How do we escape from the emptiness of life?


How do we escape from the emptiness of life?

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim


Destur, Medet.

lokman hoja (2)

First you have to know that this life is not empty. Our life is not empty.

Allah swt has created us and He has created this life for us to lead. And Allah swt has created only one of everything. Meaning everything, it is special and everything is unique. There is no photocopy, there is no two, there is no three, there is no four. Only One. There is only one you.

And this life that we are leading, this life that we are living, it only appears to people who does not believe in his Creator, who does not believe that he comes from somewhere,  who does not believe that he is here only temporarily, and who does not believe he is going to somewhere else. Those without these believes, this life is empty. This life has no meaning.

Those who accept the reality that Allah swt , our Creator, He has created us, especially man; man he is created as a highest being, higher than the animals, higher than the Angels because he has been created to represent Allah, to know his Lord.

creation of man1Allah has created man for Him.

Allah has created everything else in creation for man. But Allah has created man, for Himself.

Now if man cuts off his relationship with his Lord, with his Creator, than definitely this life is going to be empty.

This life will have no meaning. Because you are denying the reason of your creation.

If the man is not understanding that he came from somewhere, and he is here temporarily, he is not accepting this reality and he is not accepting the reality that he is going to go to somewhere, he is going to go back to his original home. If the man is being born in this world and he is believing only in this world, if you are twenty years old, that you had no existence before you were twenty, twenty years ago, thirty years ago you had no existence, only twenty years ago, you start to have an existence and in some time and in some years you are just going to finish and you are just going to die and that’s it, then this life will remain empty.

As our Sheykh says, ‘those who don’t believe in anything, they don’t believe Allah, they don’t believe in the Holy books, they don’t believe in the laws, they don’t believe in hereafter life,’ he is saying, ‘if you don’t believe, then don’t even sleep.’

Why are you sleeping?

Why are you wasting your time?

sheykhIf you believe this is your only life, then don’t sleep. Get up and do everything that you can because you are going to finish.

Whether you believe or you don’t believe, you are going to believe and you are going to die.

So what are you doing sleeping?

Then that time man is going to be the most selfish creature, the most destructive creature because he is only thinking about himself.

But it is not man man that is thinking that. It is his ego. Because now, inside of man, there are two; there is the spirit and there is the ego, and the spirit remembers his Lord, the spirit remembers his original home. The spirit remembers why he was being sent here, who his friends are and where he is going to go because the spirit says, ‘this is not my home. My home is Paradise.’

You see, Islam is different, maybe from other religions. Other religions maybe they even say that Adam and Eve, they were created here on earth and Eden was somewhere in this world. You know, that’s what they say, everything is physical. But not in Islam.

That’s why Islam came to clear up misconceptions about Allah, about other religions. Inna ad-dina indallah-ul Islam, the religion that is accepted by Allah, the religion that is with Adam (a.s), Nuh (a.s), Ismail (a.s), Ishaq (a.s), Ibrahim (a.s), Isa (a.s), all 124 000 Prophets that we know and we don’t know, it is Islam.

surah Ali Imran verse 19 (2)

Surah Ali Imran verse 19

Islam means submission.

Submitting to what?

The will of Allah. With that submission comes the love. With that love comes a longing to be with the one that you love because we came from Allah. Allah has created us for Him and we are not sent here to forget about him. We are sent here to remember Him, and this is a temporary life that we are going through.

Now the man believes and accept this reality, this life is not going to be empty, this life is going to be very full. It’s going to be very busy. Now that understanding that this life is empty will take a different color.

Now he will understand that this life, to go after the pleasures and the treasures of this life, it is not important. In that way, it is empty. Because now when the spirit takes over, the spirit can say, ‘because I don’t belong here, nothing here in this world is going to satisfy me and to give me peace, except if I am with the one whom I love which is my Creator, the ones that He loves, which are the Prophets, and the friends of Allah, the Saints, the Awliya Allah. I’m longing for that time. That time, I’m looking for people who are light minded. Who have the same kind of spirit as me and we are going to be together.’

aloneAnd that’s the time when even if this whole world turn into a hell, you will still have a piece of Paradise there. Because you are finding that, you believe in that and you are finding a community to sustain that. So this life then, that time, it will become empty because you are no longer looking to satisfy your ego.

A man usually claims that this life is empty because he has done everything that the ego wants us to do.

From a young age, he’s done everything that Allah says, ‘don’t do,’ he has done, he has entered into every hell hole, he’s entered into every wrong neighbourhood, he’s done everything, and he becomes completely dissatisfied because there’s nothing else out there that he hasn’t done and he is still feeling that emptiness because he has not tried looking for his Lord.

Now that is also important. In our way we are saying, ‘you are still being busy with the dunya. You are still being busy interested in the world? Go to the world. Finish the world. Once you are sick and tired of the world, then turn, come to us. Then sit down.’

Then now is the time you said, ‘Okay, now let me look at my spirit, what my spirit wants because my spirit wants to be with Allah. Now let me connect to my spirit and let my spirit connect to Allah, what Allah wants from me now, to live, how to live.’

Then that time slowly you start to taste also from this world but everything is going to be in a  balanced way. It is not going to be something that completely you are doing it for your ego and you find no taste in that. And now that’s the time when you say, ‘life is no meaning,’ and you say, ‘let me escape, let me just finish this world. Let me just die, let me finish…’ no, dying is the beginning, it is not the end. It is the beginning. And if you are not preparing your life for that grave and the hereafter, then it’s the beginning of trouble. Because you have to be clean. But if you are cleaning ourselves and we  are preparing ourselves for the grave and for the hereafter while you are still living, then our transition will be very quick, will be very beautiful, it will be very nice and we will see the reality that time. Not this.

LokmanHojaThis  is temporary. It’s going to pass, it’s going to be destroyed.

May Allah, insyaAllah give you Hidaya guidance and understanding and faith, to be with those ones that they found meaning in life not because of the life, but because they found their Lord and whom their Lord has appointed over them, they found a guide.

Now that time, the life is going to be for the sake of Allah, it’s going to be sweet. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman


April 18 2013

Question and answer session with Khalifah Lokman Hoja Effendi Hz

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