sahibulsaif.1InshaAllah the days that we are in (are from) the month of Shaban. InshaAllah during this month if we make intention to change ourselves and our behavior, then we may enter Ramazan strongly and during the Ramazan time we may catch our ego.

Shaban is the Holy month that Allah Jala wa’ala has given, granting blessings to the highest one that He has created. The most blessed one in Divine Presence. The holiest month.

Say, ‘Astaghfirullah Ya Rasulullah. I broke my promise to you’.  Say, `Yes, I broke my promise to you. I broke my promise to Allah. And under the name of Allah and His Prophet (sws), under the name of religion I am just making confusion 24 hours a

Say. Otherwise, in your Bera’at the pen is writing something else. So you have one year that they may lock you in and you may become worse. But you don’t have that much luxury. Who knows what’s happening this Muharram. Who knows what’s happening this Hajj. Who knows what’s happening.

Awliya knows. We don’t know. But if you have a drop of knowledge in Islam then your heart must sense something. Yes. And something great, big is about to happen. But the Muslims are still sleeping. The Muslims are looking at the mirror and they are seeing themselves so giant. From the other side they try to show that they are so humble. But they are not.

So wake up to yourselves. This is a warning to you and to me. This is the month of Shaban. In the month of Shaban there has never been sohbets like this before in 1400 years. In this last 100 years it has to be like that because Islam, the Muslims are running toward the wrong direction. They are not running toward Islam. They are not running toward the Prophet (sws). They are not connected to the Prophet (sws). Their love to the Prophet (sws) is a lie. You love the Prophet (sws)?

How many Salawats are you giving a day?

Prophet sws Count the words that you speak that are Malayani, nonsense and curse words and tell me that they are not more than the Salawat that you are giving to the Prophet (sws) and you are going to find that it is more and I am going to call you a liar, not loving the Prophet (sws) because you are speaking words that Allah and His Prophet (sws) has banned you, has forbidden you.

Allah’s Prophet (sws) is saying to you, `The sign that Allah does not love an individual is that the individual is busy with Malayani, with a knowledge that doesn’t concern him and her’. That is a sign that Allah doesn’t like him or her. This is what the Prophet (sws) is saying. So are you still going to claim lies?

You are going to say words like that more than Salawats to the Prophet (sws) and you are going to say that you love the Prophet (sws)?


dunya-shadow-You didn’t hear this way before I guess. Now you are hearing. You and me, we are hearing because we don’t have too much time. Your time is running for Dunya. Dunya’s time is running to an end.

You’ve never had time for Dunya because you were never created for Dunya. You have been created for Allah swt. Not only you have to find yourself while you are in it today, you had to find it yesterday too. You had to find, yes, you have to find your own originality. You have to know the day that you came to the womb of your mother.

So much knowledge that you know, yes. So where is the knowledge? Only thing that you see? Only thing that you are watching on the television? Is that the knowledge?

But that knowledge is here. That knowledge is in Dunya. Allah swt is saying to the children of Adam (as), `I am giving you the authority and the powers of the skies and the earth.’ How much are you taking from there?

This is for those people who are claiming that they know knowledge, who are giving Fatwa back and forth, who are talking nonsense back and forth, who are lying and cheating to themselves. Yes. So, not only as individuals today but as communities and as groups Islam is running towards the direction that Sheytan and the sheytanic ones want.

This weekend there was also another conference that went on. Majority of Muslims went for hotels for vacation for a couple of days, living just like unbelievers, talking about Islam. But everything that they are doing they are copying the unbelievers. How much that conference is going to help, to the ones that are making it and the ones who are attending?

I’ll tell you how much. It’s going to make them become more sheytan, to run away more
from Islam, from real Islam, from the teachings of the Holy Prophet (sws).

Yes, that’s what the Holy Prophet (sws) said, `A time is going to come to my Ummat in the Ahir Zaman, when you are going to tell them that this is hadith, they are going to say, `We don’t know if it is. So we take only the Quran.”

