Knowledge Through the Heart


Knowledge Through the Heart

Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Sultan

Sheytan did not leave any space on this face of earth that he did not make sejdah. He made sejdah in every area on this earth then he started rising and reaching to Paradise. Then he made sejdah everywhere in Paradise, worshipping. No creature has ever worshipped that much. But sheytan did.

He did one action, one wrong action. That wrong action was disobedience. He was obedience on every way. He became disobedient to the word of Allah. Allah swt, with His mercy, give him warning, saying to him, ‘I am  your Lord. I am the One who created you. You make sejdah to the one that I order to you.’ He insisted, he became arrogant and stubborn, three times, then Allah throw him away from Divine Presence.

‘Get lost from here!’ Allah said to sheytan.

Allah then said to the Angels, the Angels who they were looking up to sheytan because he was their teacher and they were his students, He (swt) said to the Angels, ‘everyone of you, kick one time to that one and throw him out from the Paradise.’ And he came down.

sheytanAdam (a.s), he has been created and Allah swt blow to him from His Holy breath, not from His spirit but from His breath.  Then the Holy breath of Allah make you and me Adam, just to think, right away, instantly, knowing so many things. And Adam (a.s) knowing and Allah giving him warning, saying to him, ‘this sheytan is your enemy, don’t get fool by this one. If you do, you will not have mercy too.’

And Sheytan fooled Adam (a.s) and Allah saying to that one, ‘you are out from Paradise too because Paradise, it is for clean people, not for dirty people.’

What is cleanness and what is dirtiness now in Islam?

The Physical cleanness, everyone is clean, they go to the shower two, three times a day. But the dirtiness is the disobedience. True, Sheytan was a beautiful creature, he was shining inside the Paradises. Angels they were looking up to that one. His appearances was very beautiful too. Soon as he became disobedience to Allah, that Nur, that light went away, and he turned into the worst ugly creature through disobedience. And he was sent down to earth. He has been on this earth from  that time. Now, it’s almost seven thousand years. Leave the scientist people. Adam (a.s) has been on this face of Earth for seven thousand years.

Sheytan came to Musa (a.s) and saying to him, ‘Allah is unjust.’

Musa asked, ‘why?’

‘Because Adam became disobedient, and I have become disobedient. He has forgiven Adam but He has not forgiven me. So He is unjust.’

prophet Adam  prayerSo, Musa (a.s), he is a Kalimullah, he is a very high level Prophet.  He started thinking, saying, ‘although this sheytan has so much evil he’s coming to me with that, but with this word he is right. Allah forgives Adam but He didn’t forgive him. So there must be something in it.’

When he reached to Divine Presence, Allah is saying to him, ‘What’s bothering you, Ya Musa?’

He said, ‘Ya Rabbi, it is known to you that sheytan came to me and he said to me this and I didn’t find any answer to say to him that You are just.’

Allah says, “It is easy. When you go back, tell him, ‘My Lord is just.’ Just say to him, ‘go and make sejdah, you know where Adam is buried. Make sejdah there and Allah is going to forgive you.'”

So when Musa came and said to him, he said, ‘I didn’t’ make sejdah to his live body, now I’m going to make sejdah to his dead body?’ He became ignorant and stubborn with the knowledge that he knows.

Holy Prophet is saying, ‘in Ahir Zaman, end of the time, millions of Muslims they are going to be just  like that.’ They are going to make sejdah, they are going to know the knowledge, they are going to be ignorant about it. And sheytan is going to hold them through that way. Only way out, the man has to find, he has to put his ego down, If the man is saying, ‘I am not listening to my ego, I’m listening to my Lord,’ if that man is saying this, just ask that man, ‘who is he following? Who is he taking order from?’

If you cannot make your ego to listen to somebody, you are listening to your ego. And your ego’s teacher is sheytan. Nothing else.


