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Are There Instructions From Shaykh Nazim To Sh. Abdul Kerim To Declare His Jamaat As Osmanli?

BismillahirRahmanirRahim Question : You have mentioned in your previous sohbet that there are more and more Osmanli Dergahs being opened world wide. My question is, Can any mureed of the Naksibendi Haqqani Tarikat open up an Osmanli Dergah or call … Continue reading

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Why Must We Remember Death?

BismillahirRahmanirRahim All Praises are due to Allah swt, the Lord of the world, the Master of the Day of Judgement, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. And all peace and blessings be upon His most beloved one, Sayyidina Muhammad (sws), … Continue reading

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