That’s what happened. He said, `Worse is going to happen to them, those who are
going to claim that they know the teachings of the Prophet (sws). When you are going to say to them, `This is banned, this is forbidden by Allah and His Prophet (sws)’, they are going to say to you, `I am not seeing it in the Ayats’.

And the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `I am swearing’. And who can you swear by?
Only Allah. And he is saying, `I am swearing that I have put more laws than the open Ayats that are coming. There are hadith and I have banned more things from this Ummat with the authority that Allah swt is giving me for putting laws. And I put laws. But they are going to deny every one of them.’

Is that what’s happening today?

Tesettur – covering yourself up, it is to cover your beauty, it is to cover yourself from the Haram. It’s not to make yourself beautiful to run in the streets. Oh, what about the
half‐time Muslims? Part‐time Muslims? When they are coming to the Masjid they are covered but when they are in the streets they open everything.


‘Sheykh, how can you speak like this to us? You are bothering us. You are hurting our feelings.’

Something else is about to happen to you. So let me just hurt your feelings now. Maybe you will wake up a little bit. Maybe you will come to your own senses to understand what kind of black hole you have fallen into and Sheytan is just pulling you in. And you are still thinking that you are the best ones in Islam?

No you are not.

So wake up to yourselves. This is the month of Shaban. You should have felt. If you have so much love for the Prophet (sws), you should have felt the pain that the Prophet (sws) is going through. So you will not, you should not be happy about it. Yes. You should have felt when the Holy Prophet (sws) is looking at this Nation 24 hours a day and he is seeing that this Nation is running 24 hours a day into the darkness, you should have felt. But you don’t. So you are just fooling yourselves.

Not here, you can say it there, you can go to the Prophet’s (sws) tomb, you can open the tomb and enter in it if you want, you don’t see it that way. You have to feel it here.

So wake up to yourselves. The month of Shaban is always coming with so much blessings and Rahmat. Which ones are you taking?

shaban2Think and understand.

Fool the whole world but don’t fool your own self. We just passed the  night of Miraj some days ago and understand what the Prophet (sws) said. He just went to Miraj and he came back and when he came back he said what he had seen in the Miraj. And he was crying for this Nation but you are not crying for your own selves because you became Firauns. You
don’t feel anything.

How are you going to cry?

You are not feeling anything. You became a stone. Your hearts became just like stone. Your love disappeared. There is no love. Love will make you cry. Love to Allah and His Prophet (sws). Yes. Then you look at every living creature with different eyes, different love, to every living creature.

So wake up to yourselves. We are living the last days. Either be a problem or be the solution of the problem. You can do only one thing. Yes. Run and ask forgiveness. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you are. It doesn’t matter how much you know.

‘Oh Sheykh, what about you?’

This is a new question coming all the time. Yeah, what about me?

Sheykh Abd Kerim (3)I’ll tell you what about me, what about the sheykhs. The Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `I am making Astaghfirullah at least a 100 times a day’. Yes. And I am making at least 1000 times a day. So what about you? What about those who are pointing fingers at others? How much are you making? Sincerely. What are you holding on to? Does the sky open in front of you? Does the earth open in front of you and you are seeing it?

Definitely not because if you did then you cannot be in this heedless station. You cannot be that heedless. You cannot be that much in Ghaflat. Then you will cry definitely. So you lost the crying, you lost the feeling. That’s exactly what happened in the first Jahiliyya time. That’s exactly what happened to the ignorant people who all rose against the Prophet (sws).

When he came to them and said to them, ‘Don’t be ignorant and arrogant. Leave this and turn to Allah’.

They said to him, `Who are you to put laws on us? We are going to live as we like.’

That’s what happened to them. They lost every feeling. Their hearts became stone. They were not feeling anything anymore. That’s why they were burying their own children. But their hearts became stone. They had no feeling. That’s what happened to you. Check
yourself and understand what you didn’t change for this Dunya. You will understand. Yes.