You can know all the knowledges, you can know the whole Quran, the Quran is going to give you only burden, nothing else that time. Not five times a day, you can pray fifty-five times a day, you are still not going to reach anywhere because the spiritual connection is disconnected and you don’t have a transportation to bring you up. Even if you  have a ship and you are saying this is my own ship, then take the ship and pass the ocean. You cannot pass the ocean with your own ship. You need the crew, you need the captain, you need people in it. Ship maybe it’s yours but you cannot pass with that ship. This is an ocean, this is nothing.

Quran, every ayat is an ocean. If you are just taking through the literal meaning, just like wahabbis and saying, ‘this is what Allah is saying,’ you are putting limitation to that and it is impossible to come out from that mess. That time, everything you are going to read, you are going to explain according to your own ego and your ego is according to your own knowledge. And when the man is looking, ‘what is my knowledge?,’ that time he has to understand that he has no knowledge. He has to submit himself. And Allah is teaching lessons to the children of Adam  through everywhere.

Musa (a.s) was a Prophet, not an ordinary Prophet, he is the Prophet where one of the Biggest Book was given to him. He is one of the highest Prophet from three hundred and thirteen and he is one from the seven high level Prophets. He has a Book. The Book was given to him. He has a title, and title that was given to him is  ‘Kalimullah,’ that Allah is speaking to him. And although that Allah is not speaking to him directly again, Allah is speaking through the tree in the mountain of Tur,  and he is hearing through the tree.

SahibulSaifOne day, the people around Musa (a.s) asked him a question, and Allah is teaching a lesson to us. They asked him, ‘Ya Musa, You are the Prophet and you are talking with Allah. So is there anybody in this world now who has more higher knowledge than you are?’

And he was just thinking through the literal meaning again, because of that  he says, ‘No. Because I am taking direct knowledge from Allah.’

Soon as he said that, then Allah is sending message to him saying to him, ‘Ya Musa, Now go to the river, next to red sea. You are going to meet a man there. Be a company to him. Be friend to that one’

And he took Yusha (a.s) with him who became Prophet after him and he told him,

‘Allah is giving me order. We must go and there is sign. We have to have a fish, we have to have this..’ this is in the Quran, ‘and we have to find that man, and we have to accompany him, we have to travel with that one.’

They started on their journey. Although they are knowing the knowledge, they still fall into heedless station and they couldn’t wake up to understand. These are Prophets, two Prophets traveling together . One Prophet has a book, the other Prophet is the one coming after Musa (a.s). So two of them traveled together. Understand their knowledge now, and that Allah is giving them order and sending them there but instantly they are forgetting what they have to do. They got up and they left to other place, and Musa is saying, ‘I think we’ve passed the place.’ They turned back. When they turned back, they found the man sitting, waiting for them over there.

This man wasn’t a Prophet. He wasn’t a Prophet, He was Khizir (a.s). Two Prophets coming to him and Musa a.s saying, ‘we come to be with you. To travel with you.’

He looked at him saying, ‘you cannot travel with me.’

Musa (a.s) said, ‘Do you know who I am? I am a Prophet.’

‘Yes, I know. You are Prophet Musa and I am one of your nation. In the Judgement Day, I am going to be with you. You are my Prophet. But you cannot travel with me.’

So Musa (a.s), feeling shocked, he said to himself, ‘Allah is sending me to this one, and this one is knowing that Allah is sending me to him, and he is telling me that I cannot travel with him.’

patient abu bakarAnd Khizir said, ‘you cannot travel with me because you are not a patient one.’

So Musa (a.s) said to him, ‘insyaAllah you will find me patient. Give me a chance.’

So that ordinary man said to him, ‘I will give you three chances. If you  travel with me and if you interfere to my business three times, we separate our road.’

And Musa (a.s) accepted it, now knowing that, ‘this is a holy man, Allah is sending me to this man and this man doesn’t want me to be accompanying him and he is giving me ultimatum, saying to me three chance. If I interfere to his business three times, we will separate our road.’

