Keep Your Sincerity

Auzu billahi min ash-shaitanir rajim


We are asking Allah swt support and shelter, running away from Sheytan into His protection, into the protection of the Prophet, into the protection of His Awliya, His friend, our Sheykh. And we are saying, ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim.’


How many times we heard Sheykh Effendi saying, ‘say BismillahirRahmanirRahim’ that is the sword of the Angels, that is the sword of the Believers. With BismillahirRahmanirRahim, you can break the sheytan.  You can cut off his whispering to you. You can protect yourself against to sheytan.

Saying, ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim,’ is not just to say with your mouth saying ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim, BismillahirRahmanirRahim…,’ but it’s not coming from the heart, it doesn’t mean anything. Anything that we are saying and we are doing, if it’s not coming from the heart, Allah does not want it. Allah is looking at the heart, not at the tongue. You can say whatever you are saying, but the heart will not lie.

sruah ikhlasSincerity. Sincerity, ikhlas. How many times you are reciting Surah al-Ikhlas a day? Mureeds should be reciting at least a hundred times a day, Ikhlas. If I ask how many reciting a hundred times a day, we will be surprised, maybe. The more Ikhlas that you are reciting, more sincerity is going to come to you.

Islam, Iman, Ihsan comes with the sincerity.

Sincerity is not coming with what others are telling  you. It doesn’t come from outside. Sincerity comes from inside. Sincerity comes from the heart. Sincerity comes from the heart of the believer who sits down and looks into his heart, and he must find Allah there. Not to find other Ilah than Allah. The Believers is finding other Ilahs than Allah,other gods, other things that you are putting into your heart. What are we saying now if you are putting Allah and other Ilahs next to each other? Huh, let’s not say.

That’s why Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘I’m hearing from my nation of their hidden shirk.’ Hidden Shirk. Then Allah swt is saying, ‘don’t come to My presence with this two sins. All other sins I will forgive.’ The sin, first one is the Shirk; making partnership to Allah. Although the tongue is saying, ‘La illaha ilallah,’ what is coming from the heart is going to show through the rest of your body isn’t it? If your heart is sick, the rest of the body is going to be sick. If the heart is well, the rest of the body is well. Who is saying this?

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying this.

How many times we heard our SahibulSaif saying this?

Tarikat is to teach us, you and me and the whole world, to look into our hearts and to get rid of all the Ilahs from our hearts. These days, 21st century mankind, especially 21st century Muslims, they have become so arrogant and stubborn, that they are saying, ‘I don’t have any Ilahs. I only have Allah in my heart. I don’t need anyone to tell me my religion. I know my religion. I don’t need a guide to tell me anything. I know. Because I know how to read and I know how to write.’

In the first Jahiliyya, they did not know how to read and write, majority of their people. But their hearts became alive when they heard the truth. Second Jahiliyya is worse than the first Jahiliyya. We know how to read, we know how to write but our hearts are dead and when the truth is coming, we are standing in front of it saying, ‘who are you to tell me. I know, I know, I know.’ Everybody knows. From the young to the old.  From seven years old to seventy years old.

‘I know. Facebook fatwas.’

Everyone is making facebook fatwas.

‘I know. I know.’

Nobody is going to bend their head down and to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, I don’t know. Send me someone  who knows.’

Allah swt is not saying, ‘everyone is an arif, everyone is an alim, everyone is a knower.’

What did He say?

Lokman Hoja effendiThere is a knower above every knower. And if we are sincere with ourselves, we are going to find someone that is going to teach us our religion, that is going to teach us ourselves, that is going to teach us our Lord. Because Allah swt sent the Holy Prophet (asws) for these things.

Why he send Prophet ? He could have just send inspiration to everyone, to follow as they like, to say I know. But he send the Prophet. He send a guide. He send someone to teach you, to teach us.

Holy Prophet (asws), he passed 1400 years ago. Those ones, at that time who said that he is dead, Alhamdulillah, majority of them, the Sahaba e-kiram, they finished them. Who are these ones who declared that he is dead?

When they say, ‘eh, we gave beyat to him, we are not giving beyat to you: Abu Bakr, (or Umar, Uthman  or Ali). It is only to him. Why we have to follow you? So he passed, so he’s finished. We are free. We are free agents.’

From the Kharijis, to so many other groups declaring other things; Prophets, new ones, Independents. Those ones saying, we are forming a different group not according to how Holy Prophet has left, the Sahaba e-kiram, they finished them. But the disease sprang back up again when the ahir zaman, they started approaching. And those ones who are saying, ‘Prophet is dead,’ Hasha Astaghfirullah. What kind of a Prophet are we going to follow if that one is dead?

Isn’t our shahadat, complete shahadat, not this new age, new style shahadat saying just La ilaha illallah and everybody is saying La ilaha illallah, everyone is the same. No. The religion Allah swt perfected with MuhammadurRasulullah. If you just say La ilaha illallah, it’s not complete. If you think it’s complete, why Allah sent Khatame Rasul? Why Allah sent the seal of the Prophet? But with MuhammadurRasulullah (asws), it became complete.

We are saying La ilaha illallah MuhammadurRasulullah. If Prophet is dead, why we should say Muhammadur Rasulullah?

la illaha illallah

Prophet is alive. He is fresh and he is alive.

Yes. Holy Prophet (asws), for those who worship him, he is dead. For those who don’t worship him, he is alive. Understanding?

