Prepare yourself…Sayiddina Mehdi (a.s) is Coming!

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim


Prepare yourself….Sayiddina Mehdi (a.s) is Coming!

Medet Ya Seyyidi, Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

We are asking help and support from our Sheykh, to make us to speak something that is going to give benefit to those who’s listening and those who wants to make a difference in their life. You may listen, but if you don’t want to make a different, it’s not going to help you.

The Prophet’s came, they speak, they give whatever that is necessary to the people, whoever took it, they win for themselves. Whoever left, they lost to dunya, they lost to ahiret. We are living the time of Jababirah.  And we are in the last time of this, we came almost to the end. That’s why it is becoming worse every day and the mankind is losing their direction, not knowing where to go.

What has changed?


From the time that Holy Prophet came, whatever he brought to us, everything is existing, is working. But when Jababirah time enters, because the children of Adam became complete disobedient to the rulers of Islam, to Khalifatullah. Khalifah being there, it was a mercy and rahmat raining on them. When Khalifah is removed and is veiled, Allah put it to aside now, now the Nation of Muhammad is falling under the feet.

Their numbers is decreasing?

No it’s increasing, but it’s falling down. Because it is only one reasoning; they left the way of the Holy Prophet (asws).

We just passed the night of Miraj. So many Muslims, they are not even knowing the Rajab, Sha’ban, Ramazan. They have no idea what’s happening. Only aim and their idea is their ego and this world. Nothing else. But they are muslims. But they have no idea what’s happening. Because they are admiring the Western world.

repentThey are not admiring the East, they are not admiring Islam, they are not admiring real Islam. They are admiring the westerners. But the westerners they are turning around, they are admiring Islam now. They are turning back, because now, they also know that they have come to the end of the road, there is no way out. Whole mankind is reaching to the end of the road. There is no way out. Only way out, make a U-turn, enter back to the siratul Mustaqim, to the road that the Holy Prophet (asws) has shown to us.

So in the night of Miraj, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, “Allah swt has given me three groups of my nations. He made them in three groups and he said to me, ‘ take them Ya Muhammad.’”

He said one group, they are the Sahabi e-kiram, Awliya e-kiram. That they are keeping their promise to Allah swt, the Day of promises. From the day that Allah swt created their soul and asking, ‘Who is your Lord?’

and we said, ‘You are Ya Rabbi.’

 ‘Who do you worship, who do you ask help from?’

 ‘We only worship You and we ask You.’

Those ones who keep their promise continuously, they reached to the levels of Sahabi e-kiram and Awliya e-kiram. Awliyas. Those ones they say, ‘Yes. I ask help from Allah.’ Because they are connected. Because day and night, 24hrs, they are connected with their Lord. He is speaking in the Day of Promises, in the Day of Creation when Allah is speaking to them, that speech is continuously coming to them. It didn’t cut off.

So if you know that your speech is cut off, if you know that you are not knowing what Allah is speaking to you now, now you have to find somebody to follow. Otherwise, you are following your ego. You are worshiping to your ego. Nothing else. Under the name of worshipness, you are worshipping to your ego. As over 4 billion Christian world, isn’t that what they are doing?

 Aren’t they worshipping?

They are worshipping as they like. They are worshipping to their ego.

Jewish world, they are claiming that they are worshipping Musa (a.s). They are worshipping their ego. Only handful of people from the jewish world and from the Christian world that they are doing certain things right. The rest, that’s what they are doing.

 Nations of Muhammad, what are they doing? How are they doing?

Do you think that if they are following the footsteps of  the Holy Prophet (asws), they will be in this heedless station today? Do you think the Muslims will be in such a state today?

Umar_ibn_Al_KhattabGo back to history and look. It was only one, two, three…ten sahabis, everyone starts shivering. The nations they start shivering. Those tyrant nations they start shivering. Tyrant rulers they start shivering. Because they know, that is the truth, that is Haqq.

When Haqq is coming, batil is going to disappear. They know that.

Today’s government, today’s world, they are afraid from the Sheykh, from the real ones.

They are not afraid from wahabbis. They are not afraid from tabligh jamaat. They are not afraid from those Sheykhs that they are talking only in the internet, that they have no control over their murids. Matter of fact, they like them. Because they have them under their control.