Now understand where is Musa (a.s) and where is Khizir (a.s). Musa is receiving orders, the Taurat and then there is this Khizir (a.s) who is telling him what is in the Taurat . So now, when they start traveling, they came next to a river. No one is taking them across to the other side. Then there is this man who generously offered them his boat saying, ‘take my boat and go to the other side. When you reached the other side, just leave my boat there, I will have someone who will bring it back to me.’ And they got into the boat.

Musa (a.s) now is seeing how difficult time they pass because on the other side there is a tyrant King who is taking all the boat and nobody dares to go to the other side, and this man is giving his boat. So Musa (a.s) is thinking through literal meaning again and saying, ‘this man help us. So we have to do good to him.’

While they were crossing to the other side, before they reached to the other side, Khizir (a.s) took a knife and started damaging the boat. Water started entering inside.  Musa (a.s) said to him, ‘what are you doing? The man just help us and you are destroying his boat?’

Khizir looked at him and said to him, ‘didn’t I tell you not to interfere in my business that you will never understand. So, you broke one of your promise and now you have two chances.’

Musa (a.s) said, ‘ I’m not going to interfere again.’

They passed the river and reached to the other side. When they reached to the other side,  Khizir left the boat at the side. The boat was already damaged.

They started walking. Then Khizir (a.s) saw this little kid. He said to the kid, ‘come here.’

The kid came. Khizir grabbed the boy’s head, pulled out his sword and chopped his head off. Musa (a.s) who is the Prophet said, ‘What!? What did you do now? What a big crime you are doing. You just kill that kid!’

He said to him, ‘didn’t I tell you not to interfere to my business?’

‘But this is a big crime!’

‘Well, you’ve got two chances finished. You are now left with one.’

So Musa (a.s) started thinking to himself saying, ‘Allah send me to this one. This one is doing something, but it is beyond my knowledge. I’m not understanding.’ He is a Prophet and he is not understanding why Khizir was doing these things and he was just an ordinary man.

seyh Sultan (2)

Time passed, they started feeling very hungry. They reached to a village, but the people in the village were not giving them food. They were not giving them anything, they were not selling them anything. In fact, they kicked them out from the village. Musa (a.s) and Khizir (a.s) came out from the village. There was an old building there. The wall was ready to crush down. So Khizir said to Musa (a.s), ‘come here, help me to build this wall again.’

Musa (a.s) said to him, ‘what’s the matter with you? what kind of man are you? At least you could ask them for some bread. This way we can help them to build the building. But you are not asking anything. They kicked us out, they didn’t give us the bread and now you are helping them?’

He said, ‘didn’t I tell you don’t interfere to my business. This is the third chance you have. Now you are separating from me. No way that you can continue with me anymore.’

Khizir said to him, ‘Now you are wondering why I did all these things. You are a Prophet, it’s okay.’

He explained, ‘when we were crossing with the boat, on the other side of the river there’s a tyrant King. Anytime he sees a nice boat, he takes the boat away. Now this man help us, I damaged his boat so the King is not going to take his boat.  It’s going to come back to that side, he’s going to fix the boat again. So he’s going to use his boat. He’s not going to lose his boat. This is the knowledge in it.’

Khizir said, ‘You know why Allah made you to go through this. You didn’t became disobedient to the work instantly because I was damaging the boat. You became disobedient because you thought that the boat was going to sink, the boat is taking in water and we were going to sink and we were going to die.

trust-in-allahSo your trust in Allah there was shaky. But you forgot that your mother has put you inside a small basket that has holes everywhere and the river send you to the door of Firaun and you entered there and they took  you. That little basket didn’t sink for you to die.

And you were worrying because now, your mind is with you and you were thinking that the boat is going to sink and you are going to die. That’s why you became disobedient.’

Musa (a.s) said to him, ‘You are right.’

