Are There Instructions From Shaykh Nazim To Sh. Abdul Kerim To Declare His Jamaat As Osmanli?


Question : You have mentioned in your previous sohbet that there are more and more Osmanli Dergahs being opened world wide. My question is, Can any mureed of the Naksibendi Haqqani Tarikat open up an Osmanli Dergah or call themselves Osmanlis without any Connection to Shaykh Abdulkerim and his Khalifah? Is there any specific instructions or ijazah given by Sultanul Awliya to Shaykh Abdulkerim for him to declare himself and his jamat as Osmanlis?


SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani is given full ijazat by Mevlana Sheykh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani to open up Osmanli Dergah, to call ourselves Osmanli Naksibendi Haqqani Dergahi everywhere in the world, anywhere in the world. And that Ijazat, that permission continues with us.

Alhamdulillah, we are not in a rush, we are not racing to open empty Dergahs that we see so many other people, they are putting just address there but you cannot even go to that address because it’s a private residence and they don’t have Zikr. They are just putting there for show. We are not those. Alhamdulillah. When we put an address there, there’s a Zikr there. At least, every Thursday night there is going to be. Until the time comes when it is necessary for a real Dergah to open, for murids to be living, to be worshipping there 24hrs. That Ijazat continues. Alhamdulillah. It is a heavy task but we have to carry it.  That’s what we are doing. Osmanli Dergahi, that’s what we are. Okay, that being said, can anyone open?

Anyone can do anything. You can stop them? You cannot stop them. These are the days of fitnah. Anyone can call themselves anything. And open anything that they want. Don’t you know, Paris Hilton, she opens up a store in Makkah al-Mukarramah? So? It is open. If Paris Hilton can open up a store there that the wahabbis, they are so proud and I’m seeing so many Sufi Muslims they are so proud too. They are posting pictures, I’m looking sometimes, of the expansion of Mecca and Medina. What expansion!? That they are destroying ninety per cent of what Holy Prophet (asws) left, and fourteen hundred years of Islamic History has left. Ninety per cent they destroyed. They destroyed the mountains there and they are building a second level! They are completely swallowing up the Ka’abah! And I’m seeing Sufi Muslims, they are saying, ‘subhana’Allah. How many likes you are going to put for this?’

They are being so proud of that kind of things because they don’t have connection. They don’t have connections to Haqq. They are just looking with this eyes and they are thinking that that is advancement. They are thinking, turning the Holy Places into public toilets, into carparks into shopping malls, it is advancement. But it is a curse!

So, people can do anything that they want. We live in those ages.

Can anyone just open up, calling themselves Osmanlis? They can try. You see, we are not looking for names and titles too. Anyone can have a name and a title. In these days, so many they are claiming this; claiming Sheykh, claiming this, claiming that. We are very happy with the title that  Sheykh Effendi has given us. What is the title? We are trying, nominees to be Abdullah. That’s what we are happy with. So many people, in the name of Islam, they are calling themselves Muslim, they blow themselves up too. Do they have the right to do that? They are doing it. Whether they have a right or not, is something else. Because we don’t live in the time of rights. We live in the time of tyranny. So, if they want to open, be my guest. They can open. It’s okay. It’s good. It’s better than for them to open up another disco, or another club. But are they going to have the spirit of the Osmanli Dergah? Huh..that’s something else. That doesn’t come with just a place, or a title, or one flag, or costume, or this or that. Sheykh Effendi was wearing Osmanli Clothes, other people are trying to follow but they make very bad imitation. They just look like clowns. We are saying, ‘eh, at least it’s better than wearing shorts.’ So we are saying, Continue.

So, it’s okay. Don’t be upset. As far as we are concern, the Osmanli Naksibendi, Osmanli Dergahi, the Ijazat, the Izin (permission), is only given to Sheykh Effendi. If you can do it without any connections to Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani, then you are doing it without any connection. You are going to have everything, but you may not have the spirit. You are not going to have the spirit. If you are not connected to our way, you are not going to. So if you are not going to have the spirit, then why are you gathering?

But, like I said, it is better than if they are doing other things. So, we are not upset. We don’t worry. We don’t worry if this whole world is calling themselves Osmanlis or if they are not calling themselves that. We are sure of what we are and we are going to continue with what we have, we are going to continue with our Sheykh’s way and we are looking not for the world to stand up to make an applause to us. We are looking to please our Sheykh, our Prophet and Allah. So that time, it doesn’t matter to us. Anyway, they have a saying, isn’t it, in English. What is that?  ‘Imitation is the best form of flattery.’ That means, they are flattering us. When someone is imitating you, they are praising you really. Highest,   Not only praising, they are flattering  you. So, we are saying, it’s okay. Continue. But if you want the real deal, if you want the real spirit, you can come to us. We are not selfish too. We are not saying ‘No, we are the elite ones.’ We are saying, ‘go ahead, come. We are open. Come’

But if you want to do your own style, your own way, then you are not connected to us. By name, maybe you are saying Ottomans. Everyone is calling themselves  Ottomans too but we are saying we don’t own that. Anyone can do as they like. We are happy to be under our Sheykh. He is an Ottoman. We are following that one. SelamAleykum


       Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)

July 19, 2013
12 Ramadan 1434

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