So when on the Day of Promises, that we have promise, now we have to know which category we were.  Allah swt is saying, ‘Ya Muhammad, I have separated your nation into three category and I’m giving them all to you. Take them. But they all have different levels.’

And Holy Prophet is saying, ‘the first ones they are the Sahabis and the Awliyas. From that time until Judgement day, they are coming.  The second ones, they are the Muslims that when they are in difficulties, they ran to Allah, soon as ease comes to them, they start becoming easy on it too. They are running to dunya and Allah. Back and forth.’

And Allah swt is saying to the Prophet (asws), ‘because they love you, I forgive them again because of you. Because they love the Sahabi and the Awliya e-kiram, I forgive them. I give those groups to you too.’

And the third one, Allah is saying, ‘they don’t do any worshipness. They don’t do anything, but they always love the friends of Allah and they want to listen to them but the orders of Islam becomes very heavy on them and their ego. And they don’t do. But they love the friends of Allah.’

And Allah is saying, ‘Ya Muhammad, this group also I’m forgiving. I am giving it to you. Because they love the ones that they love you, because that they love the ones that I love. So because of that, I am forgiving them too. But they all have different levels now in dunya and ahiret. They cannot be in the same level.’

NaksibendiSo now, when we are looking at it, we have to check our own selves. Where are we standing? Who are we? What is it that we are doing? What is our aim?  Are we running for this dunya, that maybe tomorrow its end. Maybe tonight it end? Are you having long term plans to your own self?

If you do, you are not in the first category. Definitely.


Maybe. Because when the trouble stop. You may stop praying and worshipping to Allah too. And Allah is not that happy with you that time but He is most merciful One. So the third group is not doing anything anyway. They are running top speed for their ego.

But Allah is saying, and His Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘you will be with the one that you love.’ They will be with the one that they love, but who knows, how much problems is laying ahead in front before they reach to that one that they love. So it must be a difficult day, dunya and ahiret.

So now we are living in this dunya, Jababirah time. Jababirah, the tyrants are ruling. Tyrants everywhere are ruling. No one should say this government is good or that government is good. Everyone is falling into the jababirah time. Doesn’t matter which party is it, they cannot rule with the laws of Allah. They cannot rule with the Shariat.

quranqSo they are falling in to the Jababirah time and the Jababirah group. And the Quran is not ruling.

If the Quran will be ruling, Oh…the light will be completely different. Definitely.

The Quran is not ruling. Allah swt removed it, hiding it, put it aside,

saying, ‘you want to put your own laws? Put it. Live according to your laws. You are going to reach to the end of those laws. Those laws, they are going to choke you. You are not going to have space to breath.’

Is that what happens to today’s world, today’s people?

Check it out and look. No government, nobody, can find solutions to the problems that the people they have. Because people, they live for their ego. They are not living for Allah’s sake. But you have been created, we have been created to live for Allah sake. We have been created to know Allah and to worship Allah. This is our aim.

This is our aim supposed to be. Allah swt has created us for this reasoning. He didn’t create us to run around here to build the world. No, He create us to know Him and to worship Him. And He is saying to us, ‘this world is only temporary for you. You are living in this world very temporary and only way safety to you, only way protection to you, I send you my Prophet. Hold on to that one. Follow his footsteps, you will find safety and protection. If you leave that one, there will be no safety to you.’

So Alhamdulillah, we finished the month of Rajab. Now we are entering to the month of Sha’ban. And the month of Sha’ban is the month that is given to Holy Prophet (asws) as a present saying, ‘this month is for you.’ It is special.

During this month, the believers, they should start making more Salawats, more praising to the Holy Prophet (asws).

innallahaBut there is a night during this month, the 15th of Sha’ban, the night of Bara’at.

So many people they are complaining about their destiny, about their life. They are saying, ‘I have tried everything and they are not changing.’ I was just speaking to somebody on the phone. I’ve known him for years. He is saying to me, ‘I did everything and things are not changing. Now I found myself in the end of the road.’

I said definitely you did. Because you run to change things according to your ego. You didn’t run to change yourself according to the way that Allah and His Prophet brought to you. According to your ego, you run to do things. So for that reason, you reached to the end of the road now. Because you run everywhere too. You didn’t left any Sheykh and enter to any Tarikats that you didn’t go. You didn’t like any one of them now. Your ego is saying, ‘you are better than everyone.’

