How will the division within Tariqats be fixed?


 How will the division within Tariqats be fixed?

Hoja Effendi Hz

It is not going to be fixed until SahibulZaman comes to fix it. Because there is no authority. There is always that spiritual authority, but because we are living in this world, there is no Khalifah, there is no physical authority, so people do as they like.

This is new style; people in Tarikat fighting with each other, inside the Tarikat fighting with each other,  inside the different jama’at fighting with each other. You are busy fighting with each other. This is part of the ego. Definitely.

Eh! it’s not twelve, there’s forty Tarikats. Every Tarikats is leading back to the Holy Prophet (asws). In reality, every Tarikat is leading back to Hz Abu Bakr (r.a)

Do you find the colleges, universities fighting with each other?

One saying, ‘I’m high,’ the other one is saying, ‘NO, I am higher,’ and the students coming to fight with each other?

No. there isn’t.

Why is there not?

Because there is still the Ministry of Education, there is still the President. There is still authority who says, ‘you are here, you are here, you are here and you are here.’

Isn’t it?

quote-the-lion-who-breaks-the-enemy-s-ranks-is-a-minor-hero-compared-to-the-lion-who-overcomes-rumi-263346There is authority. You remove that authority then everyone will declare whatever they want to declare. This is what is happening now. Because in the old days, not so old, less than one hundred years ago, there was no fighting, maybe some foolish ones here and there they are going, that’s human nature but the Sheykhs  themselves they are not fighting (now Sheykhs they are fighting back and forth ), because they know who is where. They know what is the hierarchy. They know what is the protocol.

Every Tarikat knows that the highest Tarikat is the Naksibendi Order. They are not going to fight. If you fight, definitely you are not in that majlis of the Prophet (asws) that he is holding every night in the presence of all the Saints that are living and all the Tarikat leaders. And everyone, in the presence of the Holy Prophet (asws), they know where their stations are and they don’t fight. Those who are not in that majlis, then they start fighting.

What are the characteristics of true ones or false ones?

You will see, usually, those ones who are attacking, put a question mark there. In Tarikats, they are attacking other Tarikats, put a question mark there.

You don’t have authority, you don’t have the spiritual power but you see they have  a loud voice and usually they are going to attack the smaller ones. This is the age of Jababirah.  It’s going to happen.

our SheykhWe get attack all the time. Over 25 years, Sheykh Effendi gets attack every single day.

So if now, we are here and we are getting attack, we are feeling happy because we are following the sunnats of our Prophet, and we are following the sunnats of our Sheykh because Prophet is continuously being attack.

For 1400 years, he’s always being attack. Isn’t it?

You say, ‘No, no, but those are non-Muslims.’

Really?  Only non-Muslims are attacking?

What is happening now?

Wahabbis are attacking him every day. Those modernist Muslims, moderate Muslims are attacking him every day. Those feminist Muslims, fascist Muslims are attacking him every day. So many.

So, the more they attack, the more they are carrying our burdens. The more heavy they will become. The lighter we will be.

Yeah. So, the unity, it will happen when the SahibulZaman appears. But his appearance too, understand this,  he is only going to unite those ones who are on the way of Haqq. He is not going to unite Haqq and Batil. With the Batil, he is going to take out the sword, he is going to say, ‘if you don’t want to unite, then I am going to separate you.’ Those ones who are believing in him, they want to be together with him, he says, ‘come.’

So, this is one of the signs of the last days that all these so much separation is happening but it’s going to take a Heavenly power to come to bring us together. People cannot do it. Our prayer is not going to work so much too because we are entering into the age of confusion.

SahibulZaman is going to come. He is going to fix it.

What can we do to fix it?

Don’t enter into that confusion. People attack you, sit still.

Isn’t that the hadis anyway?

I’m talking about personal. Better to be sitting down, even if they are coming to your houses to kill you, sahabi e-kiram is saying, ‘should we defend ourselves?’

Holy Prophet is saying, ‘better to be a martyr than a murderer.’

Sheykh Effendi did that too. So many have forgotten. When those ones, they came to his own house and they attack him and they arrested him, he did not defend himself. So, insyaAllah ar-Rahman, this is very unfortunate, of course people are fighting. It just shows that they are busy with Malayani. That’s it.

Osmanli Now, there may be certain things that we are concentrating on that other Tarikats, they are not looking at. It’s okay. They have their way, we have our way. Our way is concentrating on the ego. Concentrating on what’s going to happen in the future. Making ourselves to prepare ourselves. Tarikats should be doing that. All tarikat should  be doing that.

But if other Tairkats, other Seykhs, they are doing things that is not in agreement with us, we don’t interfere. We don’t fight. We say, ‘to you your way. But this is what we are doing and why this is important,’ we are saying it. InsyaAllah, we will stay on the right way.

Selam Aleykum

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, the khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)      OSMANLI DERGAHI – New York

April 7, 2013

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