Bringing Hearts Together

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim



We enter into here, a big energy coming to us because this is not just a Masjid, it is a Jami. A Jami, Allah swt, Ya Jami. He is the One who gathers people together. Gathers the hearts together. In these days, it is very easy to gather numbers together, but if the heart is not there, what good is it? That you are just there for a show. Isn’t it?

Ehh! we are coming to Ahir Zaman. Muslims is becoming like that. This is Jami, supposed to gather people together, not to enter into a Masjid, like a thief and to exit like a thief.

So many Masjids, Wahhabi Masjids,  you are going, people are entering last minute, quickly pray and they go out. They are not gathering. There is no barakah that is falling down that time. But here, it feels that people are spending time here, people are gathering here. When people are gathering for the sake of Allah swt, that’s the time barakah  will fall. And, it’s not necessary how it looks, it is necessary how Allah is looking. If Allah’s Tajalli is there, then the small cave, that time the small house, pieces of stones and rocks, in the eyes of Allah and His Prophet, in the eyes of the Prophets and the Malaikats, it is very valuable.

That is something that the Wahhabi, the enemies of Islam, the friends of sheytan, they are not understanding, and they are destroying so many things especially in Saudi Arabia, that Holy Prophet (asws) has touched, he has prayed and he has blessed, and they are saying, ‘what is this? people are going to a well, to take the barakah of the water? What is this, people are going to a cave to touch just because Prophet prayed there?’

suspicionThey are saying, ‘this is all syirik!’

But they themselves didn’t get rid of that hidden syirik from inside of their heart, that’s why they are seeing everything is a syirik.

Those who have Iman, they are going to find Iman everywhere too. And we enter here, it feels like people are spending time here. That is important. We are not looking for big buildings, empty buildings that the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘in the Ahir Zaman,  you will find so many Masjids, and thousands may go, but only a handful of believers. Handful.’

We are not looking for that. We are not looking for Bayram to Bayram muslims. We are not looking for Juma’ah to Juma’ah Muslim too.

It used to be, in the old days, the man they used to gather together at the masjid, greet each other in the morning for Fajr and if you live around that area, and they don’t’ see you for fajr, they are going to start talking to each other. They are going to say, ‘that is a sign of a Munafiq.’ Holy Prophet(asws) is saying.

Okay, we come to Ahir Zaman; people are weaker. We understand. But we cannot take this as an excuse. At least a few people, at least the strong ones, at least the Imam, if he’s is there, it will still hold, the barakah will still fall because one person, one pillar is holding the whole building. If that pillar you remove, no matter how beautiful the building is, it’s going to fall. What good is that?

So, Muslims, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying in a Hadiths e-Sheriff, ‘my ummat in the Ahir Zaman, they are going to follow the Jews and the Christians.’ Step by step, they are going to follow. Even if they enter into a hole of an animal (some kind of a small animal). The Jews and the Christians they enter, the Muslims, they are going to enter.

You look around now, this is a country, Alhamdulillah, Allah swt in so many ways He has blessed this country too. We know that, because they are respecting and honouring the Ottomans. We know that. They were taking so much knowledge and taking so many informations on how to rule their people, from the Ottomans. In the old times. Now it’s losing its direction a little bit.

Ahir zaman, it has to happen. But this is a land where Allah is sending the Muslims to come to raise the flag of Islam.

flag of islam

We are coming here, yes of course we are coming here we need to work, we are running away from so many problems in our own countries. But if we are stuck with just the dunya in this country, we are going to lose everything. We are going to lose everything because the reasons Allah swt has sent us to different areas is nothing but to bring the light of the Holy Prophet (asws).

We are not claiming anyone. I’m not claiming I’m a sheykh. No. But if we are living the lifestyle of the Prophet (asws), impossible that time people is not going to love Islam. Impossible. Because everything Prophet (asws) brought is beautiful. Everything he brought fits into mankind. Everything he brought will only bring benefit to mankind, here and hereafter. Everything in Islam is. But Muslims, we are losing that.

So, it is good to come into a Jami where people are gathering, their hearts are gathering, where you don’t see ego rising here and there to claim.

This is not my house, this is not your house, this is Allah’s house. This is the house of Allah and we are all here as guest. There are some who are the caretakers and there are some who are the caretakers who have been given that responsibility, Hashim, like the bani Hashim, in the time of the Holy Prophet (asws). They are the caretakers of the Ka’abah.

What happened when Abarahah, he came to attack Mecca? Did that one came forward and start fighting with Abrahah?

vintage (3)abraha

vintageAbrahah was a Governor. He was working for the Orthodox, Ethiopian, but his area of ruling was in Yemen, was in Sana. It was a big church they built there. And those ones in the old days, they also had some knowledge about Islam and the coming of the Prophet. He sent elephants there to attack Mecca. To attack the Ka’abah, to bring it down. Why?