So now you reached to the end. Now is the most difficult time for you. Definitely. And the most difficult is waiting ahead for you now. This is nothing yet. If you are not turning around, putting your ego down and to start living according to what the order is given to you, the most difficulties is waiting in front of you in this dunya, and if you are finding big troubles in dunya, you are not going to find that easy in ahiret.

fasting on shabanSo the night of Sha’ban, the 15th Sha’ban, the night of Bara’at, it is the night that the calculations of the Nation, the Ummat, the people, their yearly deeds is put on calculation. The Angels, they put them in accounting, as your government they tell you, ‘tax time, you are going to pay your tax and calculation is happening.’

It is time, that day, that night, whatever you prepare in the whole year, it is going to be brought to the presence of the Lord Allah swt. And whatever He signs for you, following year up till next Sha’ban you cannot change nothing that time.

If it’s punishment, if it’s difficult road, you cannot break through. You can pray  24hrs that time, you are not going to be able to break through. You are going to be suffering through that way.

So be careful.

You and I. Everyone who is listening to this and everyone who is understanding this language. There is no exception. Allah swt didn’t give exceptions to His Prophets. How you and me going to be exception?

Some Sheykh, they say, Exception. Don’t get fool by them. They are only fooling you and themselves. Because  you are a free individual that Allah created. As you say, ‘I do as I like. What I want.’

Yes, you will be questioned; whatever you do, however you do, whatever the intentions on the things that  you are doing. Not only the actions. The intentions of your actions. So everything is coming for calculations in that night 15th Sha’ban and we will be put to see, ‘what this servant is trying to do this whole year from last Sha’ban to this Sha’ban?’

What was this servant trying to do?

Was he trying to come closer to Allah and to His Prophet? Or he was just, difficulties reaching to him and they were turning back soon as the ease comes to them, and they were running to dunya? Which one they were doing?

All this is coming. Everything that you did from last Sha’ban until this Sha’ban. Every word that you said, every actions that you did, is put on calculation. And it will be presented to our Lord. If you were running to fix it, if you were running to make it easier, and this whole year it wasn’t easy for you, then Allah is saying, ‘what was this servant doing? Running towards to Me or to dunya?’

If the Angels replied, ‘Ya Rabbi, we made calculations. He was running towards to you but there was so much difficulties standing in front of him, it was impossible, it was a barricade.’

 And Allah says, ‘Easy. Make it this year for him, more easier to come close to Me.’

 ‘What is this servant doing?’

 Running for ego, running for dunya. That’s the calculations coming.

 ‘Make it easier for him to run to dunya. Make it easier to run to his ego too.’

So the Qadar, the destiny, is not changing. The Pen, what is writing is not changing. But it’s coming for accounting. And the pen writes according to the way that you moved. According to the way that you think. According to the way that how much you take Allah and His Prophet seriously. That’s what it writes.


So insyaAllah, this much should be enough for  you and for me to understand a little bit. I always like to say in advance. I’m not saying in the last day of the Bara’at. But you have almost fifteen days. Prepare yourself.

Dunya is going to pass. And if you are not running, I tell you one thing; people of dunya is going to be more trouble this year too. Everything is going to be locked for them. Because now, more opening is coming to the Awliya Allah. They are going to open up and they are going to prepare for the coming of Mahdi (a.s) now. They are preparing for Khalifah to come back, to sit on the chair.

Some fools they may say Khalifah is not coming back. They are fools. They are not knowing nothing. The Khalifah is coming back. The Ottoman Sultan is coming back first and the Mahdi (a.s) is coming to Istanbul and they are going to have a special gathering there with a big ceremony passing the belongings of the Holy Prophet (asws) to Mahdi (as). He is going to take everything from the hand of Khalifah. Mahdi is not a rebel. He is not going to come like that. He is coming with the authority to change everything in this world and he is going to change it. No power is standing in front of him. He is changing everything overnight.

If you are believing on that, definitely you are finding safety. If you have any suspicions on it, sit and think up till the 15th of Sha’ban and make sure that you correct your thinking. Because your thinking and your ideas is not going to change the reality. My thinking and my words is not going to change it too. But I’m speaking to you the words that the Holy Prophet (asws) said. I’m breaking it down for you to understand. For you and for me. Our Sheykh is making it easier for me to speak to you.

