Loves come from Allah


Medet Ya Sayyidi Sultan Awliya

my beloved sultanAllah swt has brought us together again one more time.  Where there is jama’at, group of people coming together for Allah’s sake, for Allah’s love, that time, rahmat mercy, everything starts raining on them. Two kinds of gathering happening in the world; One is a holy gathering and the other one is an ordinary gathering that people they get together for their businesses, for their trying to cheat each other, or trying to please their ego.

In the holy gathering, when two person come together for the sake of Allah, there must be the third one watching them. When they come together for the sake of Allah, Allah swt is sending His Awliyas, His Angels to that gathering and that becomes a blessed gathering. Our intention is that. We are not saying, we are not claiming something, that we are Awliyas, we are this and that, we know that we are nothing but insyaAllah, we are asking the support and the help from those ones that they have reached to high station and they became beloved to Allah swt. And we are asking help from our Sheykh and make us to say couple of words that it will benefit everyone of us. insyaAllah

Allah swt love us and He created us. Had He not loved us, we will not know how to love. We love things today. We love some things today but we have deviated from the main love. Because the love must be returned back to the Sender.  Allah love us and He has created us. So for that reason, the priority, the love that you have to have, we have to have inside of us, it has to be Allah’s love,  our Creator’s love. And right after that to love those ones that Allah love, not the ones that we like to love.  That’s the second. So, who is the most beloved one to Allah swt?

It’s the Holy Prophet (asws). We must love. Love is connected, love and respect must be together. Cannot be separated. When you start separating that, that love becomes a selfish love and slowly people, they deviate from that main love. So the first disobedient creature to Allah swt is sheytan. The second disobedient creature, it is the ego, this Nefis that we are carrying.

People in every century they have deviated from that main love, from love of Allah and love of their Prophet. But it was here and there, handful of groups of people. Now 21st century people, they have deviated from that main love, East, West, North South. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Believers, Unbelievers, they all lost that love. And because, in the nature of man, Allah swt, what is He saying? He loves the man and He has created him, so because it is inside of him, it is in his nature, that love is there, so when the ego is taking over that time the man starts turning that love to different angle, different side. It becomes egoistic love and today you see people, ‘Ohh, I love my car.’ It’s a piece of metal. Why are you loving your car for? ‘I love my house, I love this, I love that…..’ And I have seen worse than that, a man came to me, muslim man, saying, ‘Sheykh, I don’t know what I’m going to do, I am in love with my shoes and I go to the bed with my shoes  night time. And I like to lay down on my back like this, to put my hand on my neck and laying down and looking at my shoes.’ Allah, Allah.

Yes, that is happening because the mankind today, they lost the reasons why they are living. What is the reason that they are living in this world, why Allah has created us? Mankind is not asking that. Instead they are running top speed just to fulfill nothing anymore but their stomach. Now they are running only for working, working and working. Sit, rest a little bit. ‘No, I need to work a little bit more, to get some more Pizza to eat.’

servant of AllahThat’s what the mankind is doing today,  East, West, North, South. Don’t think that it’s different in anywhere. Go everywhere, look at it. I’m watching in the airport, sitting, watching, all those business men, business ladies, going  back and forth with nice suits, nice luggages, nice clothes and everything. But their eyes is looking always to see where  the Pizza store is, where is the store to eat. And their mouth is chewing non-stop. In the streets  it’s like that, in the work place it’s like that, everywhere is like that now.

So,  just like the, I’m sorry to say this, but just like the animals. Soon as you open the door for the animals, they run to the grass, they are running, eating a little bit here where there’s so much grass around them. They don’t stop there. NO, they move back forward saying, ‘let me go little bit more forward.’ More, more, they go all the way to the end, they get tired eating and chewing so much, then they come down, sit down, chewing a little bit more. Later they realise that the sun is going to set and they started to get worried, ‘we are not going to eat no more.’ They get up again top speed, running back to the meadows again.

This is what’s happening to us. This is what happens to mankind. The night time is setting, now at least the animals they are sleeping night time in their barns,  they don’t run around. But the mankind, they put all these electricity everywhere, they are turning the world like it’s day time again and they start running night time too now.Then they complain, ‘No peace. I have not peace.’ Of course you are not going to have peace, we are not going to have peace, they are not going to have peace. Peace comes with that returning of that love to your Lord. If you are saying, ‘Allah is watching His servants,’ then Allah is saying to His angels, ‘My servant, is getting up night time at least just to sit one minute to say, ‘O Ya Rabbi, I love You. That is a private time between Me and him.’

