The Appearances of Mahdi (AS) And The Sohbets Of Sheykh Effendi Concerning His Arrival.


Question: Yesterday I read a Sohbet by Shaykh Abdul Kerim Effendi HZ about the coming of Mahdi (AS). In that Sohbet, Shaykh Effendi said that the appearance of Mahdi (AS) is soon, sooner than we think. That Sohbet was given in 2008 and 5 yrs have passed since then but there is still no trace of Mahdi (AS) yet. To the non-Mureeds of Tariqat, they will say that the Shaykh is fooling people just like the kafir promise of Armageddon.  This will draw them and others further away from Tariqat. How then do we draw them and others back to safety?

imam-mahdi si


The knowledge and the warnings about Mahdi (a.s) did not start with Sheykh Effendi five years ago. Let me tell you that much. It is not Sheykh Effendi who said that the appearance of Mahdi is very soon five years ago and people is still looking with this eyes and saying, ‘Oh, there is no Mahdi yet.’

NO, NO, NO…The talk about the appearances of Mahdi, about Mahdi (a.s) coming very soon was started 1400 years ago, by the Holy Prophet (asws). How do you like that?

Now, let the Muslims to say, ‘well, we shouldn’t be talking about Mahdi because we have been waiting for 1400 years. He’s still not appearing…’


Now, those ones who are taking these words as an adventure, those ones who are taking Tarikat as an adventure, Tarikat is supposed to make you to become Abdullah. Ones you become Abdullah, you don’t care whether Mahdi is going to come one year or tomorrow, because you are already an Abdullah. You are training to become Abdullah before Mahdi or Judgement Day, every day with every breath you know that Allah might take your life and that is more important than whether Mahdi (a.s) is going to come, Dajjal is going to appear, Judgement Day is next week.

So, for fourteen hundred years. And in fact the coming of Mahdi (a.s) and Dajjal was not only during the Prophet (asws) time, the whole 124 000 Prophets they were talking about Hz Mahdi. All 124 000 Prophets they were talking about Dajjal. Since the time of Adam (a.s), since the time of Nuh (a.s), Ibrahim (a.s), Yusuf (a.s), Musa (a.s), Isa (a.s), they’ve been talking about it. To who? To those who believes. So many people, they don’t believe. They said, Ah! Every Prophet also said that they have been warned by Allah, ‘My beloved may come anytime. And if he comes, you are no longer a prophet, to know that your Prophethood is finished and  you have to follow that one.’

They believe that. They didn’t say, ‘Ah! don’t worry about it. Allah is just saying,’ Astarghfirullah, ‘thousands of years, I can just relax.’ They didn’t! That’s the difference between believers  and non believers. Because Prophet (asws) has said that Mahdi (a.s) is going to appear. The appearances are near. Over and over and over again that even the Sahabis, they got very nervous that they think that Dajjal is behind them. Because Prophet (asws) was talking so much about it, so heavily that in every subsequent generation,  generation after generation after generation, who is keeping that alive?

Only the Ahli Tarekat, they are keeping that alive. Majority of the people they believe that too. Yes, at that time. But we have finished with that time because we’ve finished the age of Islam. Islam is still there but we finish the age where we are practising Islam as an Ummat.  Because there is no Islam as an Ummat. We have Nationalism, we don’t have Shariat. We have no Khalifah, we have Presidents; the feet choosing the head. So there is no knowledge coming down anymore. And the knowledge that was here, it is not being kept. Those ones who are supposed to be guarding the knowledge, they have betrayed the knowledge. How many scholars they are bringing this up to speak about this?

Everyone is concentrating on Mahdi. Dajjal is going to appear. Do you know what are the signs that Dajjal is going to appear?

That, find out. So easy.

Signs of his coming Dajjal

One thing I can tell you; this is all being said and prophesized by the  Prophet 1400 years, and people are watching. Because before the appearances of the big dajjal, the little , little dajjals, they are going to appear. And the little dajjals, they have appeared. Yes, from the time of the Prophet (asws), all the little dajjals of the age they have appeared to make the confusion, to make destructions, laying the ground work for the big dajjal to come. And let me tell you something, 1400 years ago, three groups of people came to the Holy presence of the Prophet (asws) and saying, ‘Ya Rasulullah, please bless Yemen, Sham and Najd.’

Where is Najd? Riyadh. Saudi Arabia, Riyadh! Today’s Saudi Arabia, that area Riyadh. Prophet says, ‘Ya Rabbi, bless Yemen and Sham.’ The men said, ‘and Najd. Ya Rabbi, bless Yemen and Sham and Najd Ya Rasulullah.’

Prophet (asws) says, ‘No. Because in the ahir zaman, the horns of Sheytan is going to come from the Najd. Two Horns of Sheytan.’