If you take these words, you will find safety in this dunya and the ahiret that is standing in front fo you. If not, trouble is waiting.

sejdahNo one is going to live in the time of Mahdi (a.s) if they don’t have sejdah. Don’t forget that part too. People of sejdah, people who is worshipping to Allah is going to stay. People who is not making sejdah, maybe it’s about time to warn them, to say to them too, ‘if you are not making sejdah, in the time of Mahdi you are going out from this world. Doesn’t matter what your age is. You are going out.’

The people of Sejdah, the whole world, the people who is going to stay with Mahdi (a.s), everyone is going to be obedient to Allah and His Prophet. Everyone is going to do things exactly the way that Allah and His Prophet has ordered. And Mahdi (a.s) will be in authority. He will live a little bit, and he will pass from this world. He will not stay too long. Then Isa (a.s) is taking the power, and Isa (a.s) will be living with those people. The world will be Paradise that time. People living on the face of earth, they are living in Paradise, physically.

And Holy Prophet is saying, there was time that the Sahabi e-kiram, the Golden age that we say, they were living in Paradise, but everything that was surrounding them, it was difficulties. The People of Mahdi, they are going to live Paradise, no difficulties is going to be that time.  And I have a news to you. We are NOT that far.

We are very near. Maybe nearer than you think and I’m speaking to you with the authority. And I don’t fool you. Because Holy Prophet is saying, ‘the one who fools us, he is not one of us. And the one who gets fooled, is not one of us too.’

So don’t get fool and don’t think that I’m going to spent my voice to fool you and to put myself into trouble. Now it’s up to you, take it or leave it.

Wa minAllahu Taufiq

Bi hurmatil Habib

Bi hurmatil Fatiha.

silent zikir

Again, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘when you are coming together, group of people, remember Allah. Remember Him through His names.’ And give Salawats. Allah is saying to us, ‘give good titles to the Prophet (asws).’

The Square heads they may ask, what is zikr?

The governments they are banning zikr. They are banning everything saying, group of people cannot sit down to say Allah.

 Should we stop?

Let them go to Hell. We are not going to stop. I’m not going to stop. Maybe you will, but I won’t. Until the last breath. They tried everything. They arrested me while I was making zikr. They put me in jail. And they think that they can stop me?

No, now, I’m changing this jail into a Dergah and everyone starts making zikr there. They couldn’t stop. I’m a weak servant. Definitely I’m a weak one. But with Allah, I’m the most powerful one. Nothing can stand that time. And I’m asking Allah not to make me to become weak, by anyone, by anything. Always to give me more power to stand on His way, and nothing to fool me from His way.

Those people that they are going to try to fool me from His way and to move me from that road, I’m going to step on their neck and I’m going to crush them if it’s necessary. I’m going to live for Allah and I’m going to die for Allah. And anyone who is with me, definitely I’m going to try to put all protection on them. Whatever is for me, that’s exactly is for them.

As Holy Prophet is saying that when they came and they attacked in Mecca because they broke the treaty and they came to the Prophet (asws) to Medina and saying, ‘Ya Rasulullah, they make treaty with you. Now they broke their promise and they are attacking us and we are weak.’

And the Prophet (asws), he has never been angry, just in that day, the way that he was angry, and he stood up and he swear saying, ‘ If I’m not putting protection on you, the protection that Allah has given me, then I will be questioned. And now, I’m preparing. Because they broke the treaty, now we are preparing. We are taking the Mecca.’

They broke the treaty. So same way, insyaAllah. That continues. Some people, they live like that. Some people, they show. Some people, they were not able to show. But they put protection on people, and they pass from this world.

victory prayer

So many of you, are under the protection because of them. Because of the blessings that is coming from them. So many of us today, we are walking in the streets with the Islamic clothes, appearing as of Muslims in this western world, is not because of you and me, it’s because of the war that happens in Canakkale. Because the whole of Europe and everyone came to pass through, but they couldn’t. They stood up for Allah’s sake. They stood up for the Khalifah’s sake. There were over 250 000 martyrs. They died in that area. They give their lives and Allah swt blessed us because of them, to carry this Islam. It’s not because of us again.

So InsyaAllah. If we understand all these, then we will turn back to our own self and  we will know, ‘who I am?’

 I am nobody. Trying to be nobody

 Who are you?

 Try to be nobody. That time, Allah will make you somebody in His presence.

 Wa minAllahu Taufiq


Sohbet by SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

February 2008


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