In the second incident,  he said, ‘you are a Prophet. If I take that kid, this bone and you can see and you can read it there and it’s saying on the bone if this one is going to be a righteous man or he is going to be a cruel one and he’s going to help in that side. The parents of that kid are Saliheen, they are righteous people. They asked Allah swt to give them righteous son. But I watched that kid, I see what they asked to Allah and I watched that kid and that kid, in the bone it’s saying that he is not going to be a righteous one. He is going to put shame to his family. So, I have permission to get rid of that kid. Now Allah is going to give them another kid and that kid is going to be a righteous one. Meanwhile, this kid, because he is still a kid, he is going to enter to the Paradise. If he’s growing and he’s going to become disobedient to Allah, he’s going to enter to a Hell. So I save the kid and I save the family. ‘

He said, ‘you cannot read in your book about this knowledge, in the Taurat. You said to me that I did a big crime killing the kid but you forgot that you are a Prophet and you smack the man and you killed the man.’

He said, ‘I did it for the sake of the family but you did it for the sake of saving your own self. So in this second one you failed.’

knowledge wisdom

‘In the third one?’

‘in the third one, when you came to Prophet Shu’ayb and the daughter of Prophet Shu’ayb, there were people around there and they were bothering her when she was a shepherd, and you went and you help her. You were hungry but you didn’t ask for food first. You went and you helped her and because you helped her, the Prophet Shu’ayb, he gave you his daughter. So in this action, there were two orphan in that city. Everyone became arrogant to us but those orphans, that old building belongs to their parents. Under that wall, there are gold buried in it. If the wall collapse, people they are going to discover the gold and they will take it. But now we build the wall, when the kids grow up, later down in the road, they are going to come and build the building. They are going to find the gold. They are going to be righteous people using that gold in the way of Allah.’

He said to him, ‘you see Ya Musa. You see where your knowledge is? Your knowledge is a book knowledge. My knowledge is a hidden knowledge, it’s a secret knowledge.’

Then he said to him, ‘do you know why Allah sent you to me? Do you know the purpose why Allah sent you to me? What is the reason? You are a Prophet and He sent you to me.’

Musa (a.s) said, ‘You know better.’

‘When your people ask you if there is any man on this face on earth who is more knowledgeable than you and you said to them ‘No, I am.’ Because you thought that you were the Prophet. So Allah sent you to me. Although that I am one of your subject, you are my Prophet but Allah is giving me a hidden knowledge, a secret knowledge. So Allah sent you to me, to show you that your knowledge and my knowledge is nothing in Divine presence. ‘

Khizir (a.s) said, ‘come here.’ And they looked at the river of Nile. He said, ‘You see this river, one bird came and took one drop of water. You see that drop of water? Your knowledge and my knowledge is just like that drop of water in that ocean, in that river.’

Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi (3)

So, he said, ‘Allah doesn’t like people who claim something. But Allah gives to those people who doesn’t claim anything. Everywhere they turn, they look, doors open to them. They don’t have to read and write. Allah teaches them.’

So Khizir (a.s), he is the man that knows the hidden Knowledge.

Muhammad (asws), he is the  Sultan of the hidden knowledge. He is the King of the King of the hidden knowledge. Holy Prophet (asws) left some secrets behind for that knowledge. And Holy Prophet is saying, “Allah swt told me that in the Judgement Day, There is Prophet are going to come, and there is Awliyas are going to come. But there is one group of people that I don’t know. And when they come to the Judgement Place, every Prophets are going to think that they are higher than the Prophets. And Allah is saying to me, ‘No, they are not Prophet. They are not Awliyas that the people they know. They are My Awliyas that they are the hidden treasures on this face of Earth. And everywhere they look, everywhere they watched, they see through everything behind. I will open doors to them. The knowledge that they know, even the Prophets they don’t know. So in the Judgement Place, they are going to come and they are going to sit in the highest Place.’”

Those are the Nations of Muhammad.

The wahabbis they are denying everything now. They are denying all these knowledges. That shows that they are not understanding, not a single verse of the Quran. Not a single one.

Allah's knowledgeWhen Khizir (a.s) wanted to know the secret of the Quran, an order came to him saying, ‘Ya Khizir, you cannot know the secret of the Quran.’