This is one of hundreds of Hadiths about the Ahir Zaman. Let me tell you that much. But this is a big hadiths that ties in all the other hadiths, for example, ‘in the ahir zaman, you are going to see barefoot and naked Bedouins from the dessert, they are racing with each other to build tall buildings.’ Isn’t that what is happening in Saudi Arabia. One of the signs he says, ‘you are going to see this desert turn into greenery.’ Isn’t that what’s happening? And Prophet said, ‘two horns of Sheytan is going to appear from Najd.’ Do you know what Najd is? This is when, Yes,  people have to have basic knowledge about Islam. They know so much but they don’t know Sirah.  They don’t know basic knowledge.

Number one, we are not here for adventure to see, ‘Oh when is Mahdi coming? Where is he? Where is he?’ That is not what Tarikat is. Tarikat is to prepare yourself to meet Allah, to be a servant to Allah. Not to be busy like that.

So, a person who are coming to Tarikat because they are interested to see Mahdi or to do all these kind of things, they are there for adventure, that is wrong. We don’t want that kind of people anyway. Pretty soon they are going to get bored and tired and they are going to go. That’s precisely what happened. I know some people, they are thinking, ‘Oh,  year 2000 there’s going to be Armageddon. Year 2000, Millennium, it’s going to be the end of the world.’ End of the world didn’t come. They were celebrating that the end of the world didn’t come, with fireworks and later they continue with their own lives.

I know some people who is saying, ‘Oh, it’s going to be this time, this year, because Sheykh Maulana is saying it’s going to be this year.’ So what do they do? They maxed out their credit cards.  They said, ‘Oh, because you know, when dajjal comes, we have no chance to use this. All machinery, all technology is going to be finished. So let’s do that.’ What kind of faith do you think you have that time?

So Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘two horns of Sheytan is coming out from the area of Najd.’ You know what Najd is?

horns of devil

Najd is the area that the Prophet (asws), he banished, he sent to exile, those Jewish tribe that they signed a contract to the Prophet (asws) not to betray him, and they betrayed him. It’s high Treason. Which country in this world now is going to be tolerant and merciful to its citizen who commits high treason?  Khianat. Betrayal.

So Prophet (asws) says, those tribes not one time, not two times they commit high treason, over and over and over  and over again. Then he said, ‘pack up. Out from Medina.  Out from Medina.’

There were so many also from those Jewish tribe who accept Prophet (asws). Don’t think I’m saying something that is against to Yahudis. There were those ones who accept his Prophethood because they were being sincere and they saw the signs in the Holy Taurat and they accept. In fact, a group of them, their highest Rabbi and Rabbis, they came with forty questions to the Prophet (asws), testing his Prophethood. Asking him every questions, from the descriptions of the original Baitullah, description of Paradise, to all the hidden knowledge that Jibril (a.s) then said to Prophet, ‘Don’t worry, Allah is going to inform and I will tell you.’

And he answered every questions. Forty questions that he answered.   So those sincere ones, they accepted. There were many. But the rest who became stubborn and arrogant, not only that, they committed treason, Prophet (asws) says, ‘now go out from Medina.’

You know where they settled?

Najd, Riyadh.

They became Muslims. Scholars.

One Horn of Sheytan; Horn means power. Like Dzulkarnian, the two horn one In the Holy Quran. Meaning the one, master of East and West. Horns meaning power. One horn is religious power, and that Horn of Sheytan is Muhammad ibn Abd Wahab. The father of the Wahabbi!


That he took the teachings of ibn Taimiyyah, that the fatwa from all the ahlil Sunnat scholars and from the Sultans saying he is deviation. He is wrong and he’s being punished because he put a form to Allah. He said Allah has a hand, Allah has feet, Allah has a face. They even have a diagram of Allah. And when they asked him, ‘Allah is saying in the last third of the night, I’m going to come down, descend to the world, how does he descend O Sheykh?’

And he was up in the mimbar and he came down from the mimbar, ‘like this,’ he said coming down, ‘just like this.’ And he is saying Allah is going to sit on the Arsh and he said, ‘no Tawassul, don’t believe in Shafa’at, no Holy people, no Holy objects.’

And the horn of sheytan, Muhammad ibn Abd wahab, the father of the Wahabbism, that today is controlling the Saudi Arabia after the fall of the Khilafat, that he was being supported by the British, destroying so many tombs and right now, they are preparing to destroy the tomb of the Prophet (asws), that in the tomb of the Prophet (asws), under the noses of the Muslims they have destroyed so many things too. That inside the mosque of the Prophet (asws), there used to be so many places that is Holy.