Because people were going to the Ka’abah to worship. They were not really following Islam. This is before the Prophet’s birth, but the Ka’abah has always been there since the time of Adam a.s.  The present Ka’abah that we have now was built by Hz Ibrahim. Allahu Alam if it’s still there, because the wahabi they destroyed so many things. They went inside the Ka’abah, they destroyed. They put Italian marble everywhere. So many things that was left untouched, they destroyed it. It is our heritage. It doesn’t belong to them. But Muslim leaders, and Muslim alims, Muslim scholars, they are keeping quiet.

They will be responsible in the Day of Judgement. Not us. We don’t have tongue, we don’t have hands to change anything. But at least in our hearts we have to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, we don’t like this. Ya Rabbi, remove them ya Rabbi. Bring your Justice. Bring Your Sahibul Zaman to come to bring justice back into this world because everywhere now, we see everything is upside down.’

gajahAbraha came with his elephants. Because he wanted to destroy ka’abah, people were going to the ka’abah to worship and to trade and to make money. Jahiliyah time.

Isn’t it what is happening in Mecca now?

meccatowerThey are building tall buildings, time share, hotels, malls. People are going there for shopping.

You have a Ka’abah there, and the hotels that is so high, which in Islam, according to Shariat, you cannot build anything taller than ka’abah, three stories.

Who build tall buildings?

kaabah viewNimrod. That Allah has put a curse on him. And these are the modern days firaun and nimrods. They are building tall buildings, that they are sleeping, sitting down on their beds and they can see the Ka’abah right in front of them and their feet are pointing there.

And they are bulding one big clock tower!

Another open sign of the Ahir Zaman, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘one of the signs of the Ahir Zaman, you are going to see the bare foot and naked Arab Bedouins from the desert, they are racing with  each other, competing with each other to build tall buildings that are sharp like the teeth of a dog. And you will see the desert turning green.’

That is exactly what is happening. And those ones in authority, who are connected to Heavenly station, they must know what is happening, they must give warnings to people.

What warning?

Are we saying to hate, to stand up to do something to fight?


We are saying that we must pray, we must make Zikr, we must say, ‘we don’t like this, Ya Rabbi.’

We have come to the lowest point of the faith. Ours is an ummat where we forbid that is wrong and we encourage what is good. We cannot do that anymore. Especially in America, we cannot. Our kids can just pick up the phone and say, ‘my father is doing this.’ Cops come. Put you there straight. Now we are lock.

The biggest faith, the best faith is when you see something wrong and you can change it with your hands. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘if you cannot, change it with your tongue. And the lowest level of faith is when  you cannot change it with your tongue, at least you have to change it with your heart.’ We have to bring the hearts together. We’ve come to the lowest level of faith.

lowest levell of faith

Abrahah came to destroy Abdul Mutallib, the grandfather of the Holy Prophet (asws). He did not come to fight. When all the elephants that they were there and they discovered that they are going to come to attack the Ka’abah, he went to Abrahah, the general, the big general who was sitting so proudly and he was saying, ‘give me back my camels.’

Abrahah was saying to him, ‘your camels? Aren’t you the custodian of this Ka’abah? Aren’t you going to ask for us to stop coming to attack the Ka’abah?’

He says, ‘the Ka’abah doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to Allah. Let the Owner to take care of it. The camels belong to me, so give me back my camels.’

Faith he has. He knows his limit and a man of wisdom that the kafir they are saying, the parents and the grandparents of the Holy Prophet, they are Non-Believers. Wahhabi are saying they are non-believers. Something is wrong somewhere.

They tried to attacked, what happened to the elephant?

The elephant made sejdah. The elephant bend down the knees and made sejdah to the directions of the kiblah and they start to attack more, the ababil birds came and destroyed everything because Allah is the One who is protecting them.

beyatSo, important, it is the Head. Important, it is the Heart. The heart is the spirit. The Jamii has to bring the hearts together. Hearts that are together, anything is possible. Rahmat and barakat will come. Because Allah will make things easy. You are not there for your own ego. You are not there just to promote yourself. You are there to help others. You are there to worship Allah swt and that time, for a man with understanding, he is going to know, he is going to look at the faces, he’s going to look around and said, ‘this is a nice humble place but different energy is coming here.’

We’ve been to so many masjids, so big. I’m happy to see calligraphy everywhere here. Alhamdulillah. In those places, there’s no calligraphy.