They are saying the same about our Sheykh too. Don’t worry, second Jahiliyya is going to be worse than the first Jahiliyya. Now the sword is still inside the scabbard here. Inside the sheath, inside the cover. When the Sahib of the Saif, he comes, and he unleashes that, those ones who dare to come out from his way, who were declaring their own heads, who are making fitnah non-stop 24hrs, who is making people to get confuse and to come away from the Siratul Mustaqim, understand, that time when it comes, it’s going to be worse than the first Jahiliyya.

May Allah never separate us from our Sahib, from our Sheykh, from his way. None of us, we are exception. None of us, we are going to think, ‘I am exception.’

I am not exception, you are not exception. This way is continuing whether we like it or not. With or without us. If we are not here, Allah is going to choose better ones than us. Don’t worry. I’m a living proof of that. Before me there was somebody else Sheykh Effendi trained for seven years. He turned around and he betrayed too. Everyone who betrays his Effendi, he will not find Syafa’at. Are you going to betray your Effendi?

When he says, ‘continue.’ And you say, ‘no.’

Sheykh Effendi (3)Everyone is free, for right now. But everyone’s leash is in his hand. We are not exception.  Not me, not you. If we are not continuing this way, we are going to lose a lot. But Allah will choose those ones who are better than us to walk this way, to run in this way, to fly in this way.

If we stay and if we take the blessings and the teachings of our Sheykh, that time when our ego is attacking and we are pulling out the ammunition and we are fighting back to our ego and sheytan that time, we are going to win. But, as what we said this yesterday, if we are listening just the sohbet, sohbet is giving the ammunition against to our ego and against to Sheytan. But if you don’t use that ammunition, it means nothing. Complete nothing.

You can be sitting, sleeping, eating, worshiping with that Sheykh, with that Saint 24 hrs. there are some who are with them, decades, are we surprise that suddenly they are gone?

No, we are not.

Did it happen to the Prophet?

Of course it does. It happens to the Prophet, it happens to their children, it happens to their families. But those ones who are staying close to them and who are saying, ‘we are not saying you are dead because you are fresh and you are alive and we are going to continue like you are fresh and you are alive.’ That time, you get more live. That time you get more safety. That time, you get higher station. That time, Allah swt will be happy with us, our Sheykh will be happy.

Everyone has a part to play. We are never saying , ‘this is only for us. It is not for you.’ We are opening the doors East and West, North and South to everyone to come. But don’t come with your ego. This dergah has not place for the ego, or sheytan. The Sheykh is still ruling this Dergah. Alhamdulillah. And insyaAllah, we are very weak. We are the worst ones. But as long as we have a breath, we are going to carry that too, to not allow such a thing to be happening here or elsewhere.

If we are busy with ourselves in this Holy month of Ramazan, to look into our hearts and to ask, why we are here? What is our purpose? What is our job? What is our intention for today, for this week, for this month?

floral frameintentionfloral frameBefore, when Sheykh Effendi was here, everyone was just coasting. He is driving and everyone sit back and relax. And he is telling us day and night, ‘wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up!’ Still not waking up. Now, maybe we are going to be driving buses  and others are going to be sitting behind. Which he has also said so many times. Whether you like it or not, now, you have to wake up. Because there are lives that are at stake. And everyone has work to do.

Those who are declaring that he is dead, what work you are doing?

Those who are coming out, be free. Until the time comes, when the Sahib is going to come. Yes. Haqq, it is clear, Batil it is clear. If we are being sincere with ourselves, if we are looking and seeing, ‘where we are in this work? Where are we? What is it that I am supposed to do? Which ammunition am I supposed to use against to my own ego, against to others?’

The egos, ammunition, we don’t mean the physical ammunition now. But those ones who want to make fitnah, they can make fitnah with everything. With nothing too.

We are saying, with the advice, Din I-Nasihat, Tarikatuna Sohbet, taking the advice of our Sheykh and to use that when the ego and sheytan is standing in front of us, that’s the time when we are going to take what we have already prepared in our heart. Taking the sohbet and putting it in our heart. That’s the time when the help we need  the help, the  help is going to come straight from the heart because it is not cloudy, it is not rusted, it is not mixed up with so many things, and that’s the time when we say Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim, La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah, the help is going to come.

Because all that is in the heart. And it is not mixed up. It is not dirty. Then when we ask for protection the protection comes. May it come and stay and may we have more energy and more faith to be in this way. More sincerity in this month. This is the month not for eating and drinking. This is the month for believers to pull themselves back and to think.

Look. Look into  your heart. You cannot fool yourself that time. You can fool the whole world, you cannot fool yourself. Sit by yourself and ask, ‘what am I busy with? What is in my heart?’ you do that, you’ll win for yourself. You do that, you are doing exactly what the Holy Prophet (asws) is doing. Isn’t it?

In the first Jahiliyah, in a month like this, when he goes into the cave, and he meditates.

This is meditation. Not to enter into illusion and delusion world that so many people claiming to be in Tarikat non stop. 24hrs, seven days a week. Illusions and delusions. Nothing else.

Hoja Effendi (3)

Our aim  is to be Abdullah. To take away all the dirtiness from our heart and to put Allah and His Prophet in our heart.

That’s the time, when you walk, they will support  you.

When  you walk, Allah is going to support you. 124,000 Prophets they are going to support you. Billions of Awliya Allah, they are going to support you. Especially in this ahir zaman.

That is our intention, insyaAllah.

May Allah forgives us and bless our Sheykh and our Grandsheykh  and to raise them to higher station for the sake of this Holy night. insyaAllah. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws). Al-Fatiha.

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)               OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

July 11, 2013- 3 Ramadan 1434

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