have no one above them. They do as they like. So why are we complaining that time?

evil (2)We destroyed. This ummat pulled away that head that is ruling the Muslims for fourteen hundred years. Billions of people, millions of square miles, all the way from Istanbul to Indonesia, from Russia to Africa, that the Khalifah was ruling, that nobody can move and declare their own Lordship, because there is the sword of the Khalifah that is going to come out. Now, where is the love to all these tyrants? Go preach to them. You are seeing all these tyrants, what they are doing to the Muslims. Muslims themselves, what they are doing to the Muslims, the so called Muslims, these are not real Muslims anyway.

So now and say, go to those ones that their children, like yours, they are being killed on the streets. Their mothers and fathers, like yours, that they are being raped and murdered. Go to them and say, ‘you know, forgive, Allah is most forgiving. Don’t be upset, just forgive. Don’t be overtaken by this anger. Just forgive.’ And go now with this kind of so much love. Everyone is talking about love. Huh! so much happiness, love and happiness. Really? You have so much love and happiness? You are not feeling the pain? ‘Ah! What can we do?’ Of course everyone is going to say that. That is not the characteristic of a believer by the way if you say, ‘what can we do’

No. The believer must say, ‘Astarghfirullah. We cannot do anything Ya Rabbi. Bring us the Khalifah for us to do something, because now, the tyrants, they are rising and they are killing the muslims. They are  turning on the faucet of the blood.’

stop killing muslimkilled

There is bloodshed everywhere and there is no one who is going to be able to control it, except for Sahibulzaman.  Yes, except for that one who has the power, that one who has the sword. That SahibulSaif that is going to bring order back into this world. How is man, going to understand this?

Muslims or believer. Because the selfishness has entered. You cannot have love for the dunya, if you don’t have selfishness. You love the dunya, you are selfish. And the man who is selfish, is not going to think of others. He loves the dunya, he can never be generous. If you love the ahirat, and you love Allah, then Allah is Razaq and Allah is Kerim and you are going to be the servants of Riziq and the servants of Generosity. And that time you are going to give, when you have or when you don’t have. Not only when you have.

So many is saying, ‘oh, I’m going to be generous when I have something.’ No. when you don’t have something, and you don’t give, that time when you are generous, when you have more, definitely you are not going to give because you think it is not enough.Generosity is not according to how much you have. Generosity is how much you give.


So, it’s not how much you have, it’s how much you give. You have nothing to give, give a glass of water. You have nothing to give, give a smile. You have nothing to give, give a salam. But in these days, Muslims don’t even give salams to each other. They don’t ask about each other. They are not concern about each other. They live with each other but they are own in their private worlds. We must think. The order is given for us to think.

The first ayat given to us, to Recite. Recite in the name of our Lord that created everything. Recite, in the name of our Lord. When you recite in the name of your Lord, when you say BismillahirRahmanirRahim, impossible that time, that you are not going to think, who you are and why you are here and how to return to Allah in Ahsani Taqweem.

If you understand that you have to return to Allah in Ahsani Taqweem, the way that we were born into this world in Ahsani Taqweem, if you believe that, which everyone believes, then you have to understand that this dunya is asfala safileen. This is the lowest of the low. This is a dirty, evil dunya that we must run away from. Then we are going to start looking for those ones who are following the Prophet a hundred percent, that they are teaching us how to run away from this dunya, how to run away from our ego and sheytan, then later to say, ‘now you stand there and  you have to face them, face the sheytan, face the ego,’ and the bullets, the ammunitions is sohbet. To make the man to sit down and to think.

The sohbet is like the juice, the essence of religion. This is when everything is squeezed and everything is taken for you to drink. No longer we are telling you, you are not given the responsibility to plant the tree, to watch it grow, to take care of it, to pluck the fruits, to prepare it, to squeeze it and to drink. The sohbet, the holy association of the Sheykhs, not our association, of the Sheykh’s association, he has done all that work. He has squeezed everything, giving you the essence and he says, ‘ now drink this. Drink this.’

If you are understanding, if you have a drop of faith, you will know what you are drinking is coming from that tree. And it is not only that tree, it is one thousand year old trees, from the beginning, it’s a tree that has a history, if you have already killed yourself, and your understanding, your intelligence, your sense of taste, you are going to say, ‘what is this you are giving me. I want to look at trees. I want to plant trees.’

He said, ‘take this and drink.’

You said, ‘No, I don’t want this. I can’t taste anything.’

That’s right. You cannot taste the sohbet because you are still looking at the woods. Awliya Allah, they are bringing us the honey. They are bringing us the honey of the religion. They’ve went and they have collected. Like bees. Bees, they are going to every flower, collecting. You think it is easy. That’s why Allah swt bless the bees so much. One drop of honey, thousands of flowers it takes. Thousands of flowers it takes to produce one drop of honey, so much time spent. Those ones who went to collect, so much organisation needed to produce that. Such a short life span also for that honey bee, for that worker bee because they work so  hard.

Awliya Allah, they are doing that. And they produce the honey, and they are giving it in Holy Association, saying, ‘Now take this. This is a medicine for  you. Take this. It will cure you. Take this, it will even cure you of death.’ What do I mean,  cure you of death? Dying like an animal. It will cure you from that. You will start to die before you die. And those who are living for the sake of Allah, when they pass from this world, when they have given their life for Allah, they are not dead. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may we be included amongst those. Wa minaAllahu Taufiq Al-Fatiha.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, the khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibris (qs)

Osmanli Dergahi NY

March 30, 2013

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