He said, ‘at least to know the secret of the heart of the Quran, the Yasin.’ and Allah said to him, ‘you cannot know the Yasin too. It’s not possible for you to know the secret of the Yasin.’

And he said, ‘let me know the secret of the Fatiha, the opening.’ Allah is saying to him, ‘you cannot know that too.  Your knowledge cannot carry that. What we give to you, you cannot carry.’

So he said, ‘let me know the BismillahirRahmanirRahim.’ And order is saying to him, ‘you cannot understand that one too. But if you concentrate on Ameen, Waladhalin Ameen. You may understand only the Ameen. From the nation of Muhamamd. Nothing else.’

So Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘there are people living from my nations, they are not Prophets, but they are just like the Prophets of the Bani Israel.’  Prophet of Bani Israel, like Musa (a.s), like Isa (a.s), like all other Prophets.  He said, ‘they are not Prophet but they are just like them. That anywhere they look and they see that Allah opens door to them.’

So where are they? They disappear now? They were at that time?

So this world doesn’t belong to Allah now? He’s not ruling this world anymore? He forgot about the world?

But the people, they are falling into more heedless station every single day. They are covering themselves into dark clouds everywhere and they are thinking that everything surrounding is dark, but it’s not. Because you yourself is falling into the darkness, you have to come out from that darkness.  Once you are coming out from that darkness, then that is the time you will be able to look, ‘oh there’s a light over there, I can see the light.’

You have to look, you have to try to find ways to approach the light because you cannot go directly to the light, you  may burn.

Nur of MuhammadSo, ‘Ya Muhammad,’ just understand that part should be enough for you. Soon as you say, “Ya Muhamamd, Prophet may appear to you that time. Then you will understand, ‘O, the Prophet is living.'”

Yes, Prophet is living. Anyone who calls Prophet a dead man, they are dead completely. They are dead in dunya and they are dead in Ahiret.

So the Poet is saying, ‘they are calling and saying that this poet had died.’ He says, ‘But they are making mistake because the one who dies is already in the station of animal.

If you are in the station of love and the Passion, you cannot die. You are continuously living, you are just passing, you are just changing from this world, passing to the other side. If permission is granted to you, you’ll travel between  the world.’

This is nothing. This world, is not even a dot inside out own galaxy. Our Galaxy is not even a dot inside 360 000 other galaxies. 360 000 galaxies there is throne and the throne has 360 000 pillar, between each pillar, there is 360 000 galaxies. Go and put that together in your mind to understand. You are going to become bankrupt. If you are using this mind, 90% of it, which the smartest man now is using the brain 7%, 8% and they invent something. Allah gave you 100% capacity. Why is that?

For you just to use the 7%?

What are you going to do with the other 93% ?

And the intelligence, it is for this dunya. Intelligence is  not for Ahiret. You cannot travel in Ahiret with the intelligence. In Ahiret, you have to travel through the heart. It is impossible to travel through intelligence. So now, if the man is not using the full capacity of his intelligence, never mind about full capacity, if you are using 25% of your capacity or your intelligence, you’ll be able to move from here, one feet here, one feet to the other side of the ocean. Through that way. If you are able to.

You see this, you think this glass can pass through this wall here? Anybody can say? Can it pass?

It will pass if you throw this in the speed of light, it will hit to the wall, it will cross to the other side, it doesn’t break the shape of this glass, it doesn’t break the shape of the wall, and it just passes through the other side because the speed is so fast, just like the light coming out from outside, you have a glass there and the light is passing through the glass and coming inside.

So if the speed is reaching to the speed of the light with this speed you can pass 360 000 then you can pass through the glass too just like that light. Nothing happens to you. You don’t break the glass. The brain is saying that to you. Intelligence is saying that to you. But you cannot use it. But they have machine that they make it to use it. They are making the speed of the bullet now, passing through the glass and it’s not breaking the glass passing through the other side. Laser, they are passing through so many walls, taking  everybody’s picture but nothing is entering, only laser is entering. So the light is entering here, light is taking your picture and it is bringing it to other places but you are not knowing, you are not seeing.

