What can I do to prepare myself for the month of Rajab?


Question : What can I do to prepare myself for the month of Rajab?

rejab is Allah's month

That’s a good question. The month of Rajab, insyaAllah ar-Rahman, it will fall on (this coming), Thursday/Friday/Saturday.  Muslim world is always fighting about this, but it doesn’t matter. Don’t’ get into the fight. Whatever the majority they are practising, we are not responsible from it. Whether it’s right or it’s wrong, the majority practising it, if you are in the majority, it’s okay.

The month of Rajab is the month of Allah. The month of Allah. The month of Sha’aban is the month of the Holy Prophet (asws), and the month of Ramazan is the month of the Ummat. The month of Rajab that is going to fall soon, in order to prepare for it, if you like, you may fast on Thursday before the Rajab enters. At least to know, to be excited that the month is coming, it is enough. In these days, it is enough preparation to be excited that , ‘Oh Rajab is coming, Raghaib is coming.’

Raghaib, Laylatul Raghaib is the first Jumu’a, the first Thursday night of the month of Rajab and it is a very Holy night. That is the night  when the Holy Prophet (asws), his light was pass from his father  to his mother. And on the month of Rajab, we have the night of Mi’raj, 27th of Rajab. Where Holy Prophet (asws), understand now there’s certain secret in there, his light passed and it became manifest in his mother. And also in this month, his light then, from being manifest in this world, it went up, to Mi’raj, to the Paradises. It went up to the Paradises, to every Paradise. It went to the Jahannams too. Holy Prophet visited it and in reality, he visited creations, known and unknown, because Allah swt now wants to show the creations His most beloved one. So, he went up. Did he come back down? That is another question. Of course he came back down, but which part of him came back down? The house is filled with light from the sun, but the sun is not in the house.

So, the month of Rajab, to prepare for it, be excited about it. When the month comes, welcome it. Plan for it. How are you going to plan for it? The way that you plan for your dunya. If you say, ‘Oh, I have labour day weekend that is going to come. How I’m going to plan for it? I’m working the whole year, now I have to plan for it, I’m going to get up, I’m going to have nice breakfast, I’m going to do this, I’m going to visit people…’ This is the month of  Rajab, to have the same kind of excitement, that is already a Karamat, it is already a miracle. Now  you are going to go, and  you are going to think, ‘month of Rajab is coming, ahh, this day, let me try to take off from that day, to worship. Let me try to take a day off on those days to visit the dergah, to do extra things that night. Let me fast Mondays and Thursdays, let me try to do something there.’

Because the three Holy month that is coming, the Tarikat Sheykhs, that is the days that they are putting the murids to seclusion. So, let me sit down, instead of going through the seclusion, let me sit down during the time of Asar and Maghrib for a while, to sit and just to say, ‘Allah,’ and to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, this much I can do. I’m making intention. This is my seclusion for that time.’ And we may get the reward of that seclusion. Easy, in these days.  Naksibendi way is easy, with the things that we are going to do. What is difficult, it is on our ego. You understand?

That is being smart. And that is what is needed in these days because man becomes very weak. They are weak with their energy to do something, but they are very strong with their will. With their ego, they are very strong, but with their body, they are very weak. In the old days, the body is very strong but they are weak in their will. Somebody say something, they go. Somebody say something, they go. Somebody say something, they don’t fight too much. They believe. We’ve come to the opposite side.

So now, those kinds of things need to be shifted, to fit to the people because Islam is a living religion. Not to say, we need to wear suit and tie because we are not living in Arabistan,  a foolish kind of Muslims giving this kind of idea to people. So, InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, if we keep those days and nights that Allah has kept Holy and He gives value to, Allah will give us value. In these days, the nominees for that, they are very small. They are not huge. 2 billion people, hardly a handful that they are going to keep these days and nights Holy, properly. And we intend to keep it properly, insyaAllah, as we do everynight. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman.


SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)             OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

May 5, 2013

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