Difficulty In Waking Up For Fajr. Why Is This Happening And What Can I Do?


Question: It will be 2 years now since becoming a Muslim. However, it has been hard these last few weeks to wake up for Fajr. I feel numb and in a coma-like state. I feel guilty and lazy. Why is this happening and what can I do?

rumi - fajr


This is very normal. It happens. It is very normal. Don’t think that this is very unusual. This is not good, of course. It is a weakness. You see, when you just take the Shahadat, you get a boost, you get so much energy coming from it, you can run with that. That’s why, those who have just taken Shahadat, you see they are running to do so many things that people that they have already had shahadat from before or they are born with that Shahadat, you don’t see them running so much. Because with that Shahadat comes power. With that Shahadat comes energy.

But, now the energy that they gave you, slowly it’s going to finish. Why is that energy finishing?

A few reasons. Energy is finishing, number one, because it is a battery. You are not plugging in direct to the direct source. That’s why you don’t have too much energy. What do I mean ‘a battery’? What do I mean,’a direct source’?

You cannot say, ‘my direct source is Allah.’ Then why Allah sent Prophets and Saliheens and Guides to us? He can just don’t send anyone and say, ‘everyone plug in to Me.’ He didn’t, because that is His protocol. He says, ‘I remove from everything but I am going to send someone who is My representative.’

This whole trouble with Sheytan is because of that. Completely because of that. Sheytan said, ‘I want to plug in directly to you.’

se n beyatAllah say, ‘now, you have to plug in to Adam (a.s). You have to make sejdah do Adam (a.s), you have to ask him,’ – meaning, sejdah is not just a physical action that you are making. You are going to take him as your guide. You are submitting to him. And if Sheytan submitted to Adam (a.s), his secret that Allah has created him with is going to open, and it’s going to arrive at the station where he is supposed to. But people become more sheytanic, because in this age, they take the sheytanic teachings of the wahabism and they say, ‘No, I don’t want to bow down to anyone except to Allah.’

Exactly what sheytan did. So, the Shahadat that you have, unless  you plug in to a Holy source; the direct energy, the battery that you have that the shahadat comes with, is going to finish. You are going to find yourself weak. So, what is it that you can do?

Find those ones who have that kind of energy. Find those ones who have that kind of spiritual connections. These ones, they never say, ‘I have it, plug in to me.’

They say, ‘No,  I don’t know. I don’t know anything. I’m zero, but I’m plug in to my Sheykh.’

That one is saying, ‘I am nothing.’

That one is saying, ‘I’m plugged in to my Sheykh.’

They plug you all the way to the Holy Prophet (asws). Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Allah.’ Not to himself. Allah.

If you are going to follow someone and he’s going to say, ‘just follow me, no need Allah or no need Prophet,’ then that time, you may put a big question mark there. But no real Sheykh, no real Tarikat Sheykh is going to say that. But the sickness that is spreading everywhere is that they are saying, ‘we are worshiping to these ones.’ The way that Sheytan is saying, ‘I’m not going to make sejdah to Adam (a.s).’ Part of him was saying, ‘I don’t want to worship him, I worship only You.’

It is not worship. Worship is making the shirk, is saying that that one is also Allah, is your Creator.


So much love we have for Holy Prophet (asws), do we ever think, in this 1400 years that he  is a Creator?

Hasha Astarghfirullah.

So much love that we have for our Sheykh, do we ever say our Sheykh is a Creator? No. May we kiss the hand of our Sheykh? We must. May we kiss the feet of our Sheykh? We must. Because the Sahabi they kiss the hands and the feet of each other.

Even Yusuf (a.s), weren’t his parents, his father, was he not a Prophet too?

His father was a Prophet. He’s not normal, regular one. His father was a Prophet, and his brothers were Prophets. What did they do to him? They kiss his hand?


They kiss his feet?


They make sejdah to him!

Quran is saying, let those who are no understanding, look at this and deny this. His father, a Prophet, is making sejdah to him. So, understand now that sejdah is not a sejdah to a Creator. That is a sejdah for honour, for respect, and that is different. We are not encouraging people to make sejdah to each other. Please. We are not saying that also, but the respect that we show those ones who are close to Allah swt is not without its reasons, its dalil.

borderhonourborder (3)

So, find someone that has a direct connection to the Heavenly sources, Heavenly connections, and be with him. And he is not going to be alone, he is going to have a community, a jama’at, then be with that Jama’at. Slowly you are going to find more strength to be able to carry.

