Khalifah of Islam – The story of Umar (ra) and the poor widow


Khalifah of Islam – The story of Umar (ra) and the poor widow

sahibulsaif Hz1Turn back and look at the life of Sahaba-e-Kiram. Everyone is reading. Read any books. Where you find that the Sahabi did not leave everything and running after Prophet (asws)? They left their belongings, they left their house, they left their wealth, they left their families. Running after the Prophet.

What were they longing for?

Their life, so many of them, their life was good, they were not slave. Their worldly life was good. They choose to give up that life and to run after the Prophet (asws). Most of them, those Sahabis, they did most of the cruelties, before Islam. But as soon as they accepted, their heart melted. Their heart didn’t become stone, because they were crying daily for things that they have done in the past.

What is the difference between them and us? We are claiming that we love the Prophet (asws). Where is the love? Huh? Where?

Love of dunya. And if you don’t get rid of the love of this dunya then you are never going to reach to that faith. It’s not possible. It’s not only that they got rid of dunya but they got rid of everything that they had and they gave their lives for the Prophet (asws), for Islam.

Umar-al-khattab (r.a)Whan Hz Umar (ra) was the Khalifah, one night, he was going around in Medina when everyone was sleeping, to see that everything was okay in the city. Then he heard the sound of children crying coming from one house. Khalifah went nearer to the house and started listening. He heard a lady saying to her children, ‘don’t cry. Wait a little bit more. The food is going to be cooked and I’m going to feed you.’

Khalifah Umar continued to listen for some time. He waited, waited, and waited, but the lady is still saying the same thing to her children. So he said to himself, ‘something is wrong.’

‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim,’ he knocked on the door and she opened. He entered.



‘O lady, I’m seeing that this fire has been on for a long while. When is this food going to be cooked to feed those hungry children?  They went to sleep feeling hungry, and they  woke up from hunger again, and crying. Why are you not keeping your job properly to feed them early?’

She replied, ‘O stranger. Leave me alone. Do you think that the stone which is inside the pot is ever going to be cooked? I’m just fooling this children.’

Feeling shocked, Umar started asking, ‘what happened? where is their father?’

‘Their father is dead. He went to a war, and he’s dead,’ and she continued to say, ‘I’m going to claim my rights from the Khalifah in the Judgement Day.’

seyh SultanHearing this, Umar questioned her, ‘O lady, what did the Khalifah do to you? What has he done to you that you are saying these things about Khalifah?’

She said, ‘these children’s father died in the war and Khalifah is not knowing that I am here alone. I have nothing. And Khalifah is sleeping comfortably on his bed.’

Umar said, ‘O lady, if you didn’t go to tell Khalifah about this matter, how is he going to know?’

She said, ‘If he wasn’t going to know, why then did he become Khalifah? His job is to know. So for that, I am asking my rights from him in the Judgement day.’

Umar said to her, ‘You are right. You are very right. The Khalifah has to know that your  husband died in the war.’ He went back to Baitulmal, he got one can of oil, one big bag of flour, he got some other things, and he put them on his back. Ibn Abbas (r.a) who was with him at that time have watched the incident. When the Khalifah returned to Baitulmal and instructed him, ‘Ya Ibn Abbas, put all these on me.’

He said, ‘No, I have to help you.’

‘No, you cannot help me. I have to carry those things.’

Ibn Abbas said, ‘Ya Khalifah, I’m here to help you.’

He said, ‘NO. you are helping me here in this world, but how are you going to help me in the Judgment day. So for that, let me do. Because the burden, it is on my neck.’

Umar carried it on his back until he reached to that lady’s house. He saw that the fire was almost turned off, so Khalifah went down, put the fire back on and, started preparing everything, then cooked.

And the lady said, ‘InsyaAllah, Allah gives you the position of Umar (r.a)’

Umar said, ‘O lady, tomorrow come to where Khalifah is living. I’m going to take you to Khalifah. You have to say your complain to Khalifah and he has to do something about it. Because if you didn’t complain to Khalifah, then you don’t have too much rights in the Judgement Day too. So you have to go and complain to him. I’m going to be the witness.’

The lady said okay.

Khalifah left her. Ibn Abbas (ra) was shocked with the incident and right away he started thinking, ‘what are we going to do with this matter? There’s so much work to do and we are all involve in this, we cannot leave everything to Khalifah.’

Next day, the lady came. They brought her to Umar. She realised that this was the same person who visited her the previous night. She said, ‘so you are the Khalifah.’

Omar said, ‘Yes.’

She said, ‘so why did you sit on the chair if you are not going to be able to carry it?’

accountKhalifah said, ‘Yes, you’ve teach me a lesson. From now on, I’m going to be better. Now do you forgive Khalifah Umar? Now, you are going to come here every week. What you need for your home, they are going to carry it to your house. And I’m making sure that from now on, every time when people go to war, their name has to be written, their name has to be registered, who died, who’s wounded and we have to take care of those people.’

Some ignorant and arrogant, they are fighting back and forth all the time saying, ‘this is bida’at, this is bida’at, this is at the time of Umar, he made this and he made that and he made the tarawihs like that too.’

Yes, this is good bida’at that build Islam up. Holy Prophet left to them to do it. And they went through experiences before they are putting so many things into Islam like them. But these arrogant and stubborn are fighting, doesn’t matter.

So sometimes later, when Khalifah Umar (r.a) visited Yemen, the people in that city, they heard that Khalifah is coming, so they prepared a big welcoming to Khalifah. When Hazreti Umar reached to Yemen, they put in front of him something to eat. What they put in front of him was some honey that is coming from that part of the world and some dried bread, because they didn’t have too much. And Umar (r.a) is saying to them, ‘O, this what you are putting for me, does all the people in this city, they are able to buy this to eat?’

They said, ‘Ya Umar, how anybody is going to buy a honey like this to eat? Impossible. We don’t have too many things, but we have this to offer to you.’

He said, ‘No. Now that is haram to me. If there is a single person in this city that is not going to be able to buy that to eat, then that is haram to me. So I am not eating from that.’

Yes. That is Khalifah. And we need everyone back to reinstall Islam again. Because we have become tyrants. Tyrants to each other, and tyrants to ourselves. For egoistic reasons, nothing else. No feelings, feelings are dead.

khalifah of IslamDon’t be like that. Wake up to yourself and that way you will get the feeling, you will understand and you will worry. Yes you will worry what will happen to you. You will worry.

InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, this much is enough for you for another year maybe. If you take it, if you really think on it, if you apply to your life then you put it in your daily life and you put some feelings in you and leave the arrogance and stubbornness and ego out, then you’ll start thinking. Not to say it is really long term but like I say, maybe 300 000 people died today in this world. Tomorrow, another 300 000. Is it reaching to you maybe tomorrow and to me?

We don’t know. That part, it’s hidden. So, stop worrying for nonsense, malayani and fooling your own self.


August 16, 2011

Sheykh Abd Kerim al-Kibirisi Hz

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