So, this is the second Jahiliyya time and the Holy prophet (sws) is saying that `The second Jahiliyya is going to be worse than the first one because in the first one at least when they didn’t know, they knew that they didn’t know. And they sat, they listened and they learned. But in the second Jahiliyya they are not going to know. They are going to fill themselves up with so many wrong knowledge which is not going to give benefit to them and they are going to think that they know so much and they are not going to listen to nothing and nobody. They are going to think that they are in the frontlines of Islam. But they are just like the arrow that enters inside the animal and comes out from the other side. They are going to enter Islam just like that and coming out from the other side. They are still going to claim that they are the best ones’.

And Allah is saying (Jalla wala subhana wa ta’ala), ‘Oh you who came, after accepting the truth, after accepting Islam, are you going out again?’

Who is He saying that to?Allah is saying that Ayat to who?

To the unbelievers?

To Kafirs?

Or to the Muslims?

Saying, ‘After accepting you are going out again?’

hadith-knowledge1Sit and think a little bit. And what is the biggest knowledge?

The biggest knowledge is for a man to know his limits. And when you finish there, step on your ego and go find somebody, ask and learn the knowledge that you don’t know. Don’t open books and computers because Sheytan knows so much better than you. Sheytan put so much game in that. Just taking one word out and destroying the whole meaning of the teaching of
the Holy Prophet (sws). You don’t have the vision to see.

Yes, the Holy Prophet (sws) us saying, ‘Be careful from the vision of a believer’.

But you don’t have that vision to see which one is taken out and which one is not. And you need to go to find somebody, to hear, to sit, to understand and to do.

Din‐i Nasihat. The Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `Din is Nasihat. It is Advice.’ The Prophet (sws) is giving advice to his Nation. Allah Jalla wala is giving advice to mankind through His holy books, through His prophets. The Awliya Allah are humbling themselves and they are saying, ‘Our way is association’ because the Prophet (sws) is saying Din‐i Nasihat. The prophets give advice. The Awliya Allah are saying, ‘If you do this, it is good for you. If you don’t do this, this is going to give you pain and problems.’

Yes, take it any way you want and do anything you like. You can claim that you know the best. You can run forward. If the permission is not given to you, maybe one day it will be granted to you because you ran. But you will be responsible for every drop of wrong things that you do in it too.

InshaAllah ar-Rahman we will check our own selves and we will try to correct our own selves. We will try to be forceful to our ego and any little difficulty that is standing in front of us, we will try not to fall into that. Otherwise, those are all tests. Allah is testing us with very simple things. How will it be if we are tested with very hard things?

I don’t think that then we will be able to hold onto our faith. If you fail in very simple things then in the hard matters you cannot hold onto your faith.

borderhave faithborder

So wake up to yourself. This life is only a grant to you. And it’s flying away from your hand. You can hold much as tightly you like. That’s what the mankind is doing today. They are holding this life tightly. But just like an ice, much as tight you are holding, that much they are falling, disappearing from your hand. It’s becoming water and it’s disappearing.

Allah Jala wa’ala grant you this life, He put you through the door of the womb of your mother to this world, as of human. Make sure you go out from the other door as of human. Make sure that you reach, because there is only one entrance and two exit. Make sure that
the Angel of death when its reaching to you, that time, you have reach to the station of humanity, you reach to the station of a believer. Then the door open and the Angels they great you saying, ‘ Welcome to you. The good servant of Allah. You are VIP. Come this way.’ Or there’s another door waiting.

So, whatever you are preparing yourself, that’s what you are going to find. Believe me. No friends, no family, no government is going to help you. You are running in the streets to get help from the government. But those governments they are going to need help now. Because now, yes before those governments, small government , they were eating each other, fighting with each other and the big ones they were interfering. Now, the big ones are ready to crush.

sahibulsaif4You cannot escape. I am saying to you from here now. You cannot escape O America, O China, O Russia. You cannot escape. You are ready to crush. Who’s going to help you that time?

You are not going to find peace from that crush. Stay out from it. Only way of staying out, put your head to sejdah and say, ‘Ya Rabbi, I am your servant. I am not holding any sides. I am holding You and Your Prophet.’

You’ll find safety.

Even if you go with it, you’ll still find safety.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq
Bihurmatil Habib
Bihurmatil Fatiha

Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al‐Hakkani al‐Kibrisi Hz
June 2011

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