Otherwise, especially in this world, especially in these days, it is very difficult. It is very heavy because every day is coming with heaviness. Every day it is coming with curses. Every day it is raining, the curses, the azab of Allah is raining. And it’s very heavy for the believers especially. The believers, they are not meant to be alone. The believers must always be in a Jama’at. Allah is saying, ‘be in a Jama’at.’ Allah is saying, ‘safety is in Jama’at.’

Allah is saying those who run away from the Jama’at, they are going to be in trouble. So many hadiths of the Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘be in the Jama’at,’ the jama’at is not going to go to the wrong direction.’ Good jama’at. I’m not talking about jama’at associations that is thinking only of the ego.

be in jamaatFind a good jama’at. Jama’at that are connected to a Heavenly connection, that is living their life only to walk in the way of the Holy Prophet (asws), that they are giving up on so many things that their main concentration is not this dunya. They gave up from this dunya, and they are pulling themselves out and they are trying to live simple.

And you will see that those ones who are trying to do that, more attacks they are going to get, more slander they are going to get, more people are going to go crazy about them. That’s a good one. Follow that one.

If you find a Jama’at that everyone is happy with, that they are getting so much media coverage, that so many people are so happy with them, I wouldn’t run after it. I don’t know about you. In these days, to please everyone, we have to be with their programmes too, you cannot stand in the way of Haqq. Now is not the time of Haqq. Now is the time of Jababirah. Now is the time of Zulm. Now is the time of tyranny, now is the time of darkness, now is the time of falsehood.

So, Quran e-Kerim is saying in surah-ul Yasin,

‘Follow those who ask you no fee. And who themselves they are rightly guided, follow them. Find them and follow them.’

sohbet (3)

Allah (swt) is saying, ‘Be with Saliheen.’

Be with the Saliheen. That time, you will have strength not only to wake up for Fajr, but to do so many things. Then that time maybe you are going to start on your spiritual journey.

You think Islam is just to say the Shahadat, that’s it, to pray, to fast, to do all these, that’s it? And then to live like an animal, working nine to five, pleasing  your animal characteristics and then to die like a grass, like an animal. This is what Allah swt has created this Khalifatullah? this is what Allah swt has created us to be His Khalifah for? To just come into this world, to do just the principal of Islam and that’s it?

No, it is not. We have a spiritual journey. Because we are not physical being, we are spiritual being. This meat and the bones is going to pass. It is not part of our reality. We must find our reality. Find real people that is concentrating on your reality. Real people who are concentrating on how, yes now, one of the reason why the battery is finished, is because the ego now, is rising.

Ego is rising, the dunya is coming into you to make a fitnah, the desires, the sheytan is coming. So now, these are the enemies of the faith. These are the enemies  of man, trying to pull you, trying to make you to weaken. Find those, who’s teaching you about your enemies and how to defeat them, how to control them, how to put them under your feet. Find those. Then  you are going to get stronger.

If you don’t find those, if you say, ‘I’m okay, I’m enough, I don’t know how to follow anyone. I’m just going to pray and fast and do whatever it is according to my own ideas, nobody is really praying properly or fasting properly or giving zakat properly or going to the Hajj properly in these days anyway.’

If  you think that’s okay, that’s all you have to do, then I say, ‘welcome to  you.’ You may do it. We are not going to fight with you.

But if you are intelligent and if you have faith and  if you have modesty, modesty meaning, you know where your limits are, then you are going to say, ‘No. My spirit is suffocating. My ego is happy, my spirit is suffocating. And I must let my spirit to be free. I must find people who are going to let my spirit to be free.’

We have found that, Alhamdulillah, with our Sheykh, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani; One of the biggest Saint of this time, one of the biggest Saint that Allah swt has ever created and put into this world. He was veiled a year ago, but his power is still sending, his power is still being sent from beyond the mountain of Qaf.


And we are happy and we are feeling that. Are we claiming we are something?

NO. Never.

We are not claiming. Because we know what kind of standard it is. We are not claiming that we are Mu’mins, the way that the Mu’mins are, the believers are. We are not claiming we are murids, the way the murid is. But we are trying. And our Sheykh is in front of us and we are following him. We fall, doesn’t matter. We must pick up and we must continue.

So welcome to you. As you like again.

SelamAleykum wr wb

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

June 21, 2013

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