Do you know, there used to be three Mihrab? Not one mihrab in the Prophet’s mosque. And it was Sultan Suleyman the magnificent, the Ottoman Sultan, who made that special. There used to be a Mihrab where the Prophet (asws) used to go to, a special place that they made it into a mihrab where he prays tahajjud. So we lost all of that. Because these are so many events, things that happened, but they covered up. They destroyed. Who?

This wahabbi sheytans. They destroyed it. And they say, ‘Muslims don’t go there to give honour to that, to respect that because that is Syirik. That is syirik. Don’t go to to the tomb of the Prophet (asws) and raise your hand and ask from him because that is Syirik.’ They said, ‘You must ask only from Allah.’ And Allah is saying in the Quran, ‘say to them Ya Muhammad (asws), if they say they love Allah, they must love you and follow you for Allah to love them. And if only they ask you for help, they’ve come to you for help to ask from Allah, Allah would have answered their prayers.’

They are saying, ‘don’t go to the tombs of the Holy people. That is all syirik.’ One Horn of Sheytan!  The other Horn of Sheytan is the Political power. One is religious, one is political power: Muhammad ibn Saud. The Saudi family. So these two, the Wahabbi and the Saudi alliance, they came together during the weak days of the Ottomans when the enemies were knocking, were trying to break through every wall that the Ottoman Sultan, even in that weak state they made one blow to them. They went back, then they came back again, you know with Lawrence. You know Lawrence of Arabia?

TE lawrence

Lawrence of Arabia (sitting, second from left)

Yes, Lawrence of Arabia is supporting them. But Muslims are watching Lawrence of Arabia, the movie, and they like it. They brought down the Khilafat. Yes. So, Horns of Sheytan!

This is just one of many, many hadiths about the coming of Mahdi (a.s), the signs of the last days and the signs of the Dajjal. But for those who are looking at things literally, for those who are thinking, ‘well when is he going to come? I’m waiting. I’ve been waiting a long time.’ But they are doing nothing to prepare. Because once you start preparing yourself for Hz Mahdi’s time, you wish you have more time. Never you are going to say, ‘quickly, quickly.’ No. You’ll say, ‘I’m not ready yet. I’m not ready to clean myself yet. But the world needs you now. The world needs you now. Astarghfirullah, I’m not ready, but the world needs you now.’ Because the Muslims now, they are under the feet. The Muslims now, they are under severe oppression  and cruelty everywhere.

So those ones who are stuck with the literal meaning is not understanding the history of Islam and the history of the coming of Dajjal and the history of the coming of Hz Mahdi (a.s). If they are only stuck with dates, then we say, welcome to you, goodbye to you. Welcome, Goodbye. How you are going to bring them around?

Those who wants to come around, those who come around because of unusual things because they like to hear unusual things and they like to see unusual things, they are going to leave because they see something more unusual. And let me tell you something, Dajjal is going to come to show the most unusual things that majority of the people they are going to believe he is a Saint, that he is a Prophet. Some are going to believe that he is Allah. Hasha Astarghfirullah. Allah is going to give him that power. So what are you preparing? Are you preparing to meet Allah?

 Bara’at is coming. Are we busy and concern that our book is still filled with wrong actions, wrong deeds, that we still have to clean it up? We are not concern about that. Are we busy  with something else? Then that time, we are not preparing ourselves. When we are not preparing ourselves for the coming of Mahdi (a.s) by cleaning ourselves up, by accepting the Shariat and putting the Shariat into our lives, personal shariat – there is no shariat as a country anymore, there is no Shariat as an ummat anymore because there is no Khalifah. So, if we are not preparing ourselves, to clean ourselves up, that time we are just there just to see something unusual, that time we may be fooled. Big time.

So, let them go. It’s okay. Because Naksibendi Tarikat is not just concentrating on the coming of Mahdi (a.s). On the flip side of that, we have to concentrate on Dajjal, the tricks and the traps of Dajjal. The fitnah and the confusion of dajjal that he has put to us as individual, groups, communities  and nations.

We had a question before about that sheytan box (television). That sheytan box is a very successful, very popular, very effective tool of Dajjal. That’s where Dajjal is sending his messages and programming you. If you are really concentrating  on the coming of Mahdi (a.s), you are going to get rid of that Sheytan box. You are going to concentrate on the tricks and traps of Dajjal and how to save yourself from it. But forget about the individuals, not even leaders, Imams, they are concentrating on this now.

Some they say, ‘oh no, we did our calculations, Mahdi is going to come not now,  five hundred years.’ Some, ‘No, 5000 years.’ MashaAllah. So, good luck. You ask, this is my answer. You can like it or not. Take it or leave it. It is up to you.

Khalifah Lokman Effendi (2)

SelamAleykum wr wb

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

June 13, 2013

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