If the man is not getting up night time, but at least one time, to say, ‘Yes, I am such a lazy servant but I can just say that I get up by mistake, that I went to the toilet, I renew my wudhu and I just sit here to say, ‘I love you too,’  and I go back to sleep.’ Allah is very happy with that too. He is very happy with His servant saying, ‘Ohh, My servant, he is addressing back to Me, remembering Me.’

What about when the man is in trouble  24 hrs a day. 24 hrs, they have problem, sicknesses, everything come in but not getting up night time, just for one minute to say, ‘O Ya Rabbi, I am sick. I am running to this doctor, screaming to them but they are not doing anything. I am saying to You,  I am sick.’ Allah accepts that too, saying, ‘Yeah, My servant, he is showing his weakness to me. It does not fit to My majesty to leave him alone there. Sent help right away.’

‘Eh, help is not reaching to us.’ Definitely, because we are not remembering our Lord. Remembering our Lord, is not just to say sometime, talking to each other saying, ‘Allah created this,  Allah that….’ No. It is to sit alone, having some time alone with your Lord to say, “Yes Ya Rabbi, I love You and You love me. You love me? I’m very happy. Because You love me, and I’m returning  that love back to you saying, ‘I love you.’ And I’m very happy because You have love me, otherwise, I will not know what love will be.’

So that time, the man starts moving from the animal self, to higher stations, slowly. Step by step. InsyaAllah, we did not miss the train yet. We are still breathing this air and we should practice that, we  should put that. Knowledge, it is not only to know. If you only know and you don’t put that knowledge to a practice, that becomes a burden to you. The knowledge is what you know and to take it and to apply it to yourself and to put it and to experience it for yourself.

So when the servant starts loving his Lord sincerely, he is going to love everything around him because now he knows what the love is. So he is going to share that love, he is going to give love to others. Even if you give money to others, people, they just love you, because you give money to them. But if you give love to them and you don’t give nothing  to them, they’ll love you forever. So, that love coming to you from your Lord, if  He is coming to you, if you are saying that, ‘yes I love Allah and Allah loves me and I’m receiving something back, you must share with the other ones. You must show to the other ones, you must give to the other ones, and that will be the zakat of your love that you are giving out too. You are taking it, Allah is giving and you are giving it out.

So, that’s one thing today’s people 21st century people, they are in need of; The real Love. Mankind, they lost that love and they have no feeling anymore. They lost the feeling. They lost everything. What’s happening around them, they are not feeling. As Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the believers, they are like one body. The whole believer they are like the whole body, one body. If one part of the body is hurting, the whole body must be feeling the pain.’

So today’s believers, they are not feeling pain to each other because they have fallen into their egoistic selfish lifestyles and they are not remembering anything. That used to be outside, used to be people slowly they lost that senses to different nation. Now they lost it to their own nations. Now they lost it to their own family. Now they lost everything, inside in the same house people they are living but one is suffering from the pain and the other one is sitting in front of the television laughing and cracking up. That is not the title that the man has to say, ‘I am a human.’ That cannot be a human that Allah swt wants and the Holy Prophet came to teach.

NO. the man must check himself, fix himself, and everyday, he must make progress on that way. We must make progress on that way. insyaAllah arRahman, whole Syariat, whole Tarikat, whole teaching of Islam, all orders, Dos and Donts, it is to teach us to turn back to our Lord. And turning back to our Lord, it is through the understanding, knowing, Yes Allah loves me and I must return that love, I must reply to that to say, ‘Yes ya Rabbi and I love You.’ But not just by words, you have to put it into action. You have to put it into your life and that has to take over in your life.

So when the man is reaching to that station, whatever happen around him, he’s going to be able to forgive everything again and he is going to be  able to walk to that main road again, he’s never going to let himself or his ego or sheytan to deviate him from that road because he cannot afford to lose that love. That if the man goes out from this world without that love, then he lost everything. He lost dunya, and he lost Ahiret.

They will ask, ‘we sent you there to collect. We sent you there to make your spirit to grow. Not your body.’ Your physical body, it is only temporary. This body, it may be good or may be sick. Doesn’t matter. You have to look at the spirit. The spirit has to be strong. The spirit has to be powerful. And when the spirit is strong, that time, you are passing from this world, to the other side nice and clean. The reason of coming here, yes, it’s to make our spirit to grow more stronger, to go back  to our Paradise.

InsyaAllah ar-Rahman. This much should be enough for you and for me. I may speak for the whole week non-stop. But I don’t think that you can receive that much. Just this much should be enough for us if we are concentrating, if we are taking and we are applying to our lives, then slowly we are going to see the changes.

Sheykh Effendi Hz

Wa minAllahu Taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha


Sohbet by Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

22 May 2008

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