This is intelligence that Allah gives and the man is using it. Who? The man that doesn’t make wudhu is using it. Without BismillahirRahmanirRahim, he is using it. You think the man who says BismillahirRahmanirRahim is less than that one?

bismillahirrahmanirrahimSay BismillahirRahmanirRahim correctly, you put one feet here, you will find one feet in Sidratul Muntaha. Easy. You will find  yourself on the front door of the Paradise.

But don’t use this one (intelligence), this one is only to you on the ground. Just like the plane. The plane needs the wheels and the high speed that is going on the ground. Soon as the plane moves up, the wheels goes in.  This intelligence is just like the wheels. Soon as you take off, you cannot use the intelligence anymore. You have to use this (Sheykh pointing to his heart), and now you need a master for that.

You need the master to teach you how to use the airplane. Not one master, not one class, ten thousand times you have to go, you have ten thousand hours of lessons for you to move a small plane up. This is a worldly knowledge and it is there, it is already discovered and you cannot understand that. But the man is denying everything because the man who is in darkness is denying.

The man who is not in the darkness is saying, ‘possible.’ Soon as he says, ‘possible,’ something starts opening to him again. Because that is submission.

So if Musa (a.s) he would have given complete submission to Khizir (a.s), who knows what else was going to open to him. But he didn’t. He interfered. Khizir said to him, ‘don’t interfere to my business because when you are interfering to my business, you are interfering with your law. But that law doesn’t apply to me. That law applies to you and to your people there. It does not apply to me, because I pass beyond that law.’

So now Allah is saying in the Quran, this Allah says, Allah speaks there. There is a past time, there is a present time, there is a future time.  There is a time that ayats came and another ayats came and void the existence of that ayats. You don’t even know which ones are those. How many people here knows this? Leave that, how many here knows how many sejdah ayats in the quran? Which Surah is the first one that came?

IqraaRead. Read. Read. Iqra, Read. Holy Prophet is saying, ‘I don’t know how to read Ya Jibril.’ Why Jibril came to him to say to him, ‘Read’?

When you say to somebody read and he says, ‘what should I read.’ You say, ‘read this book. Read this. Read this paper. Read this.’

Jibril came to him and said, ‘Read Ya Muhammad.’

What did Prophet say?

‘I don’t know how to read.’

Jibril (a.s) grabbed him, he hugged him, he crushed him in his arms and he said to him again, ‘read.’

What happened in that action that he did it to him? What happened to Prophet when he hold him and crushed him like that? He said to him, ‘read again.’

And he said, ‘I don’t know how to read Ya Jibril.’

He crushed him one more time and he says, ‘read. Read with the name of  your Lord…’ and continue.

Holy Prophet is an ummi, he doesn’t know how to read and write, but he reads. Read, read  yourself. Yourself you see it.


The secret of the tree, it is hidden inside the seed. If the man who knows how to read the seed, he can tell you it’s going to become this kind of tree from this seed, and it’s going to give this kind of fruit, and it’s going to give this kind of flowers. You can deny much as  you want but the man is looking at the seed and he understands.

For you, you have to plant that seed, you have to give water, you have to wait years for the seed to grow, for the tree to open up and to give the fruit for you to understand. But for that man who reads the seed, he looks at the seed and he tells you instantly, this kind of tree can come from this see. Nothing else and they will never make mistake, those ones. They speak hundred percent the truth.

So, yes, those people they are living on the face of earth now, especially now, because now, the knowledge is falling into the feet of  people that know nothing. And the scholars became ignorant. Because of that the world has fallen into this heedless and headless situation.

Alhamdulillah, we reached to the end. Now we are in the border. There is nothing between the people in the border and the opposite. Alhamdulillah.

SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi el KibrisiAlhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen. Fatiha.

Sohbet by Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

1429 Zul-Qadah 17

November 15, 2008

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