Can Muslims make alliances with the kuffar and start establishing an Islamic State?


Can Muslims make alliances with the kuffar and start establishing an Islamic State?

Khalifah Lokman EffendiNO.

Prophet (asws) did not do it. Ummawis did not do it. Abbasys did not do it. The Ottomans did not do it. The Seljuks did not do it.

If anything, they fight against the Kuffar state to set up an Islamic state. But there are some so called Islamic states that make alliances with the Kuffar, to set up their own rival state, like the Shias, for instance. They do that. Always aligning themselves  with the Vaticans.

So, that happens. Of course now some squarehead Imams coming from the Islands, they are international scholars and they are saying that the Ottomans made alliance with Russia to take over Istanbul.  That one’s head is not on his shoulder. It is stuck somewhere else. We don’t accept that and it is not true and  you are making more confusion and leading people away from the truth to fitnah. There is. Find out who that one is.

So, we cannot set up an Islamic state, when we are talking about Islamic state, I’m referring specifically to Islamic Empire, Khilafat. I’m not talking about separate Kingdoms, that throughout history too, you see different Islamic Kingdoms because they don’t want to obey and submit to the Khalifah, they set up their own separate thing and in order to have their own power away from the Khilafat they ask the kuffar to help them. I’m not speaking about that. That is already in the wrong way. And history have shown that there’s so many who are like that, always they fail. Always. And the big one that failed was Granada, Andalusia.

muslim era andalusia (8th - 15th century)

Muslim era Andalusia (8th – 15th centuries)

They were separate Islamic empire. They were not even an empire. What empire?

Which countries did they rule?

Except for the Iberian Peninsula, isn’t it? Where else did they rule?

North Africa was controlled  that time, not by them. It was only the Iberian Peninsula and back and forth, they were going with the Christians.

They were declaring their own Khilafat that was separate from the Abassids.

And Allah swt made His Holy Prophet (asws) to say, ‘do not have two heads in Islam. There’s no two heads. If there’s two heads, cut one of the heads off,’ because if you have two heads, you have Shirk right? You are making two, and there’s going to be confusion and complete destruction.

The Ottomans were not ruling that time. So that time, the Islamic Empire, although it was very big, although it did a lot of things, although they excel in so many ways, the Islamic Empire was fractured. There were so many Kingdoms and dynasties that were happening, that the Christians continuously, they were waging Crusades.

Of course once the Ottomans took over, Crusades finished. It didn’t happen again until the last Crusade, when again all the Muslims nations decide to also ally themselves with the Kuffar states and to come and to disobey the Khalifah.

The last Crusade, what is that? Canakkale?

No, They didn’t win Canakkale.

But when Lord Alan B, when he came and he took over so many Muslim lands from the Khilafat, what did he do? Wasn’t he the one?

I’m pretty sure it was Lord Alan B, because he was the commander-in-chief, if not him, then someone who was the commander-in-chief of the British forces, Allied forces back then, he went to Salahuddin Ayubi’s tomb, didn’t he?

What did he do there?

Salahuddin al-AyubiHe kicked the tomb. He kicked  Salahuddin al-Ayubi’s tomb and he says in a very dirty kuffar way, ‘Wake up! We took our revenge from you. We took over Jerusalem and every other place that you had taken over hundreds of years ago. We finish you today.’

And it was declared as the last Crusades.

So, at that time, when the Spanish Islamic Empire was declared, it was separate from the Khilafat of the Abassids.

It was the last surviving grandson of the Bani Ummawi that went to Andalusia and he declared his own Kingdom and later on he declared Khilafat.

Not one year pass  after he made the Imam in the masjids and the jamis when they were reciting the khutbe, to mention his names as the Khalifatul Islam, not one year, everything was destroyed.

Allah sent a heavy punishment there, and Islam was there for 800 years, and they burnt everything down, they dug up the graves of the Muslims, they burnt the libraries, they burnt everything that they can find. 99.9 per cent of Islamic civilisation, over 800 years destroyed.

What were the Spanish Muslims at that time were doing too?

They were separated.

Were they unified?

No. They had different Kingdoms too, inside of Granada, and they were always fighting each other too and they sought help from who?

From the Kuffar. From the Christians. They were paying Christians soldiers to kill their Muslims brothers. Later, when the Christians became more powerful, the Christians were hiring Muslims soldiers to kill other Muslims.

Yeah. So that happened.

When the Ottomans came, Alhamdulillah, so all these lands then came together under one Khalifah. Under one head, under submission to one ruler. Then you see, over seven hundred years, Islam slowly started to rise, not slowly, very quickly, and spreading. Not only Islam, but Sufism. Tasawuf started to go all the way into the heart of Europe, to Bosnia and the Balkans, all the way to Africa, all the way to Russia, to China, to Indonesia, spreading Tarikat.

Yes, that is the Kingdom, that is the Dynasty, that is an Empire that is holding on to the Prophet’s way strongly, that Allah swt has supported. It was strong. When did it become weak?

Always in Islam, it became weak from the inside, never from outside. There was so much confusion, fitnah and betrayal and the time came for that Khalifah to step down according to the Hadits of the Prophet (asws) and he says, ‘I have to step down now for the events of the ahir zaman to happen.’ And that’s exactly what happens.

Khalifah Hoja EffendiSo, yes. Were there any Islamic states that ask the kuffar to help them?

Yes. Those are the Islamic states. It’s not the states of the Khalifah. The Khalifah did not. Especially in establishing an Islamic Khilafat. He did not. They may use, now we are entering into politics where so many people they don’t have basic knowledge of politics, we cannot talk so much about it because there’s a lot of confusion now that’s going to happen. The khalifah, the khilafat may use, may play with certain kuffar nations, one against the other but it is not asking their help to support the Islamic state. That is completely different.

InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, we will get more understanding as time goes by

selamAleykum wr wb

Question and answer session with Khalifah Lokman Hoja Effendi Hz

Apr 22 2013

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  1. Lubna says:

    May Allah bring back the Khalifat…..Aameen..

  2. Mohammed Jamaludeen says:

    i want to meet u people n get the blessing of the shaykh.
    desperate for the sohbet of such divine sufi people.
    Vry wonderful job u people are doing towards cause of islam.
    May Allah Help u in very path n May the Wasila of our Shaykh be on us forever…!! Aameen

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