Because there’s calligraphy everywhere in Jannat. There’s calligraphy everywhere. That’s why the masjids is supposed to feel like Jannat. You come and you feel that you don’t want to go home. You want to spent time there. Suddenly you see, oh, one hour passed, two hours passed because you are somewhere else. And especially if we are in gatherings where we are remembering Allah, that gathering now, it is a garden of Paradise. It’s a garden of Paradise. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying to the Sahabi, ‘when you walk by the Gardens of Paradise, stay there for a while. Join them. Sit.’

‘What are the Gardens of Paradise, Ya Rasulullah?’

He says, ‘the circles that they are gathering and they are saying ‘Allah,’ they are remembering Allah.’

He says, ‘I swear to you, if you say you have been to Paradise and you came back, you are telling the truth.’

With these eyes, we cannot see. With this eyes (Hoja pointing to the heart), with this eyes, if it’s open, the light that Allah swt has given to the mu’min, if a small ray of that light that Allah has given to the mu’min is revealed in this world, one thousand sun will be shut out to be in complete darkness.

There are gathering of light and there are gathering of darkness. We are not claiming anything. We are just here because we have been invited. We are here because Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘only the believers, they are brothers. And gather together to remember my name.’ If you do that, special Angels they are circling around everywhere. Right now as we are speaking, we are waiting for Maghrib to enter, the Angels they are circling around. Not only angels, there are other creatures too. But we are feeling that strong energy here. They are saying, ‘something is happening,’ and they are going around collecting others.

They say, ‘come, they are going to make zikr.’ Collecting, the angels they are coming, they are circling around, they are covering this Jama’at, this halaqah, this Jamii with their wings of Mercy, all the way up to Sidratul Muntaha, and they are praying to Allah swt saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, bless this association. Bless them. Forgive them.’

Some Angels are saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, there are some of them, they are there, they don’t believe what those ones are believing. Shall we still bless them and pray for them?’

Allah is saying, ‘yes. They don’t know, but because of the sake of those ones who are there, pray for them and bring blessings to them too.’


And Allah is saying, ‘these ones who are remembering Me, have they ever seen My Paradise?’

‘No Ya Rabbi, they have not.’

‘What will they do if they see a little bit of My Paradise?’

They said, ‘Ya Rabbi, they will not stop remembering You until they die. Every moment, every second, they are going to remember You if they see a slight chance of seeing the Paradise.’

‘Have these ones seen the Hellfire?’

They are saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, it is known to You, they have not seen the Hellfire.’

‘What if they have seen My Hellfire?’

They said, ‘Ya Rabbi, if they have seen the Hellfire, they will never stop worshiping You  and making Zikr of You.’

Allah says, ‘Yes. They have not seen My Paradise, they have not seen my Hellfire, but just for the sake of remembering Me, they are still continuing to do it, make Hell to be Haram for them and make Jannat to be their way.’

These are the circles of  Zikr that so many people, they are afraid of. Why they are afraid of Zikr?

Eh, we can understand that time if the Wahabbis they are denying Zikr. They don’t like Holy Prophet (asws) too much. They are wanting to destroy his tomb, for so many decades. But we don’t understand how Muslims they are stopping Zikr from happening. We don’t understand that part. Especially now, in a time when everyday, people are attacking Islam and attacking the Holy Prophet (asws), isn’t it more the Muslims should come together?

Huh, there must be other ideas behind that.

1We come, 24 hrs away, from the mountain of the Catskills down to Florida. This is like a tropical, Florida. We are happy to be here. Our Dergah Upstate is open to anyone and everyone who wants to come. Because the dergah, now, what is the Dergah? It is a doorway, a threshold to the Divine Court of Allah.

It is not because of us, it is because of the blessings of our Sheykh. It is because of the blessings of the Awliya Allah, it is because of the blessings of the Holy Prophet (asws). We never stop anyonw, doesn’t matter who you are. Wahhabi? Come, it’s okay. Pray with us. Jew, Christian, so many came. Muslims, come.

But unfortunately there are certain places that we are looking and they are not liking too much us coming there. It’s okay. We don’t go to places we are not welcome. When you feel welcome, there is a barakat there. And Holy Prophet (asws) was saying, revealing to us in a Hadiths e-Qudsi, Allah swt is saying, ‘ If  My servants, they take one step towards Me, I will take ten steps to them. If they come to Me walking, I will come to them running.’ And we are here, insyaAllah, our intention is to fly to our Lord, Allah swt, to say, ‘we are here Ya Rabbi. We are here to remember You and to worship You.’

Allah is saying, in a Quran e-Kerim, ‘Fathkuroonee athkurkum Remember Me and I will remember you.’

remember me and

Us remembering Allah is one thing, Allah Azza wa Jala remembering us, who are we that Allah is remembering us?

Allah is saying, ‘you remember Me when you are alone, I will remember you in secret.’

Allah is saying, ‘if you remember Me in a group, I will remember you in a much more exalted group,’ a higher group, meaning the group of the Arch angels. How can a Muslims hearts, not get soft, understanding this, the mercy of Allah swt. How can a Muslims’ heart, not want to sit and to remember Allah?

That we don’t understand.

They  remember everything. You love someone, you remember, these days. In the old days, we are putting the women away. These days, Muslims, they have pictures of the wife and they are showing to the whole world. Now worse, they have pictures of their dog, following not Muslims. Following non-Muslims and showing, ‘this is my dog. I love him.’ You have a picture, and you remember. What about your Lord, Allah swt?

So, Astaghfirullah al-Azim wa atubu ilaih. We are asking Allah swt for forgiveness, we are asking Allah swt to bless this gathering for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws). We are asking for the presence of the Holy ones to be here. By ourselves, we cannot carry anything. By ourselves, we are no good for nothing.

So many people are looking at Maqams. Our maqam, is that toilet. That is our maqam. All the beautiful food and drinks that we take, sometimes years to grow, to prepare everything so nicely, we are taking the most beautiful things, we are putting it through our mouth and it’s coming out to be the most disgusting thing.

We must think this. Understand now that this physical body, if it’s not purified, it’s going to turn the most beautiful thing into the most ugly thing, the dirtiest thing. We are still carrying the toilet inside.

Muhammad (asws)Holy Prophet asws, is not normal. He is pure. Everything that comes inside his body, and passes out, becomes more pure. There’s no dirt. Everything that comes out it is a cure and it’s pure for humankind.

So many, denied this. So many is saying, ‘he’s just a man.’ He is not just a man. He is a man, of course he is a man. They are saying, ‘you are making so much salawats to him, you are starting to worship him.’

And we say, ‘really?’ We recognise Allah as our Creator. And Allah Himself is praising that Prophet. Allah swt is saying, BismillahirRahmanirRahim, ‘”Innallahu wa malaikatihi yusalliu ‘ala nabi. Ya ayyuhallazina amanu salliu alaihi wa sallimu taslima.’

innallahaAllah is saying, ‘Allah and His angels gives blessings, praising  that Prophet.’ Now He is saying, He is not saying O Muslims, He is not saying Ya ayuhallazi na…Muslim. He is saying, ‘O you who believes,’ believers now. Because you may be a Muslim, but Iman has not entered into your heart, you are not a believer that time yet. You are not a believer yet.

Only the believers, they are going to give praises to the Holy Prophet (asws). As much as you want, give it. We cannot do anything that Allah is doing. Allah swt does everything, we cannot imitate anything that Allah is doing. We cannot do anything that Allah is doing except for one thing; giving salawats to the Holy Prophet (asws). That, we can do. And for that, only if we are believing.

We are thanking Allah, Alhamdulillah. We are here because we feel connected. We feel connected because we were close once before. We were close once before because this ummat, was one ummat, under one Khalifah, representing one Prophet, who is representing one Allah. That’s how we became one Ummat.

Once, this ummat says we don’t want to become one, we want to become three hundred individual countries and nationalities, then you start fighting with each other, the enemies of Islam coming down from the outside, separating everyone.

When we were one, under one Khalifah, all the way from Eastern Europe to Western China, to Russia in the North, to Africa in the South, all the way to SouthEast Asia, everyone was giving beyat to that Khalifah. And so many of us, we are the grandchildren of the Ottomans. And especially, people coming from the Balkans, the Bosnians especially, they are carrying the light of the Khilafat and you are the grandchildren of the Khalifah. Grandchildren of the Khalifatul Rasul. This is in us. We feel close because we are also grandchildren of that Ottoman Khalifah. And only the believers, they are together, they are brothers. More than that, we are together in the day of Qalu Bala.

And we are sitting together when Allah is saying in the day of Alastu Birabbikum, Allah is saying, ‘am I not your Lord?’

and we are saying, ‘Yes, You are.’

The Day of Qalu Bala, the Day of Promises. Alhamdulillah. We were not divided. Bosnians, Pakistani, Malaysians, Turks, Cherkez…No, we are all spirits and we were all souls and we were together, sitting next to each other. Tarikat, bringing us back to make us to remember that day. We must know who is in front of us who are beside us, who is behind us. How close and how far away we are. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, the world will understand. InsyaAllah. They world will understand the power of the Prophet (asws) and the power of Islam. And what Islam comes to bring is nothing but goodness to mankind.


May Allah forgive me and bless all of you for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), for the sake of our Sheykh, Sahibul Saif, Sheykh Abd Kerim  al-Kibrisi, al-Rabbani.

Al Fatiha.

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, the Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) speaking at the Bosnian Muslim Association                                                            (Udruzenje Bosanskih Muslimana)

120 Main Avenue North                                                                                                   Clearwater, FL 33765

May 2013


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